Crime Fiction IV: A Comprehensive Bibliography 1749-2000
by Allen J. Hubin

Addenda to the Revised Edition.

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ADAMS, FRANK R(AMSEY). Add: Born in Morrison, Illinois; educated at University of Chicago.

ADAMS, LETA ZOE. Born in Rathdrum, Idaho; lived in Spokane, Washington.

    Murder Well Begun. (Title correction: not Murder Well Done.)

ADDY, CATHERINE GREAVES. Born in Sheffield, England; lived in London; novelist and contributor to magazines.


ALLEN, WILLIS BOYD. Born in Kittery Point, Maine; lawyer with degrees from Harvard and Boston University.

ANDREWS, CHARLTON. Add: educated at DePauw University, University of Chicago, Indiana University and Harvard; instructor in English at various colleges.

    Ballyblunder. Parker (London), 1860 [Ireland]
    Bob Norberry; or, Sketches from the Note Book of an Irish Reporter. Duffy (Dublin), 1844 (Episodic novel.)
    Bridegroom of Barna. Sadlier, 1884 [Ireland]
    -Edmond of Lateragh. (Dublin), 1806 
    Ex-Judge. Brentano’s, 1930
    Ex-Racketeer. Rudolph Field, 1930 (Novelized biography?)
    Leaves from My Note-Book. Dean (London), 1879 12 ss [Ireland] (by an Ex-Officer, R.I.C.)
ARMSTRONG, ANNE WETZELL. Add: attended Mt. Holyoke College and University of Chicago.

    -Window Curtains. Ogilvie, 1880

ASQUITH, HERBERT. Add: Captain in Royal Field Artillery; husband of Cynthia (Mary Evelyn Charteris) Asquith, 1887-1960, q.v.

ATLEE, (HAROLD) BENGE. Born in Nova Scotia, Canada; educated Edinburgh University Medical School; gynecologist; head of Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Dalhousie University.

ATWATER, MARY M(EIGS). Born in Rock Island, Illinois; writer, designer, authority on hand weaving; taught drawing and design; worked as occupational therapist.

ATWELL, MARK. (Combine the two entries.) Born in the English Midlands; spent 40 years in the oil business; living in Florida. SC: Phil Brennan = PB.
    The Falcon’s Nest. PB
    Mother of Inventions. Lindsay, 1999 PB [Iraq, Algeria]
AUSTIN, H(ERBERT) H(ENRY). Add: had military career, entering army in 1887 and retiring as Brigadier General; surveyor on railways in India and Uganda and elsewhere for Royal Geographical Society.
BAIRD, EDWIN. Born in Chattanooga, Tennessee; feature writer for Chicago Daily Journal and Chicago Evening American; editor of Real Detective Tales; contributor to magazines from 1906.

    The Mayor of Windgap. Duffy (Dublin), 1834 [Ireland, 1779]

BARKER, ELSA. Born in Leicester, Vermont; teacher, lecturer, journalist; contributor to magazines; lived for many years in Europe.

    -The Cairn of the Badger. Cassell, 1908 [Ireland]

BARNES, JAMES. Add: war correspondent in Africa; worked for American Museum of Natural History; head of Princeton Flying School, 1916-1927.

BARRETT, MONTE. Add: syndicated writer on love and mystery stories to about 100 American and Canadian newspapers; twice wounded while a press correspondent in Mexico; newspaper editor; originator of comic strip “Jane Arden.”

    -Fitz-Hern; or, The Irish Patriot Chief. Cameron (Glasgow), n.d.

BARRY, CHARLES. Charles Bryson, 1887-1963. Add: educated in Dublin and Paris; before 1914 was professor of modern languages in Imperial Russian Education Department and served in Imperial Russian Horse Artillery in WWI; served in Intelligence Corps, 1939-1948, and later worked for BBC European Service.

BARTIMEUS. Born in London; served in Royal Navy beginning 1901, rising to Accountant Officer at West Indies Station.

BARTLETT, FREDERICK ORIN. 1876-1945. Born in Haverhill, Massachusetts; author and magazine writer.

BARTLETT, VERNON (OLDFELD). Add: mainly correspondent for London Times in Switzerland and Rome, then special correspondent in Germany and Poland; from 1922 London Director, League of Nations Secretariat; lecturer on foreign affairs on radio in Britain.

BASSETT, SARA WARE. Add: educated at Boston University and Radcliffe College; writer mostly for young people.
    -Walter, and the Wireless. [Massachusetts]

BEACH, REX (ELLINGWOOD). Add: educated in law.

BELL, VEREEN. 1911-1944.
    -Swamp Water. Little, 1941 [Georgia] Film: TCF, 1941 (scw: Dudley Nichols; dir: Jean Renoir). Also: TCF, 1952, as The Lure of the Wilderness (scw: Louis Lantz; dir: Jean Negulesco)
BELLAMANN, HENRY. Add: author of musical and literary criticism, essays and poems.

BENET, WILLIAM ROSE. Add: poet, literary columnist and critic; editor of periodicals including Century Magazine, Literary Review of New York Times and Saturday Review of Literature.

BENNETT, JAY. 1912-2009.

    -Steadfast Unto Death. Remington, 1880 [Ireland]

BESSIE, ALVAH (CECIL). Add: graduate of Columbia University.

BICKERS, RICHARD (LESLIE) TOWNSHEND.  1917-  .   Born in British India; educated in England.  Served in the Royal Air Force, 1939-1957; then opened his own export marketing firm.  Pseudonym: David Richards.  Under his own name, the author of six crime and espionage thrillers listed in the Revised Crime Fiction IV, including the one below:
        Hunt and Kill.  Add setting: Pakistan, India.

BIGGS, JOHN (JR.). Born in Wilmington, Delaware, and attorney in that city.

BISHOP, WILLIAM HENRY. Born in Hartford, Connecticut; educated at Yale University.

    -The Glen of Silver Birches. Remington, 1880; Harper, 1881 [Ireland]

BLAKE, ELEANOR. Born in Hinsdale, Illinois.

BLAYNEY, OWEN. Pseudonym of Robert White.
    The MacMahon; or, The Story of the Seven Johns. Constable, 1898 [Ireland]

BLEACKLEY, HORACE (WILLIAM). Born in Lancashire, England.

BOGGS, (MARY) WINIFRED. 1874-1931.

BOHAN, ELIZABETH BAKER. Born in Birmingham, England; educated in Wisconsin; author, poet and painter; lived in California.

    The Buccaneer’s Bride. (Title correction.)

    House of Shadows. [Florida]

BOOTH, CHARLES G(ORDON). Born in Manchester, England; educated in England and Canada; novelist and writer of stories for magazines; lived in San Diego, California.

BOWLES, AGNES. Pseudonym: J. A. P., q.v.

BOYD, MARY STUART. Born and raised in Glasgow; lived in London, 1891-1919, then went to New Zealand.

BRADLEY, MARY (WILHELMINA) HASTINGS. Traveled in Belgian Congo, took part in tiger hunts in French Indo-China; fellow of Royal Geographical Society, London; lectured at National Geographical Society, Washington D.C., and American Museum of Natural History, New York.

BRANSTON, FRANK. 1939-2009.

BRASTED, FRED. 1867-1937. Born in Findley’s Lake, New York; lawyer in Ft. Worth, Texas; political advisor.

BRENN, GEORGE J. Born in Newark, New Jersey; contributor to many pulp magazines.

BREWER, GIL (JOHN).  (Adding middle name.)

BREWSTER, EUGENE V(ALENTINE). Born in Brayshore, New York; editor of “The Caldron,” 1908-1913, as well as of Motion Picture Magazine, Beauty and Shadowland from 1911; lecturer and lawyer; writer and motion picture director.

BRIDGES, ROY(AL TASMAN). Add: journalist; political, literary and dramatic critic for “The Age” (Melbourne newspaper) from 1909; contributor to other Australian newspapers.

BRITTAINE, REV. GEORGE.     -1847. Rector of Kikormack, Diocese of Ardagh, Ireland.
    -The Election. Tims (Dublin), 1840
    -Mothers and Sons. Tims (Dublin), 1833 [Ireland] (Publishing anonymously.)

.   Poet, playwright, writer.  Co-author (with Roy Hargrave, 1908-  , q.v.) of one mystery play included in the Revised Crime Fiction IV.

BROADHURST, GEORGE (HOWELLS). Born in England; came to U.S. in 1886; manager of theatres in Milwaukee, Baltimore, San Francisco and New York City; editor of newspaper in Great Forks, North Dakota; playwright.

BROOKS, C(HARLES) S(TEPHEN). Born in Cleveland; graduate of Yale University; contributor to magazines.

BROPHY, MICHAEL. Ex-Sergeant, Royal Irish Constabulary.
    Tales of the Royal Irish Constabulary. Doyle (Dublin), 1896 ss (with some crime) [Ireland]

BROTHER JAMES.  Pseudonym of [Dr.] James Reynolds,  - 1866, q.v.
        -The Adventures of Moses Finegan, an Irish Pervert.  Duffy (Dublin), 1885.  Previously published as by James Reynolds: Duffy (Dublin), 1870.

BROWN, DEMETRA VAKA. Born in Turkey, educated there and in France and New York; interviewer of many prominent persons in WWI.

BROWN, EDNA A(DELAIDE). Add: graduate in library science; a librarian.

BROWNE, GEORGE WALDO. Add: prolific author of books for juvenile readers.

BROWNE, PORTER EMERSON. Add: journalist and novelist, then playwright.

BRYSON, CHARLES. 1887-1963.

    The Peep-o’-Day Boy. Dicks (London), 1902 [Ireland]
    Stormy Waters. Maxwell, 1885

BUCK, CHARLES NEVILLE. Add: educated at University of Louisville and Cincinnati Art Academy; began newspaper work as cartoonist in 1899; reporter and editor on Kentucky dailies until 1909; thereafter a writer; later lived on Cape Cod.

BUCKROSE, J. E. Add: lived most of her life in Yorkshire, the setting for all her books.

BUNCE, FRANK (DAVID). 1905-1980.  (Correcting birth date.)

BURLEIGH, DONALD Q(UIMBY). Born in Augusta, Maine; graduate of Bowdoin College; city editor of Kennebec Journal, Augusta, then proprietor of Maine News Bureau.

BURN, GORDON. 1948-2009. Ref: CA.
    Happy Like Murderers. Faber, 1998 [England] (Novelized true crime.)
    Somebody’s Husband, Somebody’s Son. Heinemann, 1984; Viking, 1985 [England] (Novelized true crime.)
BURNHAM, CLARA LOUISE (ROOT). Add: lived in Chicago.

BURR, ANNA (ROBESON BROWN). Add: lived in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania.

BURT, K(ATHARINE) N(EWLIN). Add: contributor of fiction to numerous magazines.

BUTLER, ELLIS PARKER. Add: contributor to magazines.

BUTTERFIELD, W(ALTON). Born in Boston; educated at Dickinson College and Harvard; actor, playwright, author; on staff of radio networks, 1930s; radio writer.

BYERS, CHARLES ALMA. 1879-1964. (Deleting question mark from death date.) Born near Scott, Kansas; editor of newspapers in Missouri; contributor of short stories to magazines.

BYRNE, (BRIAN OSWALD) DONN. Add: born in New York City; contributor of fiction to magazines.       

    An Irish Lover. Paul, 1914 [Ireland, U.S.]

C., W. A.
    Mick Tracy, the Irish Scripture Reader; or, The Martyred Convert and the Priest. Partridge, 1870 [Ireland]
CAHILL, JAMES (SEMPLE). 1881-     . Born in Virginia; physician; contributor of stories of adventure and mystery to various magazines.

CALTHROP, DION (WILLIAM PALGRAVE) CLAYTON. Born in London; playwright, artist, litterateur, designer of dresses and productions for West End theatres.

    Kilsorrel Castle. Chapman, 1863 [Ireland]

CARLETON, WILLIAM. 1794-1869. Born in Prillisk, County Tyrone, Ireland.
    The Black Prophet. Simms (London & Belfast), 1847 [Ireland]
CARLISLE, HELEN GRACE [HELEN GRACE CARLISLE REID]. Born in New York City; educated at Alfred Hunter College; contributor to magazines; lived in Stamford, Connecticut.

CARLTON, JOSEPH. J(oseph) C(arl) McMullen, 1882-1957.

CARPENTER, EDWARD CHILDS. Novelist and playwright.

CARY, (THOMAS) FALKLAND L(ITTON). Born in Ireland; a doctor until full-time playwright beginning in 1946.
CASSILIS, INA LEON. Pseudonym of Georgina Drewry, 1845-1924.
    Blind Justice. Aldine pb, 1926
    -Martyr or Criminal. Aldine pb, 1925
    -Mrs. Henderson’s Lie. Aldine pb, 1923

CASTIER, JULES. 1888-1956.

CAVANAUGH, ARTHUR (W.). 1926-2009.

CHADWICK, CHARLES. Add: educated at Yale and New York Law School; contributed to magazines; journalist–special writer on football for New York World for ten years, and also on New York Herald and New York American; assistant district attorney and corporate counsel in New York.

CHALMERS, STEPHEN. Add: co-founder of the Stevenson Society of America; lecturer; authority of fly fishing; contributor to magazines.

CHAMBERLAIN, GEORGE AGNEW. Add: educated at Princeton University; served 17 years in the U.S. foreign service, beginning as clerk in Brazilian consulate and ending as U.S. Consul-General, Mexico City; contributor to fiction magazines.

CHAPIN, CARL M(ATTISON). Add: newspaperman, 1905-1927; contributed fiction to magazines.

CHAPMAN, MARY HAMILTON ISLEY. Born in Chattanooga, Tennessee; contributor to numerous magazines.

CHATTERTON, E(DWARD) KEBLE. Born in Sheffield, England.

CHATTERTON, RUTH. Born in New York; actress with first stage appearance in 1909.
CHAYTON, H(ENRY) J(OHN). Born in Stourport, Worcestershire; university lecturer, author and translator.

CHILD, HAROLD (HANNYNGTON).  1869-1945.   Add: biographical information.  Born in Gloucester, England; actor; literary and drama contributor to London Times from 1902; drama critic for Observer 1912-1920, with a number of writings on the history of drama.  Also a novelist with many stories and articles contributed to newspapers and magazines of the day.  Author of one book included marginally in the Revised Crime Fiction IV:
        -Phil of the Heath.  Pearson, UK, hc, 1899.  Setting:  Bristol (UK), 1831.   [A romantic tale of the Reform Bill period.]

CHILD, NELLISE.  Add: Pseudonym of Lillian Lieberman Gerard Rosenfeld, 1901-1981, q.v.   Born Lillian Lieberman, the author’s first husband was Frank Gerard, an automobile saleman; she later married Abner G. Rosenfeld, a Chicago real estate developer.   A journalist and playwright, her work includes the Broadway play Weep for the Virgins.  Under this pen name, the author of two detective novels included in the Revised Crime Fiction IV.  SC: Detective Lt. Jeremiah Irish, in each:
        The Diamond Ransom Murders.  Knopf, hc, 1935; Collins, UK, hc, 1934.
        Murder Comes Home.  Knopf, hc, 1933; Collins, UK, hc, 1933.   [After writing a note to the L. A. police department, a collector of Spanish art is found dead in his library.]

CHILD, RICHARD WASHBURN.  1881-1935.  Add: biographical information. Born in Worcester, Massachusetts; educated at Harvard Law School.  Ambassador to Italy, 1920-1924; contributor of articles on polical and social themes to magazines.  The author of two novels (one marginally) and two story collections included in the Revised Crime Fiction IV.  Of the two collections, the one cited below includes a story which has been the basis for several film adaptations:
        The Velvet Black.  Dutton, hc, 1921; Hodder, UK, 1921.  Story collection.  Silent film, from ss “A Whiff of Heliotrope”: Cosmopolitan, 1920, as HeliotropeAlso: Paramount, 1928, as Forgotten Faces. Also (sound film): Paramount, 1936, as Forgotten FacesAlso: United Artists, 1942, as A Gentleman After Dark.  [Synopsis of the 1920 silent film: A prison inmate obtains his release in order to rescue his daughter from the clutches of a blackmailer.]

CHILDERS, JAMES SAXON.  1899-1965.  Born in Birmingham, Alabama. Professor of literature, newspaper editor, and publishing executive.  Add: Educated at Oberlin College and Oxford University, where he was a Rhodes Scholar.  Author of two espionage novels included in the Revised Crime Fiction IV.  See below:
        The Bookshop Mystery.  Appleton, US, hc, 1930.  Setting: England.  “A double appeal will lure the reader of this mystery story on: in the mellow atmosphere of rare books and famous bookshops is played out a tense intrigue between the secret agents of great nations.”
        Enemy Outpost.  Appleton, US, hc, 1942.  Setting: Canada.  “An action-packed story of adventue, intrigue, and romance which is guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your chair.  A story of a desperate attempt by Nazi saboteurs to dynamite American industry.”

CHRISTIE, ROBERT (CLELAND HAMILTON).  1913-1975.  Add as a new author.  Lived in Montreal and Ottawa, Canada.
         Inherit the Night.  Farrar, hardcover, 1949; Hale, UK, hc, 1951.  Setting: South America.   “An evil stranger destroys the serenity of an Andean village and eventually himself.”  [The cover shown is that of the reprint Pyramid paperback, R279.]

CLARK, ELLERY H(ARDING).  1874-1949.  Born in West Roxbury MA.  Add: Educated at Harvard University; as an athlete, Clark is the only person to have won both the Olympic high jump and long jump, achieving the feat in 1896 at the first modern Olympics in Athens.  Later a lawyer and a Boston city alderman; as an author, Clark has two books included in the Revised Crime Fiction IV.  Below is his complete entry:
        The Carleton Case.  Bobbs, hc, 1910.
        Loaded Dice.  Bobbs, hc, 1909.  Silent film: Pathe, 1918 (scw: Gilson Willets; dir: Herbert Blache).
CLAUSEN, CARL.  1895-1954.  Correction of birth date.   Born in Denmark; died in Pennsylvania.   Prolific story writer for the pulps and other magazines, circa 1917-1941; the author of two books included in the Revised Crime Fiction IV.  See below:
        The Gloyne Murder.  Dodd, hc, 1930.  
        Jaws of Circumstance.  Dodd, hc, 1931; Lane, UK, hc, 1931. 
CLEMENTS, COLIN (CAMPBELL).  1894-1948.  Born 25 February 1894 in Omaha, Nebraska.   Add: Educated at the University of Washington, Carnegie Institute of Technology and Harvard University.  With his wife Florence Ryerson (Clements), 1894-1965, q.v., prolific co-author of over one hundred short stories, plays and screenplays.  Included in the Revised Crime Fiction IV are five collaborative mystery novels and three plays of a criminous nature.  Series character Jimmy Lane appeared in four of the five mysteries, including the one cited below:
        Blind Man’s Buff.  Long & Smith, US, hc, 1933.   [Thirteen people stormbound on lonely island are murdered one by one.]
CLEMENTS, FLORENCE RYERSON.  1894-1965.  Working byline: Florence Ryerson, q.v.

COBB, (GEOFFREY) BELTON.  1892-1971.  Son of Thomas Cobb, 1835-1932, q.v.  Sales director for Longman’s publishers and a regular contributor to Punch and other magazines.  His detective novels invariably involved one or more of three series characters: Inspector Cheviot Burmann (41 titles),  Bryan Armitage (21 titles) and Superintendent Manning (6 titles), with some overlap.  A small handful of stand-alone novels are also included in his entry in the Revised Crime Fiction IV.

1853-1932.  Add: Born and lived in London.  Father of  (Geoffrey) Belton Cobb, 1892-1971, q.v.  Prolific author of some 78 novels and perhaps 300 short stories.  Of these, over 60 novels are included in the Revised Crime Fiction IV, many of them only marginally.   Series character Inspector Bedison has a leading role in four of them.

    The Kidnapping of Sally Lunham. [Barcelona]

COKE, DESMOND (FRANCIS TALBOT). Add: born in London; lived in Worthing, Sussex; educator who was vice-master of an experimental school in the 1920s.
COLBRON, GRACE ISABEL. Add: stage actress; reader of European language books for New York publishers, theatrical managers and play-brokers; lecturer on economic and literary subjects; translator from German and Scandinavian languages.

COLCORD, LINCOLN (ROSS). Add: spent first 14 years of life at sea with father; educated at University of Maine; journalist and editor.

COLERIDGE, GILBERT (JAMES DUKE). Add: former barrister; Assistant Master of Supreme Court (England) for 30 years.

COLLIER, WILLIAM. Actor and playwright; on stage from childhood, with first appearance in 1879.

COLLINS, JAMES H(IRAM). Born in Detroit.
COLMAN, CURT. Pseudonym of Harry (Benjamin) Whittington, 1915-1989, q.v. Other pseudonyms: John Dexter, Whit Harrison, J. X. Williams, qq.v.
    Balcony of Shame. Companion pb, 1967
    Hell Bait. Evening Reader pb, 1966

COLTON, JOHN. Born in Yokohama, Japan, son of the British Consul there; drama critic for Minneapolis Tribune; playwright; contributor to magazines; originated many stories for films.

COMFORT, WILL LEVINGTON. Add: novelist and short story writer; war correspondent for various newspapers; sportsman; veteran of Spanish-American War.

COMPTON-RICKETT, ARTHUR. Born in London; barrister; lecturer in English literature, as well as lecturer for a lecture bureau on popular literacy and historical subjects throughout England.

CONNELL, F. NORREYS. Born in Ireland; actor then playwright.

CONNELL, RICHARD (EDWARD). Born in Poughkeepsie, New York; educated at Harvard and Georgetown Universities.

CONSTANDUROS, MABEL (TRILLING). Born in London; made her reputation in a series of sketches for the BBC; actress, principally on the stage.

CONVERSE, FLORENCE. Add: educated at Wellesley College; on editorial staff, New York Churchman, 1900-1908, Atlantic Monthly, 1908-1931.
    -Aunt Jane and Uncle James. Hutchinson, 1908 [Ireland]

    -Mr. Grantley’s Idea. [Virginia]

COOKE, L(AWRENCE) A(LFRED) B(RUCE).  Show name thus.

    Madam and Evil.  (Title correction.)

COWAN, BERTHA MUZZY BOWER SINCLAIR. Born in Cleveland, Minnesota; lived in Oregon.

COWPER, FRANK. Born in London; sailor; explored by boat the waters of France, Belgium, Channel Islands, Britain, etc., and extensively wrote and lectured on yachting.

COX, CONSTANCE (CHARLOTTE). 1910-1998.  (Correcting birth date.)

COX, HARDING (EDWARD DE FONGLANQUE). Author, journalist, publicist; contributor to all important national and provincial papers; dramatic critic on numerous publications; expert author on hounds, hunting; Master of Harriers and of Hounds.

CRAWFORD, CLAUDIA. Add: educated at Denton College; magazine editor.

CREESE, IRENE LILIAN. 1911-    . Adding middle name and correcting birth year.
CROSS, ZORA (BERNICE MAY). Born in Australia.

CROUSE, RUSSELL. Born in Findlay, Illinois; journalist in Cincinnati and New York; author, actor, playwright and screenwriter.

CUMBERLAND, GERALD. Born in Manchester; musical and dramatic critic for Manchester Courier, 1908-1913; author of articles for the more intellectual magazines.

CUNNINGHAM, LOUIS ARTHUR. Add: educated at Catholic University of America and Notre Dame; contributor to numerous magazines.

CURRAN, H(ENRY) G(RATTON). 1800-1876.
    Confessions of a Whitefoot. Bentley, 1844 [Ireland]

CURRIE, BARTON W(OOD). Born in New York; journalist, reporter then magazine editor.

CURTIS, ROBERT H. Once a police inspector.
    Rory of the Hills. Duffy (Dublin), 1870 [Ireland, early 1800s]
CURTISS, PHILIP EVERETT. Add: educated in Paris and Spain; prolific magazine writer.

CUSACK, MARY FRANCES. 1829-1899. Born in Ireland.
    Ned Rusheen; or, Who Fired the First Shot? Gill (Dublin), 1880 [Ireland]

DALE, ALAN. Born in Birmingham; dramatic critic for New York newspapers 1887-1915, then New York World; playwright.


DAVIS, ELMER (HOLMES). Add: educated at Queen’s College, Oxford University, England.

DAVIS J(AMES) FRANK. Add: worked for newspapers for 20 years as drama critic, special writer, managing editor, etc.

DAVIS, EDGAR. 1890-1974. Pseudonym: Tech Davis, q.v.

DAVIS, TECH. Pseudonym of Edgar Davis, 1890-1974.  (Correction.)

DAWSON, A(LEC) J(OHN). Add: Served in WWI; Major (retired) in Royal Air Force; lived, worked and traveled in Australia, New Zealand, India, Africa, South Sea Islands, and the Americas; later lived in Sussex.

DAWSON, FORBES. Born in Worcestershire; actor and playwright.

DAWSON, MULVEY. Pseudonym of Captain Leonard Radcliffe. Came to Liverpool from Isle of Man.
    Garlic Town. [Liverpool, Isle of Man]

DAWSON, (FRANCIS) WARRINGTON. Add: educated in Paris and at the College of Charleston; received many medals and honors; at American Embassy in Paris in 1930s.

DEACON, W(ILLIAM) F(REDERICK). Born in London; educated at Cambridge; journalist and author.           
    The Adventures of a Bashful Irishman; see The Exiles of Erin
    The Exiles of Erin; or, The Sorrows of a Bashful Irishman. Whittaker (London), 1835. Also published as: The Adventures of a Bashful Irishman. Railway Library (London), 1862 [Ireland, England, Europe; early 1800s]
DEANS, F. HARRIS. Add: drama critic of “London Opinion,” 1917-1930, of “Sunday Graphic,” from 1921, of “Sporting Dramatic News” from 1925.

DECKER, JOSEPH. Series: Tac One, in both titles.
    Assignment: Devil’s Playground. Manor pb, 1975 [North Africa]
    Assignment: North Africa. Manor pb, 1975 [North Africa]

DEHAN, RICHARD.   Pseudonym of Clothilde (Inez Augusta Mary) Graves, 1863-1932, q.v.  Under this pen name, the author of two story collections included in the Revised Crime Fiction IV; some of the stories are criminous.

DE JEANS, ELIZABETH. Born in Ohio; grew up in Japan.

DE MARNEY, TERENCE. Born in London; actor; made first stage appearance in 1923; appeared in many radio serials.

DE MILLE, WILLIAM (CHURCHILL). Born in Washington, D.C.; educated at Columbia University; playwright; film writer and director.

    -The Street of Kings. Holt, 1957

DEXTER, JOHN.   House name, used  by Harry (Benjamin) Whittington, 1915-1989, q.v., on the novels below.  Other pseudonyms: Curt Colman, Whit Harrison, J. X. Williams, qq.v.
    Blood Lust Orgy. Nightstand pb, 1966
    Lust Dupe. Idle Hour Pb, 1964
    Saddle Sinners. Evening Reader pb, 1964 [Nevada]
    Sharing Sharon. Idle Hour pb, 1965
    The Sin Fishers. Sundown Reader pb, 1965 [Florida]
    The Sinning Room. Nightstand pb, 1966 [California]

DICKSON, HARRIS. Born in Yazoo City, Mississippi; graduate in law from Columbia University; contributor to numerous magazines and newspapers.

DINNEEN, JOSEPH F(RANCIS). Born in Boston; educated at Suffolk Law School; contributed articles and short stories to magazines; Boston Globe staff writer.

DIPLOMAT.  Born in Massachusetts; journalist, with the New York Times in 1920s.

DIVINE, CHARLES. 1889-1950. Add: graduated from Cornell University; reporter, playwright; contributed short stories and poems to numerous magazines; on staff of New York Sun, 1912-1917.
    Post Mortems. Film (short): Christie Film, 1929 (scw: Charles Divine; dir: Leslie Pearce) 

DIXON, THOMAS. Born in Cleveland County, North Carolina; lawyer; Baptist minister in Boston and New York, 1887-1903.

DOBIE, CHARLES CALDWELL. Born in San Francisco; journalist; playwright; contributed articles and fiction to numerous magazines.

DODD, LEE WILSON. Born in Franklin, Pennsylvania; educated at Yale and New York Law School; novelist and author of plays, poems, essays; lived in New Haven, Connecticut.

DOMATILLA, JOHN. Pseudonym of Ian Kennedy Martin, 1936-    , q.v.

DOUGLAS, GAVIN. John Lennox Kerr: correct to James Lennox Kerr.

DOUGLAS, SIR GEORGE (BRISBANE). Has devoted much of his life to the interpretation of the scenery, manners, character, history and folklore of the Border Country in his writings.

DOUGLAS, JOHN SCOTT. 1905-1979. Add: educated at University of Washington and Harvard; published over 350 short stories, novelettes and serials in more than 100 periodicals, mostly pulp magazines.

DOWLING, RICHARD. Born in Clonmel, County Tipperary, Ireland; educated at Crescent College, Limerick; journalist in Waterford County and Dublin, where he edited comic papers; lived in London after 1874 and wrote much for periodicals there.

    Clashmore. [Ireland] (Correction.)


DREWRY, GEORGINA. 1845-1924. Pseudonym: Ian Leon Cassilis, q.v.

DUGGAN, DENISE VALERIE ROBBINS. 1906-1999. Pseudonym: Denise Egerton, q.v.

DUNNING, PHILIP (HART). Actor, playwright; stage director; author-director with United Artists.

DUPUY, WILLIAM ATHERTON. Born in Palestine, Texas; educated at the University of Arizona; reporter on various newspapers, 1900-1907; proprietor of Du Puy Syndicate, 1907-1917; journalist; with Military Intelligence, U.S. Army, during WWI; head of university journalism department, mid-1920s.

DU SOE, ROBERT C(OLEMAN). Add: educated at Columbia University; newspaperman on the Hawaiian Islands; naval aviator in WWI; contributed fiction to numerous magazines.


DUTTON, CHARLES J(UDSON). Add: educated at Brown University, Albany Law School and Defiance Theological Seminary; clergyman, newspaper columnist; contributed fiction to numerous U.S. and British magazines.

DWIGHT, H(ARRISON) G(RISOLD). Add: educated at Amherst College; contributed articles to periodicals.

EATON, ARTHUR WENTWORTH. Born in Kenville, Nova Scotia; doctor of civil law; compiler of many educational as well as historical works, especially on city of Halifax.

EDGAR, ALFRED. Born in London; journalist specializing in motor racing, then magazine short story writer; playwright.
    Skid Kennedy–Speed King. Hamilton, 1936 [England]

EDINGTON, ARLO CHANNING. Add: had varied career in motion pictures (Goldwyn Studios).

EDWARDS, HARRY STILLWELL. Add: educated at Mercer University; newspaper editor; columnist of Atlanta Journal and Asheville Citizen; contributed stories to periodicals.

EGAN, MAURICE FRANCIS. Born in Philadelphia; educated at La Salle College, Philadelphia, and Georgetown College, Washington; Professor of English Literature at Catholic University of Washington, then American Ambassador in Copenhagen; edited and contributed to many periodicals.
EGERTON, DENISE. Pseudonym of Denise Valerie Robbins Duggan, 1906-1999. (Correction.)

EHRMANN, MAX(IMILIAN). Add: educated at De Pauw and Harvard Universities, with a PhD from the latter; contributed critical reviews, verse and stories to various magazines; translator into French.

EIKER, MATHILDE. Add: educated at George Washington University.

ELLIS, WALTER W. Born in London; actor on musical comedy stage, then playwright.

EMERSON, JOHN. Born in Ohio; educated for Episcopalian ministry; actor, then stage director.

ENGLAND, BARRY. 1932-2009.
ENOCK, C(HARLES) REGINALD. Born in Egbaston, Warwickshire, England.

ERSKINE, GLADYS SHAW. Born in Los Angeles; singer, actress, novelist and poet; translator from French and Spanish.

ERSKINE, JOHN. Born in New York City; educated at Columbia University; author, lecturer.

    A Life’s Hazard; or, The Outlaw of Wentworth Waste. Low, 1878 [Dublin]

    -Strength of the Spirit. Constable, 1930; Smith, 1930

FAIRBANK, JANET AYER. Born in Chicago; educated at University of Chicago; lecturer; executive in numerous civic bodies; contributor to popular magazines and Chicago newspapers; novelist and playwright.

FARJEON, J(OSEPH) J(EFFERSON). Son of B(enjamin) L(eopold) Farjeon, 1838-1903, q.v.; journalist, novelist and playwright.

FERNALD, CHESTER B(AILEY). Draftsman for U.S. Navy Department, then Washington correspondent for San Francisco Chronicle.

FIELDS, HERBERT. Brother of Dorothy Fields, 1905-1974, q.v.; librettist and playwright.

    -Barney the Boyo. Ireland’s Own Library, n.d.
FITZGERALD, PERCY (HETHERINGTON). Born in Louth, Ireland; dramatic historian, author, novelist, sculptor, painter and musician; long associated with Charles Dickens on “Household Words”; drama critic for The Observer and The Whitehall Review.

FITZ-GERALD, S(HAFTO) J(USTIN) ADAIR. Actor, on stage 1875-1885; journalist, associated for 30 years with “The Era”, as well as writing for The Globe, Evening Standard, etc.; playwright; novelist and author of books mainly of a theatrical interest.

FITZGERALD, REV. T(HOMAS) A. Born in Callan, County Kilkenny, Ireland; edeucated at Christian Brothers Schools and St. Patrick’s College; became a Franciscan in 1879; spent five years in Rome and 20 in Australia before returning to Ireland.

FODOR, LADISLAUS. Born in Hungary; originally studied music, but playwright from 1924.

FOOTE, MARY HALLOCK. Add: author and artist.

FORD, LILLIAN C(UMMINGS). Mark Lee Luther, 1872-1951.

FOREMAN, STEPHEN. Lived in Cork, Ireland.
    The Overflowing Scourge. Rivers, 1911

FORSYTE, CHARLES.   Joint pseudonym of Gordon Charles George Philo, 1920-2009, and his wife Mavis Ella (Galsworthy) Philo, 1920-1986, qq.v.   Under this pen name, the author of four crime and/or espionage novels included in the Revised Crime Fiction IV, three of them cases for Inspector Richard Left.  Of special note is the following book, also in his CFIV entry:
       The Decoding of Edwin Drood.  Gollancz, UK, hc, 1980; Scribner, US, hc, 1980.  Discussion of previous attempts to complete the novel by Charles Dickens, 1812-1870, with a new ending by this author.

FOSTER, ROBERT FREDERICK. Born in Edinburgh, Scotland; lived in New York City; wrote over 70 books on card games.

FOX, MARION (INEZ DOUGLAS WARD). Born in Aldershot, Hampshire, England.

    -The Story of Mary Dunne. [Ireland]

FRANKAU, GILBERT. Born in London; son of Julia (Davis) Frankau, 1864-1916, q.v.; Captain in British Army.

FRASER, HERMIA (HARRIS). Born in Brectouche, New Brunswick, Canada; moved to British Columbia; contributed short stories and poetry to numerous magazines.

FRASER, (SIR) JOHN CRAWFORD. Born in Edinburgh; knighted in 1917 in recognition of educational services; contributed to most English magazines, and wrote for two major English Sunday papers; lived in Buckinghamshire.

FRASER, W(ILLIAM) A(LEXANDER). Add: contributed to numerous magazines and Sunday newspapers.

FREDERIC, HAROLD. 1856-1898. Born near Utica, New York; lived for years in London as correspondent to the New York Times; wrote numerous articles on Ireland.
    -The Return of the O’Mahoney. Heinemann, 1893 [Cork, Ireland, past]

FREMLIN, CELIA (MARGARET).  1914-2009.  Add year of death.  Born in Kingsbury, Middlesex; died in Bournemouth, 16 June 2009.  Sister of nuclear physicist, John H. Fremlin.  Married twice, first to Elia Goller in 1942  (died 1968), three children (all of whom predeceased her), then to Leslie Minchin in 1985 (died 1999).   Author of 19 books of psychological suspense listed in the Revised Crime Fiction IV, three of them story collections.  Her first novel, The Hours Before Dawn (Gollancz, 1958; Lippincott, 1959), reviewed here on the Mystery*File blog, was the winner of the 1960 MWA Edgar for Best First Novel of the Year. 

FRIEL, ARTHUR O(LNEY). Add: educated at Yale University; contributed short stories to magazines.

FRIEND, OSCAR J(EROME). Born in St. Louis; contributed fiction to pulp magazines.

FROST, BARBARA [BARBARA FROST SHIVELY].  (Correcting last name spelling.)

FROST, WALTER ARCHER. Add: educated at Harvard and University of Wisconsin; had editorial positions on various magazines; author of about 500 short stories and novelets.

FULLER, (CHARLES) HECTOR. Born in London, England; sailor; served in British Army; dramatic and literary editor of Indianapolis News for 25 years; war correspondent and editor of other newspapers.

FULLER, JAMES FRANKLIN. 1835-1924. Born in Derryquin, County Kerry, Ireland; lived in Dublin.
    John Orlebar, Clerk. Cassell, 1878 [Ireland]

FURBER, DOUGLAS. Add: on London Stock Exchange before acting debut in 1917; writer of popular songs of the time; author of over 70 London musical plays and revues.
GANNON, NICHOLAS J. 1829-1875. Born in Ballyboy, County Meath, Ireland; educated at Clongowes Wood College and Stonyhurst.
    -Above and Below. Newby (London), 1864 [Ireland]

GARDINER, MRS. ANNIE. ca.1871-    . Pseudonym: Mythrilla, q.v.

GARDNER, HORACE J(OHN). Add: educated at University of Pennsylvania; contributed to magazines and trade periodicals.

GARTH, DAVID (B.). Born in St. Louis; lived in New York City; died in Vermont.

    Dark Roots of Fear. [Africa]
    The Death Dealers. Delete SC.  Add [Corsica]

GAUVREAU, EMILE (HENRY). Add: newspaper editor.

GELZER, (MRS.) JAY (ROSWELL). Show name thus.

GIBBON, CHARLES. Born in Scotland.

GIBBS, HENRY CHARLES HAMILTON. 1870-1942.  Name at birth of Cosmo Hamilton, q.v.

GILES, JOANNA E. 1893-1952. Joint pseudonym with (Leonard) Brian Hill, 1896-1979: Marcus Magill, q.v.

GILL, TOM. Add: forester, aviator, explorer; contributed articles and stories to magazines.

GILLETTE, WILLIAM (HOOKER). Playwright and actor; made first stage appearance while studying at Yale.

GILLMORE, RUFUS HAMILTON. Add: journalist; rose to general manager of Boston newspaper; advertising copywriter.

GILMAN, CHARLOTTE PERKINS (STETSON). Add: lecturer in U.S. and Europe.

GILPIN, T(IMOTHY) G.  (Adding first name.)

GODDARD, CHARLES (WILLIAM). Add: reporter, then on editorial staff of New York Sunday American, 1904-1918 and American Weekly from 1923; playwright and screenwriter.

    The Taking of Pelham One Two Three. Film: Columbia, 2009, as The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3 (scw: Brian Helgeland; dir: Tony Scott). TV movie: ABC, 1998 (scw: Peter Stone; dir: Felix Enriquez Alcala)
GOODMAN, JULES ECKERT. Journalist, then playwright.

GOODRICH, ARTHUR (FREDERICK). First worked in publisher’s office, then did literary work for various magazines; novelist and playwright.
    -Gallows on the Green. Hale, 1940

GORE-BROWNE, ROBERT. Born in London; barrister, playwright, novelist and screenwriter.

GORELL, LORD. Born in London; author, publisher, politician (once Under Secretary of State for Air); partner in John Murray publishing company.


GOULDING, EDMUND. Born in London; actor, first stage appearance 1911; later to U.S. to concentrate on screen writing and directing.

GRABO, CARL (HENRY). Add: educated at University of Chicago; lived in Chicago.


GRANT, ROBERT. Add: educated at Harvard University; probate court judge, 1893-1923; Overseer of Harvard, 1895-1921.
GRAVATT, GLENN (GILMORE). Add; born in Sabetha, Kansas; educated at University of Nebraska.

GRAVES, CLOTILDE (INEZ AUGUSTA MARY).  1863-1932.  Add name in full (first named sometimes spelled Clothilde).  Pseudonym: Richard Dehan, q.v.  Born in Cork; actress, journalist, illustrator, poet and playwright.  Under her own name, the author of one title included with a dash in the Revised Crime Fiction IV.  See below.  Other work, according to one source includes “humorous novels and stories of witchcraft and pagan religions.”
        -Dragon’s Teeth.  Dalziel Brothers, UK, hc, 1891.   Add setting: China.  [A tale of daring adventure, hardship and love in China during a native uprising.]

GREEN, WALTON (ATWATER). Born in New York City; educated at Harvard University and Law School; contributed to magazines and newspapers; editor of the Boston Journal.

GREENE, WARD.  Add: newspaperman; executive editor of King Features Syndicate.

GREGORY, JACKSON. Add: educated at University of California; principal in high schools; reporter and correspondent for various periodicals in U.S. and Canada; author of short stories and serials in American and British magazines; screenwriter; novelist.

    Tales of the Munster Festivals. Saunders (London), 1827 ss (some criminous)

GRIFFITH, HELEN SHERMAN. Add: playwright; author of books for adults and juveniles.

    Broken Away. Lane, 1897 [Dublin, Belfast]

GRISWOLD, (REV.) LATTA. Add: educated at Princeton University and Seminary.

HADATH, (JOHN EDWARD) GUNBY.  1871-1954.  Born in Lincolnshire, England.  Pseudonyms: John Mowbray, Shepherd Pearson, qq.v.  Add biographical information: Born in Owersby, Lincolnshire, England.  Journalist, correspondent for provincial papers, then London correspondent for Italian press.  Under his own name, the author of more than 100 books for boys involving English public school life and wartime adventure, plus many stories appearing in periodicals such as Chums, Happy Mag., and The Captain.  Other pen names used for his short fiction: James Duncan, Felix O’Grady, Shepperd Pearson.  One of his boys’ adventure books is shown below (S. W. Partridge & Co., circa 1905).
HAINES, DONAL HAMILTON.  1886-1951.  Add biographical information: Born in Kalamazoo, Michigan; educated at the University of Michigan, where he also later taught journalism and freelance writing. Contributor to many magazines, including Everybody’s Magazine , The Popular Magazine, and The American Boy.  Besides writing a number of boys’ sports and adventure books, the author of one mystery novel included in the Revised Crime Fiction IV.  See below.
        Shadow on the Campus.  Farrar & Rinehart, hc, 1942.  Setting: Michigan; Academia.  Intended for younger readers.

HALL, GEOFFREY HOLIDAY.  1913-1981.  Confirm both dates.  Born in Santa Cruz, NM.  The author of two mystery novels listed in the Revised Crime Fiction IV.  See below.  This is the author’s complete entry.
        The End Is Known.  Simon & Schuster, hc, 1949; Heinemann, UK, hc, 1950.  Setting: New York City; Montana.  Add the latter; also add film: Cineritmo, 1993, as La Fine e Nota (scw: Cristina Comencini, Suso Cecchi d’Amico; dir: Comencini).  [A review of the book can be found here on the Mystery*File blog.]
        The Watcher at the Door.  Simon & Schuster, hc, 1954.  Setting: Vienna.
HAMILTON, CATHERINE J(ANE).  1841-1935.  Add as a new author.  Born in Somerset, England,  of Irish parents. Lived in Ireland for more than thirty years from 1859; author of short stories, verse and serials, contributing to Weekly Irish Times and Ireland’s Own, among other periodicals.
        The Flynns of Flynnville, as by C. J. Hamilton.  Ward, 1879.  Setting: Ireland.   Novel based on “the murder of a bank-manager by a constabulary officer called Montgomery.”  [Text online.]
        -True to the Core: A Romance of ’98.  White, 1884.  [Two volumes.]  Setting: Dublin.  “The story of the love of a Kerry peasant girl for the ill-fated John Sheares.”
HAMILTON, COSMO.  1870-1942.  Name at birth: Henry Charles Hamilton Gibbs, 1870-1942, q.v.  Born in England; his working byline was based on his mother’s maiden name.  Correct name and year of birth; add biographical information: Settled in the US by the 1920s; novelist and playwright, authoring many London musicals and Broadway plays.  One novel and four story collections are included in his entry in the Revised Crime Fiction IV.  Not all of the short fiction is criminous.  Add the book of four plays below.  Also of special note is the one novel, also cited below:
        Four Plays.  Hutchinson, UK, 1925; Little, US, 1924.  Plays, with the one criminous indicated below with a *.  Note: “The New Poor” was also published separately as: Who Are They?  French, 1929.
The Mother Woman
* The New Poor
The Silver Fox
        -The Princess of New York.  Hutchinson, UK, hc, 1911; Brentano’s, US, hc, 1911.  Silent film: Famous Players, 1921 (scw: Margaret Turnbull; dir: Donald Crisp).  [The daughter of an American steel magnate heads for Europe but is waylaid on the liner by a pair of confidence tricksters.]   Note: Although working behind the scenes, the 22 year old Alfred Hitchcock developed his cinematic vernacular by compiling the title cards for this film. (From the IMDB link just preceding.)
         Who Are They?  See Four Plays.

HAMILTON, [LORD] FREDERIC (SPENSER).  1856-1928.  Add biographical information: Was in Diplomatic Service, serving in Berlin, Petrograd, Lisbon and Buenos Aires.  Member of Parliament; editor of Pall Mall Magazine.  (Some sources say that he introduced the sport of skiing to Canada in 1887.)  The author of one standalone novel in the Revised Crime Fiction IV, plus seven story collections involving series character Mr. P. J. Davenant.  One of these is shown below (Nash, 1915).  According to Lofts & Adley, Philip John Davenant was “a public school boy [whose] adventures took place while he was still a pupil at Tonbridge School [...]  In addition to an amazing bent to criminology [he had] a wonderful knowledge of the German language.”
        -Lady Eleanor, Private Simmonds, and Others.  Hurst, UK, hc, 1919.  Correct setting: Ireland.
HANKINS, ARTHUR P(RESTON).  1880-1932.  Pseudonym: Emart Kinsburn, q.v.  Born in Sac City, Iowa.  Add biographical information:  Under his own name, besides writing several western and adventure novels, the author of two crime-related titles included in the Revised Crime Fiction IV.   His shorter work appeared in many pulp magazines such as Detective Story Magazine, Western Story Magazine and Argosy All-Story Weekly.

HAPGOOD, HUTCHINS.  1869-1944.  Born in Chicago.  Add: educated at the University of Michigan, at Harvard, and in Berlin and Strasburg.  Later a  journalist and drama critic for the Chicago Evening Post; noted most as a social critic and an anarchist.  Author of one novel included in the Revised Crime Fiction IV.  See below:
        The Autobiography of a Thief.  Duffield & Co., US, hc, 1903; Putnam, UK, 1904.  Add setting: New York City.  From an online New York Times review: “... a graphic and picturesque account of life in the under world.”  [Text online.]

HARDING, JOHN WILLIAM.  1864-?  Add biographical information: Born in London, England; educated there and in Paris.  Later on editorial staff of New York Times; short story writer and playwright.  Author of one novel included in the Revised Crime Fiction IV.  Note that his full middle name was used on this title:
        A Conjurer of Phantoms.  F. Tennyson Neely, US,  hc, 1898.  [An “elusive supernatural novel,” says one ABE bookseller.]

.  1847-1930.  Add biographical information: Born in Andover, Massachusetts and educated in Boston, Switzerland and at West Point; Professor of Civil Engineering, Los Angeles College, and of mathematics at Dartmouth College, 1884-1893.  Editor of Cosmopolitan magazine, 1893-95.  Consul-General to Persia, 1897-1899; U.S. Minister to Greece, Romania and Serbia, 1899-1901, to Switzerland, 1901-1903, and to Spain, 1903-1905.   Among other writings, the author of one detective novel and one story collection included in the Revised Crime Fiction IV.  Series character: Inspector Joly, who appears in the novel and six of the eleven short stories.
        Diane and Her Friends.  Houghton Mifflin, US, hc, 1914, hc.  Story collection.  Queen’s Quorum title.

        No. 13, Rue du Bon Diable.  Houghton Mifflin, US, hc, 1917.

HARDY, IZA DUFFUSCa.1852-1922.  The author of “a large output of novels of a romantic cast. She set some of them in exotic places, and also wrote travel books and contributed stories and other pieces to periodicals.”  To the thirteen titles previously listed in the Revised Crime Fiction IV, add the one below.
        Friend and Lover.  Hurst, UK, hc, 1880; Harper, US, hc, 1880.  Setting: England.  [Text online.]

HARGRAVE, ROY 1908-  .   Add year of birth & biographical information: born in New York; actor, director and author.  Co-author (with Kenneth Phillips Britton, q.v.) of one play included in the Revised Crime Fiction IV.
        Houseparty.  French, US, pb, 1930.  [3-act play.]  Add setting: Massachusetts; Academia (Williams College).  

HARRADEN, BEATRICE.  1864-1935.  Add biographical information: Born in Hampstead, London; member of several societies for social reform and women’s rights.  Author of two novels included in the Revised Crime Fiction IV.  This is now the author’s complete entry:
        Out of the Wreck I Rise.  T. Nelson & Sons, UK, hc, 1912.  Add US edition: Stokes, US, 1912; also add setting: England.  Note: The title is a quote from Robert Browning.   [Text online.]
        Search Will Find It Out.  Mills & Boon, UK, hc, 1928.  Setting: England.   Note: The title is a quote from Robert Herrick.

HARRISON, EDITH OGDEN.  1862-1955.  Add year of birth and biographical information: Born Edith Ogden in New Orleans; in 1887 married Carter Henry Harrison, who served at least five terms as mayor of Chicago.  Noted author of juvenile fiction,  travel books and autobiographical works, plays and novels;  contributor to Chicago Daily News.  Author of two tales of the Royal Canadian Mounties listed in the Revised Crime Fiction IV.  This is now the author’s complete entry:
       The Lady of the Snows.  McClurg, US, hc, 1912.  Setting: Canada.  Illustrations by J. Allen St. John.  Add film: 1915; see synopsis here.  [Text online.]
        The Scarlet Riders. Chicago, IL: Seymour,  US, hc, 1930.  Setting: Saskatchewan, Canada.  “Western adventure novel of train robbery and banditry.”
HARRISON, WHIT. Add pseudonyms: Curt Colman, John Dexter, J. X. Williams, qq.v.

HARTLEY, MRS. (MAY LAFFAN). 1849-1916. Born in Dublin.
    Flitters, Tatters, and the Counsellor. Macmillan (London), 1883 novelets (with some crime)

HARVEY, FRANK, JR. 1912-    . Born in Manchester; actor and playwright.  (Correcting birth date.)

HARWOOD, HAROLD MARSH. Born in Eccles, Lancashire, England; trained and practiced as a doctor; playwright from 1912.

    Desmond Rourke, Irishman. [South America] (Setting correction.)
HASTINGS, PATRICK. Mining engineer, 1898-9; served in South African war 1900-01; journalist 1902-3; called to the Bar (Middle Temple), 1903; Kings Counsel, 1919; Labour MP for Walsall, 1922-1926; playwright.

HATCH, MARY R. P(LATT). Add: educated at Radcliffe College; contributor to numerous magazines.
    The Missing Man. Silent film: Kalem, 1915.

HAWKINS, WILLARD. Add: journalism teacher; on editorial staff of Rocky Mountain News, the Denver Times; taught journalism at University of Denver.

HAY, JAMES, JR. Add: educated at University of Virginia; political and news reporter for Washington D.C. newspapers.

HAYCOX, ERNEST. Add: educated at University of Oregon; contributed ficion to a number of magazines.

HEBLON. Pseudonym of Joseph K. O’Connor, 1878-    . Born in Ashford, County Limerick, Ireland; educated at Heart College, Limerick, and Clongowes Wood College; barrister in Dublin.
    Studies in Blue. Sealy (Dublin), 1903   (Sketches, largely criminous.)
HENDRYX, JAMES B(EARDSLEY). Add: educated at University of Minnesota; was traveling salesman, tan bark buyer, cowboy in Montana, construction foreman, and special writer for Cincinnati Enquirer; contributor to numerous magazines.
    Badmen on Halfaday Creek. British title: Terror on Halfaday Creek. Consul pb, 1963
    Terror on Halfaday Creek; see Badmen on Halfaday Creek

HEYGATE, W(ILLIAM) E(DWARD). 1816-1902. Church of England clergyman.
    Wild Scenes Among the Celts. Parker, 1859 novelets: The Fugitive/The Penitent
HILL, (LEONARD) BRIAN. 1896-1979. (Correction: not Brian Merrikin Hill.)

HILL, FREDERICK TREVOR. Author and lawyer; soldier, serving with General Pershing in WWI, and cited by Pershing for exceptional and conspicuous service.

HOARE, DOUGLAS. 1875-    . Born in Tunbridge Wells, England; playwright and author of sketches.

HODGE, JANE AIKEN. 1917-2009.

HODGE, WILLIAM T(HOMAS). Born in Albion, New York; actor and playwright.

HOEY, MRS. CASHEL. Born in Bushy Park, County Dublin, Ireland.
HOGAN, ROBERT J(ASPER). Born in Buskirk, New York; educated at St. Lawrence University.

HOLLAND, RUPERT SARGENT. Add: educated at Harvard and University of Pennsylvania.

HOLT, BYRON WEBBER. Delete entry.
HOLT, GEORGE E(DMUND). Born in Moline, Illinois; Acting Consul-General in Tangier, Morocco, 1909-1911; widely traveled; author of many stories and serials in U.S. and European magazines.

HOOD, ROBERT ALLISON. Add: came to the U.S. as a child; educated at high school in Santa Rosa, California; lived in British Columbia, Canada, and staff writer for British Columbia Monthly.

    -Rivals on the Ridge. Frederick Pushet (New York), 1930 [Southwest]

    -The Nugents of Carriconna. Ward, 1890 [Ireland]

HOPWOOD, AVERY. Reporter, then playwright.
HOSKEN (ERNEST CHARLES) HEATH. Add: Fiction editor for “Daily Mail,” Amalgamated Press, and Pictorial Newspapers Ltd., 1905-1920.

HOUGHTON, CLAUDE. Born in Sevenoaks, Kent, England; chartered accountant, civil servant and writer.

HOWARD, ERIC. 1895-1943. Born in Baltimore; educated at University of California, and Harvard and Columbia Universities; contributed more than 600 stories and many articles to nearly 100 magazines; lived in Los Angeles.
HOYNE, THOMAS TEMPLE. Add: journalist on various Chicago newspapers; editorial writer.

HUMMEL, GEORGE F(REDERICK). Add: educated at Columbia University and University of Heidelberg.

HUNTING, (HENRY) GARDNER. Add: educated at Alma College; film writer and director.

HURLBUT, WILLIAM J(AMES). Born in Illinois; trained as an illustrator, but became a playwright.

HYDE, MILES GOODYEAR. 1841-     . (Correcting birth date.)  Born in Cortland, New York; educated at Yale and Geneva Medical College; physician and surgeon.

JAMIESON, LELAND (SHATTUCK). Add: educated at University of Oklahoma; pilot with Eastern Airlines.

JAY, HARRIETT. Actress, first appearing in 1879; novelist and playwright, mostly with brother Robert (William) Buchanan, 1841-1901, q.v.
    -The Priest’s Blessing; or, Poor Patrick’s Progress from This World to a Better. White, 1881 [Ireland]

JESSOP, GEORGE H. Born in Ireland; educated at Trinity College; edited “The Judge” and contributed to other humorous publications.

JESSUP, HENRY WYNANS. Add: educated at Princeton and (in law) at New York University; lawyer.
JOHNS, LARRY. Musician and singer, with big bands and later on American bases in the Middle East and on ships and the hotel circuit.
JOHNSON, GERALD WHITE. Add: educated at Wake Forest College and University of Toulouse; newspaper editorial writer; contributed essays to numerous magazines; lived in Baltimore.

JOHNSON, PHILIP. Born in Cheshire; author of about 100 one-act plays.

JONES, (MALCOLM HENRY) BRADSHAW. SC: Monique Ravel, in all those books also featuring Claude Ravel; Detective Chief Superintendent Arthur Carson = AC (also a subsidiary character in most of the Ravel books).
    But Ill He Lived. AC (only in prologue and epilogue)
    The Crooked Phoenix. [London, France, Switzerland]
    The Deadly Trade. [England, Albania]
    Death Deals in Diamonds. AC (in walk-on appearance)
    A Den of Savage Men. [England, France]
    The Embers of Hate. [France]
    Murder Has No Friends. AC
    Private Vendetta. [England, France]
    Taint of Plague. AC [England]
    Tiger from the Shadows. [England]
JONES, J(ORDAN) D(AVID) F. 1939-2009.

JORDAN, DAVID.  J(ordan) D(avid) F. Jones, 1939-2009.

JORDAN, ELIZABETH (GARVER). Add: contributed numerous essays and short stories to English and American magazines; playwright; editor, Harper’s Bazaar, 1900-1913.

    Accident. Bournemouth Times, 1938 (publisher, date correction; delete reference to Singapore and Staples editions)

JUPP, KENNETH. 1928-2009.

KAHLER, HUGH (TORBERT) McNAIR. Add: educated at Princeton University; contributed fiction to numerous magazines.

KANE, WILLIAM R(ENO). Born in Port Carbon, Pennsylvania; magazine and journal editor, including of “The Editor” from 1910.

KEELER, HARRY STEPHEN. Born in Chicago; educated at Armour Institute of Technology.

KELLAND, CLARENCE BUDINGTON. Add: educated at Detroit College of Law.

KELLER, H(ARRY) A. 1894-1973(?).

KELLY, FLORENCE FINCH. Add: educated at University of Kansas; many years on staff of New York Times Review of Books; did extensive newspaper work in Boston, New York, San Francisco, etc.

KENAN, AMOS. 1927-2009.

KENNEDY HOWARD ANGUS. Add: educated at City of London School; contributed to many magazines and newspapers; lived in Montreal, Canada.


KERR, JOHN LENNOX. Correct to: James Lennox Kerr.

KERR, SOPHIE. Add: educated at University of Vermont; managing editor, Women’s Home Companion; contributed to many magazines and newspapers.

KICKHAM, CHARLES J(OSEPH). Add: Wrote for nationalist newspapers, including “The Nation”; threw himself into the Fenian movement and was sentenced to 14 years’ penal servitude; author of verse and novels.   
KING, (WILLIAM BENJAMIN) BASIL. Add: educated at King’s College, Windsor, Nova Scotia; contributed to numerous magazines.

KING, BEULAH (BROWN). Born in Gloucester, Massachusetts.

KING, C(HARLES) D(ALY). Born in New York City; had degrees from Yale and Columbia Universities; engaged in psychological research.
KING-HALL, (WILLIAM) STEPHEN (RICHARD). Educated for the Navy and served in Grand Fleet in WWI, then with Submarine Flotilla; retired 1929 with rank of commander; joined staff of Royal Institute of International Affairs; MP for Omskirk, 1939-45; playwright.

KINSBURN, EMART.  Pseudonym of Arthur P(reston) Hankins, 1880-1932, q.v.  Under this pen name, the author of several western novels as well as two crime thrillers included in the Revised Crime Fiction IV.  See below:
        Tong Men and a Million.  Chelsea House, hc, 1927.  Set in San Francisco’s Chinatown: “Soft-footed Chinese gunmen stealing forth at night to shoot down the victims whom their tong has marked for destruction!”

        The Wizard’s Spyglass.  Chelsea House, hc, 1926.

KIRKLAND, JACK. Journalist with New York Daily News; playwright and screenwriter.

KLEIN, NORMAN. Add: educated at Universities of Kansas and Wisconsin; author of 20 newspaper serials and numerous radio scripts.

KNEVELS, GERTRUDE. Add: studied in Europe.

KNIGHT, CLIFFORD (REYNOLDS). Add: contributed short stories to numerous magazines.

KUMMER, FREDERIC ARNOLD. Add: educated at Renssaeler Polytechnic Institute; civil engineer, amateur artist; contributed to all major magazines.

LAIT, JACK. Born in New York; reporter, editor, drama critic, feature writer; worked for Hearst Syndicate from 1920.

LAMBTON, A(LFRED) H(ENRY). 1844-1894. (Correction; delete biographical information.)

    The Racing Ramp. Hornsey Journal pb, 1932

LANDSTONE, CHARLES. Born in Vienna, Austria; novelist, then manager of various London theatres from 1928, then executive in drama related organizations including the Arts Council; awarded OBE in 1947.
LANG, (ALEXANDER) MATHESON. Born in Montreal, Canada; actor, first appearing in 1897 in England; manager and playwright.

LANG, STEPHEN. Pseudonym of Steffen Langfeldt, 1930-1999. Architect based in Oslo.
    The Final Game. Show as hardcover

LANGFELDT, STEFFEN. 1930-1999. Pseudonym: Stephen Lang, q.v.
LANZA, (MARQUISE) CLARA (HAMMOND). Born in Fort Riley, Kansas; contributed fiction to periodicals.

LAWLESS, EMILY. Born in Ireland.

LEAN, FLORENCE MARRYAT CHURCH. 1833-1899. (Correcting birth date.)

LEARY, FRANCIS (WOODBURN). (Adding middle name.)  Born in New York.

LEFEVRE, EDWIN. Add: frequent contributor to magazines; lived in Vermont.

LETT, GORDON. 1910-1989.
    The Many-Headed Monster. [Italy]
    Rossano. Delete (non-fiction)

LIEBERMAN, LILLIAN [LILLIAN LIEBERMAN ROSENFELD]. 1901-1981. Pseudonym: Nellise Child, q.v.

LION, LEON M. Born in London; actor-manager and playwright.
LOCKE, G(LADYS) E(DSON). Add: educated at Boston University and Simmons College; library cataloguer in Boston.

LOCKHART, CAROLINE (C.). Born in Illinois; owned a cattle ranch in Montana.

LOMBARD, LOUIS. Add: educated at Columbia Law School; composer and author; founder and director of Conservatory of Music, Utica, New York; U.S. delegate to international conferences on medicine, music teaching, criminal anthropology; American Deputy Consul General for Canton, Tessin, Switzerland, 1914-1921.

    The Black Wing. Ireland’s Own Library, 1914 [Ireland]
    Red Rapparee. Ireland’s Own Library, n.d. [Ireland]

LOUGHEAD, FLORA HAINES (APPONYI). 1855-1943. Add; educated at Lincoln University, Illinois; contributor to many magazines; special and editorial writer for San Francisco Chronicle, 1878-1909, then for San Francisco Examiner.

    The Foster Sisters. Tinsley, 1871 [Paris]

    The Lodger. Add film: Merchant Pacific, 2009; scw & dir: David Ontaatje

    -The Enchanted Portal. Sealy (Dublin), 1913 [Ireland]
    -The Coming of Jonathan Smith. Show British edition as: Long, 1964 (correction).

LUMMIS, CHARLES F(LETCHER). Add: educated at Harvard University.


LUTHER, MARK LEE. 1872-1951. Add: educated at Harvard and Columbia University Law School; contributor to numerous magazines; magazine editor.

LYNDE, FRANCIS. Add: educated at University of the South; contributed numerous articles and stories to magazines; lived in Tennessee.

LYTTLE, W(ESLEY) G(UARD). 1844-1896. Born in Newtonards, County Down, Ireland; reporter, teacher, lecturer, accountant, editor and newspaper owner.
    Daft Eddie. Carswell (Belfast), 1914 [Ireland, late 1700s] (Published earlier in newspaper as “The Smugglers of Strangford Lough.”)
MACARTHUR, ALEXANDER. Pseudonym of Lily MacArthur Nicchia.
    -Irish Rebels. Digby, Long, 1893 [Ireland]

MacARTHUR, CHARLES C. Born in Scranton, Pennsylvania; journalist, then playwright and screenwriter.

McCUTCHEON, GEORGE BARR. Add: educated at Purdue University; newspaper reporter and city editor.

MacDOUGALL, ROGER. Born in Dumbartonshire, Scotland; screenwriter, then playwright.

McEVOY, CHARLES (ALFRED). Born in London; playwright, with first play in 1907; frequent writer on stage matters and prolific contributor to magazines.

MacGRATH, HAROLD. Born in Syracuse, New York; prolific author, traveler and sportsman.

MacHARG, WILLIAM (BRIGGS). Born in Dover Plains, New York; educated at University of Michigan; contributed fiction to magazines.

McHUGH, AUGUSTIN. Actor, then playwright.

McKAY, WILLIAM. 1846-    . Born in Belfast; journalist in London.
    -The Popular Idol. Bentley, 1876 [Ireland]

McKECHNIE, N(EIL) K(ENNETH). 1873-1951. (Correcting birth date.) Add: educated in London, Germany and Paris; lived in Toronto.

MACKENZIE, JOAN (NOBLE).   Correct spelling of last name (from MacKenzie) and add middle name.  Add: Born in Dumfries, Scotland, 1905.  Married to and divorced from James Beattie Burnett in the 1930s; living in Edinburgh in the late 1940s.  In her entry in the Revised Crime Fiction IV are five titles published between 1935 and 1951, four of them indicated as having only marginal crime content.

McLAUGHLIN, CHARLES W. 1873-1934. Pseudonym: Willard Mack, q.v.

McMULLEN, J(OSEPH) C(ARL). 1882-1957. Born in Lloydsville, Pennsylvania; lived in Los Angeles.

McMURDY, ROBERT. Add: educated at University of Michigan; lawyer in Chicago; member Illinois House of Representatives; president of Chicago Law Institute and Illinois State Bar Association.

MacNICHOL, KENNETH (HARTLEY). Born in Canton, Ohio; lived in London 1920-1930; contributed to numerous American, British and French magazines; lived in New York City in the 1930s.

MACK, WILLARD. Pseudonym of Charles W. McLaughlin, 1873-1934. Born in Ontario, Canada; well known on the vaudeville stage; actor and playwright.

MADDEN, CECIL (CHARLES). Born in the British Consulate in Mogador, Morocco; educated in France, Morocco, Spain and Dover College; author of numerous features, sketches, revues,
stories and talks for broadcasting; adapter of many radio plays; program organizer for BBC television.
MAGILL, MARCUS. Joint pseudonym of (Leonard) Brian Hill, 1896-1979, and Joanna E. Giles, 1893-1952.  (Correction.)

    Death at the Arsenal. (Author) pb, 1998 [England, WWII]

MALTBY, H(ENRY) F(RANCIS). Born in Cape of Good Hope, South Africa; bank clerk, then actor, first appearing on stage in 1899 in the U.K.; prolific playwright.

    -The Donalds. Gill, 1878 [Ireland]

MARKHAM, VIRGIL. Add: educated at Columbia College.
    -Rogue’s Road. Macmillan (New York), 1930 [England]

MARKS, PERCY. Add: educated at University of California and at Harvard; instructor in English at several universities.

MARRIOTT, CRITTENDEN. Add: born in Baltimore; educated at U.S. Naval Academy; explorer; scenario writer; contributed fiction to magazines.

MARRYAT, FLORENCE. Florence Marryat Church Lean, 1833-1899. (Correcting birth date.)

MARSHALL, (DAVIS) EDWARD. Add: held various editorial posts on New York newspapers from 1885; founded own syndicate in 1914.

MARSHALL, MARGUERITE MOOERS. Add: educated at Tufts College; columnist on New York Evening World from 1910.

MARTIN, HELEN R(IEMENSNYDER). Add: educated at Swarthmore and Radcliffe Colleges.

MARTIN, IAN KENNEDY. Pseudonym: John Domatilla, q.v.

MARVIN, DWIGHT EDWARDS. Add: educated at Union Theological Seminary; a clergyman.

MASON, ARTHUR. Born in Ireland; master of sailing ship; Superintendent of Ship Rigging for Submarine Boat Corporation in WWI; miner and prospector in U.S., Alaska, Australia and South America.

MASON, GRACE SARTWELL [GRACE M. SARTWELL MASON HOWES]. 1876-    . (Correcting birth date.)   

MATHER, FRANK JEWETT, JR. Add: magazine editor.

MATTHEWS, ADELAIDE. Actress, then playwright.

MAURICE, ARTHUR B(ARTLETT). Born in Rahway, New Jersey (spelling correction); educated at Princeton University; editor of The Bookman 1899-1916; newspaper editor.
MAVITY, NANCY BARR. 1890-1959.

MAXWELL, GERALD. Add: Born in London; playwright and play producer; editor of a weekly paper.

MAYER, EDWIN JUSTUS. Born in New York; first in commerce, then reporter on New York newspapers, then press agent for film company, than caption writer.

MAYO, KATHERINE. Add: born in Ridgeway, Pennsylvania.

MEDLAND, MAURICE.  Graduate of Truman State University, with an MBA from Pepperdine University; former vice president of a Fortune 500 company; living in California.

MEGRUE, ROI COOPER. Born in New York; play broker, then playwright.

MELVILLE, ALAN. Born in Berwick-on-Tweed, England; worked for father’s timber company and BBC before WWII; then novelist, author of revues, and playwright.

MERWIN, SAMUEL. Add: educated at Northwestern University; contributed many short stories and serials to magazines.

MIDDLETON, J(ESSE) E(DGAR). Add: contributed to numerous magazines.

MILES, CARLTON WRIGHT. Born in Fergus Falls, Minnesota; magazine writer; drama critic for Minneapolis Journal, 1916-1928.

MONTAGUE, MARGARET PRESCOTT. Add: born in White Sulphur Spring, West Virginia.

MONTGOMERY, RUTHERFORD GEORGE. Born in Freeborn, North Dakota; educated at Western State College; lived in Gunnison, Colorado.

MOORE, FREDERICK FERDINAND. Ran away to sea as a boy, and served as sailor, soldier, civilian scout and war correspondent in various parts of the world.

MOORHOUSE, HOPKINS. Born in Bervie, Ontario, Canada; educated at University of Western Ontario; newspaper reporter, feature writer and city editor.

MORGAN, (MARY) DIANA. 1908-1996. (Correcting birth date.) Born in Cardiff, Wales; playwright and actress.

MOWBRAY, JOHN.  Pseudonym of (John Edward) Gunby Hadath, 1871-1954, q.v.   Other pseudonym: Shepherd Pearson, q.v.  Under the Mowbray byline, the author of five titles included in the Revised Crime Fiction IV, three of them likely to be boys’ adventure stories.  See below.  This is now the author’s complete entry under this byline.
        The Frontier Mystery.  Collins, UK, hc, 1940.
        The Megeve Mystery.  Collins, UK, hc, 1941.  Setting: France. 
        On Secret Service.  Collins, UK, hc, 1939.  Setting: Europe.  Probably intended for younger readers.
        The Radio Mystery.  Collins, UK, hc, 1941.  Probably intended for younger readers.

        -The Way of the Weasel. Partridge, UK, hc, 1922.  Setting: England; Academia.  Probably intended for younger readers.

MOWBRAY, JOHN.  Pseudonym of John (George) Haslette Vahey, 1881-1938, q.v.  Other pseudonyms: Henrietta Clandon, John Haslette, Anthony Lang, Vernon Loder & Walter Proudfoot.  Under this pen name, the author of one crime thriller to be included in the Revised Crime Fiction IV.  Delete the other five titles in his previous entry; these should be attributed to (John Edward) Gunby Hadath, also writing as John Mowbray.  See above.  Below is now the author’s complete entry under this byline.
        Call the Yard.  Skeffington, UK, hc, 1931.  Setting: England. 

MUREDACH, MYLES. Add: educated at Notre Dame University; Catholic Bishop of Oklahoma.

MURPHY, JAMES. 1839-    . Born in Glynn, County Carlow, Ireland; teacher, public school principal, town clerk, and professor of mathematics.
    The Inside Passenger. Duffy (Dublin), 1913 [Ireland]
    Luke Talbot; or, The Cliffs of Mullawn-Mor . Sealy (Dublin), 1890 [Ireland]

MYTHRILLA. Pseudonym of Mrs. Annie Gardiner, ca.1871-    .

NEBEL, (LOUIS) FREDERICK. Born in New York City; contributed fiction to magazines.

NEEDHAM, JEAN PATRICIA (LUMSDEN). 1934-    . Pseudonym: Rachelle Swift, q.v.

NEW, CLARENCE HERBERT. Add: construction engineer; foreign correspondent; contributor to leading magazines.
NEWBERRY, PERRY. Add: contributed fiction to numerous magazines; lived in Carmel, California.

NICCHIA, LILY MacARTHUR. Pseudonym: Alexander Macarthur, q.v.

NICHOLSON, MEREDITH. Add: had degrees from Wabash College, Butler College, and Indiana University; newspaperman; author and essayist.

NICOLSON, J(OHN) U(RBAN). Living in Mason, New Hampshire, in the 1930s.

NOBLE, ANNETTE LUCILE. Born in Albion, New York; educated at Phipps Union Seminary.

NORDSTROM, FRANCES. Actress, turned writer in 1912; author of many sketches for vaudeville.

O’BRIEN, DILLON. 1817-1882. Born in Kilmore, County Roscommon, Ireland; went to U.S. and was government teacher at an Indian mission, then settled in St. Paul, Minnesota.
    Frank Blake. Pioneer Press (St. Paul), 1876 [Ireland]

O’CONNOR, JOSEPH K. 1878-    . Pseudonym: Heblon, q.v.

OEMLER, MARIE CONWAY. Add: contributed poems and short stories to magazines.

O’HIGGINS, HARVEY J(ERROLD). Add: educated at Toronto University; playwright and author.

O’SULLIVAN, VINCENT. Born in New York City; educated in France and at Oxford University, England; literary critic on London Daily Mail; contributed articles to American and English publications.

OURSLER, GRACE PERKINS. Add: educated at Columbia School of Journalism.

OWEN, PATRICK TUDOR [PATRICK M. C. J. TUDOR-OWEN]. 1917-    . Born in Poole, England.

P., J. A. Pseudonym of Agnes Bowles.
    -The Belfast Boy. Nutt, 1912 [South Africa, Belfast]

    Fast Company. Delete reference to film Fast and Loose

PAINE, ALBERT B(IGELOW). Author; editor of St. Nicholas magazine; literary executor of Mark Twain.

PALMER, PAUL. Add: wife of Clement Wood, 1888-1950, q.v.; poet, novelist, copywriter and publicist.

PARADISE, VIOLA (ISABEL). Add: educated at University of Chicago and New York School of Social Work; contributed fiction and verse to numerous magazines.

PARTRIDGE, (EDWARD) BELLAMY. Add: radio script writer.

PAYNE, WILL. Add: journalist and financial editor of Chicago Daily News, Chicago Chronicle and Economist; contributed fiction to magazines.

PEARSON, EDMUND (LESTER). Born in Newburyport, Massachusetts; educated at Harvard.

PEARSON, SHEPHERD.  Pseudonym of (John Edward) Gunby Hadath, 1871-1954, q.v.   Other pseudonym: John Mowbray, q.v.  Under this pen name, the author of one crime thriller included in the Revised Crime Fiction IV.  See below.
        The Second Count.  Gifford, UK, hc, 1944.  

PENDEXTER, HUGH. Add: educated at Bates College; historical novelist; contributed short stories to nearly all American magazines; taught Latin and Greek in Maine high schools; news writer in Rochester, New York, for 12 years.           

PENDLETON, LOUIS BEAUREGARD. Born in Tebeauville, Georgia.

PERCYVAL, T(HOMAS) WIGNEY. 1865-    . Born in Yorkshire; actor and playwright; first appeared on stage in 1885, later toured the U.S.

PERRY, LAWRENCE. Journalist with various New York newspapers from 1897; special writer for Consolidated Press Association in Washington D.C. from 1920.

PHELPS, ELIZABETH STUART.  [i.e., Elizabeth Stuart Phelps Ward]  1844-1911.   Born in Boston.
    Add:  -Burglars in Paradise.  Houghton, hc, 1886.  Setting: Massachusetts.  (This title was previously listed as by Elizabeth Stuart Philips.)

PHILIPS, ELIZABETH STUART.   Delete entry; add Burglars in Paradise, the only title under this incorrect spelling of this author's name, to the entry for Elizabeth Stuart Phelps.

    The Old Time Before Them. Note: The reprint as Told at the Plume has revised contents, with one story deleted and two added.

PHILO, GORDON CHARLES GEORGE.  1920-2009.  Add year of death and biographical information:  British diplomat stationed in Hanoi, Kuala Lampur, Ankara, Istanbul and London; long-time member of Britains Secret Intelligence Service.  In literary circles, an expert on both Charles Dickens and Rudyard Kipling.  Joint pseudonym with his wife Mavis Ellen Galsworthy Philo, 1920-1986: Charles Forsyte, q.v.

PHILO, MAVIS ELLEN (GALSWORTHY).  1920-1986.  Add both dates and full name.  Joint pseudonym with husband Gordon Charles George Philo, 1920-2009: Charles Forsyte, q.v.

PITT, CHART(LY A.). Add: contributed short stories, novelettes and verse to many newspapers and periodicals in the U.S. and abroad; member of Washington State legislature.

POLLOCK, CHANNING. Add: journalist and playwright; drama critic; contributed stories and articles to leading magazines.

PORTER, HAROLD EVERETT. Add: educated at Harvard University.

POWELL, E(DWARD) ALEXANDER. 1879-1957. (Correcting death date.) Add: educated at Syracuse University and Oberlin College; contributed to magazines in U.S. and England; overseas newspaper correspondent; conducted expeditions to many foreign countries.

POWER, VICTOR O’D(ONOVAN). 1860-1933. Born in Rosbercon, County Kilkenny, Ireland; prolific writer of serials for periodicals.
    -The Heir of Liscarragh. Art & Book Co. (London), 1891 [Ireland]

PRESBREY, EUGENE W(ILEY). Born in Williamsburg, Massachusetts; actor and stage director, then playwright.

PURDY, CLAIRE LEE. 1906-1956. Born in Mexico; educated at University of Colorado; lived in Montrose, California, in the 1930s.

QUINN, E(LEANOR) BAKER. ca.1898-    . Born in the U.S.
QUIRK, LESLIE (W.). Born in Alta, Iowa; educated at University of Wisconsin; editor and publisher.

RADCLIFFE, CAPTAIN LEONARD. Pseudonym: Mulvey Dawson, q.v.

RAGSDALE, (TAL)LULAH. 1862-1953.
RAINE, WILLIAM MacLEOD. Add: educated at Oberlin College and University of Colorado.

RAND, STEVE.  Jay Bennett, 1912-2009.

RAY, RENE. Irene Lilian Creese, 1911-    . (Adding middle name and correcting birth year.)  Stage and film actress turned writer.
RAYMOND, WALTER. Born in Yeovil, Somerset, England; student of, and lecturer on, Old World customs and traditions.

READ, CHARLES A(NDERTON).  1841-1878.  Add as a new author.  Born in Ireland; merchant in Rathfriland, County Down; went to London in 1863, where he became a journalist. During his writing career the author of numerous sketches, poems, short tales and nine novels, two of which are criminous in nature:
        Aileen Aroon; or, The Pride of Conmore. Henderson (London), 1870.  Setting: Ireland.  First appeared in The Weekly Budget.   “Garratt O'Neill is falsely accused of murder.”
        Savourneen Dheeush; or, One True Heart. Henderson (London), 1869.  Setting: Ireland.  First appeared in The Weekly Budget.  [Based on the Wildgoose Lodge Murders of 1816.]
READ, HARLAN EUGENE1880-1963.  Add biographical information: Born in Jacksonville IL; educated at Oxford University and Brown’s Business College; editor; did syndicated newspaper work; St. Louis radio news commentator.  Author of one book in the Revised Crime Fiction IV.  See below:
        -Thurman Lucas.  Macmillan, US, hc, 1929.  Add setting: St. Louis, East St. Louis IL, and Nevada; early 1900s.  [After several scrapes with the law in the Midwest, a man becomes a success in the mining fields of Nevada.]

REED, HARLAN (M.)  1913-2001.  Add middle initial, years of birth & death, and the following biographical information, replacing the previously incorrect data: Born in Nome, Alaska, raised in Seattle. graduate of University of Washington, where he also taught creative writing. Ran family oil business in Vancouver WA after WWII; photographer and jazz pianist.  Author of two mystery novels in the Revised Crime Fiction IV.   Below is the author’s complete entry.  Series character in each: hard-drinking “idiosyncratic” private eye Dan Jordan. 
        The Case of the Crawling Cockroach.  Dutton, hc, 1937.  Setting: Ship. 
        The Swing Music Murder.  Dutton, hc, 1938.  Setting: Seattle WA.

REID, LIZZIE C.  Add as a new author.  Short story writer who lived in Belfast, Ireland; her stories appeared in The People’s Friend and other periodicals.
        -The Doctor’s Locum Tenens.  Sealy (Dublin), 1907.  Setting: Ireland.  “A lady doctor’s adventures in an Ulster town. [...] Interwoven with a narrative of mystery and plotting there is a pleasant love story.”

.   -1866.  Add as a new author.  Pseudonym: Brother James, q.v.  Lived in Booterstown, County Dublin.  Short story writer; contributed several serials to Duffy’s Fireside Magazine under the additional pen names E. L. Berwick and “A Well-Known Novelist.”
        -The Adventures of Moses Finegan, an Irish Pervert.  Duffy (Dublin), 1870.  Also published as by Brother James: Duffy (Dublin), 1885.  Setting: Ireland.  [The protagonist, although married, goes with a benefactor’s daughter to America, where he is later sentenced to death for her murder.]  Note that the word “pervert" in the title is used here in the religious sense, as the opposite of  “convert.”

RHODES, HARRISON G(ARFIELD). Worked in publishing, U.S. and U.K., 1894-1901; drama critic for Chicago Tribune; playwright and author.

RICE, CALE YOUNG. Add: had degrees from several colleges; wrote libretto of grand opera “Yolanda”; contributor to leading magazines.

RICE, ELMER L(EOPOLD). Add: graduate of New York Law School; worked as lawyer’s clerk in New York before publication of first play; contributed stories and articles to periodicals.

RICE, LOUISE (GUEST). Add: graphologist; contributed to magazines; syndicated features articles to newspapers; lived in New York City.

    Noel D’Auvergne. Washbourne (London) , 1869 [Dublin]

    -Maxwell Drewitt. Arnold, 1865 [Ireland]

RIDEOUT, HENRY MILNER. Add: educated at Harvard University.

RIESENBERG, FELIX. Add: educated at Columbia University.

RILEY, W(ILLIAM).  Author and lecturer on popular subjects, especially Bradford.

RISING, LAWRENCE. Add: educated at University of California.

    -Havana Bound. Hodder, 1930; Appleton, 1930

ROBERTS, W(ALTER) ADOLPHE. Add: newspaper and magazine editor; lived on Staten Island.

    The Lloyds of Ballymore. Chapman, 1890 [Ireland]

ROOF, KATHARINE METCALF. ca.1871-    . Add: educated at private schools and New York School of Art.

ROSE, EDWARD E(VERETT). Born in Stanstead, Quebec, Canada; dramatist.

ROSE, F(REDERICK) HORACE (VINCENT). Add: playwright and writer of film scenarios; editor of “National Witness,” 1902-1925.

    Fadeaway, as by Richard Rosen.
    Saturday Night Dead, as by Richard Rosen.
    World of Hurt, as by Richard Rosen.

ROSENFELD, LILLIAN LIEBERMAN GERARD.  1901-1981.  Pseudonym: Nellise Child, q.v.


ROTHWELL, H(ENRY) T(ALBOT). Born in Lancashire, England; tobacco farmer in Rhodesia, 1959-1964; writer from 1964.

RUD, ANTHONY M(ELVILLE). Add: educated at Dartmouth College and Rush Medical School; contributed short stories to magazines.

RUSSELL, HERBERT (WILLIAM HENRY). Born in London; writer and journalist; on editorial staff of “Truth” and “Naval and Military Record”; Knight Commander of the British Empire and Legion of Honour (France) as Chevalier.

RUTTER, OWEN. Add: Son of English Navy Commander; was District Magistrate in British North Borneo; Fellow of Royal Geographical Society.

RYERSON, FLORENCE.  Maiden name and working byline of Florence Ryerson Clements, 1894-1965.  Born in Glendale, California.  Add: Educated at Stanford University, Radcliffe College, and Boston University.  Contributor to numerous magazines; screenwriter for films in the Fu Manchu and Philo Vance series; most noted for being one of the co-writers of The Wizard of Oz.  Included in her entry in the Revised Crime Fiction IV are five collaborative mystery novels and four plays of a criminous nature, most in tandem with her husband, Colin (Campbell) Clements, 1894-1948, q.v., whom she married in 1927.

SACHS, EMANIE (LOUISE) N(AHM). Add: educated at Potter and Ward-Belmont Colleges, Western Kentucky State Normal School; contributed short stories to magazines.
    The Fate of Father Sheehy. Sadlier (New York), 1863; Duffy (Dublin), 1864 [Ireland, 1766]
    The Hermit of the Rock. Sadlier (New York), 1868; Gill (London), 1893 [Ireland]

SALTMARSH, MARIAN WINIFRED MAXWELL. 1894-    . Possible pseudonym: Max Saltmarsh, q.v.

SALTMARSH, MAX. Possibly pseudonym of Marian Winifred Maxwell Saltmarsh, 1894-    .

SANBORN, ALVAN FRANCIS. Born in Marlboro, Massachusetts; journalist and author; lived in France and enlisted in the French Army in 1914.

SANBORN, RUTH BURR. Born in Woodville, New Hampshire (correction); educated at Radcliffe College; book reviewer for New York Herald Tribune; contributed short stories to magazines.

SAVI, E(THEL) W(INIFRED BRYNING). Add: lived in India for 24 years.

SCARBOROUGH, GEORGE. Lawyer, practiced in Texas; playwright.

SCHULBERG, BUDD (WILSON). 1914-2009. Birth name: Seymour Wilson Schulberg.

SCOTT, SIR (JAMES) GEORGE. Born in Fifeshire, Scotland; was in Burma Political Service;  war correspondent in Asia in 1870s and 1880s.

SCOTT, EVELYN.  1893-1963.  Pseudonym: Ernest Souza, q.v.  Born in Clarksville, Tennessee; name at birth: Elsie Dunn.  She changed her name to Evelyn Scott in 1913 when she began living with Frederick Creighton Wellman, an already married dean at Tulane University.  After the mid-20s, she married British writer John Metcalfe.   A celebrated novelist, playwright and poet of her day.

SCOTT, JOHN REED. Add: educated at Pennsylvania College; member of bars of Pennsylvania, U.S. Supreme Court and U.S. Court of Appeals.

SEIFERT, SHIRLEY (LOUISE). Add: educated at Washington University; contributed fiction to many magazines.

SEILER, CONRAD. Born in San Francisco; educated at University of California.

    The Educating of Quinton Quinn.  (Correction.) [England] No SC

SHAND, ALEXANDER INNES. 1832-1907. Scotsman who interested himself in the Irish land question and wrote Letters from the West of Ireland, 1884.
    Kilcarra. Blackwood, 1891 [Ireland]

SHANKS, EDWARD (RICHARD BUXTON). Add: journalist; first winner of Hawornden Prize for Imaginative Literature in 1919.

SHARTS, JOSEPH (WILLIAM). Born in Hamilton, Ontario; lawyer, editor and novelist.

    Solomon’s Story. [St. Louis] (setting correction)

SHAY, FRANK. Add: bookseller and publisher.

SHELDON, EDWARD. 1886-1946. Born in Chicago.

    The Shuttered Room. [Louisiana]

    Murder on Both Sides. (Author) pb, 1945   (Correcting publisher.)

    The Cat with the Moustache.  (Corrected spelling.)

SMITH, HENRY JUSTIN. Born in Chicago; reporter, then city editor, then managing editor of Chicago Daily News; lecturer in journalism, University of Chicago.


SMITH, RUEL PERLEY. Add: journalist on New York newspapers; Sunday editor of New York World from 1903.

SMITH, STAN(LEY EDSON). 1959-2008.

SMITH, WINCHELL. Born in Hartford, Connecticut; actor and dramatist.
SNEDDON, ROBERT W(ILLIAM). Add: educated at Glasgow University; contributed over 400 short stories to American and European magazines; author of several successful vaudeville sketches.

SOUZA, ERNEST.  Pseudonym of Evelyn Scott, 1893-1963, q.v.   Under this pen name, the author of one adventure thriller included in the Revised Crime Fiction IV.  See below.
        Blue Rum.  Cape & Smith, US, hc, 1930; Jonathan Cape, UK, hc, 1930.  Setting: Portugal, Brazil (add the latter).
SPALDING, SAMULE CHARLES. Born in Leavenworth, Kansas; educated at Meadville Theological School in Pennsylvania; founder of Chicago publishing company in 1921.

SPEARMAN, FRANK H(AMILTON). Add: educated at Lawrence College, Notre Dame and Loyola University.

SPENCE, EDWARD F(ORDHAM). Born in Liverpool, England; barrister; drama critic for numerous newspapers.

SPIELMANN, MRS M(ABEL) H(ENRIETTA SAMUEL). Add: Embroiderer whose work was shown at international exhibitions.

SQUIRE, J(OHN) C(OLLINGS). Add: born in Richmond, Virginia; educated at Yale (correction).

STEWART, ALFRED WALTER. Born in Glasgow, Scotland; Professor of Chemistry, Queens University, Belfast.

STIMSON, FREDERIC JESUP. Born in Dedham, Massachusetts; educated at Harvard; author, lawyer, publicist, U.S. Ambassador.

STORM, LESLEY. Born in Maud, Aberdeenshire, Scotland; journalist, playwright.

STOWELL, WILLIAM AVERILL. Add: educated and Princeton & Johns Hopkins Universities and Sorbonne, Paris.

SUTHERLAND, JOAN. Born in Hertfordshire, England; educated at Collegiate School, Leicester, and Royal Academy of Music.

SUTPHEN, (WILLIAM GILBERT) VAN TASSEL. Add: educated at Princeton University; author, editor, literary advisor; ordained priest, Protestant Episcopal Church.

SWIFT, RACHELLE. Pseudonym of Jean Patricia (Lumsden) Needham, 1934-   .  Born in England; emigrated to New Zealand in the 1960s.  (Correction.)

SYLVAINE, VERNON. Born in Manchester, England; actor and playwright.

    The Blackheath Poisonings. TV movie (miniseries): ITV, 1992 (scw: Simon Raven; dir: Stuart Orme)
    The Man Who Killed Himself. TV movie: UK, 1969, as Arthur! Arthur! (scw: Julian Symons; dir: Samule Gallu)


TAYLOR, KATHARINE HAVILAND. Add: published over 500 short stories; author also of novels, articles, poems, screenplays and plays.

TAYLOR, MARY IMLAY. Add: screenwriter.

THOMAS, AUGUSTUS. Add: journalist and playwright; writer and artist for newspapers in St. Louis, Kansas City and New York; later editor and proprietor of Kansas City Star.

THOMEY, TEDD. Birth name: Harold John Thomey.

THOMPSON, J(ACK) LEE. Born in Bristol, England; actor, then playwright; for some years on scenario staff of Associated British Pictures, Ltd.

THURSTON, E(RNEST) T(EMPLE). 1879-1933. (Correcting birth date.)

THWING, EUGENE. Add: educated at Adelphi College; editor, publisher and publicist; contributor to over 500 magazines and newspapers.

THYNNE, ROBERT. 1827-1907. Born in Dublin; in Australia 1852-1962; wrote for the reviews.
    John Townley. Drane, 1901
TIGHE, (HENRY) HARRY. Add: traveled extensively in Europe, Near and Far East, North and
South Africa; connected with social welfare movement.

TITUS, HAROLD. Add: educated at University of Michigan; contributor to magazines.

TOMLINSON, PAUL G(REENE). 1888-1977. Born in New Brunswick, New Jersey; educated at Princeton and New York Law School.

    -The Last Chronicle of Barset. Smith, Elder, 1867; Harper, 1867 [England]

TROUBETZKOY, PRINCESS PAUL. 1899-1948 . Born Rhoda M. K. Boddam in Dublin, Ireland. (Correction; add year of death.)
TULL, JEWEL (BOTHWELL). Born in Yates Center, Kansas.

TURNBULL, MARGARET. Add: contributed serial stories to magazines; screenwriter; came to the U.S. as a child; educated in New Jersey schools; lived in New Hope, Pennsylvania, and died in Massachusetts.

TURNER, GEORGE KIBBE. Add: educated at Williams College; novelist and screenwriter.

TURNER, (WILLIAM) RAY(MOND). 1928-    . Chartered quantity surveyor; Registered Arbitrator; Visiting Professor of Arbitration, Leeds Metropolitan University.

    -Peggy the Daughter. Cassell, 1909 [Ireland, past]

VAHEY, JOHN (GEORGE) HASLETTE.  1881-1938  Pseudonym: John Mowbray, q.v.  Other pseudonyms: Henrietta Clandon, John Haslette, Anthony Lang, Vernon Loder & Walter Proudfoot.  Born in Belfast; educated at Foyle College, Londonderry and Hanover.  Under his own name, the author of 14 crime novels included in the Revised Crime Fiction IV, four of them marginally.  Also criminous are a large number of  books written under each of the pen names above.

VANDERCOOK, JOHN W(OMACK). Born in London; educated there and at Yale; author, editor, newspaperman, lecturer, and occasional explorer.

VAN ZILE, EDWARD S(IMS). Add: educated at Trinity College, Hartford, Connecticut; journalist, author and playwright.

VESTAL, STANLEY. Born in Sevry, Kansas (adding city of birth).

VOGEL, HARRY B(ENJAMIN). Born in Dunedin, New Zealand; educated at Charterhouse; expert rifleman; returned to New Zealand in 1885 and became barrister and solicitor of Supreme Court there; back in England in 1894 and entered journalism, editing “Royal Magazine” and then “People;” member of London Stock Exchange; director of a steel sheet and rolling company.

WAGNER, CONSTANCE (REYNOLDS). 1903-1984. Birth name: Florence Reynolds. Born in Pennsylvania; died in California.

WALCOTT, EARLE ASHLEY. Add: educated at University of California; editorial writer, San Francisco Examiner, 1889-1909; editor, Weekly Examiner.

WALKER, GUY M(ORRISON). Author and corporation lawyer, New York.

    -Blue Water. Silent film: New Brunswick, 1924; scw: Faith Green; dir: David Hartford.
WALSH, LOUIS J. Born in Baghera, County Derry, Ireland; solicitor; heavily involved in politics.
WARD, CHRISTOPHER (LONGSTRETH). Add: educated at Williams College and Harvard Law School; professor, lecturer and author.

WARD, HERBERT D(ICKINSON). Add: educated at Amherst College and Andover Theological Seminary; author and journalist.

    The Ribbonman; or, The Secret Tribunal. Cameron (Glasgow), ca.1871 [Ireland]

    Coffin Scarcely Used. TV movie (miniseries): BBC, 1977 (scw: Richard Harris; dir: Ronald Wilson)
    The Flaxborough Crab. TV movie (miniseries): BBC, 1977 (scw: Richard Harris; dir: Ronald Wilson)
    Hopjoy Was Here. TV movie (miniseries): BBC, 1977 (scw: Richard Harris; dir: Ronald Wilson)
    Lonelyheart 4122. TV movie (miniseries): BBC, 1977 (scw: Richard Harris; dir: Ronald Wilson)
WAY, ISABEL STEWART [ISABEL STEWART WAY BONNARD THOMSON]. 1904-1978. Born in Michigan; educated at Albion College; contributed fiction to numerous magazines.

WAYNE, CHARLES STOKES. Add: author and journalist.

WEBBER, BYRON. Delete reference to Byron Webber Holt.

WEIMAN, RITA. Add: playwright; contributed to many U.S. and European magazines.

WESTON, GEORGE. Add: contributed fiction to numerous magazines.

WETJEN, ALBERT RICHARD. Add: began writing career in U.S. as correspondent for Oregon newspapers.

WHALEN, WILL(IAM WILFRID). Add: Catholic priest; playwright.

WHEELER, (VIOLET GRACE) BENSON. 1905-1963. Born in Minneapolis; lived in California.

WHEELOCK, DOROTHY. 1908-1981. (Deleting question marks.)

WHIPPLE, KENNETH (DUANE). Newspaper editor in New Hampshire.
    The Murders at Loon Lake. [New Hampshire]

WHITE, EDWARD LUCAS. Add: educated at Johns Hopkins University; novelist and teacher.

WHITE, HERVEY. Add: educated at Harvard University.

WHITE, ROBERT. Pseudonym: Owen Blayney, q.v.
WHITE, SAMUEL ALEXANDER. Add: contributed stories, poems to numerous magazines.

WHITE, TRENTWELL MASON. Born in Boston; educated at Boston and Harvard Universities; teacher; contributor to magazines and newspapers.

WHITEHEAD, HENRY S(T. CLAIR). Add: educated at Columbia and Howard Universities and Berkeley Divinity School; clergyman; contributed to numerous magazines.

WHITSON, JOHN H(ARVEY). Born in Seymour, Indiana; teacher; head of religious education department, Hardin College, Mexico, Missouri.

WHITTINGTON, HARRY (BENJAMIN).  Add pseudonyms: Curt Colman, John Dexter, J. X. Williams, qq.v.

WILDE, PERCIVAL. Add: educated at Columbia University; served in U.S. Navy during WWI;  inventor of airplane compass devices adopted by the Navy; playwright and book reviewer.

WILDER, JESSIE (WILKINSON). 1870-    . (Correcting birth date.) Born in England; educated at London, Columbia and New York Universities; contributed to magazines and newspapers; lecturer and teacher; lived in New York City.

WILLARD, JOHN. Born in San Francisco; actor and singer for many years.

WILLIAMS, EDWARD HUNTINGTON. Born in Durand, Illinois; educated at State University of Iowa and University of New York (M.D.).

WILLIAMS, J. X.  House name, used by Harry (Benjamin) Whittington, 1915-1989, q.v., on the novels below.  Other pseudonyms: Curt Colman, John Dexter, Whit Harrison, qq.v.
    Flesh Snare. Sundown Reader pb, 1966 [Florida]
    Passion Cache. Sundown Reader pb, 1965
    Passion Hangover. Leisure pb, 1965
    The Shame Hiders. Sundown Reader pb, 1964 [Florida]

    The Witches. Random, 1957; Macdonald, 1958 [Scotland, ca.1600]

WILLIAMS, JESSE LYNCH. Add: educated at Beloit College and Princeton University; playwright; awarded Pulitzer Prize, 1917, for best American play produced that year.

    The Scent of Lilacs. [Arkansas]

WILSON, GUY. Ran English language schools in various countries; then ran independent 6th form college for girls for 12 years.
    The Art Thieves. Correct publication date to: 1995 [Rome]
    The Carthaginian Hoard. Malvern, 1997 [North Africa]
WILSON, RICHARD. Byline also: Rick Wilson, q.v.

WILSON, RICK. Byline also: Richard Wilson, q.v.

WOLFF, WILLIAM ALMON. Add: educated at New York University; contributor of fiction to magazines.

WOODS, KATHERINE (IRVIN). Add: educated at Mt. Holyoke College; contributor to magazines; on staff of newspapers, including New York Times Book Review; extensive traveler.

WORRALL, LECHMERE. 1874-    . Born in Bristol, England; studied medicine in London; playwright.

WRIGHT, (WILLIAM) MASON (JR.). 1893-1977.

WYNDHAM, CAPTAIN HORACE (COWLEY). Born in Oxford, England; educated in Edinburgh.

YORE, CLEMENT. Add: educated at Washington University Law School; contributor of fiction to numerous magazines.

YORKE, CURTIS. Susan Richmond Lee, 1854-1930. Birth name: Susan Rowley Long.

YOUNG, F(LORENCE) E(THEL) MILLS. Born in Twickenham, England; educated in England and South Africa; lived in Torquay, England.        

YOUNG, HOWARD IRVING. Literary critic of “The Nation” and cinema critic of “Theatre Magazine”; in 1930s managing director and producer of Paramount British Productions, then associate producer of European Fox Films in Paris; playwright and screenwriter.
ZION, SIDNEY. 1933-2009.


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