Crime Fiction IV: A Comprehensive Bibliography 1749-2000
by Allen J. Hubin

Addenda to the 2008 Revised Edition, with Annotations by Steve Lewis.

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AUTHORS  [ A through C ]                 
 Entries preceded by a dash [-] are of marginal crime content.    SC = Series Character(s); scw = screenwriter, dir = director.

ABBEY, EDWARD.  1927-1989.   Noted American author & essayist.  Author of two novels presently included in the Revised Crime Fiction IV, both adventures of activist hero George Hayduke (The Monkey Wrench Gang ).  Add the title below:
        The Brave Cowboy.  Dodd, 1956; Eyre, 1957.  Setting: US West.  Film: Universal, 1962, as Lonely Are the Brave (scw: Dalton Trumbo; dir: David Miller)

ABRAHAMS, ROBERT D.    A noted attorney living in Philadelphia and the author of two detective novels listed in the (Revised) CFIV, both published by Phoenix Press in the early 1940s.  Solving both cases is a private eye named Peter Taylor.   The FictionMags Index lists several poems written by Abrahams appearing in The Saturday Evening Post between 1938 and 1947.  
        Death After Lunch.  Phoenix, hc, 1941.  Add setting: New York City.
        Bad Faith.  Film: Bedford, 2000; also released as Cold Blooded (scw & dir: Randy Bradshaw)

AEBY, JACQUELYN (A.)  1917-2003.   Confirm exact year of birth, add middle initial and year of death.  Born in South Bend, Indiana; author of many romance titles.  Of these, twelve gothic and/or romantic suspense novels are included in the Revised Crime Fiction IV.  Although she also used the pen names Jocelyn Carew and Vanessa Gray, no criminous fiction is known to have appeared under either of these names.
        Linnet’s Folly.  Dell, pb, 1973.  Add UK edition: Linford pb, 1993.
        The Sign of the Blue Dragon.   Add setting: Kentucky, 1806.
AGNIEL, LUCIEN (D.)  1919-1988.   Ref: CA.  Place middle initial in parentheses; not used in his byline.  Worked for the Charlotte News, the US Information Agency, Radio Free Europe, and US News and World Report.   Author of two books included in the Revised Crime Fiction IV; add the one indicated with an (*) below.
        Code Name: “Icy”.  Paperback Library, pb, 1970.  Add the colon; add setting: Paris.  Leading character: CIA agent Fred Sherman.  [See the Mystery*File blog for a review of this book.]

        Pressure Point.  Paperback Library, pb, 1970.  Setting: Far East (Taiwan; China).  Leading character: superspy Lt. Commander Dan Devlin.
        (*) Zeppelin.  Paperback Library, pb, 1971.  Setting: Germany; United Kingdom (England; Scotland).  Adaptation of film: Warner, 1971 (scw: Donald Churchill, Arthur Rowe; dir: Etienne Perier).  “Across the blackened sky floated World War I’s most awesome instrument of destruction.”


        Hit and Run.  PB, 1976.  TV movie: New Star, 1997, as Hitting Home; also released as Obsessed (scw: Douglas Bowie, Robin Spry; dir: Spry)

ALEXANDER, KARL.  Pseudonym of Karl Tunberg, 1944-  .   Born in California; professor of English and drama, playwright and screenwriter.  Under this pen name, the author of two mystery novels included in the Revised Crime Fiction IV.  See below.
        Time After Time.  Delacorte, hc, 1979.  Panther, UK, 1980.  Film: Warner Bros., 1979 (scw & dir: Nicholas Meyer).  “A scientific genius named H. G. Wells (Malcolm MacDowell) stalks a criminal genius named Jack the Ripper (David Warner) across time itself.”

        A Private Investigation.  Delacorte, hc, 1980; Severn, UK, 1991.  Add TV movie: Entheos Unlimited, 1983, as Missing Pieces (scw & dir: Mike Hodges).  Leading character: Venice (California) PI Sara Scott (Elizabeth Montgomery).

        Night of Reunion.  TV movie: Hearst, 1995, as Terror in the Shadows (scw: Matt Dorff; dir: William A Graham)


       Death.  Film: Orion, 1992, as Shadows and Fog (scw & dir: Woody Allen)

        Of Love and Shadows.  Film: Miramax, 1994 (scw: Donald Freed; dir: Betty Kaplan)

ALLERTON, MARK.   Pseudonym of William Ernest Cameron, 1881-?, q.v.  Under this pen name, the author of ten works of crime fiction listed in the Revised Crime Fiction IV, with five of them indicated as being marginal.  Listed in The FictionMags Index are portions of three serialized novels from early American pulp magazines, only one of which is included in the Revised CFIV.  Add the following as new entries:
        The Devil's Due. Skeffington, UK, hc, 1919.
        Her Hidden Husband.  Thomson, UK, hc, 1927.  Setting: England.
        -In a Gilded Cage. Skeffington, UK, hc, 1919.
        -The Master of Red House. Skeffington, UK, hc, 1919.

ANDERSON, JAMES.  1936-2007.   Ref: CA.  Add year of death.  Author of 13 works of crime fiction listed in the Revised CFIV, three of which are novelizations of the television series Murder, She Wrote.  The first word in the title of each of his other 10 novels (other than “The”) begins with the letter A.  These range widely from cozy 1930s-style manor house mysteries (two highly amusing Chief Inspector Wilkins novels) to political thrillers and police procedurals.  One of the Wilkins mysteries is shown below (Avon, pb reprint, 1983); an additional case, The Affair of the Thirty-Nine Cufflinks, appeared from Poisoned Pen Press  in 2003.
        Assault and Matrimony.  Add: TV movie: NBC, 1983 (scw: John Binder; dir: James Frawley)
        The Murder of Sherlock Holmes.  Add: Novelization of TV movie: Universal, 1984 (scw: Richard Levinson, William Link; dir: Corey Allen).  SC: Jessica Fletcher (Angela Lansbury).  [Note: This is the pilot and premiere episode of Murder, She Wrote.]

        The President’s Mistress.  TV movie: Stephen Friedman, 1978 (scw: Tom Lazarus; dir: John Llewellyn Moxey)

ARCHER, A. A.   Pseudonym of Archie (Lynn) Joscelyn, 1899-1986.  Better known as the author of numerous western short stories and novels over a long writing career.   Other pseudonyms, as a western writer: Al Cody, Tex Holt, and Lynn Westland.  Under this pen name, the author of two mystery novels listed in the Revised Crime Fiction IV; see below.   Under his own name, the author of one work of crime fiction; as Evelyn McKenna, he wrote two hardcover gothic romance novels (1966, 1976).  All three are also included in CFIV.
        Three Men Murdered.  Phoenix Press, hc, 1936.   Leading character: Lt. Ripley Reeve.
        The Week-End Murders.  Phoenix Press, hc, 1938.  Add setting: US Midwest.  Leading character: expert prestidigitator Squiller McGee.

ARCHER, WILLIAM. 1856-1924.  Add as a new author entry.  Ref: CA.
        -The Green Archer.  Knopf, 1921; Heinemann, 1922  (4-act play.)

Pseudonym of Alice Louise Ramirez.   Among other romances written under this pen name, the author of two gothic suspense novels  included in the Revised Crime Fiction IV.  See below.
        Ancient Evil.  Popular Library, pb, 1977.  “The lure of love led her through a jungle of horror to a house of blood.”
        Deadly Friendship.  Avon, pb, 1973.  Add UK edition: Linford pb, 1991

        The Chocolate Cobweb.  Film, as Merci pour le chocolat, aka Nightcap: First Run, 2000 (scw: Claude Chabrol, Caroline Eliacheff; dir: Chabrol)
        Mischief.  TV movie: FNM, 1991, as The Sitter (scw & dir: Rick Berger)

   Add: Pseudonym of Herbert Arthur, Jr., 1928-  , who was born Herbert Arthur Shappiro, Jr.  He was the son of western writer Herbert “Burt” Arthur Shappiro, 1899-1975.  Their last names were legally changed to Arthur in 1947.  (Note that in some records and other sources their original last name was often spelled Shapiro.)  Both Burt and Budd Arthur were prolific writers of western fiction; after Budd began writing, they often wrote in collaboration.  See Steve Holland’s blog for more information on their careers and a checklist of their western fiction, which also appeared as by Cliff Campbell.  There are two crime or gangster  novels credited to Budd Arthur in the Revised Crime Fiction IV.  See below:
        The Big Squeeze.  Bouregy (Mystery House), hc, 1956.  Phantom, Australia, pb, 1959.  Add setting: Midwest: “Rock City.”  Leading character: NYC cop David Ware.
        Swiftly to Evil.  World Distributors, UK, pb, 1960.  Setting: New York City. 

ATHERTON, GERTRUDE (FRANKLIN) (née HORN)1857-1948.  To the six titles presently included in the Revised Crime Fiction IV, add the story collection below:
        The Splendid Idle Forties.  Macmillan (NYC), 1902.  Text available online.  Setting: California, past.  Contents as follows (at least that marked * is criminous):
The Bells of San Gabriel
The Conquest of Dona Jacoba
The Ears of Twenty Americans
The Head of a Priest
The Isle of Skulls
La Perdida
Lukari’s Story
Natalie Ivanhoff
*The Pearls of Loreto
A Ramble with Eulogia
The Vengeance of Padre Arroyo
The Washtub Mail
When the Devil Was Well

ATKINSON, HUGH.  1923-  .   Pseudonym: Hugh Geddes.  Educated in Australia; living in Malta in the 1970s.  Under his own name, the author of eight works of crime fiction included in the Revised Crime Fiction IV; as Geddes, one additional title.  To these add the book below:
        Billy Two Toes’ Rainbow.  Nelson (Melbourne), 1982.  Setting: Australia.

  1954-  .   Add as a new author entry.
        Gotham by Gaslight.  DC, 1989; Titan, 1989  [1889]  Graphic novel.   SC: Batman.  A review of this book appears on the Mystery*File blog.

AVERY, ROBERT (J., JR.)  1911-1983Author of four 1940s mystery novels in the Revised Crime Fiction IV, two with series character Joe Kelly, a writer and an amateur detective, including the book cited below.
        The Corpse in Company K.  Swift, US, hc, 1942.  Add setting: Connecticut.  [The edition below is a paperback reprint.]

        Bejewelled Death.  TV movie: Disney, 1991, as Bejewelled (scw: Tom J. Astle; dir: Terry Marcel)

Pseudonym of Stephen King.
        Thinner.  Film: Paramount, 1996 (scw: Michael McDowell, Tom Holland; dir: Holland)

BAEN, JAMES 1943-2006.   Noted science fiction editor; co-author of one crime-related SF novel in the Revised Crime Fiction IV.

        The Vivero Letter.  Film: York, 1998, aka Forbidden City (scw: Denne Bart Pettitderi, Arthur Sellers; dir: H. Gordon Boos)
BAKER, SIDNEY J(AMES).  1912-1976.   Born and educated in New Zealand; lived in Australia beginning in 1935.   Better known as the author of scholarly works on Australian and New Zealand English, notably The Australian Language (Sydney: Angus & Robertson, 1945).  The book below was listed in the Revised Crime Fiction IV as two separate titles.  They are one and the same, making this the complete corrected entry for the author.
        The Gig.  See Time Is an Enemy.
        Time Is an Enemy.  Mystery House, US, hc, 1958, hc.   Setting: Sydney, Australia.  Australian title: The Gig (Horwitz, 1960, pb). 

        The Way Through the Wood.  Film: Celador, 2005, as Separate Lies (scw & dir: Julian Fellowes)

BALLARD, W(ILLIS) T(ODHUNTER).   1903-1980.  Prolific author of westerns and mystery stories for the pulp magazines; subsequently turned to writing novels, including many found in the Revised Crime Fiction IV under both his own name and many pseudonyms and house names.  Note: For a complete list of the titles in which series character Bill Lennox appeared, see the Mystery*File blog.  Lennox was a Hollywood trouble-shooter whose career began in the pulp magazines, primarily Black Mask.
        Dealing Out Death.  McKay, hc, 1948.  Banner, UK, ca.1958.  Original Novels (Sydney, Australia), 1955.  Add series character: Bill Lennox. 

BANKS, IAIN.   As Iain M. Banks, a well-known science fiction author.  As Iain Banks, a writer of general fiction with five books listed in the Revised Crime Fiction IV, four marginally.
        Complicity.  Film: Carlton, 2000 (scw: Bryan Elsley; dir: Gavin Miller)
        -The Crow Road.  TV movie [mini-series]: BBC Scotland, 1996 (scw: Bryan Elsley; dir: Gavin Miller)

BARCLAY, JOHN.    Pseudonym of Margaret T. Joyce.  Under this pen name (none under her own), the author of two mystery thrillers listed in the Revised Crime Fiction IV.  See below:
The Gilchrist Case.  Methuen, UK, hc, 1930. 
        The Unknown.  London Book Co., UK, hc, 1928.  Add: novelization of silent film: MGM, 1927 (scw: Waldemar Young; dir: Tod Browning).   [Note: The film is reportedly based without credit on the non-criminous novel K, by Mary Roberts Rinehart.]

BARNES, MICHAEL (LETHEBRIDGE GORELL).  1926-1982.  British author of many American gangster novels, most of them digest paperbacks published only in the UK under several pseudonyms and house names in the early 1950s.
        Landscape with Corpse.  Merit, UK, 1954.  Add setting: New Orleans.  Correction: The Merit edition cited is a hardcover, not a paperback.

BARNS, GLENN M(ILLER).  Born in Washington state; a practicing attorney.  Author of at least seven mystery novels published between 1952 and 1968.  (One British title has not yet been matched with a US title.)   Correction: Private eye Jonathan Mark appears as a continuing character in two of the books, including Murder Is a Gamble, but not Murder Walks the Stairs, as was previously indicated.  See below.
        Murder Is a Gamble.  Phoenix Press, hc, 1952.  Foulsham, UK, 1954.  Shakespeare Head (Australia), 1953.  SC: Jonathan Marks.  Add setting: US Northwest.
        Murder Walks the Stairs.  Arcadia House, hc, 1954.  Foulsham, UK, 1955.  Delete the series character.

        Big Trouble.  Film: Buena Vista, 2002 (scw: Robert Ramsey, Matthew Stone; dir: Barry Sonnenfeld)

BARRY, JOE.  Pseudonym of Joe Barry Lake, 1909-1961, q.v.  Add year of death.   Besides eight mysteries published under this name in the 1940s and 50s, the author also wrote one novel as Donnell Carey, and one book was reprinted as by Barry Lake.  Private eye Rush Henry appeared in five of the Barry books, including the one shown below (Mystery House, 1946).
BARTH, RICHARD.  1943-  .  Ref: CA.  Goldsmith and sculptor; Associate Professor of Jewelry Design, Fashion Institute of Technology, New York City, beginning in 1973.  Author of 11 mystery novels included in the Revised Crime Fiction IV.  Elderly sleuth Margaret Binton and her knitting-circle companions appear in eight of them.
        The Rag Bag Clan.  TV movie: Orgolini-Nelson, 1981, as A Small Killing (scw: Burt Prelutsky; dir: Steven Hilliard Stern).  SC: Margaret Binton (Jean Simmons as “Margaret Lawrence”)

BASSO, (JOSEPH) HAMILTON.  1904-1964.  Ref: CA.   Add as a new author entry.
       -The View from Pompey’s Head.  Doubleday, 1954.  Setting: South.   Film: TCF, 1955 (scw & dir: Philip Dunne)
BATEMAN, COLIN.  1962-  .  Born in Northern Ireland.  Journalist turned author and screenwriter; of some 14 novels, six are included in the Revised Crime Fiction IV.   Additions in three of them are shown below.
        Cycle of Violence.  Arcade, US, hc, 1996.  Delete SC: Dan Starkey.  Add setting: Northern Ireland.  Add film: Lexington, 1998, as Crossmaheart (scw: Colin Bateman; dir: Henry Herbert).
        Divorcing Jack.  Collins, UK, pb, 1995.  Arcade, US, hc, 1995.  Setting: Belfast, Northern Ireland.  Add film: Scala/Mosaic, 1998 (scw: Colin Bateman; dir: David Caffrey).  SC: Dan Starkey (David Thewlis)
Turbulent Priests.  Collins, UK, hc, 1999.  SC: Dan Starkey.  Correct setting to Northern Ireland.

        Where There’s Smoke.  TV movie: Carlton, 2000 (scw: Mark Burt; dir: Richard Signy)

BELLEM, ROBERT LESLIE.  1902-1968.  A prolific writer for the pulps; under his own name, the author of two detective novels published during his lifetime.  In recent years, many of his private eye Dan Turner pulp stories have been collected and reprinted; these are also included in the Revised Crime Fiction IV.  Turner, however, does not appear in the book below.  Joint pseudonym with Cleve F. Adams: Franklin Charles.  Bellem was also the author of Half-Past Mortem, which was published under the byline of fellow pulp writer John A. Saxon.
        Blue Murder.   Phoenix, hc, 1938.  Add setting: California.  Leading character: PI Duke Pizzatello.
        -The Island.  Doubleday, 1979; Deutsch, 1979.  Film: Universal, 1980 (scw: Peter Benchley; dir: Michael Ritchie)
        Welcome to Xanadu.  TV movie: Brut, 1975, as Sweet Hostage (scw: Edward Hume; dir: Lee Philips)

BENÉT, STEPHEN VINCENT1898-1943.  American poet, novelist and short story writer.  To the two story collections previously cited in the Revised Crime Fiction IV, add the title indicated with an asterisk (*) below.  
        (*)  _The Bat: A Novel of the Play [by Mary Roberts Rinehart & Avery Hopwood].  Benét was the anonymous ghostwriter of this title.  See the entry for Mary Roberts Rinehart for more information. 
        Tales Before Midnight.  Farrar & Rinehart, hc, 1939.  William Heinemann, UK, hc, 1940.  Also published as: Twenty-Five Short Stories (Part 2). Sun Dial, 1943.  Short story collection, some of them criminous.
        Thirteen O’Clock.  Farrar & Rinehart, hc, 1937.  William Heinemann, UK, hc, 1938.  Also published as: Twenty-Five Short Stories (Part 1).  Sun Dial, 1943.  Short story collection, some of them criminous.
        Also add: _Twenty-Five Short Stories.  Sun Dial, hc, 1943.  [An omnibus volume comprised of the 12 stories in Tales Before Midnight and the 13 stories in Thirteen O’Clock.]

        Sherlock Holmes in New York.  TV movie: TCF Television, 1976 (scw: Alvin Sapinsky; dir: Boris Sagal).  SC: Sherlock Holmes (Roger Moore) [and John Huston as Professor Moriarty, Patrick Macnee as Doctor Watson]
        So Little Cause for Caroline.  TV movie: Fellows-Keegan, 1982, as One Shoe Makes It Murder (scw: Felix Culver; dir: William Hale)

BERESFORD, HUGH.  With C(edric) S(tephen) St. Brelade Seale, 1895-    , q.v., co-author of one play listed in the Revised Crime Fiction IV.

        Take Death for a Lover.   NOTE: This, the only entry listed for this author in the Revised Crime Fiction IV, is a digest-sized paperback said to have been published by Five Star in 1946.  In all likelihood, the book does not exist.  An online checklist of the Five Star and Vulcan paperback series by Steve Lewis discusses this title specifically.

BEYER, WILLIAM GRAY.    Long time member of the Philadelphia police force and the author of two mystery novels published by Mystery House in 1945-46.  Better known perhaps as the author of the science fiction “Minions” novels serialized by Argosy in the late 1930s and early 1940s.   His complete entry in the Revised Crime Fiction IV is as follows
        Death of a Puppeteer.  Mystery House, hc, 1946.  Star, Australia, pb, 1955.   Leading character: firearms expert Clifford Parks. 
        Eenie, Meenie, Minie – Murder!   Mystery House, hc, 1945.  Also published as: Murder Secretary.  Bart, 1946.  British and Australian title: Murder by Arrangement.  Partridge, 1948; Phantom, 1955.   Add setting: Philadelphia.  Leading character: Cornelius Duffy, private detective.
Murder by Arrangement.  Partridge, hc, 1948; Phantom (Sydney, Australia), pb, 1955.  See: Eenie, Meenie, Minie – Murder! (Mystery House, 1945.)
        _Murder Secretary.  Bart House, pb, 1946.  See: Eenie, Meenie, Minie-Murder! (Mystery House, 1945).

BIDDLE, COLIN.  The author of one book listed in the Revised Crime Fiction IV.
        A Deadly Understanding.  Hale, UK, hc, 1983.  Add setting: Hong Kong, Thailand.

        Earl Derr Biggers Tells Ten Stories.  Silent film, based on ss “Idle Hands” in this collection: United Artists, 1922, as The Ruling Passion (scw: Forrest Halsey; dir: F. Harmon Weight)

        The Gaunt Woman.  TV movie: Universal, 1969, as Destiny of a Spy (scw: Stanford Whitmore; dir: Boris Sagal).  SC: General Charles Kirk (Harry Andrews)

BLAKE, ROBIN (JAMES).  1948-  .   The following consists of an improved attribution for the four titles below: Blake was the ghost-writer for three of them and received by-line credit for the fourth.   Besides these four novels, Blake is also the author of two other crime novels included in the Revised Crime Fiction IV.
Trial and Retribution [as by Lynda La Plante, q.v., based on her scripts]
        Trial and Retribution II [as by Lynda La Plante, q.v., based on her scripts]
        Trial and Retribution III [as by Lynda La Plante, q.v., based on her scripts]
        Trial and Retribution IV.  Macmillan (London), 2000.   Novelization of TV series based on scripts by Lynda La Plante, q.v.  TV movie [2 x 2 hour mini-series]: La Plante, 2000 (scw: Lynda La Plante; dir: Michael Whyte).  SC: Det. Supt. Michael Walker (David Hayman) & Det. Insp. Pat North (Kate Buffery)

        The Widow Makers.  TV movie: Universal, 1964, as See How They Run (scw: Michael Blankfort; dir: David Lowell Rich).  [This is generally regarded as being the first “made for TV” movie.]

BLAZER, J. S.   Pseudonym of Justin (Blazer) Scott, 1942-  , q.v.  Other pseudonym: Alexander Cole; add new pseudonym: Paul Garrison, qq.v.  Under this pen name, the author wrote two mystery novels listed in the Revised Crime Fiction IV.   SC in each: Donald Bracken & James Rowland Woodward VII.   See below.
        Deal Me Out.  Bobbs-Merrill, hc, 1973.  Setting: New York City.
        Lend a Hand.  Bobbs-Merrill, hc, 1975. 

        Robert Bloch: Appreciations of the Master.  TV movie The Dead Don’t Die, based on ss in this collection: Douglas S. Cramer, 1975 (scw: Robert Bloch; dir: Curtis Harrington)

        Burglar in the Closet.  Film:Warner, 1987, as Burglar (scw: Joseph Loeb III, Matthew Weisman, Hugh Wilson; dir: Wilson).  SC: Bernie Rhodenbarr (Whoopi Goldberg as “Bernice ‘Bernie’ Rhodenbarr”)

BOGART, WILLIAM G(IBSON, JR.)  1903-1977.  Perhaps best known as a prolific writer for the pulp magazines, Bogart is the author of five books listed in the Revised Crime Fiction IV under his own name, one of them marginal.  Three of his own novels feature a former detective story writer turned PI called Johnny Saxon, including the title indicated below.  As “Kenneth Robeson,” the author of six ‘Doc Savage’ novels reprinted from the pulp magazines.   Eight other Doc Savage stories were reprinted in Bantam’s omnibus editions but are not credited to him in his entry in Crime Fiction IV:
        Doc Savage Omnibus # 6.  As by Kenneth Robeson.  Bantam, pb, 1988.  SC: Doc Savage
                 • The Awful Dynasty [by Lester Dent & William G. Bogart] • na Doc Savage Nov 1940
                 • The Disappearing Lady [by William G. Bogart] • na Doc Savage Dec 1946
                 • Fire and Ice [by Lester Dent & William G. Bogart] • na Doc Savage Jul 1946
                 • The Magic Forest [by Lester Dent & William G. Bogart] • na Doc Savage Apr 1942
        Doc Savage Omnibus #12.  As by Kenneth Robeson.  Bantam, pb, 1990.  SC: Doc Savage
                 • Bequest of Evil [by Lester Dent & William G. Bogart] • na Doc Savage Feb 1941
                 • Death in Little Houses [by Lester Dent & William G. Bogart] • na Doc Savage Oct 1946
                 • The Death Lady [by William G. Bogart] • na Doc Savage Feb 1947
                 • The Exploding Lake [by Lester Dent] • na Doc Savage Sep 1946
                 • Target for Death [by Lester Dent & William G. Bogart] • na Doc Savage Jan 1947

        The Queen City Murder Case.  Mystery House, hc, 1946.  SC: Johnny Saxon.  Add setting: Cincinnati. 

        Midwives.  TV movie: Lifetime, 2001 (scw: Cynthia Saunders; dir: Glenn Jordan)
        The Woman Who Was.  TV movie: ABC, 1974, as Reflections of Murder; also released as The Woman Who Was No More (scw: Carol Sobieski; dir: John Bickham).  Also: NBC, 1993, as House of Secrets (scw: Andrew Laskos; dir: Mimi Leder)

        Robbery Under Arms.  TV movie: ITC, 1985 (scw: Michael Jenkins, Ken Hannam; dir: Donald Crombie)

        The Lost Honor of Katharina Blum.  TV movie: Open Road, 1984, as The Lost Honor of Kathryn Beck (scw: Karl Miller; dir: Simon Langton)

        Ficciones.  Film, based on ss “The Theme of the Traitor and the Hero” in this collection: New Yorker, 1970, as Strategia del ragno, aka The Spider’s Stratagem (scw: Bernardo Bertolucci, Eduardo de Gregorio, Marilu Parolini; dir: Bertolucci)

        Murder at the Mendel.  TV movie: Carlton America, 2000, as Love and Murder (scw: Rob Forsyth, R. B. Carney; dir: George Bloomfield).  SC: Joanne Kilbourn (Wendy Crewson)

BOWLER, LOUIS PATRICK.  1852-  .   Pseudonym: Rooinek, q.v.   Date of birth confirmed; year of death unknown.

BOYUM, JOY GOULD.  1934-  .   Correct year of death confirmed.  Joint pseudonym with Marjorie Rosen, 1942-    : Evan Field, q.v.

        The Stories of Ray Bradbury.  TV movie The Screaming Woman, based on ss in this collection: Universal, 1972 (scw: Merwin Gerard; dir: Jack Smight)


        Lady Audley’s Secret.  TV movie: Carlton, 2000 (scw: Donald Hounam; dir: Betsan Morris Evans)

      Cover of an early
     yellowback edition.
    Mrs. D. P. Bowers
      (1830-1895) as
        “Lady Audley.”

          Illustration from an early magazine serial.
      Neve McIntosh as Lucy  
        Graham, aka “Lady
        Castle Mirage.  Add U.K. edition: Linford pb, 1991

BRENNAN, BILL.   Add brief biographical information: At one time, a reporter for the Indianapolis Star.  Author of one book listed in the Revised Crime Fiction IV:
        The Faster We Live.  Monarch, US, pb, 1962.  Setting: Indianapolis, IN.

        Wild to Possess.  Film: Hyperion, 2004, as 3-Way (scw: Russell P. Marleau; dir: Scott Ziehl)

BROOCKS, SCHUYLER.  Add as the author’s real name, with both dates: Benjamin Hawkins Dean, 1892-1955; other pseudonym: Dean Hawkins, qq.v.   Under this pen name, the author of one mystery novel included in the Revised Crime Fiction IV.  See below.
        Murder Makes a Marriage.  Mystery House, hc, 1946.  Phantom; Australia, pb, 1956.  Leading character: realtor Chambliss Thorne, assisting Lt. Cragg of Homicide.  Anthony Boucher, San Francisco Chronicle:  “Does murder of a war correspondent involve military secrets or private emotions?  [...]  Agreeable enough up to a pretty muzzy conclusion.”

BROOKE, JUSTIN.  Pseudonym of J. Richard Traynor, 1906-   , q.v.  Add year of birth.  Under this pen name, the author of nine mystery thrillers published in the UK in the late 1930s, including the one shown below (London: Modern Publishing, 1938).
        Incident at 125th Street.  TV movie: Quinn Martin, 1971, as Incident in San Francisco (scw: Robert Dozier; dir: Don Medford)
BROWN, J(OSEPH) P(AUL) S(UMMERS).  1930-  .  Add as a new author entry.
        -Jim Kane.  Dial Press, 1970.  Setting: Arizona, Mexico.   Film: National General, 1972, as Pocket Money (scw: John Gay, Terrence Malick; dir: Stuart Rosenberg)
BROWN, JOE DAVID.  1915-1976.
        Addie Pray.  Simon & Schuster, hc, 1971. Hodder, UK, 1972.  Setting: US South; 1930s.  Add: also published as Paper Moon (Signet, 1973; Coronet, UK, 1974).   Film: Paramount, 1973, as Paper Moon (scw: Alvin Sargent; dir: Peter Bogdanovich)

        _Paper Moon.  Signet, pb, 1973.  Coronet, UK, pb, 1974.  See: Addie Pray.

        Bad Apple.  TV movie: TNT, 2004 (scw: Howard Korder; dir: Adam Bernstein).  SC: Mike Tozzi (Chris Noth) and Bert Gibbons (Colm Meaney)

BUCHWALD, ART(HUR)1925-  .  Ref: CA.  Add as a new author entry.
        -A Gift from the Boys. Harper, 1958; Gollancz, 1959  [It.]  Film: Columbia, 1960, as Surprise Package (scw: Harry Kurnitz; dir: Stanley Donen).   Note: For coverage of the author’s death with considerable reference to this title, see the Mystery*File blog.  [The illustration on the jacket is by Dedini, a cartoonist often spotted in New Yorker magazine.]

        Fail-Safe.  TV movie: CBS, 2000 (scw: Walter Bernstein; dir: Stephen Frears)

BURT, GUY1972-  .   Add as a new author entry.
        After the Hole.  Black Swan, UK, pb, 1993.  Also published as The Hole (Black Swan, UK, 2001; Ballantine, US, 2001).  Setting: England, academia (an unnamed British private school).  Film: Dimenson, 2001, as The Hole (scw: Ben Court, Caroline Ip; dir: Nick Hamm) .   Note: This short psychologial suspense novel was written when the author was 18 years old.
        _The Hole.  Black Swan, UK, pb, 2001.  Ballantine, hc, 2001.  See: After the Hole. 
        Cyborg.  TV movie: Universal, 1973, as The Six Million Dollar Man (scw: Tom Greene, Henri Simoun; dir; Richard Irving).  SC: Steve Austin (Lee Majors)

        Double Indemnity.  TV movie: ABC, 1973 (scw: Raymond Chandler, Billy Wilder, Steven Bochco; dir: Jack Smight)

        The Cold Room.  TV movie: Jethro Film, 1984 (scw & dir: James Dearden)
CAMERON, JEREMY.   A probation officer in Walthamstow for 20 years before turning to writing.
        It Was an Accident.  Film: Pathe, 2000 (scw: Oliver Parker; dir: Metin Huseyin).  SC: Nicky Burkett (Chiwetel Ejiofor).

1881- ?  Pseudonym: Mark Allerton, q.v.

CAMPION, CYRIL (THERON).  1894-1961.  Screenwriter and playwright.  Besides the story collection below, the author of three mystery plays included in the Revised Crime Fiction IV.
        Man About Town, with Simon Harvester, q.v.  Rich, UK, hc, 1948.  Ten untitled stories based on a radio series; add SC: Shorty the Taxi Driver. 


        The Stranger.  British title: The Outsider.  H. Hamilton, 1964  (Translation of “L’Etranger”. Paris, 1942.)  Film: Paramount, 1967, as Lo Straniero aka The Stranger (scw: Suso Cecchi D’Amico, Georges Conchon, Emmanuel Robles, Luchino Visconti; dir: Visconti) 

CANARY, (HILARY) GLENN.  1934-2008.  Add first name and both dates.  His great, great aunt was the real Calamity Jane, Martha Jane Cannary; his younger brother is actor David Canary.  [Thanks to August West for most of this information.]  One time news reporter for Massillon Evening Independent (Ohio); later worked in the Doubleday book club department.   Besides a number of short stories that appeared in Manhunt and Alfred Hitchcock’s Magazine, the author of two paperback originals previously listed in the Revised Crime Fiction IV plus the one indicated by an asterisk (*) below.
        The Prefect Plot.  Pinnacle, pb, 1974.  [Alan Prefect and his wife Ann, doing twenty years in prison, are offered a deal: infiltrate a Middle East terrorist group and walk away from their sentences.]  A review appears earlier on August West’s blog, Vintage Hardboiled Reads.

        * The Trailer Park Girls.  Monarch, 1962.  Setting: Ohio.  [Three women meet three men who are planning a $30,000 robbery.]
        A Walk in the Jungle.  Pinnacle, pb, 1975.  “There was no question in his mind-his wife had been killed by a pro [...] and Sam should know, since he was a pro himself.”

        In Cold Blood.  TV movie [mini-series]: Hallmark, 1996 (scw: Benedict Fitzgerald; dir: Jonathan Kaplan)

CAREY, BASIL.  1898-?  Born in Plymouth, England; author of a number of thriller novels published between 1926 and 1937., some reprinted in the US.
        Gray Amber.  Add British edition: Constable, hc, 1930.  US edition: Clode, hc, 1930.

CAREY, DONNELL.  Pseudonym of Joe Barry Lake, 1909-1961, q.v.; other pseudonym: Joe Barry, q.v.  Under this pen name the author of one book included in the Revised Crime Fiction IV; see below:
        Kisses Can Kill.  Phantom, US, pb, 1951.  Comyns, ca.1952.  The amazing story of a birthmark that solved a savage murder!
        The Burning Court.  TV movie [series episode/Dow Hour of Great Mysteries]: NBC, 1960 (scw: Kelley Roos [Audrey Roos & William Roos]; dir: Paul Nickell).  [Note: Audrey and William Roos won an Edgar from the MWA for their television script.]  Note: For more on the Dow TV series, see this post on the Mystery*File blog.

        The Bloody Chamber and other stories.  Film: The Company of Wolves, based on ss in this collection: Cannon, 1984 (scw & dir: Neil Jordan)

        The Eagle’s Nest.  Novelization of TV movie [series episode/The New Avengers]: TV1, 1976 (scw: Brian Clemens; dir: Desmond Davis).  SC: The New Avengers: John Steed (Patrick Macnee), Mike Gambit (Gareth Hunt) and Purdey (Joanna Lumley).

CARTER, MARY.   Pseudonym.
        Prisoner Cell Block H: Trials of Erica.  Pinnacle, 1981.  (Novelization of the Australian TV series Prisoner; distributed in the UK and the US as Prisoner: Cell Block H, and in Canada as Caged Women.)  SC: Regular cast members including prison governor Erica Davidson (Patsy King).
CASTLE, JOHN.  [Joint pseudonym of John William Garrod & Ronald Charles Payne.]
        Flight Into Danger (with Arthur Hailey).  TV movie: CBS, 1971, as Terror in the Sky (scw: Elinor Karpf, Steven Karpf, Dick Nelson; dir: Bernard L. Kowalski)

CAUSEY, JAMES O(LIVER, JR.)  1924-2003.  Replace tentative years of birth and death with correct ones and add full name.  Author of three crime novels included in the Revised Crime Fiction IV.       
        The Baby Doll Murders.  Gold Medal, US, pb, 1957; Fawcett, UK, pb, , 1959.
        Frenzy.  Crest, pb, 1960.  [Reviewed by Bill Crider on his blog.]
        Killer Take All!  Graphic, US, pb, 1957.  Hale, UK, hc, 1960.

CHADWICK, JOSEPH L.   Pseudonym: John Conway, q.v.  Other pseudonyms: Joselyn Chadwick, Janet Conroy, Jo Anne Creighton, John Creighton & Elizabeth Grayson.  Under his own name, the author of one crime novel included in the Revised Crime Fiction IV.
        The Golden Frame.  Gold Medal, pb, 1955.   “She was as old as Eve, as young as love, as warm as life – and as cold as death.”
CHARLES, ROBERT.  Pseudonym of Robert Charles Smith, 1938-  , q.v.  Other pseudonym: Charles Leader.  Author of numerous spy and adventure novels included in the Revised Crime Fiction IV.  Add the titles below, and SC: Capt. Mark Falcon = MF, for the two books so indicated.
        Falcon SAS: Blood River. Linford pb, 1999.  Setting: Borneo.   MF
        Falcon SAS: Firestrike. Linford pb, 1999   MF
        Persons Reported. Linford pb, 2000
CHARLES, THERESA.    Pseudonym of Irene Maude Mossop Swatridge, 1905-1988 & Charles John Swatridge, 1896-1964, qq.v.  Add birth and death dates.  Under this name, the author of seven books published in the US as gothic romances.  Other pseudonyms for Irene Swatridge: Leslie Lance & Jan Tempest.  For a short discussion of this author’s books, see the Mystery*File blog.

        The Saint Goes West.  Show second film as: Lux, 1960, as Le Saint mène la danse, aka The Dance of Death (scw: Albert Simonin, Jacques Nahum, Yvan Audouard; dir: Nahum).  SC: Simon Templar (Félix Marten).
        Vendetta for the Saint.  [ghostwritten by science fiction writer Harry Harrison]  TV movie: ITC, 1969 (scw: Harry W. Junkin, John Kruse; dir: Jim O’Connolly).  SC: Simon Templar (Roger Moore).

        My Laugh Comes Last.  Film: MGM, 1995, as The Set Up (scw: Michael Thoma; dir: Strathford Hamilton)

        Death Stalk.  TV movie: Wolper, 1975 (scw: John W. Bloch, Stephen Kandel; dir: Robert Day)

CHESTER, PETER.    Pseudonym of Dennis Phillips; other pseudonyms Simon Challis, Peter Chambers & Philip Daniels.  As “Peter Chester,” the author of five mystery stories listed in the Revised Crime Fiction IV.   A series character named Johnny Preston is in three of them, although not the one below.  A British writer, Phillips was much prolific as “Peter Chambers.”  Under this byline he wrote over 35 mystery and detective novels, many with American private eye Mark Preston.  Whether Johnny Preston is also a PI is not known.  Note that “Peter Chambers” is also the name of the PI who was one of US writer Henry Kane’s most frequent series characters.
        The Traitors.   Herbert Jenkins, UK, hc, 1964.  Add setting: England

CHESTERTON, G. K.  TV movie, based on the Father Brown stories: Marble Arch, 1979, as Sanctuary of Fear (scw: Don M. Mankiewicz, Gordon Cotler; dir: John Llewellyn Moxey).  SC: Father Brown (Barnard Hughes)

CHILD, LEE.   Add: Pseudonym of James D. Grant, 1954-    , q.v.  Born in England; studied law; living in NYC; TV director turned writer.  Author of four “Jack Reacher” novels included in the Revised Crime Fiction IV through the year 2000;  the series continues through the present day.  Twelve have appeared so far, with a 13th scheduled for 2009.  Reacher is a former Army MP officer who attracts trouble wherever he goes.

        After the Funeral.  TV movie [series episode]: Granada, 2005 (scw: Philomena McDonagh; dir: Maurice Phillips.  SC: Hercule Poirot (David Suchet)
        At Bertram’s Hotel.  TV movie : BBC/PBS, 1987 (scw: Jill Hyem; dir: Mary McMurray) .  SC: Miss Jane Marple (Joan Hickson)
        The Body in the Library.  TV movie: BBC/PBS, 1984 (scw: T. R. Bowen; dir: Silvio Marizzano).    SC: Miss Jane Marple (Joan Hickson).  Also: Granada, 2004 (scw: Kevin Elyot; dir: Andy Wilson).  SC: Miss Jane Marple (Geraldine McEwan)

        By the Pricking of My Thumbs.  TV movie: Granada, 2006 (scw: Peter Medak; dir: Stuart Harcourt).  SC: Miss Jane Marple (Geraldine McEwan), Tuppence & Tommy Beresford (Greta Scacchi & Anthony Andrews ).  [Miss Marple did not appear in the book version.]
        Cards on the Table.  TV movie [series episode]: Granada, 2005 (scw: Nick Dear; dir: Sarah Harding).  SC: Hercule Poirot (David Suchet) [and Zoë Wanamaker as Ariadne Oliver]    
        A Caribbean Mystery.  TV movie: Stan Margulies, 1983 (scw: Sue Grafton, Steve Humphrey; dir: Robert Michael Lewis).  SC: Miss Jane Marple (Helen Hayes).  Also: BBC, 1989 (scw: T. R. Bowen; dir: Christopher Pitt).  SC: Miss Jane Marple (Joan Hickson)
        Dead Man’s Folly.  TV movie: CBS, 1986 (scw: Rod Browning; dir: Clive Donner).  SC: Hercule Poirot (Peter Ustinov) [and Jean Simmons as Adriadne Oliver]

        Death on the Nile.  TV movie: London Weekend/A&E, 2004 (scw: Kevin Elyot; dir: Andy Wilson).  SC: Hercule Poirot (David Suchet)
        Dumb Witness.  [Published in the US as Poirot Loses a Client.]  TV movie [series episode]: London Weekend, 1996 (scw: Douglas Wilkinson; dir: Edward Bennett).  SC: Hercule Poirot (David Suchet)
        Evil Under the Sun.  TV movie [series episode]: London Weekend, 2001 (scw: Anthony Horowitz; dir: Brian Farnham).  SC: Hercule Poirot (David Suchet)

        Five Little Pigs.  [Published in the US as Murder in Retrospect.]  TV movie [series episode]: London Weekend, 2003 (scw: Kevin Elyot; dir: Paul Unwin).  SC: Hercule Poirot (David Suchet)
        4:50 from Paddington.  [Published in the US as What Mrs. McGillicuddy Saw!]  TV movie: BBC/A&E, 1987 (scw: T. R. Bowen; dir: Martyn Friend).  SC: Miss Jane Marple (Joan Hickson).  Also: Granada, 2004 (scw: Stephen Churchett; dir: Andy Wilson).  SC: Miss Jane Marple (Geraldine McEwan)
        Hercule Poirot’s Christmas.  [Published in the US as Murder for Christmas.]  TV movie [series episode]: London Weekend/PBS, 1994 (scw: Clive Exton; dir: Edward Bennett).  SC: Hercule Poirot (David Suchet)
        Hickory Dickory Dock.  TV movie [series episode]: London Weekend, 1995 (scw: Anthony Horowitz; dir: Andrew Grieve).  SC: Hercule Poirot (David Suchet)
        The Hollow.  TV movie [series episode]: Granada/A&E, 2004 (scw: Nick Dear; dir: Simon Langton).  SC: Hercule Poirot (David Suchet)
        The Hound of Death and other stories.  TV movie The Last Seance, based on ss in this collection: Granada, 1986 (scw: Alfred Shaughnessy; dir: June Wyndham-Davies)
        Lord Edgware Dies.  TV movie: CBS, 1985, as Thirteen at Dinner (scw: Rod Browning; dir: Lou Antonio).  SC: Hercule Poirot (Peter Ustinov).  Also: Carnival/A&E, 2000, as Lord Edgware Dies (scw: Anthony Horowitz; dir: Brian Farnham).  SC: Hercule Poirot (David Suchet)
        The Man in the Brown Suit.  TV movie: Warner, 1989 (scw: Carla Jean Wagner; dir: Alan Grint).  SC: Colonel Race (Ken Howard)
        The Mirror Crack’d from Side to Side.  TV movie: BBC/A&E, 1992, as The Mirror Crack’d (scw: T. R. Bown; dir: Norman Stone).  SC: Miss Marple (Joan Hickson)

        The Moving Finger.  TV movie: BBC/PBS/A&E, 1985 (scw: Julia Jones; dir: Roy Boulting) .  SC: Miss Marple (Joan Hickson).  Also: Granada, 2006 (scw: Kevin Elyot; dir: Tom Shankland).  SC: Miss Jane Marple (Geraldine McEwan)
        The Mystery of the Blue Train.  TV movie: Granada, 2005 (scw: Guy Andrews; dir: Hettie MacDonald).  SC: Hercule Poirot (David Suchet
        The Murder at the Vicarage.  TV movie: BBC/A&E, 1986 (scw: T. R. Bowen; dir: Julian Amyes).  Also: ITV, 2004 (scw: Stephen Churchett; dir: Charles Palmer).  SC: Miss Marple (Joan Hickson)
        Murder in Mesopotamia.  TV movie [series episode]: A&E, 2001 (scw: Clive Exton; dir: Tom Clegg).  SC: Hercule Poirot (David Suchet)

        A Murder Is Announced.  TV movie: BBC/PBS, 1985 (scw: Alan Plater; dir: David Giles).  SC: Miss Marple (Joan Hickson)  Also: ITV, 2005 (scw: Stewart Harcourt; dir: John Stickland).   SC: Miss Marple (Geraldine McEwan)
        Murder Is Easy.  TV movie: CBS, 1982 (scw: Carmen Culver; dir: Claude Whatham)

        The Murder of Roger Ackroyd.  TV movie [series episode]: BBC, 2000 (scw: Clive Exton; dir: Andrew Grieve).  SC: Hercule Poirot (David Suchet).  [The movie is reviewed here on the Mystery*File blog.]
        Murder on the Links.  TV movie [series episode]: London Weekend Television,1995 (scw: Anthony Horowitz; dir: Andrew Grieve).  SC: Hercule Poirot (David Suchet)
        Murder on the Orient Express.  TV movie: MediaVest, 2001 (scw: Stephen Harrigan; dir: Carl Schenkel).  SC: Hercule Poirot (Alfred Molina)
        The Mysterious Affair at Styles.  TV movie [series episode]: London Weekend/A&E/PBS, 1990 (scw: Clive Exton; dir: Ross Devenish).  SC: Hercule Poirot (David Suchet)

    The first description of Hercule Poirot:

    “He was hardly more than five feet four inches but carried himself with great dignity.  His head was exactly the shape of an egg, and he always perched it a little on one side.  His moustache was very stiff and military.  The neatness of his attire was almost incredible; I believe a speck of dust would have caused him more pain than a bullet wound.”
— as observed by Hastings in The Mysterious Affair at Styles.

        Nemesis.  TV movie: BBC/PBS, 1987 (scw: T. R. Bowen; dir: David Tucker).  SC: Miss Marple (Joan Hickson)
        The Pale Horse.  TV movie: A&E, 1997 (scw: Alma Cullen; dir: Charles Beeson)
        Peril at End House.  TV movie [series episode]: London Weekend Television,1990 (scw: Clive Exton; dir: Renny Rye).  SC: Hercule Poirot (David Suchet)
        A Pocket Full of Rye.  TV movie: BBC/PBS, 1985 (scw: T. R. Bowen; dir: Guy Slater).  SC: Miss Marple (Joan Hickson)


        Sad Cypress.  TV movie [series episode]: London Weekend Television, 2003 (scw & dir: Dave Moore).  SC: Hercule Poirot (David Suchet)
        The Secret Adversary.  TV movie: London Weekend/PBS, 1982 (scw: Pat Sandys; dir: Tony Wharmby).  SC: Tuppence & Tommy (Francesca Annis & James Warwick)
        The Seven Dials Mystery.  TV movie: London Weekend Television, 1982 (scw: Pat Sandys; dir: Tony Wharmby).  SC: Supt. Battle (Harry Andrews)
        The Sittaford Mystery.  [Published in the US as Murder at Hazelmoor.]  TV movie: Granada, 2006 (scw: Stephen Churchett; dir: Paul Unwin).  SC: Miss Jane Marple (Geraldine McEwan).  [Miss Marple did not appear in the book version.  The film version seems to have been universally panned.]
        Sleeping Murder.  TV movie: BBC/PBS, 1987 (scw: Kenneth Taylor; dir: John Davies)  SC: Miss Jane Marple (Joan Hickson).  Also: Granada, 2005 (scw: Stephen Churchett; dir: Ed Hall).  SC: Miss Jane Marple (Geraldine McEwan)
        Sparkling Cyanide.  TV movie: CBS, 1983 (scw: Sue Grafton, Steve Humphrey, Robert Malcolm Young; dir: Robert Lewis).   Also: ITV, 2003 (scw: Laura Lamson; dir: Tristam Powell).  SC: Colonel Race (Oliver Ford Davies, as “Col. Geoffrey Reece”).

        Taken at the Flood.  TV movie: Granada, 2006 (scw: Guy Andrews; dir: Andy Wilson).  SC: Hercule Poirot (David Suchet)
        They Do It with Mirrors.  TV movie: CBS, 1985, as Murder with Mirrors (scw: George Eckstein; dir: Dick Lowry).  SC: Miss Marple (Helen Hayes).   Also: BBC/A&E, 1991, as They Do It with Mirrors (scw: T. R. Bowen; dir: Norman Stone).  SC: Miss Marple (Joan Hickson)

        Three-Act Tragedy.  TV movie: CBS, 1986, as Murder in Three Acts (scw: Scott Swanton; dir: Gary Nelson).  SC: Hercule Poirot (Peter Ustinov)
        Why Didn’t They Ask Evans?  TV movie: London Weekend, 1980 (scw: Pat Sandys; dir: John Davies, Tony Wharmby)
        The Witness for the Prosecution.  TV movie: CBS, 1982 (scw: Billy Wilder, Harry Kurnitz, Lawrence B. Marcus; dir: Alan Gibson)

CHRISTMAN, ELIZABETH.  Add as a new author.  1914-  .  Ref: CA.  Literary agent, 1946-69; faculty member at DePauw University, University of Notre Dame, 1969-  .
        -A Nice Italian Girl.  Dodd Mead, hc, 1976.  TV movie: Brut Productions, 1977, as Black Market Baby (scw: Andrew Peter Marin; dir: Robert Day)

CHRISTOPHER, MATTHEW F.  Prolific author of sports novels for boys.  The title below is his only entry in the Revised Crime Fiction IV.
        Look for the Body.  Phoenix Press, hc, 1952.  Add setting: Midwest.  Leading character: Brooks Carter, physician.
CHURCHILL, EDWARD.  1895-1972.  Author of many stories in the pulp fiction magazines between roughly 1929 and 1952, plus one hardcover mystery novel cited in the Revised Crime Fiction IV.  See below:
        Menace of Death.  Dodge, hc, 1937.  Add settings: New Jersey, Washington D.C.  Leading character: Captain Kirkland Crane of US Army Intelligence.

        The Sum of All Fears.  Film: Paramount, 2002 (scw: Paul Attanasio, Daniel Pyne; dir: Phil Alden Robinson).  SC: Jack Ryan (Ben Affleck)

        All Around the Town.  TV movie: PAX, 2002 (scw: Peter Mohan; dir: Paolo Barzman)
        The Anastasia Syndrome and other stories. TV movie Lucky Day, based on ss in this collection: PAX, 2002 (scw: Peter Mohan; dir: Penelope Buitenhuis)
        Before I Say Goodbye. TV movie: PAX, 2003 (scw: Jon Cooksey, Ali Marie Matheson, John Benjamin Martin; dir: Michael Storey)
        The Cradle Will Fall.  TV movie: Cates Films, 1983 (scw: Jerome Coopersmith; dir: John Llewellyn Moxey)
        A Cry in the Night.  TV movie: Telescene, 1992 (scw & dir: Robin Spry)
        I’ll Be Seeing You.  TV movie: PAX, 2004 (scw: John Benjamin Martin; dir: Will Dixon).  [No writing credit given to Mary Higgins Clark.]
        Let Me Call You Sweetheart.  TV movie: Family Channel, 1997 (scw: Christopher Lofton; dir: Bill Corcoran)
        Loves Music, Loves to Dance.  TV movie: PAX, 2001 (scw: Peter Mohan; dir: Mario Azzopardi)
        Moonlight Becomes You.  TV movie: Family Channel, 1998 (scw: David Kinghorn; dir: Bill Corcoran)
        My Gal Sunday. TV movie A Crime of Passion, based on ss in this collection: PAX, 2003 (scw: John Benjamin Martin, Carl Binder; dir; Charles Wilkinson)
        Pretend You Don’t See Her.  TV movie: PAX, 2002 (scw: Donald Hounam; dir: Rene Bonniere)
        Stillwatch.  TV movie: CBS, 1987 (scw: Laird Koenig, David E. Peckinpah; dir: Rod Holcomb)
        We’ll Meet Again. TV movie: PAX, 2002 (scw: Michael Thoma, John Benjamin Martin; dir: Michael Storey)
        Weep No More, My Lady.  TV movie: CBS, 1992 (scw: Michel Andrieu, Leila Basen, Robert Levine; dir: Andrieu)
        While My Pretty One Sleeps.  TV movie: Hallmark/Family Channel, 1997 (scw: David Kinghorn; dir: Jorge Montesi)
        You Belong to Me.  TV movie: PAX, 2001 (scw: Irina Diether; dir: Paolo Barzman)

CLARK, ROSY LEE WINIFRED CECILIA.  1909-1992.   Pseudonym: Scott Finley, q.v.   Add year of death.
CLEWS, ALAN.  Add as a new author.  British television and film screenwriter. 
        A Child of Air.  Headline, UK, hc, 1995.   Setting: Scotland.   [“An old-fashioned ghost story of rolling mists, Scottish lairds, and something nasty behind the curtains.” Storyboards for a proposed film can be found online.]

COE, CAPTAIN.   Joint pseudonym of Edward Card Mitchell and Lincoln Springfield, 1865-  , q.v.  Author of one title cited in the Revised Crime Fiction IV.  Add year of birth of the latter author; death date unknown.
        The Coroner’s Understudy.  Arrowsmith, UK, hc, 1891.
COEN, FRANKLIN.  1912-1990.  US movie & TV screenwriter with many credits between 1936 and 1974.  Add the second of the two books listed below.   This now constitutes the author’s complete entry in the Revised Crime Fiction IV.
        The Plunderers.  Coward McCann, US, hc, 1980.  Severn House, UK, hc, 1981.  “A high-speed, high-stakes thriller – Nazi greed against all the pride of Paris.”
        -Vinegar Hill.  Rinehart, 1950.  Setting: US South.  TV movie: Art & Anne, 1995, as Deadly Family Secrets (scw: Brian Taggert; dir: Richard T.Heffron)
COFFEY, BRIAN.  Pseudonym of Dean R. Koontz.
        The Face of Fear.  TV movie: CBS, 1990 (scw: Dean R. Koontz, Alan Jay Glueckman; dir: Farhad Mann)

COLE, ALEXANDER.  Pseudonym of Justin Scott, q.v.  Other pseudonym: J. S. Blazer; add new pseudonym: Paul Garrison, qq.v.   As “Alexander Cole,” the author has only one entry in the Revised Crime Fiction IV.  See below:
        The Auction.  Jove, US, pb, 1983.  Add British edition: Granada, hc, 1985, as by Justin Scott.  “Kidnapped.  The most valuable man in the world.  The bidding starts at $5 million...”
    The Jump.  TV movie: BBC, 1998 (scw: Martina Cole; dir: Richard Standeven)

COLLINS, JACKIE.   Pen name of Jacqueline Collins Lerman, 1941-  , q.v.   Prolific bestselling author; much of her fiction has criminous components.  Add the second of the two novels below.
        Chances.  Partial basis for TV movie [mini-series]: NBC, 1990, as Lucky/Chances (scw: Jackie Collins; dir: Buzz Kulik).  SC: Lucky Santangelo (Nicollette Sheridan), Gino Santangelo (Vincent Irizarry)
        Lucky.  Simon & Schuster, hc, 1985; Collins, UK, hc, 1985.   SC: Santangelo family; setting: Las Vegas, NV.  Partial basis for TV movie [mini-series]: NBC, 1990, as Lucky/Chances (scw: Jackie Collins; dir: Buzz Kulik).  SC: Lucky Santangelo (Nicollette Sheridan), Gino Santangelo (Vincent Irizarry)
        The Road to Perdition.  Film: Dreamworks, 2002 (scw: David Self; dir: Sam Mendes)
        Basil.  Film: Kushner-Locke, 1998 (scw & dir: Radha Bharadwaj)
        The Moonstone.  TV movie: BBC/PBS, 1996 (scw: Kevin Elyot; dir: Robert Bierman)
        The Woman in White.  TV movie [series episode/Dow Hour of Great Mysteries]: NBC, 1960 (scw: Frank Ford; dir: Paul Nickell)

        The Manchurian Candidate.  Film: Paramount, 2004 (scw: George Axelrod; dir: Jonathan Demme)
        Blood Work.  Film: Warner, 2002 (scw: Brian Helgeland; dir: Clint Eastwood)

        The Secret Agent.  TV movie [mini-series]: BBC, 1967 (scw: Alexander Baron; dir: Gerald Blake).  Also: BBC, 1992 (scw: Dusty Hughes; dir: David Drury)
       -Victory. Doubleday, 1915; Methuen, 1915.  Silent film: Paramount, 1919 (scw: Jules Furthman; dir: Maurice Tourneur).  Sound  film: Paramount, 1930, as Dangerous Paradise (scw: William Slavens McNutt, Grover Jones; dir: William A. Wellman).   Also: Paramount, 1940 (scw: John L. Balderston; dir: John Cromwell).  Also: Miramax, 1995 (scw & dir: Mark Peploe)
CONROY, A. L.  This is this author’s only entry in the Revised Crime Fiction IV.  [In spite of the similarity of names, there is no evidence to suggest that the author was Al Conroy, aka Marvin H. Albert.]
        Storefront Lawyers.  (Bantam, pb, 1970)  Novelization of TV movie [series episode/Storefront Lawyers] entitled A Man’s Castle: CBS, 1970 (scw: unknown; dir: Lee H. Katzin)

CONWAY, JOHN.  Pseudonym of Joseph L. Chadwick, q.v.  Under this pen name, the author of six titles published by Monarch as paperback originals between 1959 and 1961, including the one below.  Besides one book in the Revised Crime Fiction IV under his own name, other titles appear under five additional pseudonyms.
        A Sin in Time.  Monarch, US, pb, 1961.  Add setting: Pennsylvania.  “She lived hard and fast until her sins caught up with her.”

CONYERS, (MINNIE) DOROTHEA (née BLOOD-SMYTH).  1863-1949.  Born in Limerick, Ireland; married Lt. Conyers, who was killed in 1915, then married Captain White.  Author of more than forty sporting novels and collections.  Of these, seven of a criminous nature are included in the Revised Crime Fiction IV.  Add the following:
        Kicking Foxes.  Hutchinson, UK, hc, 1947.  Setting: England.  A novel of the “changing fortunes of a lady in the Leicestershire hunting set.”

        Wake in Fright.  Joseph, UK, hc, 1961;  St. Martin’s, US, hc, 1962.  Setting: Australia.  Film: NLT, 1970; also released as Outback
(scw: Evan Jones; dir: Ted Kotcheff).  [Add alternative title.]  “The story of John Grant, a young school teacher, stranded in a brutal and menacing town in outback Australia.”   [Reputed to be Australia’s great lost film.]

        Acceptable Risk.  TV movie: TBS, 2001 (scw: Michael J. Murray; dir: William A. Graham)
        Harmful Intent.  TV movie: David Schneider, 1993 (scw: James Steven Sadwith; dir: John Patterson)
        Mortal Fear.  TV movie: ACI, 1994 (scw: Rob Gilber, Roger Young; dir: Larry Shaw)
        Outbreak.  TV movie: NBC, 1995, as Virus; also released as Formula for Death (scw: Roger Young; dir: Armand Mastroianna)
        Terminal.  TV movie: NBC, 1996 (scw: Nancy Isaak; dir: Larry Elikann)

COOKE, L(AWRENCE) A(LFRED) B.   Add/correct his first two names in full.  Brother of mystery writer Rupert Croft-Cooke; educated at Oxford; tutor in Switzerland for two years; antiquarian bookseller; later prep school teacher.   Author of a single title listed in the Revised Crime Fiction IV.
         War in the Gates.  Geoffery  Bles, UK, hc, 1937.  Setting: England.   [Could the fascist movement in England have tried to impose a dictator on the UK Government?]

CORBY, JANE (IRENITA).  1899- ?  Pseudonyms: Laura Brighton, Jean Carew & Joanne Holden.   Of some 24 novels published under her own name, many of them nurse romances, nine are included the Revised Crime Fiction IV.  Of these, most are apparently gothic romances.  (Those written under her various pen names fall in very much the same categories.)
        Peril at Stone Hall.  Arcadia, hc, 1969.  Also published as: Fall, Darkness, Fall! Leisure, pb, 1975, as by Laura Brighton.  Add UK edition: Linford, pb, 1993.  “Mystery lured her to the old castle.  Death would show her the way out.”  Shown is the US Macfadden paperback edition.

CORNWELL, BERNARD.  1944- .  Clarification: This was his name at birth; as an infant he became Bernard Wiggins when adopted by the Wiggins family, but legally changed his name back to Bernard Cornwell when Joseph Wiggins died.  Prolific British author of historical fiction; he has also written five contemporary  thriller novels, many of them involving sailing, which are included in the Revised Crime Fiction IV.  Shown is the cover of the US edition of one of these; the UK title is Sea Lord (Michael Joseph, 1989).
        Shadow of a Doubt.  TV movie: Scripps-Howard, 1995 (scw & dir: Brian Dennehy).  SC: Charlie Sloan (Brian Dennehy)
        -Jessica.  Australia: Viking, hc, 1998.  Joseph, UK, hc, 1999.  Setting: Australia; ca.1914.  (Add time frame to the setting.)  TV movie: Umbrella, 2004 (scw: Peter Yeldham; dir: Peter Andrikidis)

COXE, KATHLEEN BUDDINGTON.  Joint pseudonym of Amelia Reynolds Long & Edna McHugh.  Under this pen name, the author of one mystery novel included in the Revised Crime Fiction IV.  See below:
        Murder Most Foul.  Phoenix, 1946, hc.  Setting: Pennsylvania; Academia.  (Add precise location.)  Leading characters: Buddie Cox, female undergraduate student, and Francis Thrush, psychology professor.
        If You Want to See Your Wife Again.  TV movie: Brentwood, 1972, as Your Money or Your Wife (scw: J. P. Miller; dir: Allen Reisner)

        Summer Girl.  TV movie: Bruce Lansbury, 1983 (scw: A. J. Carothers; dir: Robert Michael Lewis)

CREEKMORE, DONNA (R.)  1926?-1995?  Pseudonym: Diana Campbell.  Under her own name, the author of two romantic suspense novels included in the Revised Crime Fiction IV (and under her pen name, the author of one more).
        The Coachman’s Daughter.  Dell, pb, 1979, pb; Linford, UK, 1992.   “Her sister’s mysterious disappearance and rumors of the gruesome ‘Shoreditch Slasher’ filled violet-eyed Linnet Hamilton with terror...”
        The Silver Shroud.  Manor, pb, 1978.  Add UK edition: Linford,  pb, 1992.
        Mr. In-Between.  Film: Verve, 2001 (scw: Peter Waddington; dir: Paul Sarossy); also released as The Killing Kind.
CUNNINGHAM, E. V.   Pseudonym of Howard Fast.
        Sally.  TV movie: CBS, 1971, as The Face of Fear (scw: Edward Hume; dir: George McCowan)
        Shirley.  TV movie: ABC, 1971, as What’s a Nice Girl Like You...?  (scw: Howard Fast; dir: Jerry Paris)
        Out of the Dark.  TV movie: CBS, 1988, as I Saw What You Did ... and I Know Who You Are! (scw: Cynthia Cidre; dir: Fred Walton)
        Sahara.  Film: Paramount, 2005 (scw: Thomas Dean Donnelly, Joshua Oppenheimer, John C. Richards, James V. Hart; dir: BreckEisner)  SC: Dirk Pitt (Matthew McConaughey)


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