Crime Fiction IV: A Comprehensive Bibliography 1749-2000
by Allen J. Hubin

Addenda to the Revised Edition.

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 (With a special tribute to John Herrington for massive and heroic contributions to what follows.)

    The Sign of the Scorpion. (Note: This work first appeared in mimeograph form as “The Devil’s Advocate” as by Wood C. Lamont, and also under this title as by Robert Sewell. Other editions (with some rewriting) appeared as The Sign of the Scorpion under various bylines, including J. Gonzo Smith.)

ABBOTT, RICHARD. Add pseudonym: Vivian Mayo, q.v.

ABRO, BEN. Robert (E.) Silman, 1939-    .

ACKERMAN, MORRIS. Has a B.S. in Aeronautical engineering; served in the U.S. Navy in the Philippines; former vice president of the Link division of the Singer Company.

ACKERMAN, NORMAN B(ERNARD). 1930-2013. Had a B.A. from Harvard College, M.D. from University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, and Ph.D. in Surgery from University of Minnesota; had professorships at several universities.

ADAM, ROBIN. Robert James Adam, 1924-1999. (Correcting the real name.)

ADAMS, ELIHU. Elisha Huson Waterman, 1899-1954.

ADAMS, FRANCIS COLBURN. ca.1927-ca.1890. Born in Massachusetts [correction]; stage-manager novelist who lived in Charleston, South Carolina, before the Civil War; probably died in Washington, D.C.

ADAMS, FRANK R(AMSAY). (Correcting spelling of middle name.)

ADAMS, ROBERT JAMES. Correct to: ADAM, ROBERT JAMES. 1924-1999. Born in Dumfries, Scotland; died in St. Andrews, Fife, Scotland.
ADCOCK, A(RTHUR) ST. JOHN. Delete CA reference.
ADDISON, GWEN. (George?) Arthur Moore, 1914-2005.

    Symphony of Destruction. (Intended for younger readers.)

AGG, HOWARD (OGILVIE). 1908-1968. Born in Stockport, England; died in Sicily.

AGNEW, STEPHEN H(AMILTON).      -1916. (Correcting death date.) Evidently a pseudonym for a soldier who died in military action.
AGUDELO, ORLANDO [ORLANDO AGUDELO-BOTERO]. 1946-    . (Correcting birth date.)

AIELLO, ROBERT (JAMES).  Retired as senior vice president of Ketchum Public Relations and associate director of the agency’s Pittsburgh office  to write suspense novels; author of numerous business articles.
AINSWORTH, PATRICIA. Patricia Nina Luckman Bigg. (Adding maiden name.)
ALBERT, NED. Add pseudonym: Otto Kicks, q.v.

ALDERSON, A(LFRED) J(AMES). 1890-1975.

ALDERSON, ALFRED JAMES. 1890-1975. Died in London, England.


ALEXANDER, COLIN JAMES. Born in Benington, Lincolnshire, England; came to New Zealand as a child; completed medical degree at Otago University in 1944; after service in New Zealand military forces became radiological registrar at St. Mary’s Hospital, London; returned to New Zealand in 1950; retired as Professor of Radiology, Auckland University School of Medicine in 1986; died in Auckland.

ALEXANDER, DAVID. 1960-     .
    Bandit. Avon, 1994

    Bandit. Delete here
    My Real Name Is Lisa. Also published as: Stolen Angel. Wildside pb, 2011
    Stolen Angel; see My Real Name Is Lisa

ALEXANDER, PATRICK (JAMES). 1920-1997. (Correcting birth date.)

ALEXANDER, (FELICITY) SKYE. 1950-    . (Adding first name and correcting birth date.)

ALEXANDER, SUSAN (JOZWIAK). 1950-    . Pseudonym: S. A. Grant, q.v.

    Ierne. (Title correction.) [England, academia]


    Mark of the Cobra. (Intended for younger readers.)

ALLAN, A. A. Pseudonym: Harland W. Carson, q.v.

ALLEN, A(LFRED) WHATOFF. 1888-1970.  (Corrected first name.)

ALLEN, ADDISON J(ACKSON). 1906-1983. (Deleting question marks.)

ALLEN, (ROBERT) AUSTEN. 1887-1958. (Adding first name.) Add: died in London.
ALLEN, CECIL J(OHN) MEAD. 1872-1933.
ALLEN, MARCUS (STEBBINS). 1893-1970. Born in Deerfield, Massachusetts; died in Redondo Beach, California.

ALLERTON, MARK. William Ernest Cameron, 1881-1939. Add: barrister and author; born in Glasgow; died in Dundee, Scotland.

ALLINSON, SIDNEY.  New biographical sketch: Born in Durham, England; served with the RAF; emigrated to Canada in 1951; author of numerous books, some twenty documentary movie scripts, and numerous television commercials and much advertising copy; living in Victoria, British Columbia.

ALNER, JAMES Z. Possibly the pseudonym of James Zalner, 1887-1950.

ALROY, LIONEL. ca.1924-    . Name variously given as Lionel V. Alroy, Lionel Leveroy Alroy, and Lionel Vivian Leveroy.

ALTMAN, THOMAS. Campbell Black, 1944-2013.

AMBERG, (LEE) JAY. 1958-    .

AMSTER, JAMES. Pseudonym of prolific Dutch detective writer Jacob von Schevichaven, 1866-1935. Book listed was originally published as by “Ivan”.



ANDERSON, IAN (ERNEST). (Adding middle name.) Amended biographical sketch: Born in Australia; served in South Australian Mounted Police, went to Canada and served in Royal Canadian Mounted Police, served in Royal Papua-New Guinea Constabulary, returned to Australia and served as a private investigator in Melbourne before turning to writing.


ANDERSON, ROBERTA CUOMO [ROBERTA H. THALHEIMER]. 1942-2012. Co-author of “Fern Michaels” books until 1989.   

ANDOVER, HENRY. Henry John Hope, 1899-1967.

ANDREW, SYLVIA. 1929-    . Born Sylvia H. Thom in West Derby, England.

ANDREWS, CYRIL BRUYN. 1885-1948. (Deleting question mark.) Born in France of American parentage; living in England by 1901.

ANDREWS, M(AUD LOUISE) HENNIKER. Born Maud Louise Henniker, and eventually married Cecil Talbot Eades and became M(aud) L(ouise) Eades, 1874-1949, q.v.

ANGUS, JOHN. George Kydd Cuthbert, 1873-1950.

ANNE, DAVID. Delete entry (listed book is not criminous).

ANONYMOUS. SC: Tom King = TK (in “Penny Dreadfuls”); Dick Turpin = DT (in “Penny Dreadfuls”).
    An Accursed Life; or, Dick Turpin’s Terrible Plight. Aldine pb, ca.1903 (Dick Turpin Library #52.) DT
    Alive or Dead; or, Dark Nights and Dangerous Deeds. Aldine pb, ca.1907 (Dick Turpin Library #118.) DT
    The Amazing Marko. Thomson pb (Dixon Hawke Library), 1935 DH (Also contains ss: The Yellow Tracker.)
    Among the Wreckers; or, Chosen Captive of a Lawless Band. Aldine pb, ca.1904 (Dick Turpin Library #59.) DT
    Ashes of Incense. (by Ruth Cranston, 1887-1956.)
     At Odds with a Traitor; or, How Dick Changed the History of the World. Aldine pb, ca.1907 (Dick Turpin Library #107.) DT
    At the Risk of His Life; or, The Great Exploits of Peters and Beetles. Aldine pb, ca.1903 (Dick Turpin Library #40.) DT
    The Avenging Hand; or, A Story of Sea and Shore. Aldine pb, ca.1907 (Dick Turpin Library #120.) DT
    A Bag of Diamonds; or, How Dick Upset a Villainous Plot. Aldine pb, ca.1907 (Dick Turpin Library #129.) DT
    The Band of the Black Hand; or, Routing Out a Horde of Villains. Aldine pb, ca.1906 (Dick Turpin Library #87.) DT
    Black Justice; or, The Robbery of the Great Gold-Coach. Aldine pb, ca.1908 (Dick Turpin Library #141.) DT
    Black Peril. Aldine pb, n.d. (Diamond Library #59.)
    The Black Scar; or, Marked for Vengeance. Aldine pb, ca.1907 (Dick Turpin Library #111.) DT
    The Black Vampire; or, A Mystery of the Great North Road. Aldine pb, ca.1909 (Dick Turpin Library #157.) DT
    The Bogus Policeman. (by James George Jones, 1876-1957.)  (Correction.)
    The Branded Hand; or, The Link-Boys of Old London. Aldine pb, ca.1908 (Dick Turpin Library #153.) DT
    The Brass-Bound Box; or, Out of the Jaws of Death. Aldine pb, ca.1908 (Dick Turpin Library #139.) DT
    By Cromwell’s Command. Aldine pb, n.d. (Diamond Library #194.)
    Caged in a Madhouse; or, Dick Turpin Trapped. Aldine pb, ca.1903 (Dick Turpin Library #51.) DT
    Caught in the Toils; or, The Misfortunes That Befell Dick Turpin. Aldine pb, ca.1905 (Dick Turpin Library #71.) DT
    Caught Red-Handed; or, The Dreadful Predicament of Beetles and Jem Peters. Aldine pb, ca.1905 (Dick Turpin Library #76.) DT
    Christmas with the King; or, How Dick Turpin Stole the Crown Jewels. Aldine pb, a.1907 (Dick Turpin Library #114.) DT
    A Creature of the Night; or, The Tragedy of a Lonesome Inn. Aldine pb, ca.1907 (Dick Turpin Library #124.) DT
    The Creeping Terror; or, The Siege of Agar Town. Aldine pb, ca.1909 (Dick Turpin Library #167.) DT
    The Crime of the Golden Cross; or, The Red Spiders of Seville. Aldine pb, ca.1908 (Dick Turpin Library #152.) DT
    The Curse of Blood Money; or, Run to Earth by Turpin. Aldine pb, ca.1906 (Dick Turpin Library #83.) DT
    The Dance of Death; or, The Chase of the Great Pink Pearl. Aldine pb, ca.1909 (Dick Turpin Library #160.) DT
    The Dark Deeds of Paris; or, Dick Turpin Comes Out in His True Colours. Aldine pb, 1902 (Dick Turpin Library #7.) DT
    The Dark River’s Secret; or, The Man in the Death’s Head Mask. Aldine pb. ca.1902 (Dick Turpin Library #22.) DT
    The Dastard Hands; or, Tick Turpin Foils a Villainous Plot. Aldine pb, ca.1906 (Dick Turpin Library #99.) DT
    A Dastardly Deed; or, Dick Turpin’s Great Haul. Aldine pb, ca.1903 (Dick Turpin Library #31.) DT
    Dead Men Tell No Tales; or, Dick Turpin Kidnaps the Mayor of Birmingham. Aldine pb, ca.1907 (Dick Turpin Library #122.) DT
    The Death Coach of Selton; or, Turpin on the Track of a Weird Mystery. Aldine pb, ca.1906 (Dick Turpin Library #101.) DT
    Death on the Track; or, Turpin’s Wild Ride on the Bath Road. Aldine pb, ca.1905 (Dick Turpin Library #75.) DT
    The Death Sign; or, The Mystery of Red-String Simon. Aldine pb, ca.1909 (Dick Turpin Library #169.) DT
    A Deed in Darkness; or, The Murder at Longwood Grange. Aldine pb, ca.1903 (Dick Turpin Library #46.) DT
    Deeds of the Night-Time; or, A Hard Struggle Against Great Odds. Aldine pb, ca.1907 (Dick Turpin Library #110.) DT
    The Denham School Detective. Goodship House pb (London), 1915 [acad.] (Intended for younger readers.)
    Dick Turpin in a Hot Corner; or, Hemmed in on All Sides. Aldine pb, 1902 (Dick Turpin Library #12.) DT
    Dick Turpin in Disguise; or, A Hot Time in Bow Street. Aldine pb, ca.1908 (Dick Turpin Library #133.) DT
    Dick Turpin in Limbo; or, A Desperate Fight for Liberty. Aldine pb, ca.1909 (Dick Turpin Library #182.) DT
    Dick Turpin or His Ghost; or, How Dick Mystified All England. Aldine pb, ca.1906 (Dick Turpin Library #96.) DT
    Dick Turpin Stops the King; or, One of Dick’s Boldest Strokes. Aldine pb, ca.1906 (Dick Turpin Library #92.) DT 
    Dick Turpin the Dauntless; or, Hemmed in on All Sides. Aldine pb, ca.1905 (Dick Turpin Library #74.) DT
    Dick Turpin’s Challenge; or, Against Terrible Odds. Aldine pb, ca.1903 (Dick Turpin Library #35.) DT
    Dick Turpin’s Double; or, In the Jaws of the Lion. Aldine pb, ca.1904 (Dick Turpin Library #62.) DT.
    Dick Turpin’s Great Peril and His Still Greater Revenge. Aldine pb, ca.1903 (Dick Turpin Library #29.) DT
    Dick Turpin’s Great Ride; or, Saved by Bonnie Black Bess. Aldine pb, ca.1907 (Dick Turpin Library #108.) DT
    Dick Turpin’s Mark of Vengeance; or, The League of Death’s Head. Aldine pb, 1902 (Dick Turpin Library #8.) DT
    Dick’s Duel to the Death; or, The Masked Terrors of Evil Doers. Aldine pb, 1902 (Dick Turpin Library #19.) DT
    Dixon Brett’s Duel. Aldine pb (Diamond Library), 1915 SC: Dixon Brett
    The Doom in the Darkness; or, The Mystery of the Flaming Eyes. Aldine pb, ca.1908 (Dick Turpin Library #148.) DT
    Driven from Home: Dick and Black Bess Seek fame and Fortune. Aldine pb, 1902 (Dick Turpin Library #1.) DT
    An Eye for an Eye; or, Le Fantome Brought to Bay. Aldine pb, ca.1907 (Dick Turpin Library #119.) DT
    Face to the Foe; or, The Knight of Malta to the Rescue. Aldine pb, ca.1903 (Dick Turpin Library #49.) DT
    The False Detective. Aldine pb (Diamond Library), ca.1917 SC: Dixon Brett
    The Fatal Thirteen; or, The Man with the Thumb. Aldine pb, ca.1908 (Dick Turpin Library #143.) DT
    The Fatal Word of Command; or, How Dick Held the King Himself to Ransom. Aldine pb, 1902 (Dick Turpin Library #5.) DT
    The Fiends of the Forest; or, The House of Eternal Hate. Aldine pb, ca.1908 (Dick Turpin Library #146.) DT
    A Fight to the Finish; or, The Mysterious Midnight Messenger. Aldine pb, ca.1902 (Dick Turpin Library #26.) DT
    Fighting for His Life; or, Dick Turpin Among the Jack Tars. Aldine pb, ca.1904 (Dick Turpin Library #57.) DT
    Flaunting the Fates; or, Dick Turpin at Bow Street. Aldine pb, ca.1904 (Dick Turpin Library #61.) DT
    The Flying Horseman; or, Dick Turpin Face to Face with His Foes. Aldine pb, ca.1905 (Dick Turpin Library #68.) DT
    For Truth and Right; or, The Secret of the Abbot’s Treasure. Aldine pb, ca.1906 (Dick Turpin Library #104.) DT
    Found Dead!; or, The House with the Scarlet Secret. Aldine pb, ca.1907 (Dick Turpin Library #123.) DT
    From Cell to Saddle; or, Evil Days and Evil Ways. Aldine pb, ca.1906 (Dick Turpin Library #90.)  DT
    Full Cry After Turpin; or, Dick Has the Best of It Again. Aldine pb, ca.1906 (Dick Turpin Library #88.) DT
    The Ghost Owl Swoops. (Also contains ss: The Luminous Man.)
    The Gold-Maker’s Secret; or, Dick Turpin in Birmingham. Aldine pb, ca.1907 (Dick Turpin Library #121.) DT
    The Golden Cups; or, The Hoodwinked Earl. Aldine pb, ca.1908 (Dick Turpin Libarry #155.) DT
    The Great Night Attack; or, Filby Bilby’s Greatest Attempt to Keep His Vow. Aldine pb, ca.1904 (Dick Turpin Library #54.) DT
    The Green Gauntlet; or, How Dick Robbed the King’s State Barge. Aldine pb, ca.1909 (Dick Turpin Library #165.) DT
    Guilty Gold; or, Dick’s Death-Duel in Darkness. Aldine pb, ca.1907 (Dick Turpin Library #128.) DT
    A Gunpowder Plot; or, Dick Turpin in His True Colours. Aldine pb, ca.1904 (Dick Turpin Library #56.) DT
    The Haunting Shadow; or, The Mystery of Heatherdale Folly. Aldine pb, ca.1906 (Dick Turpin Library #94.) DT
    He Feared No Foe; or, Great Adventures in the North. Aldine pb, ca.1902 (Dick Turpin Library #24.) DT
    The Hermit of the Glad; or, When Thieves Fall Out. Aldine pb, ca.1907 (Dick Turpin Library #127.) DT
    The Hero of Hounslow Heath; or, How Dick Turpin Outwitted Jonathan Ridgeway. Aldine pb, 1902 (Dick Turpin Library #9.) DT
    Hide and Seek; or, A Leap That Nearly Cost Turpin His Life. Aldine pb, ca.1906 (Dick Turpin Library #86.) DT
    Ho! For the King’s Highway; or, The Misfortunes That Overtook Some Valiant Men. Aldine pb, 1902 (Dick Turpin Library #20.) DT
    The Horrors of Newgate; or, How Tim King and Peters Were Tried for Their Lives. Aldine pb, ca.1903 (Dick Turpin Library #38.) TK
    The Hounds of the Hills; or, The Secret of the Treasure Cave. Aldine pb, ca.1908 (Dick Turpin Library #134.) DT
    A House of Shadows; or, Dick Turpin Again to the Fore. Aldine pb, ca.1905 (Dick Turpin Library #66.) DT
    The Hunchback Highwayman; or, How Dick Robbed the Mint. Aldine pb, ca.1909 (Dick Turpin Library #162.) DT
    Hunted for His Life; or, The Penalty of a Crime. Aldine pb, ca.1903 (Dick Turpin Library #33.) DT
    Hunted to His Doom; or, The Last of a Bad Race. Aldine pb, ca.1906 (Dick Turpin Library #82.) DT
    Hurrah for the Road!; or, How Dick Turpin Turned the Tables on His Enemies. Aldine pb, 1902 (Dick Turpin Library #15.) DT
    In Desperate Straits; A Story of Fire and Sword. Aldine pb, ca.1902 (Dick Turpin Library #21.) DT
    In the Clutch of Peril; or, Safely Steered Through Many Dangers. Aldine pb, ca.1902 (Dick Turpin Library #98.) DT
    In the Clutch of the Press Gang; or, How Admiral Trunion Captured Dick Turpin. Aldine pb, ca.1904 (Dick Turpin Library #58.) DT
    In the King’s Name; or, Turpin the Avenger. Aldine pb, ca.1903 (Dick Turpin Library #50.) DT
    In Toils of Terror; or, The Man in the Crimson Cloak. Aldine pb, ca.1908 (Dick Turpin Library #149.) DT
    The Invincible Seven; or, Loyal and True to the Leader. Aldine pb, ca.1940 (Dick Turpin Library #55.) DT
    Iron Ned Kelly and His Gang. Modern (Sydney), ca.1908 SC: Ned Kelly [Australia]
    The Jaws of Justice; or, The Knights of the Moonless Nights. Aldine pb, ca.1909 (Dick Turpin Library #159.) DT
    The Kidnapped King; or, The New Captain of the Bow Street Runners. Aldine pb, ca.1909 (Dick Turpin Library #175.) DT
    King John’s Treasure; or, Dick Turpin Among the Pirates. Aldine pb, ca.1907 (Dick Turpin Library #115.) DT
    The King of Terrors; or, The Sensation of London. Aldine pb, ca.1908 (Dick Turpin Library #142.) DT
    The Knight of Malta; or, Taking from the Rich and Giving to the Poor. Aldine pb, ca.1909 (Dick Turpin Library #179.) DT
    The League of Hate; or, Dick Turpin on the Stage. Aldine pb, ca1908 (Dick Turpin Library #144.) DT
    Left for Dead; or, Dick Turpin to the Rescue. Aldine pb, ca.1903 (Dick Turpin Library #30.)  DT
    A Life for a Life; or, Through a Season of Peril. Aldine pb, ca.1905 (Dick Turpin Library #65.) DT
    The Man-Beast Prowls. Thomson pb (Dixon Hawke Library), 1938 DH (Also contains ss: Death Behind the Winking Mask.)
    The Man-Hunter; or, The Lion of the North. Aldine pb, ca.1909 (Dick Turpin Library #177.) DT
    The Man in Stripes; or, Tracked to the Hidden Haunt. Aldine pb, ca.1907 (Dick Turpin Library #113.) DT
    Marked for Vengeance; or, The Ups and Downs of a Life on the Road. Aldine pb, ca.1903 (Dick Turpin Library #41.) DT
    The Masked Avengers; or, Dick Turpin’s Difficult Task. Aldine pb, ca.1906 (Dick Turpin Library #95.) DT
    The Masked Man of Mystery: A Story of Strange Deeds. Aldine pb, 1902 (Dick Turpin Library #2.) DT
    A Midnight Raid; or, The Coming of the Devon Men. Aldine pb, ca.1904 (Dick Turpin Library #60.) DT
    Minions of the Moon; or, The Trail of the Sack of Gold. Aldine pb, ca.1909 (Dick Turpin Library #164.) DT
    The Missing Film Star. (Note: At least one edition does not contain the short story.)
    The Moon-Strikers; or, A Double-Dyed Traitor. Aldine pb, ca.1908 (Dick Turpin Library #156.) DT
    Murder Under the Microscope. (Also contains ss: The Quest for the Fifth Vase.)
    The Mysteries of Berlin, From the Papers of a Berlin Criminal Officer. (by F. Thiele.) (Correction.)
    The Mysterious Mask; or, The Secret of the Purple Spot. Aldine pb, ca.1909 (Dick Turpin Library #174.) DT
    The Mystery of a Madstone; or, In the Clutch of the Inquisition. Aldine pb, ca.1908 (Dick Turpin Library #151.) DT
    The Mystery of Marlborough House. Harrison (London), 1866 (Correcting publication date.)
    The Mystery of the Lonely Heath; or, How Dick Turpin Tracked a Monster Down. Aldine pb, 1902 (Dick Turpin Library #16.) DT
    The Mystery of the Moor; or, Judas Monk, Prince of Spies. Aldine pb, ca.1908 (Dick Turpin Library #135.) DT
    The Night Riders of Bagshot Heath; or, How Royal Mail Was Stopped. Aldine pb, 1902 (Dick Turpin Library #4.) DT
    On the Track of Turpin; or, The Outwitting of Filby Bilby and His Men. Aldine pb, ca.1903 (Dick Turpin Library #39.) DT
    On the Wings of Night; or, The Gatekeeper’s Secret. Aldine pb, ca.1903 (Dick Turpin Library #47.) DT
    The Phantom Highwayman; or, The Dark Mystery of Windsor Forest. Aldine pb, ca.1907 (Dick Turpin Library #126.) DT
    The Phantom of Cell 13. Correct to: The Phantom of Cell 19 (Also contains a ss: Lucky Lorrance’s Losing Game.)
    The Phantom Spy; or, The Man in the Iron Mask. Aldine pb, ca.1909 (Dick Turpin Library #173.) DT
    The Poison Flower; or, The Secret of the Silver Phial. Aldine pb, ca.1908 (Dick Turpin Library #138.) DT
    The Poisoned Mask; or, Outwitting a Horde of Villains. Aldine pb, ca.1906 (Dick Turpin Library #80.) DT
    A Prince of Scoundrels; or, The Death-Pit of Old Newgate Gaol. Aldine pb, ca.1907 (Dick Turpin Library #130.) DT
    The Prince of the Pistol; or, The Red Road to Ruin. Aldine pb, ca.1908 (Dick Turpin Library #158.) DT
    A Race for Life; or, Dick Turpin’s Adventure with the Bloodhounds. Aldine pb, ca.1903 (Dick Turpin Library #32.) DT
    A Rap for the Law!; or, Dick and His Men Struggle with Many Enemies. Aldine pb, ca.1906 (Dick Turpin Library #103.)  DT
    A Reign of Terror; or, The Man with the Evil Eye. Aldine pb, ca.1907 (Dick Turpin Library #125.) DT
    Revelations of a Lady Detective. Correct publisher from Booksellers to: Vickers
    The Revenge Merchant; or, The Red House at Battersea Fields. Aldine pb, ca.1908 (Dick Turpin Library #154.) DT
    The Rival Highwaymen; or, Dick Turpin Makes a Startling Discovery. Aldine pb,ca.1906 (Dick Turpin Library #93.) DT
    The River of Fire; or, The Trail of the Ten Men in Red. Aldine pb, ca.1908 (Dick Turpin Library #137.) DT
    The Robbers of the Dead; or, Dick Turpin on the Track of a Fiend. Aldine pb, ca.1906 (Dick Turpin Library #85.) DT
    Running the Gauntlet; or, More Adventures on the Great North Road. Aldine pb, ca.1903 (Dick Turpin Library #42.)  DT
    St. Bernard’s, the Romance of a Medical Student. Swan Sonnenschein, 1887 (by Aesculapius Scalpel, the pseudonym of Edward Berdoe, 1836-1916)
    The Scarlet Circle; or, Dick Turpin’s Dive to Death. Aldine pb, ca.1907 (Dick Turpin Library #116.)  DT
    A School for Scoundrels; or, A Dangerous Game with a Dangerous Man. Aldine pb, 1906 (Dick Turpin Library #97.) DT
    The Sealed Chamber; or, The String of Gold. Aldine pb, ca.1909 (Dick Turpin Library #168.) DT
    The Secret of the Old Mint; or, Dick Rights an Old Wrong. Aldine pb, 1902 (Dick Turpin Library #3.) DT
    The Secret of Turpin’s Cave; or, Turpin Chased for His Life. Aldine pb, ca.1904 (Dick Turpin Library #53.) DT
    The Secret Shut in Steel; or, The Curse of the Bloodstone. Aldine pb, ca.1908 (Dick Turpin Library #132.) DT
    The Secrets of an Old House; or, Hunted on the Highways. Aldine pb, ca.1907 (Dick Turpin Library #109.) DT
    Sentenced to Death by Turpin; or, The Victim of a Base Conspiracy. Aldine pb, ca.1903 (Dick Turpin Library #37.)  DT
    The Seven Amber Eyes; or, The Demon of the Fleet Ditch. Aldine pb, ca.1909 (Dick Turpin Library #163.) DT
    The Shadow of Death; or, The Spectre of Black Hand Court. Aldine pb, ca.1908 (Dick Turpin Library #136.) DT
    Shoulder to Shoulder; or, Strange Doings in Strange Places. Aldine pb, ca.1902 (Dick Turpin Library #23.)
    The Sign of the Crossed Knives; or, Dick Turpin’s Doom. Aldine pb, ca.1908 (Dick Turpin Library #131.)  DT
    The Signpost of Death; or, The Strange Story of a Haunted House. Aldine pb, ca.1905 (Dick Turpin Library #70.) DT
    The Silver Lion; or, The Terror of Epping Forrest. Aldine pb, ca.1909 (Dick Turpin Library #176.) DT
    The Silver Skeleton; or, Dick Turpin and the Queen of the Pirates. Aldine pb, ca.1908 (Dick Turpin Library #140.) DT
    The Smiling Corpse. (Bernard A. Bergman, 1894-1980.)
    The Snare of Justice; or, In and Out of the Clutch of the Law. Aldine pb, ca.1903 (Dick Turpin Library #43.) DT
    Snatched from the Scaffold; or, In and Out of the Grip of the Law. Aldine pb, ca.1907 (Dick Turpin Library #106.) DT
    Sons of the Sword; or, The Red Wolf of Windsor. Aldine pb, ca.1909 (Dick Turpin Library #166.) DT
    The Spectre’s Secret; or, The Phantom Coach. Aldine pb, ca.1909 (Dick Turpin Library #170.) DT
    The Splendid Stranger; or, The Secret of Simon Shudder. Aldine pb, ca.1908 (Dick Turpin Library #145.) DT
    A Stab in the Dark; or, Beetles and Jem Peeters Among the Dutch. Aldine pb, ca.1906 (Dick Turpin Library #79.) DT
    Stand and Deliver!; or, How Black Bess Treated Dick Turpin to a Mighty Leap. Aldine pb, 1902 (Dick Turpin Library #10.) DT
    Staunch and True; or, Dick Turpin to the Rescue. Aldine pb, ca.1903 (Dick Turpin Library #48.) DT
    Steel and Fire; or, Dick Turpin Rescues His Friends from Newgate. Aldine pb, ca.1905 (Dick Turpin Library #78.) DT
    The Stolen Secret; or, Dick Turpin’s Dreadful Doom. Aldine pb, ca.1908 (Dick Turpin Library #147.) DT
    The Stopping of the Royal Mail; or, Many Adventures on the King’s Highway. Aldine pb, ca.1906 (Dick Turpin Library #81.) DT
    Strange Secrets; or, Dick Turpin in the House of Death. Aldine pb, ca.1907 (Dick Turpin Library #117.) DT
    Such Things Are. Saunders, 1862 (by Matilda Charlotte Houstoun, 1811-1891.)
    The Sword of Fate; or, Turpin’s Great Fight on Shooter’s Hill. Aldine pb, ca.1904 (Dick Turpin Library #64.) DT
    Sworn to Vengeance; or, A Wild Chase After Dick Turpin. Aldine pb, ca.1905 (Dick Turpin Library #72.) DT
            Take Me Who Dare; or, How Dick and His Friends Got into Some Serious Scrapes. Aldine pb, 1902 (Dick Turpin Library #13.) DT
    The Terror of the Night; or, The Beginning of a Great Plot. Aldine pb, ca.1905 (Dick Turpin Library #77.) DT
    That Rascal Blueskin; or, Dick Turpin And His Friends Abroad. Aldine pb, 1902 (Dick Turpin Library #6.) DT
    The Thief-Taker’s Plot; or, Staunch Friends Against Inveterate Foes. Aldine pb, ca.1903 (Dick Turpin Library #28.)  DT
    The Thirteenth Man; or, Secrets of Old St. Paul’s. Aldine pb, ca.1909 (Dick Turpin Library #172.) DT
    Three Keys to Doom. Thomson pb (Dixon Hawke Library), 1938 DH (Also contains ss: The Flying Spider.)
    Through Prison Walls; or, A Hairbreadth Escape from Deadly Peril. Aldine pb, ca.1906 (Dick Turpin Library #100.) DT
    Tom King to the Front; or, Great Doings in Surrey and Kent. Aldine pb, 1902 (Dick Turpin Library #18.) TK
    Tom King to the Rescue; or, On the Road to Tyburn Tree. Aldine pb, 1902 (Dick Turpin Library #11.) TK
    Tracked and Taken; or, The Sign of the White Skull. Aldine pb, ca.1909 (Dick Turpin Library #178.) DT
    Tracking a Monster; or, A Lonely Heath Mystery. Aldine pb, ca.1909 (Dick Turpin Library #181.) DT
    The Tragedy of a Lonely Heath; or, The Hour of Retribution. Aldine pb, ca.1906 (Dick Turpin Library #84.) DT
    The Tragedy of Shooter’s Hill; or, How Turpin Frustrated a Villainous Plot. Aldine pb, ca.1902 (Dick Turpin Library #25.) DT
    The Tragedy of the Pines; or, The Curse of the Black Witch. Aldine pb, ca.1908 (Dick Turpin Library #150.) DT
    The Trail of Fire; or, Up in Arms Against Dick Turpin. Aldine pb, ca.1905 (Dick Turpin Library #67.) DT
    A Traitor’s Fate; or, Peters and Beetle to the Fore. Aldine pb, ca.1903 (Dick Turpin Library #27.)  DT
    Traitor’s Gold; or, Dick Turpin’s Revenge on an Informer. Aldine pb, ca.1905 (Dick Turpin Library #69.) DT
    A Trap to Catch a Thief-Taker; or, Dick Turpin Up to His Old Tricks Again. Aldine pb, ca.1906 (Dick Turpin Library #89.) DT
    The Trickster Tricked; or, Beetles the Hero This Time. Aldine pb, ca.1906 (Dick Turpin Library #91.) DT
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    Two-Fold Death; or, Dick and His Friends in Desperate Straits. Aldine pb, ca.1906 (Dick Turpin Library #102.)  DT
    Tyburn Dick, the Prince of the Highwaymen. Hogarth (London), 1885 [England]   
    A Tyrant’s Doom; or, The Secrets of the Old Red House. Aldine pb, ca.1905 (Dick Turpin Library #73.) DT
    An Utter Scoundrel; or, Turpin Plays a Hazardous Game. Aldine pb, ca.1907 (Dick Turpin Library #105.) DT
    The Vanishing Highwayman; or, The Misfortunes of Jonathan Ridgeway. Aldine pb, ca.1909 (Dick Turpin Library #180.) DT
    The Vengeance of Fly-By-Night; or, The Man with the Long Blue Scar. Aldine pb, ca.1909 (Dick Turpin Library #161.) DT
    The Ventriloquist Detective. Aldine (Tip Top Series), 1913 (Also contains ss: The Hand of Fate.)
    Warned of His Doom; or, Beset with a Hundred Perils. Aldine pb, ca.1903 (Dick Turpin Library #34.) DT 
    Who Goes There?; or, The Challenge, and How It Was Accepted. Aldine pb, ca.1903 (Dick Turpin Library #44.) DT
    A Wild Dash for Liberty; or, The Further Exploits of the Masked Riders. Aldine pb, ca.1904 (Dick Turpin Library #63.) DT
    With Bullet and Blade; or, Some Strange People in a Strange House. Aldine pb, ca.1903 (Dick Turpin Library #45.) DT
    With Pistol and Pad; or, The Mystery of Devil’s Ditch. Aldine pb, ca.1907 (Dick Turpin Library #112.) DT
    With Sword and Spur; A Story of the Great North Road. Aldine pb, ca.1903 (Dick Turpin Library #36.)  DT
    Within Iron Walls; or, Trapped in the Torture Chamber. Aldine pb, ca.1909 (Dick Turpin Library #171.) DT
    Yellow Face. (Also contains ss: The Mystery of the Missing Bloodstains.)
    Your Money or Your Life!; or, How Dick Took from the Rich to Give to the Poor. Aldine pb, 1902 (Dick Turpin Library #14.) DT

ANSON, DAPHNE. 1927-    . Born Daphne Robbins in Long Eaton, Derbyshire, England; married John P. Anson in 1954; living in Hunstanton, Norfolk.

ANSTRUTHER, GERALD. (Charles) Brandon (Raincock) Fleming, 1889-1970.


APPLEGATE, MARIAN R(EVITT). Born in Washington; married John M. Clarke in 1967, then Dale F. Applegate in 1972; retired teacher who has written 4 mystery plays.

APRIL, STEVE. Add pseudonym: Russell Turner, q.v.

ARCHER, C(HARLES) S(TANLEY). Born in Ireland; studied at Oxford; went to America before working for the China Maritime Customs; served with the AEF in the Hebrides in 1942; death not traced.

ARDMAN, HARVEY. Born in Ohio; now living in Maine; author, ghostwriter and producer of TV documentaries and commercials.

ARISS, PADDY [PATRICIA MARGARET CAMPBELL FISHER ARISS]. 1928-2001. Probably born in Malaysia, where her father was a planter; married Peter Ariss in 1951; died in Hereford, England.

ARISS, PETER. Paddy Ariss [Patricia Margaret Campbell Fisher Ariss], 1928-2001.
    Son of Sweeney. New Theatre Publications, 1997 (Play.) [London]

ARJOUNI, JAKOB. Pseudonym of Jakob Bothe Michelsen, 1964-2013.

ARMITAGE, AILEEN. Pseudonym of Aileen Armitage Quigley Longden, 1930-    . (Correction.)

ARMITAGE, AUDREY MAE. (Adding middle name; delete reference to Gene Janes.)

ARMSTRONG, CAMPBELL. Campbell Black, 1944-2013.

ARMSTRONG, RAYMOND. Add probable pseudonym: J. Earle Dixon, q.v.



ARR, BILLY. Pseudonym of William Paul Rigsby, 1936-    .

ARUNDALE, PAMELA (CONSTANCE). 1919-2003. Born in Yorkshire, England; lived in Trinidad as a child, then in Nigeria and Kenya; died in Winchester, Hampshire.

ARVONEN, (MARGARET) HELEN. 1937- ?. Born Margaret Helen Dickinson in Canada, maybe in 1940--sources differ; married Sulo Arvonen in 1960; in 1996 she was referred to as “the late Helen Arvonen, author.”
ASHER, HARRY. Add pseudonym: Andrea Hart, q.v.

ASHLEY, KENNETH (HERBERT). 1885-1969. Born in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, England; died in London.

ASHLEY, THOROLD. Pseudonym of Frances Ann Elizabeth Ewan, 1870-1965.


ASHTON, HENRY (PETER) ALLEN. 1867-1946. Journalist, publisher and editor.

ASHWELL, PAULINE. Pauline Whitby, 1926-    . (Correcting birth date.)

ASHWORTH, DONNA (JEAN). Born in Phoenix, Arizona; an English teacher for many years, then a mountain lookout beginning around 1980.

ASPINWALL, MARGUERITE. 1888-1982. Novelist, journalist, and one-time fashion editor of “Ladies Home Magazine;” born in New York; died in Pennsylvania.

ASTINS, GEORGE S(AMUEL). 1874-1936. Bone in Bethnal Green, England; died in Cuckfield, Sussex.

ATKINS, ANNE. 1956-    . Born Adelaide Anne D. Briggs in Weymouth, England; married Graham Shaun Atkins in 1978.

ATKINS, MEG ELIZABETH [MEG ELIZABETH ATKINS MOSS]. 1932-2013. Born in Essex, England; died in Stamford, Lincolnshire.


ATTIWILL, KEN(NETH ANDREW). 1906-1992. (Correction.)

AUBREY, EDMUND. Edmund S. A. Ions, 1929-    . Add: Born in Tynemouth, Northumberland, England, educated at Oxford University; lecturer on sociology.

AUSWAKS, ALEX. 1934-2013. Lived in Jerusalem, where he died.

AVRACH, JOSEPH. 1912-1985. Born in Poland; died in London, England.

AXON, WILLIAM. 1828-1889. Born in Cheshire, England.


BACKHOUSE, ANDREW WILLIAM. 1945-    . Pseudonym: Fid Backhouse, q.v.


BACKHOUSE, FID. Pseudonym of Andrew William Backhouse, 1945-    .  Journalist turned graphic designer then marketing consultant.

BACOT, CLAUDE. Delete birth year.

BACZEWSKI, JANICE K. J. 1955-    . (Correcting birth date.)

BADDING-REED, KATHERINE “KATE” [KATHERINE BADDING-REED MORLEY]. Born Helen Patricia Reed Naming in Colorado City, Texas; adopted in 1946.

BADGLEY, ANNE (MARIE) V(ERRIEST). (Adding middle name.)

BAECKER, HEINZ-PETER. 1945-    . Pseudonym: Peter Brighton, q.v.

BAER, HOWARD. 1921-2007(?).
    O, Huge Angel. Add [ship, Panama]

BAETZ, WILLIAM. 1950-2005. (Corrections.)  Facilities supervisor at a community college; helped his wife run the Lost Word Bookstore for five years, and led a writers’ group there; author of more than 30 paperbacks; died in Palma, Michigan.

    The Handymen. (Title correction.)

BAHNEMANN, GUNTHER (ERNST MARTIN). 1920-1995. Born in Hamburg, Germany; died in Queensland, Australia; served under Rommel in the Middle East in WWII; came to Australia in 1941 from a British detention center in Cairo as a prisoner of war.

BAHR, ANIKO GATI. 1948-    . Born in Hungary; came to the U.S. as a child with her parents as refugees; foreign language teacher; Peace Corps volunteer in Ecuador; public school administrator; provider of support services for seniors; living in Florida. See: Arthur W. Bahr, 1947-1995.

BAHR, ARTHUR W. 1947-1995. (Correction.) Died in Ecuador.
    Certifiably Insane. (Completed by Aniko Gati Bahr, 1948-    , q.v.)

BAILEY, ANTHONY (COWPER). (Adding middle name.) Living in Mersea, Essex, England.

BAILEY, E(LEANOR) M(ARGARET). (Adding middle name.) Born and still living in Marlborough, Massachusetts.

BAILEY, HILARY (D.). Born in Kent, England; former wife of Michael (John) Moorcock, 1939-    , q.v.

BAILEY, NORMAN G(RANT). 1927-    .

BAIN, GRAHAM WARD. 1891-1955. (Correcting death date.)  Born in Florence, Italy; died in Bath, England; civil servant in India, then a teacher in modern languages in England.


BAINE, COLIN T. SC: Dixon Brett = DB.
    Dixon Brett at School. Aldine pb (Diamond Library), 1911 DB

BAINES, CUTHBERT (EDWARD). 1879-1959. Died in Oxford, England.

BAKER, IVON (ROBERT). 1928-2011. Died in Pickering, Yorkshire, England.

BAKER, PETER (GORTON). 1924-2010. Born and died in Eastbourne, Sussex, England.

BAKER, R(EGINALD HENRY) THURLOW. 1868-1937. Born in Boulogne, France; died in Essex, England; a solicitor.


BAKER, SIR SAMUEL (WHITE). 1821-1893. (Deleting question marks.)

BAKER, VERNON HAROLD. Pseudonym: Vernon Kildea, q.v.

BALCAR, GERALD P(IERCE). (Adding middle name.)

BALDWIN, MART (GELZER). (Adding middle name.)

BALDWIN, ROBERT F. 1934-2007.

BALFOUR, EVA. Beryl Hearnden, 1897-1978.

BALFOUR, HEARNDEN. Beryl Hearnden, 1897-1978.

BALL, NANONI PATRICIA MAUDE HAMILTON. 1917-2008. Birth registered as Nanona Maude Hamilton; married John (Dudley) Ball, Jr., 1911-1988, q.v., in 1942.

BALLARD, HELEN MABRY. 1891-1968. (Correction.) Born in California; died in Monterey, California; studied at University of California, Berkeley.

BAMBURG, LILIAN. 1881-1950. Born Lillian Bamberg in Hackney, London, England; died in Buckinghamshire; journalist and teacher; death registered as Lillian Bamburg but probate as Lilian Bamburg.

BAMFORD, FRANCIS. 1905-1982. Died in Edinburgh, Scotland.

BANE, DIANA. (Ava) Dianne (Leslie) Day, 1938-2013.

BANKOFF, PETER N(ICOLAS). 1942-2000. Son of George Bankoff, 1902-1996, q.v.

BANKS, IAIN (MENZIES). 1954-2013.

BARBER, RON(ALD LEE). 1939-    . Retired as Director of the Port of History Museum in Philadelphia.

BARBOUR, MILDRED. 1892-1972(?). Born Mildred Marshall Koonce in Washington D.C.; married and divorced Irwin Barbour; graduated from University of Michigan in 1914 with a degree in literature.
BARCLAY, IAN (NEWTON). (Adding middle name.)

BARKER, BERTA LA VAN. 1915-1988. Born in Colorado; died in California.

BARKER, (ANTHONY) JOSEPH. (Adding first name.)

BARKER, LEONARD NOEL. 1882-1948. Born in Mitford, Norfolk, England; died in North Waltham, Norfolk; worked for customs and excise.
BARKHUIZEN, JOHANNES GERHARDUS. 1929-    . Pseudonym: Laurie Davis, q.v.

BARKLEY, DEANNE. 1931-2013.

BARLASS, M(ARY) E(LLEN). ca.1863-1930. Born in Bolton, Lancashire, England; married Thomas Barlass in 1902; died in Bournemouth.

BARLASS, T(HOMAS). 1877-1963. Born in Bristol, England; died in the Uckfield district, Sussex; married Mary Ellen Fitton in 1902.

BARLING, TOM [THOMAS FRANK ROBERT BARLING]. 1936-2012. Born and died in London, England

BARLOW, HILARE EDITH. 1856-1938. Born in East Ashford, Kent, England; died in Surrey.

BARMBY, CUTHBERT. 1865-1927. (Deleting question marks.) Born in Durham, England; died in Pas de Calais, France.

BARNARD, ROBERT. 1936-2013.

    The City of Shadows. [South America]

BARR, JOHN ALEXANDER. 1855-1907. Born in Dunedin, New Zealand; became a lawyer; published a lost-race novel, “Mihawhenua,” under the pseudonym R. W. Brock and two thrillers as Gilbert Rock, all in 1888, the year he petitioned the government to impose a tax on imported novels; he absconded in 1889 after misusing clients’ funds and settled in London, where he died.
BARR, PATRICIA MIRIAM COPPING. 1934-    . Born in Norwich, England.

BARR, ROBERT. 1909-1999.

BARRATT, ROBERT. Douglas Arthur Ridley Beeton, 1929-1997.

BARRELL, JANIA [JANIA NAPIER-BURROWS]. Studied literature at Essex University; worked in English language teaching for over 30 years in Cambridge, Milan, Rome, Kuala Lampur, and London.
BARRETT, JOAN. Rose Aburrow Davis, 1868-1962.

BARRETT, MAYE. Pseudonym of Max Barrett, 1930-    . (Deleting reference to Barrie Alexander.)
    The Lady of Stantonwyck.

BARRETT, MONTE. Pseudonym of Percy Montgomery Barrett, 1897-1949. (Correction.)

BARRINGER, MICHAEL. ca.1884-1954. Born Allen/Allan Hassell/Haxell Barringer in Canada; came to England as an engineer in 1912; died in Chichester, England; film writer and director.

BARRON, (ARTHUR) OSWALD. 1868-1939. Born in West Ham, Essex, England; died in Bath; on staff of London Evening News; founded and edited “The Ancestor” on genealogical subjects; expert on medieval heraldry.

BARRY, JOHN EVARTS. 1906-1995. (Deleting question mark.)

BARRY, WILLIAM EDWIN. 1897-1954. (Correcting the birth date.) Born in Woonsocket, Rhode Island; actor in the theatrical business; co-founder of a theatrical group called The Green Bag.


BART, SHELDON (L.). President and founder of Wilderness Research Foundation; senior associate of a New York City consulting firm.
BARTLETT, ALICE ELINOR BOWEN. 1848-1920. Died in Detroit.

BARTLETT, E(RIC) G(EORGE). 1920-2010.
    The Case of the 13th Coach. [England]

BARTLEY, ELIZABETH CECIL. 1911-     . Born Elizabeth Cecil Dowson in Surrey, England; last sighting was on 1960 passenger list from South Africa to Jersey, Channel Islands, where she intended to live (and where her husband died in 1968); death not traced.

BARTON, ANNE. SC: Robin Carruthers, in “The Evil That We Do” and subsequent novels.

BARTON, S. W. Barton Stewart Whaley, 1928-2013.

BARTON, TONY. Add pseudonym: Ernest L. McReay, q.v.

BASEVI, CHARLES EDWARD. 1836-1920. Pseudonym: B. Care, q.v.

BASIL, DON.     -ca.1931(?). (Note: The death date is in question since the author seemingly renewed the copyright in 1958.)
    Cat and Feather. (Note: The U.S. edition was withdrawn as it apparently was a plagiarism of Roger Scarlett’s “The Back Bay Murder,” q.v.)

BASINGER, DONALD. 1927-    . A veterinarian in England.

BASSET, ARTHUR WARD. Pseudonym of Albert Ebenezer Bull, 1869-1939. (Correction.)

BASTABLE, ROBERT. Robert Barnard, 1936-2013.

BATCHELDER, W(ILLIAM) J(AMES). 1880-1958. Born in Yarmouth, England; died in Norwich.  (Deleting question marks.)

BATES, ANTONY (JOHN FISON). 1920-1996. Vegan artist, writer and speaker; devoted some 50 years to a message of non-violence.
    Children of Fire. Correct publication date to: 1996

BATT, LEON(ARD SINGLETON). 1902-    . Born in Cardiff, Wales; went to Australia in 1910; death not traced.

BATTYE, ROSALIE (A. SMITH?). 1939(?)-    .

BAUBIE, WILLIAM EDW(ARD). 1852-1936. Born in Canada; died in Michigan; a lawyer who practiced in Detroit.

BAUER, NANCY (LUKE). (Adding maiden name.)
    The Irrational Doorways of Mr. Gerard. (Title correction.)

BAUGHMAN, DOROTHY (McCARTNEY). (Adding maiden name.)

BAUGHMAN, LYNNETTE. (Correcting first name.)

BAULAT, PAUL FREDERIC. 1931-2003. Pseudonym: Frederic Valmain, q.v.

BAULSIR, EDITH [EDITH K. BAULSIR REEDER]. 1888-1951. (Correcting birth date.)
BAXTER, GREGORY. Eric de Banzie, 1894-1986.

BAY, ROGER (JOHN). 1934-2012. Born in Sussex, England; died in Auckland, New Zealand.

BAYLY, JOHN WARD. Pseudonym of a writer who was born and educated in Dublin but lived in New York for many years.


BEACH, EDGAR R(ICE). 1841-1930.

BEADLE, CHARLES. 1881-    . Born at sea; death not traced, but possibly in Paris; traveled widely; novelist and pulp fiction writer.

BEAN, WILEY E. Born in Lansing, Michigan; educated at Michigan State and in law at George Washington University; a trial lawyer for over 45 years.

BEARDWOOD, ROGER. 1932-ca.2011. Probably died in Portugal.

BEATTIE, TASMAN. 1930-2000. Born Terence C. A. Beattie in Bournemouth, England; died in Southport, Queensland, Australia.

BEAZLEY, HELEN R. 1956-    . Pseudonym: Helen Carey, q.v.

BECK, L(ILY) ADAMS. ca.1862-1931. Born Eliza Louisa Moresby; married Edward Western Hodgkinson, then Ralph Coker Adams Beck; died in Kyoto, Japan; probate record gives her name as Eliza Louisa Moresby Beck.

BECKETT, CHARLES EDWARD. 1860-1950. Pseudonym: David Levenax, q.v.

BEDWELL, (ELIZABETH) BETTINA. 1889-1947. Journalist and fashion illustrator.

BEE, (JOHN) DAVID (ASHFORD). 1931-2002.
BEECKMAN, ROSS. Delete reference to Donald Fairde; this is a pseudonym only of Frederic Merrill Van Rensselaer Dey.

BEEMAN, HERBERT. 1868-1931. Born in Tunbridge, Kent, England; arrived in Canada in 1898; died in British Columbia.

BEETON, DOUGLAS ARTHUR RIDLEY. 1929-1997. Died in South Africa.

BEGBIE, ERNEST (ALBAN). 1867-1942. Add: died in Rhodesia.

BEHENNA, KATHLEEN [KATHERINE ARTHUR BEHENNA]. 1860-1926. Died in London; she used both first names.
BEHRENS, MARGARET. 1895-1968. Born Margaret Elizabeth Davidson in Corstophine, Edinburgh, Scotland; died in London.

BEINHART, GILLIAN MURPHY. 1951-    . Joint pseudonym with husband Larry Beinhart, 1947-   , q.v.: Gillian B. Farrell, q.v.

BEINHART, LARRY. Joint pseudonym with wife Gillian Murphy Beinhart, 1951-    : Gillian B. Farrell, q.v.

BELFER, LAUREN. Born in Rochester, New York; educated at Swarthmore College in Medieval Studies, with an M.F.A. from Columbia University; author of magazine fiction and newspaper non-fiction.

BELL, JOHN. ca.1844-1897. Born in County Down, Ireland; emigrated to New Zealand; died in July 1897 before the book was published, after fracturing his thigh in an accident four months earlier.

BELL, MALCOLM (HENRY). 1859-1936. Born in London; died in Kensington.

BELL, MARGUERITE. Ida Julia Crowe Pollock, 1908-2013.

BELL, PAULINE. Born in Yorkshire, England; a retired teacher.

    Tales of Balukek. Correct publication date to: 1924

BELLAIRS, CHARLES (EDWARD) REGINALD. 1874-1905. Add: died in Chesterfield,
Derbyshire, England.

BELLAND, F(REDERICK) W(AHL). Born in Florida, where he lived many years; now living in Nicaragua.

BELLER, ISI. 1940-    . Psychiatrist and speech therapist.

BELLINGER, MARTHA (IDELL FLETCHER). 1870-1960. Add: author; editor with several publishers; educated at Mount Holyoke College; died in Brooklyn.

BELLOC, PETER (GILBERT MARIE SEBASTIAN). 1904-1941. Born in Chelsea, London; Captain in Royal Marines, died of pneumonia while in military service; son of (Joseph) Hilaire (Pierre Rene) Belloc, 1870-1953, q.v.

BELLU, PETRE. 1896-1952. Playwright and novelist born in Turnu Magurele, Teleorman, Roumania; died in Bucharest.
BELS, ALBERTS. Pseudonym of Janis Cirulis, 1938-    . Writer and journalist born in Latvia.

BELTRAM, EDWARD FRANK. 1945-    . (Correcting birth date.)

BELTZER, YVONNE. Correct Rhoda Lucson to: Rhoda Luczon.

BENADY, SAM(UEL G.). Historian, novelist and retired pediatrician; born and living in Gibraltar.

BENDIS, BRIAN MICHAEL. 1967-    . (Correcting birth date.)

BENEDICT, CLAIRE.  Benita Brown, 1937-    .

BENIOFF, DAVID. 1970-    . (Correcting birth date.)

BENNETT, (RALPH) FRANCIS (MEYLER). (Giving name in full.) Born in North Bucks, England; educated at Radley and Cambridge; worked in publishing for nearly twenty years; retired as Managing Director of Nielsen BookData; given British Book award for “Lifetime Achievement.”

BENNETT, JACK. 1934-2000.

BENNETT, JOHN McGREW. 1935-2004. Died in Claremont, California.

BENNETT, PAUL. 1948-    . (Correcting birth date.) Born in London; educated at Alleyn’s School in Dulwich and studied economics at Exeter University; spent some years in advertising and market research before retiring to Essex.

BENNETT, RICHARD (LAWRENCE). (Correcting middle name spelling.)  Spent first seven years of life in Egypt, then came to England for education; studied law, but became a journalist and for five years was editor of Lilliput magazine; married to Margot Bennett, 1912-1980, q.v.

BENNETT, ROBERT (W.). 1945-    . (Correcting birth date.) Born and living in Oregon; educated at Southern Oregon University and California State University, Sacramento; worked in logging and construction, later in environmental engineering.

BENNISON, BEN(JAMIN). 1877-1952. Journalist; born in Macclesfield, England; died on Isle of Man.

BENNON, RHONDA LEE. 1952-    . Possible joint pseudonym with Andrea Gayle Hallgren, 1951-    : Rebecca Swift, q.v.
    The Lady of Lebanon. Jenkins, 1925 [Syria] (Translation of “La Chatelaine du Liban.” Paris, 1924.)

BENSON, B(LACKWOOD) K(ETCHUM). 1845-1924. Add: died in Texas.

BENTLEY, H(ENRY) CUMBERLAND. 1860-1913. First name sometimes given as Harry.

BENTLEY, NICOLE (A.). 1939-    . (Correcting birth date.)

BERDOE, EDWARD. 1836-1916. Pseudonym: Aesculapius Scalpel; see Anonymous (“St. Bernard’s, the Romance of a Medical Student”)

BERENS, E. M. Correct to: BERENS, LOUISE (WINIFRED). 1848-1929. Born Louisa Winifred Stewart in Sparisholt, Hampshire, England; married Alexander Augustus Berens in 1866; died in Steyning, Sussex; first name also given as Louisa in marriage and death record.

BERGLUND, JERRY W., Ph.D. Mechanical engineer with degrees from Cooper Union, Columbia University and Polytechnic University; worked at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories, and retired from the New Mexico Engineering Research Institute of the University of New Mexico; active as a consultant.

BERGMAN, BERNARD A(ARON). 1894-1980. Editor and public relations executive born in Ohio; died in New York.

BERNARD, RAFE. Pseudonym of Reginald Alec Martin, 1908-1971. Other pseudonym: Simon Latter, q.v.

BERTON, GUY. Edfrid A. Bingham, 1870-1930. (Correcting first name spelling.)

    -The Charm, and other Drawing-Room Plays, with Walter (Herries) Pollock, 1850-1926, q.v. Chatto, 1896 plays: The Charm \ The Glove \ Loved I Not Honour More \ Peer and Heiress \ The Shrinking Shoe \ The Spy \ The Voice of Love \ The Wife’s Confession

BESSELL, J(AMES) PERCIVAL. 1873-1952. Born in Clifton, Gloucestershire, England; died in Bristol.


BETTANY, GEORGE (KERNAHAN GWYNNE). 1891-1949. Add: died in Southend, Essex, England.

BETTLE, JANET. 1954-    . Born Janet R. Wilkins in Birmingham, England.

BEVAN, DONALD (JOSEPH). 1920-2013. Playwright and Sardi’s caricaturist.

BEVAN, GLORY ISABEL. Born Glory Quick in Koolgardie, Western Australia; moved to New Zealand with her family at age three; married Thomas Henry Bevan in 1938; worked as a typist, and her writing career did not begin until she was in her fifties; became a prolific writer of romance fiction.

BEVEN, A(NDREW) R. 1954-    . Add: Born in Dartford, England.

BEVERIDGE, BOB [ROBERT]. ca.1942-    .

BIBBY, BOB [ROBERT GORDON BIBBY]. (Adding full name.)


BICKLEY, DERRICK R. 1944-    . Born in Birmingham, England, where he lives; journalist; worked in public relations but mostly in the financial world.

BIDWELL, MARGARET. Add: returned to Canada in 1942; death not traced.

BIGDEN, HENRY. (Deleting middle name and dates.)
    Late Into the Night. [Crete, WWII]

BIGG, PATRICIA NINA LUCKMAN. (Adding maiden name.)

BIGGS, RONALD. Born in Lambeth, London; involved in the Great Train Robbery of 1963; sentenced to 30 years but escaped after 15 months; spent years on the run in several countries, ending in Brazil; returned voluntarily to England and arrest and re-imprisonment in 2001; released in 2009 on compassionate grounds.

BIGLAND, EILEEN (ANNE CARSTAIRS POLLARD). (Note: This was her name at the time of her books listed below, but she seems later to have taken the surname Lilburn.)
    -You Can Never Look Back. Hodder, 1940
BIMSON, JOHN (JAMES). 1950-    .  Born in Crewe, Cheshire, England

BINGHAM, (GRAHAM) CLIFTON. 1859-1913. Born and died in Bristol, England; composer, writer of stories and books for children and adults; prolific lyricist.
    -Robert’s Romance. Edward Nister (London), 1899; Dutton, 1899 [London]

BINGHAM, EDFRID A. (Correcting first name spelling.) 1870-1930. Born in Oak Hill, Ohio; died in New York; journalist in various cities, then writer in Hollywood.

    -The Demon Bowler. Aldine pb (Diamond Library), 1913
    -Kaffir Jack, the Tracker. Aldine pb (Diamond Library), 1913
    -Marooned at School. Aldine pb (Diamond Library), 1912

BIRD, AL. Phillip Finch, 1948-2012.

BIRD, DRAYTON (CHARLES COLSTON). (Giving name in full.)

BIRD, JANE. Dorothea Mavor Croft, 1897-1954.

BIRMINGHAM, MAISIE. 1914-2013. Born Maisie Poynter Jukes in India; married William Barr Birmingham in Chicago in 1948; died in Shaftesbury, England.

BIRRELL, JAMES.  Born in Melbourne, Australia; graduated in architecture from University of Melbourne; designed significant buildings in Queensland, especially at the University of Queensland; now retired.

BIRO, FREDERICK. 1954-    . Add: has held various legislative and executive posts and served as a consultant in the private sector.

BISHOP, CASEY. Pseudonym of Ruth B(rown?) Goldsmith, 1916-1999.

BISHOP, CECIL (CLAYFORTH). 1877-1951. Born in Sidcup, Kent, England; died in Kent; former detective at New Scotland Yard.

BISHOP, DAVID (JAMES). 1966-    . New Zealand screenwriter, author, and comics editor.

BISSELL, ELAINE. 1917-2013. Born Elaine Faulkner in Chicago; graduate of Goodman Theater School in Chicago, and attended New York University Film School; wrote more than 50 radio and television scripts; newspaper reporter, columnist, restaurant critic and editor; died in Rockland County, New York.

BISSON, FRANK [WILLIAM FRANCIS LEGROS BISSON]. 1894-1956. Born in Lancashire, England; died in British Columbia, Canada; served in merchant navy.
     -The Hungry Goose. Sampson Low, 1930 [ship]

BITTNER, ARCHIBALD. 1897-1966. Pseudonym (and perhaps eventual legal name): Wayne Rogers, q.v.

BLACK, CAMPBELL. 1944-2013.

BLACK, DON. Prolific writer of lyrics/music for television and movies.

BLACK, DONAL JAMES. 1924-1994. (Deleting question mark.) Born in Edinburgh, Scotland, and educated there; emigrated to Canada, and then to Jamaica; died in Georgia.
BLACK, EDWIN (D.). 1950-    . (Correcting birth date.)

BLACK, ELLEN MARY HAZELTON. ca.1860-1954. Probable pseudonym: Scott Graham, q.v.

BLACK, T. C. Campbell Black, 1944-2013.

    -The Glen of Silver Birches. (by Blackburne alone.)

BLACKBURN, THOMAS (WAKEFIELD). 1913-1992. (Correcting the dates.) Born in Raton, New Mexico; died in Glenwood Springs, Colorado; author, screenwriter and lyricist.
BLACKBURNE, E. OWENS. A(melia) A(deline) Clemes, ca.1847-1909.

BLACKLEDGE, W(ILLIAM) J(AMES). 1886-1948. Born In Bolton, England; died in London.

BLACKMORE, JANE (STUART). 1914-2005. Born in India; married Alfred C. Blackmore in 1941, then Anthony G. Joseph in 1950.

BLACKSTONE, GERALD. Birth name: Donald Blackstone.

BLAIR, CHRISTINE. Christine Robb Goold, 1955-    .

BLAKE, CINDY. 1954-    . Born in Boston; living in London; married Anthony Holden in 1990; marriage ended 2003; journalist, novelist and poker player.

BLAKE, KEN. Add pseudonym: Ernest Corley, q.v.

BLAKE, MARC. Pseudonym of Marc Geoffrey Speechly, 1960-    . Writer/performer for many years, appearing on TV and creating and performing his own BBC Radio 2 series “Whining for England.”

BLAKE, PATRICK. Clive (Frederick William) Egleton, 1927-2006.

BLAKE, PHILIPPA [PHILIPPA FRANCES BLAKE FANSTONE ROBERTS PIXTON].1954-    . Attorney listed as Philippa Blake-Roberts; specializes in trusts and estate planning.

BLAKE, WALTER. Add pseudonym: Otto Kicks, q.v.

BLAKE, WILLIAM DORSEY. 1907-1993. (Deleting question mark.)

BLAND, OLIVER. Pseudonym of Hugh Bertie Campbell Pollard, 1888-1966. Born in Marylebone, London, England; died in Midhurst, Sussex; author, firearms expert, intelligence agent, linguist.

BLASHFIELD, JEAN [JEAN FLOY BLASHFIELD BLACK]. Born and living in Wisconsin; now a widow.

BLATHERWICK, CHARLES. 1826-1896. Born in Hampshire, England, but in Scotland by 1860; died in Kirkcudbright, Scotland; doctor, writer and painter; inspector of alkali factories and chemical works in 1863.

BLISS, EDGAR JANES. 1842-1906. Born in Brandon, Vermont; died in Newton, Massachusetts; merchant and journalist.

BLITCH, FLEMING LEE. 1933-2012. Born in St. Augustine, Florida; graduate in English from University of Florida; instructor in English at several universities; spent nine years as a freelance writer; earned a J.D. from the University of Florida College of Law; practiced law in Washington D.C.; retired from the 5th District Court of Appeals. (Note: Fleming Lee may have become his legal name.)

BLOCK, HARRY CARL. 1872-1946. Probable pseudonym: Joseph Bowen, q.v.

BLOCK, THOMAS H(ARRIS). Pseudonym: Howard Harris, q.v.

BLOOD, ADELE. An actress who died as Adele Blood Hope.
    The Jade Rabbit. [Shanghai] (Setting correction.)

BLOOMFIELD, HOWARD VAN LIEU. 1900-1998. Born in Bayonne, New Jersey; died in Maryland; reporter for various papers, then editor of “Detective Fiction Weekly” and “Adventure” magazine. Joint pseudonym with Duncan Norton-Taylor, 1904-1982: Michael Keyes, q.v.

BLORE, TREVOR (GEORGE VERNON). 1905-1972. Born in Clifton Hill, Victoria, Australia; died in London.

BLOUNT, MARGARET. 1835-    . Maiden name: Mary Field Williams Gibson; born in Castleton, Vermont; married Alonzo Lewis in 1852, and later a man named Lane; living in Vermont in 1880; wrote under many names, including Mary O. Francis; death not traced.

BLUM, RALPH (HENRIQUES). Born in California, the son of silent film star Carmel Myers; anthropologist and author; has researched and written several books on runes.

BOBRICK, SAM(UEL). (Adding full first name.)
BOGGS, MARTHA FRYE. 1849-1931. Born Martha Etta Frye in Pennsylvania; married George C. Boggs in 1869; died in Texas.

BOLAND, JUNE. Possible pseudonym of Judith Nimerovsky, 1904-    .

BOLLANS, G. E. 1908-1961. Born Gertrude Elizabeth Wilding in London; married Kenneth Bollans in 1938; died in London. Middle name apparently spelled Elisabeth for books.

BOLT, (DOROTHY) MAXINE. Born in Kentucky; former teacher, then industrial consultant, then writer; last known to be living in rural Pennsylvania.
BOLTON, JOHANNA M. Born in New York City; teacher at pre-college and college levels; text book writer, newspaper feature writer, novelist; living in Florida.

BOLTON, ROBERT L. Retired Cleveland police commander.

BOND, A(DDISON) CURTIS. 1854-1923. Born in New York.

BOOTH, ERNEST (GRANVILLE). 1899-1959. (Corrections.) Spent two terms in Folsom Prison, California, for robbery; began writing while in Folsom, and got a job writing for the movies after his first release; died in McNeil Island Prison, Washington.


BOOTH, LOUIS F. 1903-1996. An engineer, born in Indiana, living in Indiana in 1930, dying in Florida.

BOOTH, RICHARD (ALLEN). 1932-2012.

BORCHARD, RUTH. 1910-2000. (Deleting question marks.) Born Ruth Berendsohn in Germany, died in Jerusalem.
BORISSOW, (HUGH) MICHAEL. 1929-2002. Born in Sculcoates, Yorkshire, England; died in Portugal; journalist, golfer and golf course owner.

    Ned Kelly, the Ironclad Australian Bushranger. Note: A variant edition, ca.1910, appeared anonymously with the cover title: Ned, Kelly, the King of Australian Bushrangers.

    -Tremolo. Delete reference to film The Black Glove.

BORNICHE, ROGER. Started as a singer, then became a store detective; served with the Surete Nationale; retired in 1956 and formed his own detective agency in Paris.
BORRIE, HERMINE. 1924-2012. Add: Born Hermine Eugenie Camelinat in Kings Lynn, Norfolk, England; married Peter D. Felgate in 1950, then Thomas Clement Borrie in 1963; died in Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

BORTNER, NORMAN STANLEY. 1903-1953. (Correction.) Born in Maryland; died in Baltimore.

BOSTOCK-SMITH, COLIN (F.). Journalist, then prolific comedy writer for many top TV shows in 1970s to 1990s.

BOSWELL, BEATRICE. Pseudonym of Amelia Eckles Lord, 1936-    . (Correction.)


BOUGHTON, C(ORINNE) M. (Correcting first name spelling.)

BOUTLAND, DAVID (WILLIAM). 1938-    . Born in Gateshead, Durham, England; went to Australia in 1951; paperback novelist, television scriptwriter and writer of comic strips.

BOUTON, MARK. Retired FBI agent who was involved in solving the Oklahoma City bombing.

BOUYOUCAS, PAN. Born in Lebanon to Greek parents; emigrated to Canada in 1963; earned a BFA at Concordia University; writer for radio and television.

BOWDEN, SUSAN [SUSAN C. E. BOWDEN TWADDLE]. As Susan C. E. Bowden she married Archibald Kerr Twaddle in Surrey, England, in 1957; born in Dorset, England,  but birth date not traced.

BOWEN, JOSEPH. Probably the pseudonym of Harry Carl Block, 1872-1946, born in New York, died in Texas.

BOWEN, MARJORIE. Gabrielle Margaret Vere Campbell Long, 1885-1952. (Correcting birth date.)

BOWEN ROWLANDS, LILIAN (ANNIE JANE). 1869-1948. Born and died in Haverfordwest, England. (Delete reference to Lillian Annie J. Bowen Rowlands Chivers.)

BOWERY, MICHAEL (EDWIN). 1931-2012. Born in North London; served in the British Army and London’s Metropolitan Police, then in the South African Police and South African intelligence service; died in South Africa.

    -Cable Harbor. Also published as: Beach of Passion. Star pb, 1982

BOWKER, DAVID. Born in Manchester, England,  and living in Cambridgeshire.

BOWRA, HARRIETTE. ca.1816-1898. Born in Essex, England; died in France.

BOYD, DOUGLAS. 1938-    . Linguist, novelist, screenwriter and writer of non-fiction; former BBC television producer; has lived in France for over 30 years.

BOYD, JOHN. Boyd (Bradfield) Upchurch, 1919-2013.

BOYERS, AUDREY. Audrey Boyers Walz, 1906-1983, who wrote under the pseudonym Francis Bonnamy, q.v.

    Murder by Proxy, with Audrey Boyers (Walz), 1906-1983. “Bettina Boyers” didn’t have enough English to appreciate Walz’s significant contributions to the book, not only in straightening out the language but fixing technicalities from the mystery novel angle, and Americanizing incidents; but Walz much respected “Boyers’” fascinating background in Berlin, where she ran a private school and with her husband [Bruckner] lived in “a gem of an eighteenth century house” filled with beautiful things, all presumably lost during the war. (Additional information thanks to Terry Walz.)
BOYLE, JACK. 1881-1928.

BOYLE, ROBERT. Jennifer Ann Jenkins, 1938-    .

    Brooklyn Three. (Title correction.)


BRACEWELL, W(ILLIAM) HARTLEY. 1850-1940. Died in British Columbia, Canada.

BRADFORD, JOHN. ca.1801-    .

    -Traitors at School. Aldine pb (Diamond Library), 1912
BRADLEY, LILIAN TRIMBLE. 1875-1959. (Correcting birth date.) Born in Milton, Kentucky; married George (Howells) Broadhurst, 1866-1952, q.v. Note: First name sometimes spelled Lillian.

BRADLEY, J(OHN JAMES) FOVARGUE. 1865-1935. Born in Kettering, Northamptonshire, England, registered as John Favargue Bradley; died in Oxfordshire; a Congregational minister.

BRADSHAW, MRS. ALBERT. 1859-1938. Born Annie Houlton in Nottinghamshire, England; apparently took the name Cropper when her mother married her birth father in 1868; married Albert Septimus Bradshaw in 1881.


    The Pasha’s Web. [Turkey]

BRAGER, ALBERT E. 1899-1952. See: William Gilman, 1909-1978.

BRAMLEY-MOORE, ZELMA (AMELIA). 1890-1983. Born Selma Amelia Grierson in Germany; married Dr. John Bramley Moore; died in London.

BRANCA, ALBA. 1969-    . Former married name of Alba Arikha, now married to composer Tom Smail; born in Paris; living in London.

BRANDNER, GARY. 1933-2013.

    Crowfoot Ridge. Revised edition: Harper, 1999

BRAUN, WILBUR. Add pseudonym: Otto Kicks, q.v.

    -A Gentleman of Virginia. U.S. title: The Light That Lures. Fly, 1911 [France]
    -The Light That Lures; see A Gentleman of Virginia

BREEN-BOND, PATRICIA. Possibly the pseudonym of Tecia Breen Bond, 1950-    , who lives in Arizona.

BRENNAN, ANTHONY (STUART). Born in Yorkshire, England; went to Canada in 1961; a professor of English.
BRENNAN, NOELLE. 1891-1954. Born Noelle Edith Willis in Cheltenham, England; married James Brennan in 1921; went to Australia in 1922. Actress turned journalist.
BRESLIN, EDWARD F. 1947-    . Pseudonym: E. B. Cross, q.v.

BRESLIN, THERESA. 1947-    . Born Theresa Rose Green in Kirkintilloch, Dunbartonshire, England; married Thomas Breslin in 1970.

BRETT, BERNARD. 1906-1964.

BREWER, EARL J(OHNSON). Pediatrician in Houston, Texas.

BREWER, J(OHN) F(RANCIS). 1865-1921. Born and died in London, England; an organist and music critic.
    The Curse Upon Mitre Square. Add U.S. edition: Lovell, 1889, as by John Francis Brewer

BRIANT, JOHN H. 1930-2013. Born in Theresa, New York; died in Old Forge, New York; staff sergeant in the United States Air Force, then a trooper and investigator in the New York State Police for 19 years; then after earning a B.S. degree embarked on a career as a writer and artist.

BRIANT, (MORVEN) SHANE (KEITH). Born in London; emigrated to Australia, in 1983; actor and novelist; the Shane may be an addition since birth registered as Morven L. K. Briant.
BRIDGHAM, GLADYS RUTH. 1884-    . (Correcting birth date.) Death not traced.

BRIGGS, OLIVE MARY. 1873-1961. Died in New York.

BRIGHTON, PETER. Pseudonym of Heinz-Peter Baecker, 1945-    . Journalist and scriptwriter born in Trier, Germany and living on Jersey, Channel Islands; author of numerous post-2000 detective novels.

BRILLANT, J. MAURICE. 1909-    . Add: Name sometimes given as Maurice J. Brillant.

BRISTOL, STEPHEN. Add pseudonym: Otto Kicks, q.v.

BROCK, H(OPE) DE LISLE. 1883-1922.

BROCKDEN, CHARLES. Pseudonym of Charles E(dward) Fritch, 1927-2012.
BROCKMAN, LEONARD WILLIAM. 1898-1989. Pseudonym: Colin Hope, q.v.

BRODKIN, ROBERT (MORRIS). 1952-2012. Born in Akron, Ohio; a podiatrist; died in Lubbock, Texas.


BRONSON, BERNICE M. Born Bernice Mendelsohn in Illinois; playwright, actress and director.

    The First $20 Million Is Always the Hardest. Film: TCF, 2002 (scw: Jon Favreau, Gary Tieche; dir: Mick Jackson)

BROOKE, AMOS. Pseudonym of Bugio F. Vitali (according to the copyright register); probably Bruno F. Vitali, 1915-1998.

BROOKE, D. D. David Rogers, 1927-2013.

BROOKER, ALAN M. Add: has lived in New Zealand since 1947; worked in health services until retirement.

BROOKER, W(ILLIAM) A(RTHUR) H(ENRY). 1891-1964. Born in Windsor, England; died in Oxford.

BROOKNER, ANITA. (Note: The family name was Bruckner until her mother changed it around the time of WWII.)

    The Strange Case of the Antlered Man. Add U.S. edition: Ramble House, 2013

BROOKS, LEONARD HAROLD. 1887-1950. (Correcting birth date.)

BROOKS, (AMY HELEN) PATRICIA. 1900-1966. Born Amy Helen Patricia Jenner in Epson, Surrey, England; died in Surrey.

BROPHY, MICHAEL. ca.1837-1900. Local historian, later a journalist; wrote books on his home town of Carlow, Ireland, where he died.

BROUN, GUY (ALEXANDER). 1878-1935.

BROWN, ANTONY. Norman Ian MacKenzie, 1921-2013.
BROWN, BENITA. 1937-    . Born Benita Dandekar in Northumberland, England; married Norman Brown in 1961; actress, teacher and writer for girls comics; now full-time novelist.

BROWN, BETH [BETH ALEXANDRIA RETNER BROWN]. 1897-1973. Born in Russia; came to the U.S in 1922; worked in Hollywood in the 1930s; later lived in New York, where she died.

BROWN, ELWOOD (SMITH). 1882-1956. Born and died in California. (Correction.)

BROWN, JOHN. 1924-1985.

BROWN, JOHN JAMES GRAHAM. 1853-1925. Pseudonym: Hew Scot, q.v.

BROWN, MOLLY. Born in the U.S. but long resident in England; an actress and standup comedienne for some years.

BROWN, PETER LANCASTER. 1927-2005. Died in Ipswich, Suffolk, England.

BROWN, ROSELLEN. Birth name: Rose Eleanor Brown.

BROWN, (HARRY) VINCENT (FORTESCUE). 1859-1933. Born in Perthshire, England; died in Brighton.
BROWN, WILLIAM H. Graduate of Urbana University, Urbana, Ohio; accountant for many years; also sales representative for Ingram Library Services.

BROWNE, ELEANORE. Pseudonym of H(enry) L(eyford) Gates, 1880-1937, q.v. Other pseudonym: Henry Leyford, q.v.

BROWNE, GRETTA CURRAN. Born in Dublin, Ireland; spent early years in orphanages; moved to London to study drama, then worked in theatre and television; living in London.
BROWNE, JOHN HUTTON BALFOUR. 1845-1921. Pseudonym: Max Hillary, q.v.

BROWNE, L. VIRGINIA. 1947-    . (Correcting birth date.)

BROWNE, PERCY (BASIL). 1923-2004. Born in Blandford, Dorset, England; died in Wiltshire; businessman, farmer, politician and amateur jockey.

BRUCE, H(ENRY) A(LEXANDER). 1831-1901. Born in Edinburgh, Scotland; died in the Liverpool area, England.

BRUNEL, SIGRID (HELGA). Born in Berlin and educated in Ethiopia; moved to Munich and continued studies in art; sailed the South Pacific for 15 years and lived in Hawaii for 20 years; had successful art exhibitions in numerous places.
BRUNGER, (CHARLES) SCOTT. Doctor Brunger has degrees from Yale University and New School for Social Research; taught economics and African studies at Maryville College in Tennessee for 30 years.


BUARQUE, CHICO [FRANCISCO “CHICO” BUARQUE DE HOLLANDA]. (Show entry thus.) Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; singer, guitarist, composer, dramatist and writer.

BUCHAN, SINCLAIR.  Delete birth date.

BUCHANAN, BETTY JOAN. Sources differ, but it appears she was born Betty Jane Hammer in Omaha, Nebraska in 1918; married Thomas Buchanan in 1945; death not traced.
BUCHANAN, MADELEINE SHARPS. ca.1886-1940. Born Madeleine T. Sharps in Pennsylvania; married Joseph Trego Buchanan in Chester, Pennsylvania in 1917.

BUCKLKEY, FIONA. Valerie May Florence Stubington Anand. (Giving name in full.)

BUETTEL, N(ORMAN) E(ARL). 1915-1989.

BULL, ALBERT EBENEZER. 1869-1939. Born in Dublin, Ireland; died in London. Pseudonym: Arthur Ward Basset, q.v.

BULLIANS, JEAN KERKORIAN. Pseudonym: Jean Hardy, q.v. (Deleting question mark.)

BULMER, (HENRY) KENNETH. Pseudonym: Ernest Corley, q.v.

BUNCE, SYDNEY (GEORGE). 1912-2003. Born in King’s Norton, England; died in Bournemouth; lived in Australia in the late 1950s.

BUNKER, DUSTY. Pseudonym/professional name of Sandra L. Bunker, 1937-    .
    One Deadly Rhyme. (Title correction.)

BUNKER, JANE. “Pseudonym of a woman novelist of more literary merit who also wrote lighter fiction under another name.”

BURANELLI, VINCENT (JOHN). 1919-2012. Born in New York City; died in Newport News, Virginia; historian, writer (mostly under pseudonyms); received a Ph.D. at Cambridge in England.


BURGER, ROSAYLMER. Possibly Rosaylmer Hohenberg, 1931-2010.


BURGESS, ELLEN. 1874-1967. Born Ellen Eva Washington in Chester, Cheshire, England; died in Aldershot, Hampshire; lived for a time in Malaya.
    Miss Hawkins: The Ocean Boarder. [Malaya]


BURGOYNE, VICTORIA. 1956-    . Probably professional name of the television actress, also known as Victoria G. Kyng; born in London.

BURK, PATSY WARD. 1936-2013. Born and died in Texas.


BURKE, MICHAEL. Pseudonym of Percy Russell Mallinson, 1891-    . Other pseudonym: Sinclair Russell, q.v.

BURKHARDT, C. B. Delete.

BURLEIGH, DONALD Q(UIMBY). 1894-1953. Born in Augusta, Maine; probably lived most of his life in Maine, and was buried in Augusta.

BURLEIGH, FLORENCE S. HOWARD. 1888-1967(?). Born Florence Susannah Burley in Orsett, England; after name changes and marriages probably died as Florence S. Menzies in Chelsea in 1967.

BURLESON, CLYDE W(ALTER). Born in Fort Sam Houston, Texas; educated at University of North Carolina; served in the U.S. Air Force; founded a large southwest advertising agency; marketing consultant and writer; active in the Houston community.
BURMEISTER, JON. Pseudonym: Hal Hickman, q.v.

BURN, WILLIAM LAURENCE. 1904-1966. Pseudonym: Richard Sheldon, q.v.

BURNARD, GRAFTON. ca.1900-    .
    Where the Sun Turns. Paul, 1935 [Australia]

BURNS, MARY LOVELAND. 1895-    . Born Mary C. Loveland in Kansas City, Missouri; married Timothy J. Burns; death not traced.

    Wind in the East. [Greece]

BURRAGE, ATHOL H(ARCOURT). 1899-1951. Born and died in Surrey, England.

    -From School to Fortune. Aldine pb (Diamond Library), 1910

    Drink to Me Only. Hanbury, 1982 (1-act play.)
    A Question of Profit. Hanbury, 1985 (1-act play.)
    Sudden Death. Hanbury, 1983 (1-act play.)

    Crime by Persuasion. Add British edition: Deane (London), 1946

    Beware Your Neighbor. Add U.S. edition: Black Curtain pb, 2013
    The Chinese Puzzle. Add U.S. edition: Black Curtain pb, 2013
    Death at the Cross-Roads. (Title correction.)
    Death in a Duffle Coat. Add U.S. edition: Black Curtain pb, 2013
    Death Paints a Picture. Add U.S. edition: Black Curtain pb, 2013
    Death Takes a Detour. Add U.S. edition: Black Curtain pb, 2013
    Death Takes the Living. Also published in the U.S. under the British title: Black Curtain pb, 2013
    Found Drowned. Add U.S. edition: Black Curtain pb, 2013
    Heir to Lucifer. Add U.S. edition: Black Curtain pb, 2013
    Heir to Murder. Add U.S. edition: Black Curtain pb, 2013. Add sc Inspector Henry Arnold
    The Milk-Churn Murder. Also published in the U.S. under the British title: Black Curtain pb, 2013
    The Secret of High Eldersham. Delete sc Inspector Henry Arnold




    -Strange. Warner pb (London), 1994
    -The Wishing Tree. Orion, 1996 [England]

BYERS, NORMAN R(ICHARD?). 1874(?)-1917(?).

BYRDE, MARGARETTA. ca.1855-1931. Born Margaretta Britton Brown in Cleveland, Ohio; married Charles Byrde in 1873, was in Britain by the 1881 census; died in Brentford, Middlesex, England.

BYRNE, (BRIAN OSWALD) DONN. Add: grew up in Ireland, studied at the University of Dublin, returned to the U.S. in 1911, lived for a time in Riverside, Connecticut; returned to Ireland, to Coolmain Castle in County Cork, where he died in a car accident.  (Delete “lived in Austin, Texas”)

BYSSHE, PERCY SHELLEY. ca.1880-1967. Possibly born in Canada; died in Taunton, Somerset, England.

CADELL, JAMES. Ronald Wills Thomas, 1910-1969. (Correcting death date.)

CADETT, HERBERT (TUCKER EDWARDES), 1869-1907. Born in Dartford, Kent, England; died in London.

CALDERWOOD, CARMELITA [CARMELITA CAMERON CALDERWOOD HEARST]. 1901-1951. Born and died in Iowa; married James S. Hearst in 1943; author of dozens of articles on orthopedic nursing.

CALDWELL, FRED. Add pseudonym: Otto Kicks, q.v.

CALVERT, (THOMAS) WALTER. 1867-1939. Born and died in London, England.
CAME, BARRY. Journalist, later Public Affairs Officer, United Nations World Food Program.

CAMERON, CHARLOTTE (WALES-ALMY). 1869-1946. Born Hattie Wales Almy in Portsmouth, Rhode Island; died in Wandsworth, England.


CAMERON, SARA [SARA CAMERON McBEAN]. 1952-    . (Correcting birth date.)


CAMP, WILLIAM (A.?). 1928-2005(?).  (Changing possible middle initial and death date.)
    Stroke Counterstroke. (Deleted here, moved to next entry).

CAMP, WILLIAM (NEWTON ALEXANDER). 1926-2002. Born in Palestine, died in London; writer; had career in public relations.
    Stroke Counterstroke. Joseph, 1986 [England]

CAMPBELL, LADY (PAMELA). 1795-1869. Born Pamela Fitzgerald in Dublin; married Sir Guy Campbell in Scotland in 1820; died in London.
    -Martin Tobin. (Adding the dash.) [New Zealand]

CAMPBELL, JEFFREY. Campbell Black, 1944-2013.

CAMPBELL, ROSALIA MARY McCREADY. 1893-    . (Correcting the birth date.)

CAMPBELL, MRS. VERE [JOSEPHINE ELIZABETH CAMPBELL]. 1860-1921. Born Josephine Elizabeth Ellis in Carmarthanshire, Wales; married Vere Douglas Campbell. Her daughter, Gabrielle Margaret Vere Campbell Long, 1885-1952, wrote as Marjorie Bowen, q.v.

CAMPION, PETER. Pseudonym of Francis Stanton McGorm, ca.1929-    . Born in New Zealand; grew up in Wellington; worked as a journalist in Auckland and as an itinerant worker; went to London in 1952.

CAMPSIE, ALISTAIR (KEITH). 1929-2013. Born in Inverness, Scotland; died in Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.


CANFIELD, MIRIAM. Dorothy Fletcher, 1910(?)-1980(?).

CANHAM, MARSHA. 1950-    . (Correcting birth date.)  Romance writer living in Toronto.

CARE, B. Pseudonym of Charles Edward Basevi, 1836-1920.

CAREY, HELEN. Pseudonym of Helen R. Beazley, 1956-    . Artist and author born in Oxfordshire, England, and living in Pembrokeshire.

CARLISLE, ANTHONY. 1768-1840. Probable pseudonym: Mrs. Carver, q.v.


CARLTON, GERALD. ca.1850-    . Born in Ireland; came to the U.S. in 1868; death not traced.
    Her Mad Love. Ogilvie, 1890


CARPENTER, (LOUIS) GRANT. Born in Potter Valley, California; died in Hollywood.

CARR, WILLIAM H(ENRY) A(LEXANDER). Pseudonym: Eleanor Sydell, q.v.

CARR, (TERRY) BLAIR. 1940-2013.

    The Youth Hostel Murders. [England] (Setting correction.)

    -The Boy Scout Detectives. Aldine pb (Diamond Library), 1909
    -The Fool of the Fifth. Aldine pb (Diamond Library), 1908
    -Kettle & Co. Aldine pb (Diamond Library), 1908
    -Kettle’s Capture. Aldine pb (Diamond Library), 1908
    -Kettle’s Combine. Aldine pb (Diamond Library), 1908
    -Kettle’s Conquest. Aldine pb (Diamond Library), 1909
    -Pantomime Jack. Aldine pb (Diamond Library), 1910 (Published anonymously.)
    -The Rye House Rivals. Aldine pb (Diamond Library), 1908
    -The Schoolboy Detective. Aldine pb (Diamond Library), 1909

CARR, J(OSEPH) B(AKER). 1906-1970. Born in New York; died in Mexico.

CARROLL, M(ICHAEL) R. Book editor in Vancouver, Canada; earlier a fruit picker in England, farm laborer in Manitoba, theatre critic and magazine editor in Ottawa, and a teacher in Spain and Zimbabwe.

CARROLL, MALACHY GERARD. 1918-1975. Born in Liverpool, England; died in London.

CARSON, HARLAND W. Pseudonym of A. A. Allan.

CARSON, MICHAEL. Michael C(harles) Wherly. (Correcting middle name.)

CARTER, HERBERT S(PENCER). 1880-1956. Born in Guildford, Surrey, England; died in Dorset.

CARVER, MRS. Probable pseudonym of Anthony Carlisle, 1768-1840.
    The Horrors of Oakendale Abbey. [England]

CARVER, STUART. Edward Gerald Ashton, 1915-1963.

CASE, BRIAN (DAVID). 1937-    . Show the entry thus for author of “The Users”. (Correction; no cross reference to other Brian Case.) Ref: CA.

CASH, DAVE. Pseudonym/professional name of radio presenter David Charles Wish, 1942-    .

CASSILIS, ROBERT. Michael F. H. Edwardes, 1923-1990.

CASTLE, BRENDA. 1943-    . Born Brenda Appleson in Leeds, England; married chemist George Castle there in 1964 and worked in his business; living in Alwoodley near Leeds.

    Pirate Sealer. Collins, 1953 [ship, Sweden]  Intended for younger readers.

CAXTON, TONY. Pseudonym of Eric Priestley Towers, 1925-2006.

CHADWICK, JOSEPH L(EWIS). See also: Philip Rawls.

CHADWICK, VIVIENNE (DOROTHY) CHARLTON. 1899-1977. (Deleting reference to Beverly Vivienne Baynton.)

CHAMPION, DAVID. Neil Waldemar Hummasti, 1949-2011.



CHAPMAN, ERNEST. 1892-1969. Pseudonym: William Hatfield, q.v.

CHAPMAN, MAURICE (DALE BLAY). 1910-    . Born in Adelaide, Australia; wrote stories and plays for radio in 1930s; death not traced.

CHARLES, MOIE. 1911-1957. Born Marion Gwynedd Beevor in Suffolk, England; changed her name legally in 1945; died in London.

CHASE, GLEN. Correct Leonard Levison to: Leonard (Jordan) Levinson, 1935-    , q.v.

CHASE, KIP. Trevett Coburn Chase, 1928-2013.

CHERRINGTON, DAVID (PATRICK). 1967-    . Born in Hampshire, England; living in Tavistock, Devon.

CHESTER, GEORGE RANDOLPH. Lillian Eleanor (Hauser De Remo) Chester, 1888-1961.


    Tower of Silence. SC: Sexton Blake. [India] (Note: Although the novel was written in 1927, it apparently remained unpublished until 2013.)

CHEVIOT, ANDREW. James Hiram Watson, 1852-1903. Died in Edinburgh.

CHILLINGTON, J. C. Pseudonym, possibly of Louisa Hadow Jenkins, 1834-1932, who was born Louisa Young and married John Hadow Jenkins in India in 1853.

CHIMENTI, FRANCESCA. Probably Frances J. S. Chimenti, 1916(?)-2006(?), who also wrote as Frances J. S. Eden, q.v.

    Secret Blood. (Intended for younger readers.)
CHRISTIE, CAMPBELL (MANNING). Dorothy Christie, 1896-1990.

CHRISTIE, DOROTHY. 1896-1990. Born Ethel Dorothea Casson Walker in India; married Campbell Christie as Dorothy E. Walker; death registered in Berkshire as Dorothea Ethel Christie.

CHURCHILL, EDWARD. 1902(?)-1960(?). Deleting middle name and suggesting new dates.

CHURCHILL, HENRY G(EORGE). ca.1846-1922. Author and dramatist born in Birmingham, England; died in Essex.

CHURCHILL, STEPHANIE (NICOLA). 1971-    .           

CIRULIS, JANIS. 1938-    . Pseudonym: Alberts Bels, q.v.

CLANCY, GERTRUDE (W.). 1925-2013.

CLANCY, LEO (JAMES). 1941-2011. Journalist with the Daily Mail (Manchester and London), National Enquirer, and News of the World.


CLAREY, ALISON (ANN). 1947-2011.

CLARK, JOAN EVELYN LEESON. 1924-2013. Pseudonym: Evelyn Sefton, q.v.

    Deck the Halls, with Carol Higgins Clark. TV movie: TNT, 2011 (scw: Howard Burkons; dir: Ron Underwood)

CLARK, STEPHEN B. (Deleting birth date.)


CLARKE, P(HILIP) H(ENRY) C(ECIL). 1918-2005. Died in Portsmouth, England.
    Adventures at Dabanga School. Oxford University (England), 1954 (Correcting publisher and date.)

CLAY, ROBERT (HENRY) KEATING. 1889-    . Born in Killiney, Dublin, Ireland; death not traced, but probably in Canada.

CLAYTON, MARY. Mary Ruth Lide, 1932-2013.
CLEARY, DENIS J(OHN). 1927-1998.

CLEMENS, LEROY. 1888-1951. Born in New York; died in Florida. (Correcting birth date.)

CLEMENT, ERNEST C. (Deleting birth date.)

CLEMENTS, ABIGAIL. Alison Scott Skelton. (Correction; not Alison Scott Clements.)


CLEMES, A(MELIA) A(DELINE). ca.1847-1909. Born in Ireland; married Robert Ellis in 1877; died in London, England.

CLEVELAND, CYNTHIA E(LOISE). 1845-1932. Born in Canton, New York; died in Maryland; a lawyer.

    -Too Many Boats. [Philippines]
    Ark, with Nicholas Head, 1938-    . Also published as: The Crossing, with Nicholas Head. Avon, 1988
    The Crossing; see Ark

CLOWES, ST. JOHN L(EGH). 1907-1953. Born in South Africa; died in London, England.

COATES, JOHN. 1912-1963.

COBB, THOMAS., 1854-1932. (Correcting birth date.) Died in Hampstead, London, England. (Correction.)

CODLIN, JAMES. ca.1834-1911. Born in England, and family went to Australia in 1841; died in New South Wales.

COLBY, ERIC. Add pseudonym: Stanley Dawson, q.v.

COLBY, NATHANIEL. 1936-    . (Correcting birth date.)

COLBY, TED. Nathaniel Colby, 1936-    .

    -The Artificial Girl. Delete (not criminous)

COLLIER, VINCENT. 1872-1956. Born Vincent Ellis in Chepstow area of Monmouth, England; name changed in the 1870s; died in Surrey; uncle to and strong influence on John (Henry Noyes) Collier, 1901-1980, q.v.
COLLINS, MRS. E. BURKE. Emma Augusta Brown Sharkey, 1849-1902.

COLLINS, GILBERT (HENRY). 1890-    . (Deleting death date.)

COLLINS, JACKIE. Jacqueline Collins Lerman, 1937-    . (Correcting birth date.)
COLLIS, E(DMUND) T(HOMAS). 1852-1930.

COLMACHE, G(EORGINA) A(LICIA). 1809(?)-1904. Born Georgina Alicia Lee in London; married Charles Edouard Colmache in Paris in 1832.

COMBE, MARTIN. Pseudonym.
COMBEN, JOHN (EDWARD). 1908-1978. Born in Portland, Dorset, England; died in Uckfield, Sussex; worked for HM Inspector of Taxes 1930-1968.

COMBER, LEON. 1921-    . (Correcting birth date.)

COMPTON, C(HARLES) G(EORGE). 1851-1922. (Deleting question marks.) His father was a comedian born Henry Mackenzie who adopted Compton as his stage name in 1826 and it apparently became his real name.

COMPTON, DAVID. 1930-    . (Correcting birth date.)

COMPTON, HERBERT (EASTWICK). World traveler; lived in India for 22 years; committed suicide at sea on his way to Madeira.
    The Undertaker’s Field; or, Murder Will Out. Correct publication date to: 1906

COMYN, BRUCE. Delete entry (listed book not criminous)

COMYN, MARIAN. 1861-1938. (Correcting the dates.) Born Marian Skinner in Worcestershire, England; married solicitor Henry Ernest Fitzwilliam Comyn in 1884; died in Surrey.

CONDY, ESMOND. 1888-1962. (Correcting birth date.) Born in Wandsworth, London, England; died in London.


CONNELL, CANDACE. Pseudonym of Ernest C. Clement, a former lead writer for Modern Romance.  (The 1922 birth date given earlier for Clement can’t be confirmed.)

CONRAD, BARNABY. 1922-2013.

CONWAY, ANTHONY. Pseudonym of Nigel Price. SC: Captain John Caspasian, in “The Viceroy’s Captain” and subsequent novels.

CONWAY, JOHN WILLIAM. 1851-1933. Born in New York; lived in Kansas and died there.

    Purely Business. Correct publisher/date to: ColCom Press, 1995

COOK, WILFRED (NOEL). 1910-1967. Born in Surrey, England.

COOKE, MATILDA VANCE. 1838-1920. Born Matilda Vance in Canada; married Edmund Lodge Cooke in 1859; died in Ohio.


COOKE, (PHILIP) ST. GEORGE. 1918-1987. Born in Virginia; died in New Mexico.

COOLIDGE-RASK, MARIE. 1872-    . Born Marie Aurilla Coolidge in Lycoming, Pennsylvania; married a man named Rask and was widowed by 1920; journalist and author listed as Marie A. Rask in census data; death not traced.

    -The Lost Lover. (by John Creasey, 1908-1973, q.v.)
COOPER, MONTE [MONTGOMERY COOPER]. 1877-1944. She was born in Memphis, Tennessee and died in Mississippi; a journalist, literary critic, editor, writer and bookstore owner.

COOPER, JANETTE. Rosalia Mary McCready Campbell, 1893-    . (Correcting the birth date.)

COOPER, LOUISE. 1952-2009. (Correcting name and dates.)

COPP, A(LFRED) E(RNEST). 1891-1961.  Born in Adelaide, Australia; a police constable in that city.

COPPER, BASIL. 1924-2013.

CORDY, MICHAEL (C.). 1961-    . Born in Ghana; spent 10 years in advertising and marketing before turning to writing.
    The Miracle Strain. Also published as: The Messiah Code. Avon pb, 2004; Corgi pb, 2005

CORLEY, ERNEST. Pseudonym of (Henry) Kenneth Bulmer, 1921-2005, q.v. Other pseudonym: Ken Blake, q.v.
    White-Out. Jarrolds, 1960 [Antarctic]

CORRADI, LOU(IS A.). 1932-1992. Born in New York City; died in California.

CORRIGAN, MARK. Add probable pseudonym: J. Earle Dixon, q.v.

COTLER, GORDON. 1923-2012.

COTTON, FREDERICK (HENRY). 1848-1921. Born in Lichfield, Staffordshire, England; served in the army in Canada; was Master of Hounds; traveled to New Guinea and New Zealand; died in Barnstaple, Devon.

COUCH, STATA B(UCKNER). 1854-1934. Born Statira Buckner in Ontario, Canada; married Samuel Harz before 1877 and then Edward Harriman Couch in 1896; died in Illinois.

COURTENAY, BRYCE. 1933-2012.

COUSINS, O(LIVE) E(VELYN) J(OY). 1894-1980. Born in Manitoba, Canada, and died in Vancouver.

COUSSEE, PETER (RODERIC). 1932-2005. Died in Lincolnshire, England.

COWAN, ALAN. Pseudonym of Alan William Gilchrist, 1913-1981.
    A Backward Glance, Hutchinson, 1966 [England, Spain]
    Nowhere to Go. Hutchinson, 1964

COWDEN, ARTHUR. 1874-1949. Died in Harrogate, Yorkshire, England.

COWLES, ALBERT (D.). ca.1879-    . Born in Pennsylvania; playwright, stage manager, producer, director, actor and film scenarist; death not traced.

COX, H(ARRY) H(UBERT). 1900-1971. Born in Tasmania; died in Ferntree Gully, Victoria, Australia.

COX, LEE SHERIDAN. 1916-2013. Had a Ph.D. from Indiana University; Professor of English at Ohio State University; published three short stories in EQMM about youngsters Andy Blair and Willie Perkins, at least the first of which, “A Simple Incident”,  was incorporated in the novel below.
    Andy & Willie Super Sleuths. Scribners, 1967 [Indiana]

CRABB, ARTHUR. Pseudonym of Richard Standish Francis, 1880-1954. Born in Pennsylvania; obtained B.S. in science from Harvard; writer on golf; died in Haverford, Pennsylvania.

CRADDOCK, IRVING. Pseudonym of A(llen E.) Stone, ca.1868-1930s, q.v.

CRAMER, CAHROUL. Marc A. Jones (Correcting first name spelling.)

CRAMER, WM. L. [WILLIAM LOWELL CRAMER, JR.]. 1924-2005. SC: Barry Flamm, in “Faces in the Mirror” and a subsequent novel.

CRANDALL, EDWARD [EDWARD HERMAN CRANDALL, JR.]. 1904-1968. (Corrections.) Born in Brooklyn; died in Florida.
CRANE, IVOR. Pseudonym of Ivor Forsyth Porter, 1913-2012.

CRANSTON, RUTH. 1887-1956.

CRAWLEY, RAYBURN. Laura Spencer Portor Pope, 1872-1957; born Laura Spencer Porter in Kentucky. Dorothy (Haldare) Giles, 1892-    ; born in Coldspring, New York; death not traced.

CREASEY, CAROL M. 1944-    . Birth name: Carol M. Edwards.

CREASEY, JOHN. See also: (Charles) Henry St. John Cooper, 1869-1926.

CREIGHTON, JEAN SCOTT. Teacher of English for many years in Maine; still doing so at a college at least until recently.

CRESS, CHARLES. 1847-1916. (Deleting the question marks.)  Born in Madras, India; a district judge in Mydore, India; died in London, England.

CRESWICKE, LOUIS. Pseudonym of Sophia Louisa Creswicke Jones Morris, 1853-1931. Born in Baghdad, Persia; died in London, England.

CREW-JONES, FLORENCE. ca.1880-    . Born in England; went to the U.S. via Bermuda; death not traced.
CRICHTON, C(HARLES) H. Correct to: CRICHTON, C(ONSTANTINE) H(OTHAM). 1876-1946. Born in Bengal, India; died in Sussex, England.

CRICO, ALBERTINA (“TINA”).     -1994. Pseudonym: Roxane Pitt, q.v.

CRIMPE, MISS. Correct to: CRUMPE, MISS [MARY GRACE SUSANNA CRUMPE]. ca.1796-1861. Died in St. Heliers, Jersey, Channel Islands.

CRISP, JACK H. 1923-2010. (Corrections.)

CRISPIN, A(NN) C(AROL). 1950-2013.

CROFT, DOROTHEA MAVOR. 1897-1954. Born Dorothea Mavor in Kent, England; married William Dawson Croft in 1923; died in Hampstead.

CROSBY, MILLARD. Add pseudonym: Otto Kicks, q.v.

CROSS, E. B. Pseudonym of Edward F. Breslin, 1947-    . Editor and publisher turned full-time writer; living in New York.

CRUGER, JULIE GRINNELL. 1854-1920. (Correcting birth date.) Born in Paris.

CULLEN, CARTER. Mildred Macaulay, 1911-2003. (Correction.)

CULLEY, CHRISTOPHER. SC: Billy McCoy & Abe Klein (Texas Ranger detectives) = M&K.
    Billy McCoy. Cassell, 1919   M&K   [Texas]
    The Green Mountain Murders. M&K
    The Long Chance. Joseph, 1932
    McCoy of the Ranges. Allan, 1935 M&K [Texas]
    The Man from Sweetwater. Eldon, 1936 M&K [Texas]
    Range Justice. Arcadia, 1941 M&K [Texas]
    The Snake River Rustlers. Eldon, 1936 M&K [Texas]

CUMMING-SKINNER, DUGALD MATHIESON. 1902-1956. Died in Aberdeen, Scotland.

CUMMINGS, C(AROL) J. 1952-    . Pseudonym: David Stone, q.v.

CUMMINGS, (ORANGE) SCOTT. Born in Ohio; died in Winchester, Oklahoma.


CUNNINGTON, MARK (P.). 1959-    . Born in Hastings, Sussex, England.

CURLEY, THOMAS (FRANCIS). 1925-2005. Born in Boston; taught Advanced Placement English at Xavier High School in New York 1958-1995.


CURRIE, BARTON WOOD. 1877-1962. (Correcting birth date.)

CURRIER, ELIZABETH B(ARBARA NEWSANGER). 1854-1945. See: Theodore (W.) Currier, 1854-1921.

CURRIER, THEODORE (W.). 1854-1921.
    -The Mystery of Rockdale. (Note: The book was copyrighted by Elizabeth B. Currier, his wife; she was Elizabeth Barbara Newsanger Currier, 1854-1945, and may have completed the work begun by her husband and published it nearly a decade after his death.)

CURRY, G. LEA. Pseudonym of Rev. Dr. Andrew Frederick Moody, 1877-1961; minister in Belfast, Ireland, for some years; appointed moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland in 1935.

CURRY, MARIAN STEARNS. 1896-1973. First name sometimes spelled Marion.
    Come Sweet Death. Correct publication date to: 1940

CURTIS, JACK. Add pseudonym: Francis Greig, q.v.
CURTIS, JOSEPHINE DENVER. Birth name: Josephine Williams Roeder.

CURTIS, SYDNEY ALBERT. Delete possible birth date.

CUTHBERT, GEORGE KYDD. 1873-1950. Born in Angus, Forfarshire, Scotland.
CUTHBERTSON, G. and J. (Correction.) G. Cuthbertson was Georgina Thomson Crawford Cuthbertson, 1885-1989; J. Cuthbertson was James L. B. Cuthbertson, ca.1884-1951.

CUTHBERTSON, GEORGINA THOMSON CRAWFORD. 1885-1989. See: G. and J. Cuthbertson.

CUTHBERTSON, JAMES L. B. ca.1884-1951. See: G. and J. Cuthbertson.


    The Blood Runs Hot. Also published as by Donald Thomas: Orion, 2013
    Money with Menaces. Also published as by Donald Thomas: Orion, 2013
    Scream Blue Murder. Also published as by Donald Thomas: Orion, 2013

DAFFINRUD, PAUL (DOUGLAS). 1944-    . (Correcting birth date.)

DAISH, ELIZABETH. (Removing dates and possible middle name.) Pseudonym of a woman trained as a nurse who became an operating room nurse at a London hospital; living on the Isle of Wight.

DALE, BRUCE. 1952-1999.

DALE, DUNCAN. Pseudonym of Duncan MacNaughton, 1892-1973. Born and died in Edinburgh, Scotland.

DALE, VIRGINIA. Pseudonym of Hermona Shirk-Johnstone, 1895-1957. Born Hermona Kaufman in Chicago; her father died when she was 3 and her mother married Raymond Shirk; Hermona married someone named Johnstone but that marriage failed; died in New York City.

DALHEATH, DAVID. David Samuel Magrill, 1939-2007. Born in Glasgow, Scotland; died in Nottingham, England.

D’AMORE, GERARD V. 1949-   . (Correcting birth date.)

    Shivering Shocks; or, The Hiding Place. The Graphic Christmas Number pb, 1922 (Play.)

DANE, DONALD. Dugald Mathieson Cumming-Skinner, 1902-1956.

DANE, EVA. Add pseudonym: Eleanor Drew, q.v.

    The Case of the King of Moldavia. [Europe]

DANIELSON, GARTH (EDMOND). 1954-    . (Correcting the birth date.)

DARE, MICHAEL. Pseudonym of James Arthur Wordingham, 1917-1997. Born in London, England; died in Kent; journalist, then editor of “The Norfolk Chronicle.”

DARK, RICHARD. 1876-1952. Died in Edinburgh, Scotland; a headmaster.


DART, ADA CARTER. 1871-1953. Born and died in Montana.
    Mystery of Silver Spring Ranch. [Montana]

DASEY, NEVILLE R(AYMOND). 1934-1977. Born in Inverall, New South Wales, Australia, and died in New South Wales; a prolific writer of radio plays.
DAVENPORT, DIANA. 1939-    . Living in Hawaii; also writes as Kiana Davenport.

DAVENPORT, MARJORIE (K.).  (Adding middle initial.)

DAVERN, JAMES (EDMUND). ca.1933-    . Australian television producer.

DAVID, D(AVID) L(AWRENCE). 1898-1956. Add: died in Monmouthshire, England.

DAVIDSON, JEAN. Dorothy Lumley, 1949-2013.

DAVIDSON, PAUL. Claude Bacot. (Deleting the birth year.) Born in France and moved the England as a child; graduate of a business college; wireless operator and air gunner with RAF in WWII; thereafter an accountant and financial manager, photographer and amateur chef, and world traveler.

DAVIES, LINDA. SC: Sarah Jensen, in “Nest of Vipers” and subsequent novel(s).

    God Speed the Night, with Jerome (D.) Ross, 1911-    .
DAVIS, LAURIE. Pseudonym of Johannes Gerhardus Barkhuizen, 1929-    . A South African.

DAVIS, NORBERT (HARRISON). (Adding middle name.)

DAVIS, ROSE ABURROW. 1868-1962. Died in Clevedon, Somerset, England.

DAVIS, THOMAS C. 1931-    . (Corrrecting birth date.)

DAVIS, VICTOR (LIONEL). 1929-    . Entertainment journalist with the Daily Express and Mail on Sunday.

DAWES, EDNA. Add pseudonym: Eleanor Drew, q.v.

DAWSON, STANLEY. Pseudonym of Peter Looney. Other pseudonym: Eric Colby, q.v.

DAY, ALBERT A(UGUSTUS). 1844-1911. Born in Maine; graduate of University of Michigan Law School; died in New York.

DAY, (AVA) DIANNE (LESLIE). 1938-2013.

DAY, (FRANK) JULIAN. 1934-2012.
DAY, LULA M. 1877-1951. Died in Virginia.

DAYLE, DEXTER. Pseudonym.
    Murder in Mid-Air. Also published as: The Yellow Yasmak, as by Gina Dewall. Brown Watson pb, 1955
    The Torture Machine. Add U.S. edition: Ramble House, 2013
    The Towers of Terror. Add U.S. edition: Ramble House, 2013
    -The Iron Hand.  (Note: The book was copyrighted in the name of H. T. Smith, possibly the author’s real name.)

DE BANZIE, ERIC. 1894-1986. Died in Glasgow, Scotland, where he was apparently born.

DE BURY, FERNANDE BLAZE. ca.1856-1931. Born in France, a British subject; died in Biarritz, France.

DE GEESEWELL, PETER. Pseudonym of Peter R. Fueg, 1954-    . Born in Switzerland; studied at the University of Basel; secondary school teacher in Pratteln, Switzerland.

DEGNORE, ROBERTA PATRICIA. 1946-    . Pseudonym: Rachel Desmond. See: Edmund Taillet, 1932-2008.

DE HAVILLAND, R(OBERT JOSEPH) L(ANGSTAFF). 1852-1890. Birth last name: Havilland; born in London; changed his name to De Havilland in 1884; died in Boulogne, France.

DE JEAN, LOUIS (LEON). 1893-1964.  (Deleting the question marks.) Trained in Canada and served in the Royal Flying Corps; died in North Carolina.

D’EKNA, VIRGINIA DE STRALE. 1871-1955. (Correcting death date.)
    The Secret of the Confessional. Bruce (London), 1847 novelets (translated from the French): The Count of Mansfeldt \ The Last Lord of the Manor \ The Secret of the Confessional

DE LESDERNIER, EMILY [EMILY PIERPONT DELESDERNIER SPRAGUE]. 1840-1915. Born in Eastport, Maine; died in Hecla, South Dakota.


DELPECH-TEISSIER, LOUISE NELLY. Pseudonym: Jean Delutry, q.v.

DELPIT, ALBERT. 1849-1893. Born in New Orleans, Louisiana; died in Paris, France.
    As ‘Tis in Life. Welch (New York), 1890 [France]
    -Odette’s Marriage. Sumner (Chicago), 1880 [Paris]

DELUTRY, JEAN. Pseudonym of Louise Nelly Delpech-Teissier. (Correction.)

DE MAUNY, ERIK (CECIL LEON). Note: His original birth name was Eric de Mauny, which he used in his writing until about age 25.

    The Death Squad. [NYC] SC: Joe Keller

DE MONTMORENCY, G(ERALDINE) D(ORA). 1862-1926. Died on Jersey, Channel Islands.

DENIS, JOHN. John Edwards, 1938-2012. (Correcting birth date.)
    -Goliath. Collins, 1987 [Ireland]

DENMAN, PETER. Pseudonym of Peter Denman Jones, 1940-    . Born in Rhyl, Wales; emigrated to New Zealand and naturalized there in 1968.

DE O., A.
    Indiscretions of Dr. Carstairs. (Note: The unidentified A. De O was not the originator of this work; the actual author put together notes and entrusted them to A. De O who pulled them together for publication after the author died.)

DE PUY, (EDWARD) SPENCE. 1872-1949. Born in California and died in Alameda, California; a surgeon.

DESMOND, CLIVE. Pseudonym of Clare Edythe Duncan, 1887-1977. Born in South Africa; died in London, England.

DESMOND, RACHEL. Pseudonym of Roberta Patricia Degnore, 1946-    . See: Edmund Taillet, 1932-2008.

DETROIT AND CLEVELAND NAVIGATION CO.  Alice Elinor Bowen Bartlett, 1848-1920.

DEUELL, (DAVID) JAN(VIN). 1903-1977. Born in New York; lived between the U.S. and Llanelly, Wales, and died in Wales.

DE WAAL, JOHANN. 1958-    . Born in Kenya; living in South Africa since 1962; author and poet; runs a furniture making business.

DEWALL, GINA. Pseudonym, but not that of John (Francis) Russell Fearn. (Correction.)  See: Dexter Dayle.


DEXTER, CHARLES. Pseudonym of Lewis Freiburg Levenson, 1895-1969. Graduate of Columbia School of Journalism; author also of baseball books.

    The Jockey Detective. Aldine, pb (Diamond Library #185.), n.d.

DEY, FREDERIC MERRILL VAN RENSSELAER DEY. Delete reference to Donald Fairde.   
DICKBERRY, F. Fernande Blaze de Bury, ca.1856-1931.

DILNOT, FRANK (BUCKLAND). Journalist; brother of George Dilnot, 1882-1951, q.v.

DILNOT, GEORGE. 1882-1951. (Correcting birth date.) Brother of Frank (Buckland) Dilnot, 1875-1946, q.v.

DIX, MAURICE B(UXTON). 1889-1977. (Correcting the death date.) Add: died in North Vancouver, British Columbia.

DIXON, J. EARLE. Probably another pseudonym of Norman (Harold) Lee, 1898-1964. Other pseudonyms: Raymond Armstrong, Mark Corrigan, Robertson Hobart, qq.v.

DIXON, ROBERT MALCOLM. Born in Gloucester, England; earned degree in mathematics from Oxford University; went to Edinburgh, Scotland, to become a linguist; professor of linguistics at University College London and Australian National University in Canberra; has done extensive linguistic research and published many papers.

    While Lizards Sleep. Hutchinson, 1927 [Italy]

D’LOVU, NANDI. Pseudonym of Mary (Daisy Mabel Martin) Phillips, 1915-2011, q.v. Born in England; died in Eshowe, South Africa; educated in Canada, married composer Peter Phillips in Italy; returned to England and then emigrated with husband and children to South Africa in 1955; prolific writer, including scripts for popular radio series, “Consider Your Verdict”.
    Angel of Death. (Intended for younger readers.)

DONNEY, ERNEST (RAY). 1934-2012.

DONOVAN, DERRICK F. 1933-    . Pseudonym: Don Donovan, q.v.

DONOVAN, DON. Pseudonym of Derrick F. Donovan, 1933-    . Born in Croydon, London; went to New Zealand in 1960; worked in advertising and became a writer and watercolor illustrator.

DONOVAN, LAURENCE. The person who wrote under the pseudonym Robert Wallace and under the house name Kenneth Robeson might have been the Laurence (or Lawrence) Donovan born in Ohio ca.1884; death not traced.

DONOVAN, PERCY (AZLEBY) VINCENT (DE PEREDA). 1882-    . Born in Kilburn St. Mary, London; went to the U.S. in 1905; death not traced.

DOONAN, GRACE WALLACE. 1873-193?. Birth name: Mary Grace Wallace.

DORAN, MARIE. 1869-    . Born in Iowa; writer for the stage; living in New York in 1940; death not traced.
DORAN, THOMAS. 1894-1983. Born in Coventry, England; died in Leamington.

DORER, FRANCES. Pseudonym of Frances Catharine Paterson, 1958-    . Living in Minnesota; daughter of Nancy Dorer Paterson, 1922-2010, who wrote as Nancy Dorer, q.v.

DORER, NANCY. Pseudonym of Nancy Dorer Paterson, 1922-2010. Born in Kansas and died in Minnesota; mother of Frances Catharine Paterson, 1958-    , q.v., who wrote as Frances Dorer, q.v.

DOUBLEDAY, WILLIAM E(LLIOTT). 1865-1959. Born in Nottingham, England; died in Middlesex; a librarian.

DOUGLAS, ALECK. Pseudonym of Alexander Douglas Sutherland, 1873-1961. Born in Scotland; died in Londonderry, Northern Ireland.

    -Duffer Brown. Aldine pb (Diamond Library), 1908

DOUGLASS, JOHN THOMAS. 1842-1917. See: James Willing, Jr.

DOWLING, D(AWN) McDONALD. 1946-2012.

DOWNEY, TIMOTHY (JAMES). 1951-2008. Born in Pleasantville, New York; died in Garrison, New York; graduate of Hamilton College; a management consultant and strategic planner.


DRACOTT, ALICE ELIZABETH. ca.1866-    . Born Alice Elizabeth Goodall; married in India to Charles Dracott, an Indian civil servant; death not traced but presumably in India.
DRAKE, NICHOLAS. 1897-1930. Birth date taken from his tombstone, but note that his WW1 registration gives a birth date of 1898.

DREW, ELEANOR. Pseudonym of Edna Dawes, 1931-    . Other pseudonym: Eva Dane, q.v.

DRIVER, ANNE. 1924-    . Pseudonym: Anne Rider, q.v.

DRUMMOND, CHARLES H(UTTON). 1903-1961. Born in Berwick, Northumberland, England; died at sea.

DRUMMOND, (PATRICK) HAMILTON. (Adding first name.)

    State Secret. (Intended for younger readers.)

DU BOIS, THEODORA. Insert: born Theodora Bouton Eliot McCormick in Brooklyn; married Delafield Du Bois in 1918.


    The Return of Sherlock Holmes. Note: This was a rewritten version of the play of the same title by J(oseph) E(dward) Harold Terry and (J.) Arthur Rose, q.v.

DUFFAUD, BRIEGE. Birth name: Briege Finnegan.

DUMKEY, RAYMOND. Add pseudonym: Otto Kicks, q.v.

DUNBAR, INGA (ISOBELL ANN WISHART). 1924-1999. Born in Swansea, Wales; died in Aberdeen, Scotland.

DUNCAN, CLARE EDYTHE. 1887-1977. Pseudonym: Clive Desmond, q.v.

DUNN, IRMA LARAWAY. 1895-1981. Born in North Carolina; grew up in New York; nominated for a Pulitzer Prize in 1954; died in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

DUNN, J(OSEPH) ALLAN (ELPHINSTONE). Pseudonym: Joseph Montague, q.v.

DURBAN, ELLEN ALICE CHESWORTH. 1892-1979. Pseudonym: Barbara Montagu Scott, q.v.

DU TERTRE, FANNY. 1856-    . Born in Nice, France; married Alfred Keith Abbott in England in 1896, and then disappeared from view.
DWIGGINS, ELMER. 1863-    . Corrected birth date; born in Indiana; death not traced.

DWYER, JAMES FRANCIS. Born in Camden Park, New South Wales, Australia; died in Pau, France; novelist and short story writer, who traveled widely and lived in England and the U.S.
DYAN, JOHN. Delete entry (listed book, “Exit – the Killer,” apparently does not exist).
DYAR, C(HARLES) W(ARREN). 1853-1904. (Correcting the name and dates.)

    -Get Your Man. Add [1907-1914]

EADES, M(AUD) L(OUISE). Note: Before marriage to Eades she wrote as M(aud Louise) Henniker Andrews, q.v.

EAST, F(REDERICK) LLEWELLYN. 1893-1976. Born in Dulwich, England; died in New South Wales, Australia.

EASTWICK, F(LORENCE) E(LIZA). 1855-1941. (Corrections.)

EBERT, ROGER (JOSEPH). 1942-2013.

EDDY, CHARLES. Pseudonym of Charles Edwin (later Edward) James Rose, 1860-1940.
EDEN, FRANCES J. S. See also: Francesca Chimenti.

    Canyon of Death. Delete; a western.

EDMONDS, MRS. MAUD. Pseudonym: Anne Baxter Gwyn, q.v.

EDWARDS, JOHN. 1938-2012. (Correction of birth year.) BBC broadcaster and editor.

EDWARDES, MICHAEL F. H.. 1923-1990. Born in Liverpool, England (birth name uncertain, but may have been Frank H. Edwards); married as Michael F. H. Edwardes; death in Eastbourne, Sussex, registered as Frank Harper M. Edwardes.

EDWARDS, MRS. 1830-1896.
    Miss Forrester. Tinsley, 1868; Sheldon (New York), 1873, as by Annie Edwards [England]

EDWARDS, ANNIE. 1830-1896. See: Mrs. Edwards.

EDWARDS, RACHELLE. Brenda Castle, 1943-    .

EDWARDS, RICHARD KEMBLE. 1847-1922. Born in Worcester, England; went to the U.S. in 1869 and lived in Philadelphia, where he died.

EGLETON, CLIVE (FREDERICK WILLIAM). 1927-2006. Died on the Isle of Wight.

EHLY, MOREEN (LE FLEMING). 1929-2012. Born in Heliopolis, Egypt, where she spent her growing up years, becoming Miss Egypt in the process, and meeting her future husband, U.S. Marine Robert Ehly, whom she married in 1952; when in California they raised three children and she had a career in sales at Sears; after retirement she and her husband relocated to Lake Forest, California, where she took to writing novels, and where she died.

EKSTROM, JAN. 1923-2013.

ELAND, CHARLES. Charles Adolf Von Rimanoczy, 1906-1999.

ELBRECHT, JOYCE.  Lydia Fakundiny, 1941-2013.
ELLIOTT, (GABRIEL) PEERS. 1906-1977. Born and died in Queensland, Australia.

ELLIS, JAMES J(OSEPH). 1953-1924. Baptist minister.
EMERICK, LUCILLE. ca.1913-    . Born in Pennsylvania. (Correction of dates.)

EMERY, SAMUEL. 1870-1946. Born and died in New York City.

ENGLANDER, SEYMOUR. 1944-    . Screenwriter, novelist, behavioral skills analyst; living in Los Angeles.

ENGLISH, ERNEST I(VAN). SC: Don Drew, in both titles.
    Killers Come Cheap. [New York, New Jersey]
    Who Needs Forever. [New York City]

ERTZ, SUSAN [MRS. RONALD McCRINDLE]. 1887-1985. (Correcting birth date.)

ESLICK, TOM [THOMAS WOLFORD ESLICK]. 1944-2011. Born in Gloversville, New York; graduate of Nasson College, Springvale, Maine; earned masters degree in English literature from University of New Hampshire, and a second masters in creative writing from Emerson College; taught English and became department chair at Vermont College; singer, song writer and guitarist; died in Wilmot, New Hampshire.

ESTEY, DALE. 1949-    . Born in New Brunswick, Canada; graduate of the University of New Brunswick.

EVANICK, MARCIA (L.). 1954-2012.

EVANS, A(LFRED) J(OHN). Add: A cricket player, also well known for his escapes from the Germans in WWI, for which he was known as “The Escaper”.
EVANS, CICELY LOUISE. Used as her pseudonym but actually the birth name of Cicely Louise Evans Peers Melsom, 1914-2002. Born and died in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

EVANS, JONATHAN. Add pseudonym: Andrea Hart, q.v.

EVANS, LINDA (ELLEN). 1958-    . (Correcting birth date.)

EVANS, PETER (ANDREW). 1933-2012.

EVELYN, CHARLES. Joint pseudonym of Charles Eric Cyril Gregory, ca.1901-1970, and Valerie Evelyn Gregory, 1908-1973.

EVERETT, YORICK. Pseudonym of “a famous novelist of the time.”

EVERETT-GREEN, E(VELYN WARD). Born Eveline Ward Green in Pancras, London, England.

EVAN, FRANCES ANN ELIZABETH. 1870-1965. Pseudonym: Thorold Ashley, q.v.       
FABER, DORIS. Pseudonym of Jacqueline Mansire, 1916-    . (Correction.)

FAGAN, NORBERT. 1912-2004. (Correction.)

FABIAN, RUTH. Pseudonm of Aileen Armitage Quigley Longden, 1930-    . (Correction.)

FAHERTY, ROBERT (EMMETT). 1900-1992. (Deleting the question marks.) Born in Missoula, Montana; died in Paris, France; newspaperman who served a long time with the Chicago Daily News.
FAIRDE, DONALD. Delete (no trace of such a person can be found).

FAIRFAX. Pseudonym of J(ohn Freeman) Fairfax-Blakeborough, 1883-1976, q.v.


FAKUNDINY, LYDIA. 1941-2013. Born in Pezinok, Slovakia; earned a doctorate at Oxford University; taught at various U.S. universities, ending at Cornell University; died in Ithaca, New York.

FALCON, NORA A. 1873-    . Born Nora Amelia Rust in Suffolk, England; married William Falcon; probably went to South Africa and died there.

FALK, A(LFRED) R(OYAL). 1890-1960. Born in New South Wales, Australia.

FALKNER, AMY S. [AMY SYLVESTER FALKNER PEDERSEN LUX]. 1880-1970. Born in Kingston, England; died in Moselle, France; a journalist.

FALKSON, BARRY. 1935-    . Born in South Africa.

FALLON, TOM [THOMAS]. 1899-1964. Born in St. Helen’s, Lancashire, England; died in Surrey; joined the police in 1918 and retired in 1948 as police superintendent and head of the Thames river police; devised England’s 999 emergency phone service; later wrote for BBC TV.

FARMER, (ROBERT) GEOFFREY NORTON. 1881-1937. Born in Forden, England; died in Devon.

FARMER, HENRY (THEODORE STAHEL]. 1869-1932. Born and died in Middlesex, England.

    Justice by Moonlight. (Completed by his widow, Phyllis Mary Clarke Farnol, 1899-1997.)

FARNOL, PHYLLIS MARY CLARKE. 1899-1997. See: (John) Jeffery Farnol, 1878-1952.

FARNSWORTH, MONA. Pseudonym of Muriel Ives Obrig Barrow Newhall, 1897-1984. (Correction.)

FARRAN, CHRISTOPHER (CARROLL). 1942-2012. Add: born in New York City; had B.A. in Journalism from University of North Carolina; author of books and articles; reporter and copy editor; died in Nashville.
FARRAR, HELEN. Pseudonym of Helen Farrar Hyde Gibbs, 1905-2001. Born in Alameda, California; graduate of the University of California and also studied at Oxford, Cambridge and the Sorbonne; taught English, French and history in California schools; married John Dickens Gibbs; died in Oakland, California.
FARRELL, GILLIAN B. Joint pseudonym of husband and wife Larry Beinhart, 1947-    , and Gillian Murphy Beinhart, 1951-    .


FEAKES, G(ORDON ARTHUR) J(AMES). 1914-2002. Born in Farnham, Surrey, England; died in Derby.

FEARN, JOHN (FRANCIS) RUSSELL. Delete Gina Dewall as a pseudonym.
FENDALL, PERCY [ARTHUR PERCEVAL FENDALL]. 1850-1917. Born in London, England; died in Brentford, Essex.

FENTON, ALAN. 1931-    . Born Alan Geoffrey Felsenstein; changed his name legally to Fenton in 1975.

FERME, MRS. GEORGE [ISABELLA T. FERME]. ca.1830-    . Born in Haddington, East Lothian, England; death not traced.

FERNANDEZ, ALFONSO. 1886-1950. Full name apparently Thomas Alfonso Y. Fernandez.

FERRAND, GEORGINA. Brenda Castle, 1943-    .
FIELD, MOIRA. 1915-    . (Correcting birth date.)


    Bravo Charlie. U.S. title: Runway to Death. (Deleting question marks.)  Add [Greece]

FINCH, PHILLIP. 1948-2012. Born in Washington D.C.; sports writer with several newspapers, then novelist; lived latterly in Kansas, but died in Grand Junction, Colorado.

FINDLAY, RICHARD (FITZGERALD). 1901-1972. Born Richard Findlay in Surrey, England; added the middle name along the way, and died in County Wicklow, Ireland.

FINLAY, D. G. All titles in the Lavenham or Watchman series, set in Sussex, England.
    -Deadly Relations. Century, 1986
    -Graven Image. (Adding the dash.)
    -The Grey Regard. Century, 1985
    -Watchman. (Adding the dash.)

FINLAY, FERGUS. ca.1950-    . Irish political figure, columnist and author.

FISHER, CHARLES. Combine the two entries.

FISHER, HERB(ERT). 1932-2001. Born in Pennsylvania and died in New Jersey; high school sports coach, author, actor and play director.

FITZGERALD, COLIN (PETER). 1875-1925. Born and died in Hampstead, England; financial editor of Lloyd’s List, then editor and proprietor of “Metal World” and “Australian World.”

FITZGERALD, ERROL. Josephine Fitzgerald Moylan Clarke, ca.1865-1953.

FITZMAURICE, EUGENE (MICHAEL). 1944-2011. Graduate of Villanova University and Boston College Law School; practiced with law firms in New York City and Philadelphia; spent over 20 years as Senior Counsel of Atlantic Richfield Corporation and ARCO Chemical Company; died in Berwyn, Pennsylvania.

FLEMING, (CHARLES) BRANDON (RAINCOCK). 1889-1970. Born and died in London; a journalist.

FLEMING, HUGH. Francis Dorothy Hague, 1882-1958.

FLEMING, NAN. Add pseudonym: Otto Kicks, q.v.
FLETCHER, BERYL S. Born in Auckland, New Zealand; has also lived in Australia, England and America; has worked in many jobs, including factory worker to university lecturer; holds masters degree in sociology.

FLETCHER, DOROTHY. 1910(?)-1980(?). Joint pseudonym with Hugo Rappart, 1901-1966: Diane Frazer, q.v. (Correction.)
FLETT, ALFRED. 1912-1979. Born in Sunderland, England; emigrated to New Zealand in 1923; died in Sussex; a journalist.

FLYNN, DON(ALD ROBERT). 1928-2013.



FOGARTY, THOMAS A. 1949-2008.
FOGERTY, J(OSEPH). 1831-1899. Born in Limerick, Ireland; died in Sydenham, London, England; civil engineer, architect and writer.

FOLDES, YOLANDA. Note: Death registered as Yolande Claremont.

FOORD, NEIL. Neil Renn-Foord, 1952-2007.

FORBAT, SANDOR. 1980-1964.

FORBES, BRYAN. 1926-2013. Birth name: John Theobald Clarke.

    -Diabella. [India]

FORBES, STEPHEN K. 1950-    . Pseudonym: Stuart Fox, q.v. (Correction.)

FORD, ALICE MAY HARTE POTTS. 1869-1931. (Correction.) Born in Karwar, Bombay, India; died in Buckinghamshire, England.

    Little John and Will Scarlett; or, The Outlaws of Sherwood Forest. Harrison (London), 1870 [England]

FORFEX ET HASTA. Bessie C. Morris, ca.1848-    . Death not traced.

FORREST, ANTHONY. Norman Ian MacKenzie, 1921-2013.

FORREST, H. J.  Elinor Caroline Hussey, 1941-    .

FORREST, J(OSHUA) R(HODES). 1847-1927. Soldier (served in the Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry in the Civil War), lawyer, novelist and poet.

FORSYTHE, ANTHONY. Add pseudonym: Otto Kicks, q.v.

FOSTER, W(ALTER) BERT(RAM). See also: Chester K. Steele.

    The Bureau of Lost Souls. Century, 1989; Ballantine pb, 1991 ss (mostly criminous): The Art Nouveau Fireplace \ Box \ The Bureau of Lost Souls \ Deceiving the Lizards \ Hot Air \ Jumbo Portions \ The Ladies’ Man \ Lost in Leicester Square \ The Master Builder \ Safe As Houses \ Shadow Play \ The Sun in the Sands

FOWLER, FRANK G(ILLMAN). (Adding middle name.)

FOX, MARION [MARION INEZ DOUGLAS FOX WARD]. 1885-1973. Add: died in London.

FOX, STUART. Pseudonym of Stephen K. Forbes, 1950-    . (Correction.)

FOYT, (OTTO) JON. Lois Foyt, 1932-2012.

FOYT, LOIS. 1932-2012. Born in Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin; married (Otto) Jon Foyt in 1951; completed a degree in Feminist Studies at Stanford University in 1977 after raising three children; collaborated with her husband on eight novels, two screenplays and many short stories.


FRANCIS, RICHARD STANDISH. 1880-1954. Pseudonym: Arthur Crabb, q.v.

FRANCIS, WILLIAM. Delete reference to Curtis Lucas.

FRASER, GUY. Pseudonym of Richard Rodger,     -2013. Other pseudonym” Paul Jarrett, q.v.

FRASER, JOHN CRAWFORD. Possible pseudonym: J. I. Stahlmann, q.v.

FRAZER, COLIN PERCY. 1914-1978. Pseudonym: Colin Simpson, q.v.
FRAZER, DIANE. Joint pseudonym of Dorothy Fletcher, 1910(?)-1980(?), q.v., and Hugo Rappart, 1901-1966.  Other joint pseudonym: Elizabeth McRae, q.v.
FRAZER, GAIL LYNN. 1946-2013.

FRAZER, MARGARET. Gail Lynn Frazer, 1946-2013.


FREE, RICHARD WILLIAM. 1859-1938. Pseudonym: Richard Le Free, q.v.

FREEMAN, SEAN. 1948-    .

FREEMANTLE, BRIAN (HARRY). Add pseudonym: Andrea Hart, q.v.

FRIED, BARBARA. Birth name: Barbara Ruth Spungin.

FRITCH, CHARLES E(DWARD). Born in Utica, New York; died in North Hollywood, California.
FRIVOL, LADY. Pseudonym of Maisie Reid.

FROST, A(LBERT) C.  (Adding first name.)

FROST, DENIS. John Edwards, 1938-2012. (Correcting birth date.)

FROST, KENNETH D. 1917-2006(?). Born in Berlin, New Hampshire; educated at University of Michigan and Ohio University; served in Europe in WWII and in the Korean War; retired from military service to live in Japan.

FROTHINGHAM, CHARLES.        -1864(?).
    -Six Hours in a Convent; or, The Stolen Nuns!  Correct setting to: [Charleston, 1834]

FUEG, PETER R. 1954-    . Pseudonym: Peter De Geesewell, q.v.

FULLER, ANNE (C.). 1899-1983. Born in Poughkeepsie, New York; married landscape artist Alfred Russell Fuller; wrote a newspaper column “Nature Around Us”; died in Cape Elizabeth, Maine.

FULLER, LESTER. 1908-1962. (Correcting death date.) Add: screenwriter.

FULLER, WILLIAM (HANSCOM). 1913-1982. Born in Boston; died in Florida.

FURNELL, JOHN. Pseudonym. A reviewer claimed this to be a pseudonym of Nigel (Marlin) Balchin, 1908-1970, but this claim has been disputed. There was an author by this name, John (William) Furnell, 1905-1984. SC: John Furnell, in both titles.
    -The Dark Portal. Skeffington, 1950  [England]
    -The God on the Mountain. Skeffington, 1951 [England]

GADSDON, WILLIAM HERBERT. 1869-1946. Pseudonym: Herbert George, q.v.

GAGE, ELIZABETH. Susan L. Libertson, 1947-2002.

GALEREAU, RACHEL VARINOT-LAUDE. 1901-1989. Born Rachel Varinot in Paris; wrote screenplays as Raymond Varinot; married Louis Galereau in 1955.

GANN, MARY. 1902-1975. Born Mary Wheeler in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, England; married Thomas W. R. Gann, doctor and explorer of Mayan sites; died on Jersey, Channel Islands.

GANNON, E(DWARD) J. ca.1865(?)-1929(?).

GANTZER, COLLEEN. 1934-    . Born Colleen Daphne Adie in Godhra, Gujarat, India.

GARBA, MOHMED TUKUR. All titles intended for younger readers.

GARDINER, (THEODORE JAMES) GORDON. Born in Aberdeen, Scotland; civil servant in South Africa, then a tea-planter in Ceylon, then an intelligence officer in WWI, then an arbitrator in industrial disputes.
GARDNER, ALFRED AUGUSTUS. 1866-1947. Born in Brooklyn; educated at Harvard and Columbia Law School; admitted to the bar in 1899; attorney for railroads; died in Queens, New York.

GARDNER, ARTHUR R(OBERT) L(EE). 1889-1960. Died in London.

GARIS, HOWARD R(OGER). See also: Chester K. Steele.

GARRETT, FRANK. Dan Schmidt, ca.1959-    .

GARRISON, WILLIAM I. 1869-    . Born in Monroeville, New Jersey; a lawyer who practiced in Atlantic City; death not traced.

GATES, H(ENRY) L(EYFORD). Add pseudonym: Eleanore Browne, q.v.

GATTEY, CHARLES NEILSON. Zelma (Amelia) Bramley-Moore, 1890-1983.

GAVINE, WILLIAM. (Deleting possible middle names and birth date.)

GAY, MYRA. Doris (Irene) Knight, 1897-    .

GEORGE, CHARLES. Add pseudonym: Vivian Mayo, q.v.

GEORGE, DAVID ROBINSON. 1913-1976. Born in Geneva, Illinois; died in Nassau, New York; writer and newspaper executive.

GEORGE, HERBERT. Pseudonym of William Herbert Gadsdon, 1869-1946. (Correction.)

GEORGE, VERNON. George Shirra Gibb Vernon, 1884-1959.

GERSTACKER, FRIEDRICH (WILHELM CHRISTIAN). ca.1817-1872. Name sometimes rendered as Frederick Gestacker; born in Munich.

GESSNER, RALPH ALBERT. 1960-    . Pseudonym.

GETGOOD, LEO J(OHN). 1916-ca.2000.

GETZ, CHARLES H. Correct to: GETZ, CARL H. 1891-1944.

GIANNETTA, SAL(VATORE RICHARD). 1936-2002. (Corrections.)

GIARDINO, FRANK (RALPH). 1931-    . (Correction.)  Has philosophy/comparative literature degree from Dartmouth College; served as company commander in U.S. Marine Corps; has been a management consultant on both coasts.

GIBBONS, CHARLES HARRISON. 1869-1931. Born in St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada; died in Victoria, British Columbia; a journalist.

GIBBONS, (FRANCIS) CROMWELL. 1893-1977. (Deleting question mark.)  Born in Jacksonville, Florida; died in Iowa; a chemical engineer.
GIBBONS, HARRY (SCOTT). 1927-    . Byline also: (Harry) Scott Gibbons, q.v. 

GIBBONS, (HARRY) SCOTT. 1927-    . Byline also: Harry (Scott) Gibbons, q.v.

GIBBS, HELEN FARRAR HYDE. 1905-2001. Pseudonym: Helen Farrar, q.v.

GIBSON, MARY FIELD WILLIAMS. 1835-    . See: Margaret Blount.

GIBSON-COWAN, W. L. Professional name of showman Frank Willmer.

    Death in the Blackout. Also published in England under the U.S. title: Orion, 2013
    A Spy for Mr. Crook. Add British edition: Orion, 2013.

GILCHRIST, ALAN WILLIAM. 1913-1981. Pseudonym: Alan Cowan, q.v.
GILES, DOROTHY (HALDARE). 1892-    .  (Corrected birth date; death not traced.) Prolific writer, lecturer, local historian, ghost-writer, play doctor and scriptwriter for movies.

GILES, NEIL. Add: now living back in Australia.

    -Champion of the School. Aldine pb (Diamond Library), 1908
    -The New Boy. Aldine pb (Diamond Library), 1908

GILLIGAN, EDMUND (JOHN). (Adding middle name.) Add: died in Kingston, New York; newspaperman and novelist; served as quartermaster on a submarine chaser during WWI; graduate of Harvard; reporter for The Boston Post and then The New York Sun; associate editor of Fortune; “Rod and Gun” columnist for The New York Herald Tribune.
    -The Gaunt Woman. Scribner, 1943 [ship] Film: RKO, 1951, as Sealed Cargo (scw: Dale Van Every, Oliver H. P. Garrett, Roy Huggins; dir: Alfred Werker)

GILMAN, WILLIAM. 1909-1978. Journalist and lecturer, born in Chicago, died in Middleton Springs, Vermont.
    The Spy Trap. (Note: One ss, “The Mistake of Agent X,” is by Albert E. Brager, 1899-1952.)

GINGOLD, HELENE E. A. 1866-1926. Born Eugenie H. A. Gingold in London; married Henry De Stedingk and then Lawrence Cowen; death registered as Eugeine (sic) H. A. G. Cowen.

GIRDNER, JAQUELINE (YVONNE). (Adding middle name.)

GISKES, H(ERMANN) J(OSEPH). 1896-1977. Major Giskes was a German wartime intelligence operative, primarily stationed in occupied Netherlands; later worked for U.S. intelligence services in Europe.

GITIN, EUGENE L(LOYD). J(ohn) P(atrick) Hendricks, 1956-2010.

GITTINS, ANTHONY (HENRY). 1910-1998. Born in Bangkok, Thailand; died in London, England.

GIUSTI, ARNDT (H.). 1902-1968.


GLENN, (CHARLES) ROY. 1959-    . (Correction.)

GLENNON, GORDON. 1909(?)-1979(?).
    Gathering Storm. (3-act play based on the novel “Envy My Simplicity” by Rayner Barton.)

GLOSSOP, REGINALD. 1880-1955. Born in Sculcoates, Yorkshire, England; died in Spain.

GOATHAM, DAVID LESLEY. 1947-    . Pseudonym: David Lambkin, q.v.

    The Chengtu Strain, with Kenneth (Edmond) Kay, 1915-1990, q.v.

GOLDSMITH, (EU) GENE (M.). ca.1912-    . Born in New York; death not traced.

GOLDSMITH, RUTH B(ROWN?). 1916-1999. Pseudonym: Casey Bishop, q.v.

GOODE, GEORGE W. 1860-    . Journalist born in Massachusetts; death not traced.
    Dan Hayes’ Greatest Case; or, The Mystery of the Central Bridge Fire. Factory Publishing (New York), 1887 [Massachusetts]


GORDON, ALEX. Gordon Cotler, 1923-2012.

GORDON, DAVID ARTHUR. Paul Arthur Crafton, 1923-2012.

GORDON, JULIEN. Julie Grinnell Cruger, 1854-1920. (Correcting birth date.)

GORING, ANNE. 1932-    . Born Anne Wilshaw in Manchester, England; married Loris J. W. Goring in 1955; living in South Devon.

GORNALL, EDGAR A(LLAN). 1896-1962. Died in New South Wales, Australia.


GOTTLIEB, SAMUEL HIRSH. Former attorney and public defender in San Francisco County; now collector of and dealer in old books in Arizona.

GOUGH-CALTHORPE, PETER WALDO SOMERSET [LORD CALTHORPE]. 1927-1997. Pseudonym: Peter Somerset, q.v.

GOULD, ANTHONY. 1855-1921.

GOW-SMITH, THORNTON ANTHONY. 1931-    . Pseudonym: Anthony Thornton, q.v.

GRABLE, MARSHA. Add pseudonym: Otto Kicks, q.v.

GRACE, ARMINE. Pseudonym of Amy Grace Catherine Lowndes, 1867-1939, but she legally changed her name to Armine Grace in 1920. (Show entry thus.)

GRAEME-HOLDER, WILLIAM. ca.1890-1944. (Correcting death date.)

GRAF, H(ERBERT) R. 1940-2005.

GRAHAM, DAVID. Pseudonym of Evan Wright, 1919-1994. (Show entry thus.)

GRAHAM, SCOTT. Probably pseudonym of Ellen Mary Hazelton Black, ca.1860-1954.

GRAHAM, VICTORIA. Pseudonym of Victoria Randall.

    -Crimson Hairs. (Adding the dash.) Also published as by Sigmund Ruevert: Blue Moon pb (U.S. & England), 1999
GRANT, S. A. Pseudonym of Susan (Jozwiak) Alexander, 1950-    .


GRAY, OSCAR. Once criminal prosecutor in Calcutta, India.

GRAYSON, GEORGE. Pseudonym of George Alexander Phocas, 1967-    . (Correction.)

GRBICH, RONALD IVAN. 1939-2011. South African jurist and poker player; died in Las Vegas, Nevada.


GREEN, CHALMERS. (Deleting possible dates and middle initial.)
    Ding Dong Dead.  (Note: This is a translation and adaptation of a play, “Double Jeu,” by Robert Thomas, produced in Paris in 1970.)

GREEN, NINA [NINA PAULSON AHERN GREEN]. 1944-    . Born in Manchester, England; married John C. Ahern and then James Richard Green; living in Eskdale, Cumbria.

GREEN, TINA. Pseudonym of Sheilah Stewart Campbell Sweet, 1928-2005. Born Sheilah Green Stewart in Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada; educated at Bridgeport College and University of the South School of Theology; editor of a New York City publishing house and elementary school teacher; died in Lenox, Massachusetts.

GREENE, L. PATRICK. Born Louis Montague Green. (Correction.)

GREENSTED, RICHARD (J.). 1957-    . Born in Surrey, England; living in Kent.

GREET, MRS. (DORA VICTOIRE). ca.1859-1946. Died in Oxfordshire, England.

GREGORY, CHARLES ERIC CYRIL. ca.1901-1970. Born in India; died in Spain. Joint pseudonym with presumed wife Valerie Evelyn Gregory, 1908-1973: Charles Evelyn, q.v.

GREGORY, FRANK. Delete reference to Francis Edward Coulton Gregory.

GREGORY, VALERIE EVELYN. 1908-1973. Journalist. Died in Portsmouth, England. Joint pseudonym with presumed husband Charles Eric Cyril Gregory, ca.1908-1970: Charles Evelyn, q..v

GREIG, FRANCIS. Pseudonym of David Harsent, 1942-    . Other pseudonym: Jack Curtis, q.v.

GREY, JILLIAN. Donna L. Julian, 1946-2004.


    A Cold Snap on Snow Hill. [Birmingham, England]
GREY, VALERIE. Stephen B. Clark. (Deleting birth date.)

GRIBBLE, DOROTHY ROSE. 1917-    . Born in Totnes, Devonshire, England; actress, theatre producer, poetry reader and writer.

    Curves Can Cast Shadows. (by Alexander John Blair Paterson, 1902-1976, q.v.) (Correction.)
    Main Street Morgue. (by Alexander John Blair Paterson, 1902-1976, q.v.) (Correction.)
    Night Patrol. (by Alexander John Blair Paterson, 1902-1976, q.v.) (Correction.)
    The Poisonous Angel. (by Alexander John Blair Paterson, 1902-1976, q.v. (Correction.)

GRIFFIN, A. M. This was a woman from Nottingham, England, possibly Mary Agnes Griffin, 1911-2003.

GRIFFIN, MAURICE LESLIE. 1938-    . Pseudonym: Mo Griffin, q.v.

GRIFFIN, MO. Pseudonym of Maurice Leslie Griffin, 1938-    .

    -King Coppersmith. [Hawaii]

GRIFFITHS, JOHN. Born in England; educated at Oxford; served with British diplomatic services in the Far East; teaching English literature in Arizona.

GRIFFITHS, JOHN. 1943-    . Has a Ph.D. in Metaphysics; writes poetery on death and the afterlife.
GRIFFITHS, P(AT) M. 1928-    . Born in London, England.

GRIGGS, TIM [TIMOTHY DOUGLAS GRIGGS], 1948-    . Born in Surrey, England.

GRIMSHAW, MARK. Add pseudonym: Ernest L. McReay, q.v.

GUARRACINO, BEATRICE CHARLOTTE CRAFER. 1859-1937. Pseudonym: Beatrice Selwyn, q.v.

GUDGER, S(ANDRA) I(RENE). 1943-    .

GUNN, VIRGINIA S. 1929-    . Living in Pittsburgh.

GURR, TOM. H(arry) H(ubert) Cox, 1900-1971.

GWYN, ANNE BAXTER. Pseudonym of Mrs. Maud Edmonds.

GWYNNE, AGNES M(ARY). 1862-1935. Born in New South Wales, Australia; died in Victoria.

GWYNNE, ESTELLE (NITA G.). 1887-1974.
    -Freda Meredith. Epworth, 1931

GWYNNE, P. N. Pseudonym of John F. Jolis, 1946-    .
    Pushkin Shove. [Europe]

    -Riding to Lose. Aldine pb (Diamond Library), 1910
    -The Schoolhouse Mystery. Aldine pb (Diamond Library), 1909
    -Won by a Neck. Aldine pb (Diamond Library), 1910

HACKENBERRY, CHARLES (R.). 1939-2012. Earned a Ph.D. in English from Penn State, where he tought for many years.

    Beneath the Low Light. [England]

HADLEY, HAROLD. 1897-1964. Delete entry (book is nonfiction).

HAFER, EUGENE G. 1891-1957. Died in Missouri.

HAIBLUM, ISIDORE. 1935-2012.

HAIG, IRENE. Born in Morrisburg, Ontario, Canada; graduate of Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario; radio commentator and newspaper columnist in Bellevue, Ontario.

HAILEY, HAZEL ROSS. 1897-1986. Journalist born in Missouri and died in Arizona.       
HALDIMAND, MADELEINE. Probably Madeleine Haldimand Johnson, 1919-1983, born in Pennsylvania, living in New York in her middle years, and dying in San Diego.

HALL, LAWRENCE E. SC: Nelson Sanders, in “Montana Justice” and subsequent novel(s).

HALL, MARGARET. 1925-    . Born in Christchurch, New Zealand; prolific writer of young adult fiction.


HALLGREN, ANDREW GAYLE. 1951-    . Possible joint pseudonym with Rhonda Lee Bennon, 1952-    : Rebecca Swift, q.v.

HALLOWELL, ALICE. 1851-1921. Poet, an invalid, known as “The Little Sunshine Poetess of the United States”; born in Virginia and died in Washington D.C.
    The Stolen Baby, Marion Clarke. (A strange book, based on the actual kidnaping of baby Marion Clarke, with a number of poems to set the scene, followed by an account of the kidnaping based on police and newspaper reports.)

HALPERN, JAY. 1951-    . (Correcting birth date.)

HALPIN, MARY DOREEN. Working in the theatre and living in Toronto.

HALSEY, HELEN NORWOOD. 1868-    . (Correcting birth date.)  No death date found.

HALSTEAD, ADA L.  Laura Eugenia Newhall, 1861-1901.

HAMILL, DESMOND. 1936-2013. (Correcting birth date.)

HAMILTON, ADAM. (George?) Arthur Moore, 1914-2005.

HAMILTON, ALISTAIR. Tasman Beattie, 1930-2000.

HAMILTON, HENRY. Born in Nunhead, Surrey, England; died in Sandgate, Kent; actor turned playwright, lyricist and critic.

HAMILTON, NAN. Nanoni Patricia Maude Hamilton Ball, 1917-2008.

HAMILTON, SYLVIAN. 1937-2005. Born Sylvia Grace Hobbs in Portsmouth, England; married a man named Gillen in Canada ca.1956, then Patrick Hamilton in 1965; latterly changed her first name to Sylvian.


HAMPSON, CEDRIC (EDWARD KEID). (Showing name in full.)

HAMPTON, JAMES EDGAR. 1945-    . Pseudonym: Jay Hampton, q.v.

HAMPTON, JAY. Pseudonym of James Edgar Hampton, 1945-    .
HAMPTON, RUTH E. (Adding middle initial.) Both titles were intended for younger readers.

HANSEN, RICHARD EARL. Lt. Colonel U.S. Air Force, retired; born in St. Paul, Minnesota; served in the Pacific in WWII, in Korea and Vietnam; has B.A. from University of Minnesota and M.A. from Syracuse University.


HANSON, JAMES W. 1893-1981.

HARDIE, D(AVID) W(ILLIAM) F(ERGUSON). 1906-1981. Died in St. Andrews, Fife, Scotland.

HARDING, D(OUGLAS) E(DISON). 1909-2007. Born in Lowestoft, Suffolk, England; died in Nacton near Ipswich, England; philosopher, scientist, artist and mystic.

HARDING, E(DWARD) F(RANCIS). ca.1881-1957. (Corrections.)  Served in the Indian Army.

HARDING, (LESLIE) ROBERT. 1897-1978. Born in Watford, Hertfordshire, England; died in the Southend area of Essex.

HARDING, WALLACE J(AMES?). 1839-1899(?). Born in Lambeth, Middlesex, England.
HARDMAN, S(AMUEL). 1855-1941.

HARDY, GEORGE WEBB. Amend to read: admitted to the bar in 1889, though this has been challenged as untrue.

HARDY, IZA D. 1850-1922. (Correcting birth date.) Born in Middlesex, England.

HARDY, JEAN. Pseudonym of Jean Kerkorian Bullians. (Removing the uncertainty.)

HARING, DON(ALD ANTHONY). 1922-1981. Corrected biographical sketch: American serviceman in Australia, married in Sydney in 1942 (wife was Coralie Linda Haring), left Australia in 1959, and lived in the U.K. before relocating to the U.S.; died in Honolulu.

HARKER, CHARLES R(OBERT). 1856-    . Born in Dover, New Hampshire; lived in San Jose area of California; death not traced.

HARPER, RICHARD (J.). 1928-2012. Magazine short story writer and novelist; journalism graduate of University of Missouri; served in the U.S. Marines; variously a forest ranger, U.S. Border Patrolman, and employment interviewer; died in Arizona.

HARPER-COLLINS, RICHARD SHARMAN. 1897-1976. Born in Kamptee, India; died in Marandallas, Zimbabwe.

HARRINGTON, KATHERINE [MRS. ROLF BENNETT]. ca.1881-1962. Birth name may have been Katherine Watt-Tanner.

HARRINGTON, R(OBERT) E(DWARD). 1931-1996(?). (Corrections.)

HARRIS, ALLENA (KANKA). ca.1888-1938. Born in New York; died in Omaha, Nebraska.

HARRIS, BRADLEY. Canadian freelance writer and writing teacher living in Memphis, Tennessee; has a B.A. and J.D. as well as an MFA in Creative Writing. SC: Jack Minyard, in “Ruby, Ruby” and subsequent novel(s).

HARRIS, DON(ALD) R. 1941-2009.

HARRIS, HOWARD. Pseudonym of Thomas H(arris) Block, 1945-    , q.v.

HARRIS, J(OSIAH) H(ENRY). 1847-1917. Add: died in Cornwall, England.

HARRIS, JULIE. Born in Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia. Pseudonym: J. Radford Keir, q.v.

HARRIS, LARRY M(ARK). Birth name of author who adopted his Polish grandfather’s name and became Laurence M. Janifer, q.v., in 1963, and thereafter used it in his writings. Pseudonym: Laura Mae Jansen, q.v. Joint pseudonym with Randall (Phillips) Garrett, 1927-1987, q.v., Mark Phillips, q.v.

HARRIS, WALTER B., III. Born in Huntsville, Alabama; has B.S. in engineering from the U.S. Naval Academy; served 26 years as a fighter pilot in U.S. Air Force; living in Norfolk, Virginia.

HARRISON, F(ANNIE OR FRANCES) HEWITT [MRS. JILSON PAYNE HARRISON]. 1879-1970. Born in McManor Plantation near Donaldsville, Louisiana; died in New Orleans; a nurse.  (Delete reference to Joseph Miller.)

HARRISON, PAYNE. 1948-   . (Correcting birth date.)

HARRISON, SAM(UEL G.). 1947-    . Florida journalist and writer.

HARRISON, WILSON GEORGE ALFRED. 1908-1964. Born in Cardiff, Wales; died in Devon, England.
HARSENT, DAVID. Add pseudonym: Francis Greig, q.v.

HARTER, WALTER L(EASE). 1909-1989. (Corrections.)

HARTLEY, OLGA (MARY). 1892-1963(?). (Corrections.)           

HARTY, STACY (ANN). 1970-    . (Correcting birth date.)

HARTZELL, ALBERT A. 1868-1928.
    -Alicia. Revere (Buffalo, New York), 1904 [New England]


HARVEY, GARETH. ca.1960-    . Television journalist, producer and director; associated with Zagara Films in Italy.

HARVEY, LINDA RUTH. 1942-    . (Correcting birth date.)

HARVEY, MARIE. ca.1882-1946. Birth name uncertain; died in London, England, where death registered as Marie A. B. Harvey, with probate record as Marie Annie Beatrice Bennett Hilton, otherwise Marie Bennett or Marie Annie Beatrice Virginia Harvey.

HARWARD, J(ANET) L(INDA). 1951-    .

HATFIELD, WILLIAM. Pseudonym of Ernest Chapman, 1892-1969. Born in Nottingham, England; went to Australia in 1911 and worked on cattle stations.
    -Ginger Murdoch. Angus (Sydney), 1937 [Australia]

HATHAWAY, DENNIS (D.). 19420    . (Correcting birth date.)

HAUCK, LOUISE PLATT. Born Fairy Louise Healy in 1884, though most seem to accept the 1883 birth date; assumed the surname Platt when her mother remarried in 1891.


HAW, GEORGE. 1872-1914. Born in Darlington, England; died in Middlesex; journalist and author on social conditions in London.

HAWKE, CHRISTOPHER. Pseudonym of Surgeon-Captain Richard “Rick” Jolly, 1946-    . Born in Hong Kong; trained in medicine at St. Bart’s in London; a Royal Navy medical officer who served in the Falklands War.

HAWKE, JONATHAN. Pseudonym of Rev. Charles Martin,   -1919, a Methodist minister in Australia; died in Adelaide.

    -Dragon Strike, with Simon (John) Holberton, 1955-    .

HAWORTH, CECIL. Note: Although this is the name given on the cover of “The Mystery of Wall’s Hill,” the title page gives Cecil Raworth.

HAY, MARY CECIL. ca.1838-1886.  Born Mary Cecilia Hay in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England; died in Sussex.

HAYCOX, ERNEST (JAMES).  (Adding middle name.)


HAYWOOD, DAGNEY. Pseudonym of John Dagney Major, 1875-1937.

HAZARD, LAURENCE. Patricia Miriam Copping Barr, 1934-    .

HAZELTON, ALFRED JOHN REYNOLDS ROLFE. 1847-1896. See: Frederick Hazelton.

HAZELTON, FREDERICK. Possibly Alfred John Reynolds Rolfe Hazelton, 1847-1896

HEAD, HELEN SMITH [HELEN SMITH HEAD JOHNSTON]. 1916-1989. Born in Atlanta; died in San Francisco.

HEAD, NICHOLAS. 1938-    .

    -The Chums of Chilton College. Aldine pb (Diamond Library), 1910

HEARNDEN, BERYL. 1897-1978. Died in Ipswich, Suffolk, England.

HEARST, JAMES (S.) (Adding middle initial.)  Carmelita Calderwood, 1901-1951.

HEASMAN, FRANCES (A.). 1951-    . Born in Bromley, England.

HEATH, ELIZABETH ALDEN. Edith Austin Holton, 1881-1981.

HEATH, ERIC. Pseudonym of Vernon Bernard Hoagland, 1888-1970. Born in Golden, Colorado; died in California; actor, screenwriter and author.

HEATH, ROYAL V(ALE). 1883-1960. New York City broker, magician and puzzle enthusiast. See: Gerald (Lynton) Kaufman, 1893-1968.

HEATH, ROYSTON. Pseudonym of George Charles Wallis, 1871-1956. Born in Weedon, Nottinghamshire, England; died in Sheffield, Yorkshire.

HEATHWOOD, CECILIA (PATRICIA TERESA). Living in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

HECTOR, BARBARA. 1902-1985. (Deleting the question marks.) Born in Scotland; died in Worthing, England.

HEINKEL, STANFORD. Pseudonym of Reginald Stanley Hennell, 1903-1989; generally known as Sanford Hennell or Stan Hennell.

HELD, PETER. John Holbrook Vance, 1916-2013.

HEMING, LEO. 1926-    . Born in Djemba, Java; living in England.

HEMINGWAY, KENNETH. (Deleting the possible birth/death dates.)

HEMINGWAY, R(ICHARD) D(’OYLY). 1878-1961. Died in Tonbridge, Kent, England.

HEMLIN, TIM(OTHY DEAN). (Giving full name.)

HENN, (JOHN?) HENRY. 1927-2000(?).

HENNELL, REGINALD STANLEY. 1903-1989. Pseudonym: Stanford Heinkel, q.v.

HENRY, JACK. ca.1894-1956. Inspector at Scotland Yard until ca.1938, then landlord of Belsize Tavern, Hampstead, England.

HENSHAW, (WILLIAM) KEITH. ca.1923-1989. Born in New Zealand; joined Merchant Navy at age 17; settled in London after WWII, writing plays and stories and editing reference works; moved to Scotland in 1980 and opened a bookshop and bindery in Edinburgh; retired in 1988 and died the following year.
    Sea Vermin. [London]

HENTON, J. A. Joint pseudonym of Henry A. Kozlowski and Anthony Ostoff, Jr.

HERBERT, JAMES (JOHN). 1943-2013.

HERBERT, (FREDERICK ) WILLIAM V(ON). ca.1860-    . Born on a British vessel in the North Sea; apparent birth name Gustave Friedrich Wilhelm Von Harlessem; death not traced.
HERITAGE, JANE [DEBORAH JANE HERITAGE BAILEY]. 1967-    . Born in Amersham, Buckinghamshire, England; living in Harrow.

HERON-MAXWELL, BEATRICE (ELLEN). F(lorence) E(liza) Eastwick, 1855-1941. (Corrections.)

HERROD, WALTER. Series: Biggleton = B.
    -Biggleton for Ever. Aldine pb (Diamond Library), 1912 B
    Christmas with Kettle & Co. Aldine pb (Diamond Library), 1912
    -The Fat Boy of Biggleton. Aldine pb (Diamond Library), 1912 B
    -Kettle and the Blackmailers. Aldine pb (Diamond Library), 1912
    -Kettle at the Circus. Aldine pb (Diamond Library), 1912
    -Kettle for the Cup. Aldine pb (Diamond Library), 1912
    -Kettle’s Cadets. Aldine pb (Diamond Library), 1912
    -Kettle’s Christmas. Aldine pb (Diamond Library), 1912
    -Kettle’s Hat Trick. Aldine pb (Diamond Library), 1912
    -Kettle’s New Chum. Aldine pb (Diamond Library), 1912
    -Kettle’s Rebellion. Aldine pb (Diamond Library), 1912
    -Larks for the Biggleton Boys. Aldine pb (Diamond Library), 1912 B

HERSEY, APRIL. 1924-    . See: April McKee-Wright.

HERVEY, MAURICE H. ca.1855-    . College headmaster in Australia, then a special correspondence for the London Times in Chile, then back in England; death not traced.
HERZOG, DOROTHY. 1899-1989. Author and journalist, born in Shelby City, Tennessee; died in the Bronx, New York.

HESS, KAMELLE. Pseudonym of Karl (H.) Meyer, 1923-2010, q.v.

HEWETT, JOAN [GLADYS JOAN HEWETT TANNER BATTERSHILL]. 1904-    . Born in Middlesex, England; death not traced.

HEY, STAN(LEY B.). 1951-    . Born in Lancashire, England; author and writer for television living in Wiltshire.

    Greystone’s Dilemma. Add [academia]

    Naked Came the Manatee. Elmore (John) Leonard (Jr.), 1925-2013.
HICKERSON, (GEORGE) HAROLD. 1893-1986. Born in Fort Worth, Texas; died in New York.

HICKMAN, GAIL MORGAN. 1952-   . Pseudonym: Wesley Morgan, q.v.

HICKMAN, HAL. Pseudonym of Jon Burmeister, 1933-2001, q.v.

HILARION. Campbell D. Mckellar, 1859-1925. (Correcting last name spelling, adding death date.

HILDREY, MIKE [MICHAEL G. HILDREY]. 1941-    . Born in Scotland; a journalist.

HILL, DOROTHY (ELIZABETH) [MRS. GEORGE ALEXANDER HILL]. 1885-1960. Born Dorothy Elizabeth Browne in Ipswich, England; married author George Alexander Hill in 1930; died in Germany.

HILL, JOHN.     -1904.  (Author of “Treason-Felony,” etc.)  Birth date not traced.

HILL, JOHN. ca.1896-    . (Author of “The Dope Ring”.) Surgeon on the ship Mauretania; death date not traced.

    -Rumour’s Daughter. Rich, 1949 [India]

HILL, SAM. Harvey (Stewart) Turner, 1930-    .

HILLARY, MAX. Pseudonym of John Hutton Balfour Browne, 1845-1921. Born in Scotland; became a barrister in 1870; died near Dumfries, Scotland.

HILLCOAT, CHARLES H(ENRY LORENZO WESTENRA). 1847-1902. Born in Bengal, India; died in Gosford, New South Wales, Australia.

HILLIARD, (WILLIAM) MAURICE. (Adding first name.)

HILLIER, DAVID (ROBERT GEOFFREY). 1962-     . Born in Cornwall, England.
    -Storm Within. Warner pb (London), 1995 [England, 1640s]
    Trevanion. Warner pb (London), 1994 [England, 1700s]


HILLS, WILLIAM MURRAY. 1877-1920s. Born in Auburn, New York; precise death date not traced.

HILTON, ALICE HOWARD. ca.1856-   . (Death date not traced.)

HINDS, ANTHONY. 1922-2013.

HINTON, JANE. Pseudonym of Jane Rtith Hinton Gates Smith, 1908-1962. Born in Philadelphia; apparently died in Virginia; playwright, scenario writer in Hollywood, and translator from the French.

HIRO, DILIP. ca.1930-    . Born in Larkana, British India; educated at Virginia Polytechnic Institute; playwright, political writer, journalist, historian and analyst living in London.
    A Triangular View. Add British edition: Dobson, 1969

HITT, JACK [JOHN THOMAS HITT]. (Giving name in full.)

HOAGLAND, VERNON BERNARD. 1888-1970. Pseudonym: Eric Heath, q..v

HOARE, HUGH ALAN. 1918-1980.

HOBART, ROBERTSON. Add probable pseudonym: J. Earle Dixon, q.v.

HOBBS, MARC J. Born in England; an Australian by choice; enlisted in the Australian Imperial Forces and served in both world wars; birth and death dates not traced.

HOBBS, STERLING. ca.1953-    . Journalist and Nation of Islam Minister serving life term for murder; now known as Amir Fatir.

HOBSON, B. Delete entry (listed book is under James, Bert).

HOCKING, SILAS (KITTO). Born in St. Stephen-in Brannel, Cornwall, England. (Clarification.) Add: Methodist minister, ordained in 1870.

HODGE, CHARLES (WILLIAM LEVO).  (Showing name fully.)

HODGES, HORACE. T(homas) W(igney) Percyval was the pseudonym of Thomas Wigney Price, 1863-1943.


HOHENBERG, ROSAYLMER. 1931-2010. Possibly Rosaylmer Burger, q.v.

HOILE, EDWARD (VICTOR MORRIS). (Giving name fully.)  Guy Paxton, ca.1889-1953.

HOLBERTON, SIMON (JOHN). 1955-    . Born in Australia; living in England.

HOLDEN, J(OHN) RAILTON. 1891-1952. Born in Manchester, England; died in Evesham, Worcestershire.

    Fatal Beauty. (Intended for adults learning to read.)

HOLDER, WILLIAM (E.). 1928(?)-2001(?).


HOLLAND, MARTY. Mary Holland, 1919-1971.

HOLLAND, MARY. 1919-1971. Born in Beaverdam, Ohio; died in Los Angeles; a studio script typist in Hollywood.

HOLLAND, RUPERT SARGENT. Add: practiced law in Philadelphia for ten years; author of more than 50 books for children; died in Philadelphia.

HOLMES, ROBERT. 1868-1954(?). Born in Skegby, Nottinghamshire, England; later in Sheffield he was the city’s first probation officer, a prison chaplain, and served 17 years as a police court missionary. SC: Walter Greenway = WG.
    Walter Greenway, Spy and Hero; His Life Story. Blackwood, 1917 WG ss: The Baghdad Explosion \ A Casual Meeting \ A Consultation \ The Family Opinion \ Fruitless Investigations \ Iza Greenway, Beloved \ Walter Greenway, Bedouin \ Walter Greenway, Enigma \ Walter Greenway, Hero \ Walter Greenway, Lover \ Walter Greenway, Mute Again \ Walter Greenway, Spy
    Walter Greenway, Spy, and Others, Sometime Criminal. Blackwood, 1916 ss: Bombardier Buxton \ A Corporal and His Sergeant \ Corporal Joseph Simms \ Deck-Hand Michael Reaney \ Driver Macdonald \ Gunner John Erhagat \ A Pal’s Quartette \ Pioneer Brand \ Private Garrett \ Private Thomas Williams \ Sapper Tony Barrow \ Sergeant Archibald Gillies, R.A.M.C. \ Sergeant Major James \ Sergeant Ward, D.C.M. \ Stoker George Peary \ Trimmer Alfred Gibbs \ Walter Greenway, Spy (WG)

HOLT, GEORGE E(DMUND). 1881-1950. Born in Illinois; died in San Diego.

HOLT, LEE. Pseudonym of Leila Holt Lomax Wethey, 1865-1933. Born in Stratford, England; married naturalized American Arthur Harvey Wethey in 1905; lived in the U.S. 1908-1914, then in Paris where she died.
    Havana Heat. Pacific Rim Press, 1993 [Havana]

HOLTON, EDITH AUSTIN. 1881-1981. Died in Volusia, Florida.

HOLYOAKE, (VIOLET) NOEL. 1882-1967. School mistress; died in Worcester, England.

HOMELY, JOSIAS. John Bradford, ca.1801-    . Born in Devon, England, and a customs and excise officer living in Newton Abbot in 1841; definite death date not found.

HOMER, A(LBERT) N(EWTON). ca.1866-1929. Born at sea; died in Steyning, Sussex, England; commercial traveler for a printing company.

HONEYCUTT, LEO (BAXTER). 1955-    . (Correcting birth date.)


HOOD, WILLIAM (JOSEPH). 1920-2013.

HOPE, COLIN. Pseudonym of Leonard William Brockman, 1898-1989. Newspaper editor born and lived in the Thanet area of Kent, England.

HOPE, HENRY JOHN. 1899-1967.


HORNUNG, EDWIN F. Add pseudonym: Otto Kicks, q.v.
HORTON, SAMUEL. 1857-1949. Born in Prees, Shropshire, England; died in Bournemouth; Methodist minister and President of the Primitive Methodist Church; traveler in Europe and America; editor, novelist and writer.


HOUK, L. C. VIOLETT. ca.1882-    . (Changing birth date.) Daughter of Leonidas C. Houk, congressman from Tennessee; her initials don’t stand for anything; writer and artist; in 1960 listed as Violet Seaton Frank; death not traced.

    Scene of Death. [England]

HOUSE, LYNDON G. 1958-    .

HOUSEKEEPER, M(ARY) R(EAD. 1838-1920. Born in Philadelphia; died in Ashland, Illinois; music teacher and seamstress.

HOUSTON, MRS. MAGGIE J. ca.1850-1895. Birth name: Margaret Jane Sinclair.

HOUSTON, MARGARETE. Delete entry; book is moving to Anonymous.

HOUSTOUN, MATILDA CHARLOTTE. 1811-1891. Born Matilda Charlotte Jesse in West Bromwich, Staffordshire, England; died in Pimlico. See Anonymous (“Such Things Are”).

HOWARD, CLARK. 1932-    . (Correcting birth date.)

HOWARD, WENDELL (PHILLIP). 1889-    . Born in Mississippi and was in Chicago in the 1940s; death not traced.

HOWARD-BURLEIGH, F(LORENCE S.). Delete entry; book is properly listed under the author as Florence S. Howard Burleigh.

HOWELL, CONSTANCE (MARY). 1843-1924. Born in Bath, England; died in Hampshire.

HOWLETT, ANTHONY (J.). 1944-1991.


HOYT, TAMARA L(EA). 1969-    . (Correcting birth date.)

HOYTE, HENRY. Pseudonym/professional name of Australian actor Henry Harbord McDonald, 1864-1899. Born in Melbourne, juvenile lead in Australia before moving to New Zealand and then America; died in San Francisco.

HRIBAL, C(LAUDE) J(OHN). 1956-    . (Correcting birth date.)

HUDSON, LILLIAN (ROW). 1859-    . (Correcting birth date.) Born in Iowa; married Frank Hudson in Sacramento in 1885; a widow by 1920; lived in Berkeley/San Francisco; death not traced.

HUDSON, VALERIE M. 1955-    . (Correcting birth date.)

HUGHES, ALFRED (BENJAMIN). ca.1818-1888. Born and died in Middlesex, England; was Chief of Police in Bath.

HUGHES, BEATRIX. ca.1888(?)-1954(?). Delete reference to De Crespigny.

HUGHLOCK, JERALYN J. 1950-    . (Correcting birth date.)
HULSE, CHARLES (GERALD). 1929-    . Dancer, dance instructor, interior designer and writer; living in Sri Lanka.

HUMANA, CHARLES. Joseph Jacobs, 1921-1992. (Correction.)

    The Mystery of a Hansom Cab. TV movie: Burberry (Australia), 2012 (scw: Glen Dolman; dir: Shawn Seet)

HUMES, LARRY R. [LAWRENCE RUSSELL HUMES]. (Giving name in full.)

HUMMASTI, NEIL WALDEMAR. 1949-2011. Born and died in Astoria, Oregon; educated at Portland State University; taught and coached in Oregon public schools; traveled widely.

HUMPHREY, HARRY E(RVIN). 1873-1947. Born and died in California; actor, elocutionist, monologist and recording artist.

HUNSBURGER, H(ARRY) EDWARD. 1947-2011. Born in Buffalo, New York; lived in New York City, Fort Lauderdale and Minneapolis; died in Los Cruces, New Mexico.


HUNTER, SIR JOHN MARK SOMERS. 1865-1932. Possible pseudonym: Mark Somers, q.v.

HUNTER, (CHAPMAN) KEN(DALL). 1934-    . Born in High Point, North Carolina; graduate of Hampden Sydney College; served in U.S. Marines and Air Force; retired from Westinghouse.

HURLBA, ALTON. Walter Palmer Hoxie, 1860-1934.

HURRELL, F(RANCIS) G(ORDON). 1885-1957. Born in Guiltcross, Norfolk, England; died in Reading.

HURST, S(AMUEL) B(ERTRAM) H(AWORTH). 1876-1937. Born in Worsley, Lancashire, England; died in the U.S.
    -Coomer Ali. Harper, 1922; Long, 1924 [ship]

HUSSEY, ELINOR CAROLINE. 1941-    . Born in Dublin, Ireland.

HUTCHINGS, (REGINALD) ROGER (SALIS). 1915-2003. Born in Croydon, London, England; died in Bradford, Yorkshire; a journalist.

HUTSON, WILEY JAMES COCKE. (Giving name in full.)

HUTTER, CATHERINE M. T. 1907-1997. Born in Berlin, Germany; married Stefan Severin Fraenkel in England in 1928 and divorced by 1940; died in New Haven, Connecticut. Joint pseudonym with son Donald Steven Hutter, 1932-1990: Kate Mallory, q.v.

HUTTER, DONALD STEVEN. 1932-1990. Birth registered as Donald S. S. Frankel in Hampstead, London, England; died in Norwalk, Connecticut. Joint pseudonym with mother Catherine M. T. Hutter, 1907-1997: Kate Mallory, q.v.

HUTTON, ALFRED. 1853-1913. Possible pseudonym: Hartley Tamlyn, q.v.

HUTTON, MICHAEL (EARLE) CLAYTON. 1920-1953. Playwright and teacher.

HUXLEY, DAVID. 1936-    .

HYMER, JOHN (B.). Leroy Clemens, 1888-1951. (Correcting birth date.)

HYWEL, WILLIAM. Pseudonym of William Hywel Jones, 1909-1984.
ILE, TASMAN. Alan Palamountain, 1903-1991. (Deleting question marks.) Born in Tasmania; died in Queensland, Australia.

INGRAM, GEORGE. Pseudonym of Alfred Ernest Tragheim, 1892-1976. Add: Served time in prison, so some books probably based on personal experience.
INNES, MURRAY M(cCHEYNE). 1907-1962. A schoolteacher in Queensland, Australia.
IONS, EDMUND S. A. 1929-    .

IRAM, LEWIS. Beatrice Mary Lewis, 1863-1903(?).
    Clenched Antagonisms. [London]

IRONSIDE, ELIZABETH. Lady Caroline Manning, 1951-    .

    The Border Runners. (Intended for younger readers.)

IRVINE, E(MILY) MARIE. 1872-1959. Journalist born Emily Mary Compigne in Queensland, Australia; married George Henry Irvine in 1894. (Delete reference to university professor.)



ISON, GRAHAM (L. V.). 1933-    .

IYER, (NATHAN) ANDREW. 1966-    . Born in Staffordshire, England; a lawyer sentenced to prison for defrauding his law firm.

J. Pseudonym of Beryl Bernadine Jean Windsor, 1888-1985.

JACKMAN, GIL. Born in Liverpool, England; has served in the Royal Marines, New Zealand SAS and New Zealand Police; has also lived in South Africa and most recently in France.
    Mantis. Citron, 1999

JACKSON, C(LAUDE) S(IDNEY). 1919-1971. Born in London, England; died in Sussex.

JACKSON, HUGH NELSON. 1898-1948. Born in Broken Hill, New South Wales, Australia; died in Perth.

JACOBS, JOSEPH. 1921-1992. (Correction.)

JACOBS, T(HOMAS) C(URTIS) H(ICKS). Note: Thomas Curtis Hicks Jacobs was his birth name, but in 1941 he changed his name legally to Thomas Curtis Hicks Pendower, so subsequently published books could credited as under pseudonyms of Pendower.
JAMES, BARBARA [BARBARA ETHEL JAMES MACKAY]. 1912-2000.  Actress wife of Lewis Hugh Mackay (correction).

JAMES, BERT. Possibly the pseudonym of B. Hobson.
    The Mystery of the Boxing Contest. NSW Bookstall (Sydney), 1910 [Sydney]

JAMES, KENNETH. Note: The Insp. Thackeray plays were written to teach English as a second language.
JANES, (EU)GENE. 1925-    . Born in Lewisham, England; went to Australia after WWII. (Delete pseudonym information.)

JANES, HUGH (S.). 1947-    . Child actor, then playwright.

JANIFER, LAURENCE M. Birth name Larry Mark Harris, q.v., but he adopted the name of his Polish grandfather in 1963, and his death is listed under Janifer. Pseudonym: Laura Mae Jansen, q.v.

JANIS, ELSIE. Marguerite Aspinwall, 1888-1982.

JARRETT, PAUL. Pseudonym of Richard Rodger,     -2013. Other pseudonym: Guy Fraser, q.v.

JARVIS, H(ENRY) W(OOD). 1880-1970. Born in Tunbridge Wells, England; died in Kingston upon Thames.

JASON. Correct from Gordon Stannus to G. Stannus.

JAUNIERE, CLAUDETTE.  Rachel Varinot-Laude Galereau, 1901-1989.

JEAN, (MARIE JOSEPH) ALBERT (FRANCOIS). 1892-1975. Poet, novelist, playwright and writer for radio.

JELLETT, DR. H(ENRY). Born in County Cork, Ireland; died in Christchurch, New Zealand.

JELLEY, SYMMES M(AJOR). 1855-1925. Add: died in Chicago.


JENKINS, LOUISA HADOW. 1834-1932. Possible pseudonym: J. C. Chillington, q.v.

    The Man Who Feared. British edition: No Clues, as by Murray Leinster. Wright & Brown, 1935

JESSUP, CLAUDIA J. 1943-    . (Correcting birth date.)

JOERDEN, MARGA(RET E.). 1922-2013. (Correcting birth date.)

JOEY (BLACK). Pseudonym/alias of Max Kurschner, 1932-1982. Born in New York; died in San Mateo, California.

JOHNS, ALLAN (W.). 1941-    . Born in Swansea, Wales.

JOHNS, BLAIR. Pseudonym of Alexander John Blair Paterson, 1902-1976. See also: Griff, Hans Lugar, Ben Sarto, Hank Spencer.  (Correction.)

JOHNSON, ADRIAN (O.). 1883-1964. Born in Knoxville, Tennessee; died in Los Angeles; silent film screenwriter; worked for Fox Films first in Fort Lee, New Jersey and later in Los Angeles; his films were among the highest grossing Fox films of the day; cousin to co-author Elizabeth Johnson, 1881-1936.

JOHNSON, BILL. Pseudonym of Tom (Barnard) Taggart, 1908-1985, q.v. Other pseudonyms: Joseph Scott, Joseph Spalding, qq.v. Joint pseudonym with James Reach, 1905-1970, q.v.: Ross MacRoss, q.v.

JOHNSON, GUY. Birth name: Clyde Bailey Johnson.

    -The Busking Coons. Aldine pb (Diamond Library), 1908

JOHNSON, JANICE KAY. Janice K. J. Baczewski, 1955-    . (Correcting birth date.)

JOHNSON, MADELEINE HALDIMAND. 1919-1983. See: Madeleine Haldimand.

JOHNSON, MAURICE C. One contemporary notice identified this as the pseudonym of Harry Stephen Keeler, 1889-1967, q.v.

JOHNSON, PHILIP (DUNBAR). 1900-1984. Born in Derby, England; died in Sussex.

    Sweet Jane Doe. (Title correction.)
JOHNSON, STEVE (NEIL). Novelist and television script writer.

JOHNSON (JR.), WILLIAM OSCAR. 1931-2012. Born and educated in Minnesota; journalist with several newspapers and Sports Illustrated; novelist, historian, cartoonist, painter, radio news broadcaster and biographer; died in New York.

JOHNSON, ZOE (ALFREDA?). 1913(?)-1999(?).
    Mourning After. Bles, 1939

JOHNSTON, MADELEINE. ca.1881-    . Born Madeleine C. Selby in Missouri, married Kelly Ragland Johnston in Indiana in 1904, living in Chicago in the 1940s; death not traced.

JOHNSTON, MYRTLE. 1909-1955.

JOHNSTON, RAY(MOND) R. (CAREW). ca.1851-1938. Born in England, married in Ohio, and died in Los Angeles; columnist and magazine writer; property investor.

JOHNSTON, ROBERT. ca.1867-    . Born in Dublin, Ireland; married Marrion Keene Figgis  in 1900; worked for Bank of Ireland and edited its journal; death not traced.

JOHNSTON, RONALD (MacKIE). 1926-2009. Died in Duns, Scottish Borders.

JOLIS, JOHN F. 1946-    . Pseudonym: P. N. Gwynne, q.v.

JOLLY, SURGEON-CAPTAIN RICHARD “RICK” JOLLY. 1946-    . Pseudonym: Christopher Hawke, q.v.

    Soldier Boy. [Germany, Switzerland] (Setting correction.)

JONES, ELLIS O(LIVER). 1874-1967. (Deleting question marks.) Variously a socialist, journalist, essayist, playwright, magazine editor, isolationist, fascist, and peace activist; born in Columbus, Ohio; died in Santa Rosa, California.
JONES, EUGENE. 1895-1976. Born in New York; died in Sarasota, Florida; short story writer for various magazines, reporter for several New York newspapers; lived also in Honolulu, California and Central America before settling in Florida.
    Who Killed Gregory? Correct setting to: [Florida]

JONES, GEORGE. Pseudonym: Sigil, q.v.

JONES, (JOHN) GRAHAM. (Adding first name.)

JONES, HARRY. State Department officer who has been Consul General in Tel Aviv.

JONES, HAZEL WYNN. 1921-1990. Born Hazel Irene Swift in Epsom, Surrey, England; married Stuart Wynn Jones in 1967; death registered as Hazel Irene W. Jones in Bedfordshire.

JONES, (STANLEY) HOWARD. 1906-1975. Born in Chelsea, England; died in Chichester, Sussex.

JONES, J(AMES) G(EORGE). 1876-1957. (Correcting the name.) Author and journalist.

JONES, JESSE. 1937-    . Born in Detroit; living in California.

JONES, LUCY MARY. 1850-1923. Born Lucy Mary Whiteford in Burnley, England; married Englishman George Jones in New Zealand in 1879; died in Christchurch, New Zealand.

JONES, M. SHERIDAN. 1882-1958. Born Miriam Blake in Wiltshire; married Charles Sheridan Jones in 1907 as Marion Blake; death registered as Miriam S. Jones but her probate is under Marion!

JONES, MARC A. (Correcting first name spelling.)

JONES, MARK (AIDAN). 1947-2003. A “committed communist,” who founded the Conference of Socialist Economists and its journal “Capitol and Class.”

JONES, (ROBERT) MARTIN. (Adding first name.)

JONES, MARY (ELIZABETH) WHITMORE. 1824-1915. (Deleting question marks.)

JONES, PETE. 1923-2000(?).

JONES, PETER DENMAN. 1940-    . Pseudonym: Peter Denman, q.v.

JONES, RUDOLPH CLIFFORD. Pseudonym: John Ross, q.v. (Deleting question mark.)

JONES, W. BRAUNSTON. Pseudonym of William Jones, 1848-1922; author and retired inland revenue officer; born in Braunston, Northamptonshire, England; died in Woodford, Essex.

JONES, WILLIAM. 1848-1933. Pseudonym: W. Braunston Jones, q.v.
JONES, WILLIAM HYWEL. 1909-1984. A doctor in general practice in Amlwch, Anglesey, Wales; also a playwright and biographer. Pseudonym: William Hywel, q.v.

JORDAN, F(RANK HUGH) DORMER. 1881-1918. Born in London, England, died in Edinburgh.
    -Heirs of the Ages. Nisbet, 1914. Possibly also published (apparently abridged, if so) as: The Karel Mystery. Gramol, 1936

JOSS, MORAG. Born Elizabeth M(orag?) Wallace in England; married Timothy Hans Joss in Scotland in 1983; divorced 2008; living in Hampshire.
JUDGE, JAMES P(ATRICK). 1895-1947. Born and died in Akron, Ohio.

JULIAN, DONNA (L.). 1946-2004.

    An Adventure of Oilock Combs: The Succored Beauty. [England] (Note: Originally published in “The Smart Set” in 1905.)

KARNI, MICHAELA (JORDAN). Now an acclaimed artist.

KARSLAND, VEVA. Amy Ellen Stephens, 1860-1936.

    Shadow of Death. (Intended for younger readers.)

KATZ, MOLLY. 1943-    . Mystery writer and former standup comedian.

KATZ, SHELLEY. 1941-    . Novelist and screenwriter, born in the U.S., living in London.

KAUFMAN, GERALD L(YNTON). 1893-1968. (Deleting question marks.)  Architect, author and semiprofessional magician; died in New York City.
    Murder by Magic, with Royal V(ale) Heath, 1883-1960. (Adding co-author.)

KAUFMAN, JESSIE. 1866-1952. Born in New York; died in San Francisco.

KAY, MAXINE AMY. 1910-1970. Born Maxine Amy Kalisch in Manchester, England; father changed the family name legally to Kay; died in Manchester.

KAYE, H. R. Hugh Randolph Knox, 1942-2011.

KAYE, WILLIAM (I.). 1946-    . Novelist, turned radio station production director, then copywriter and consultant; living in Wilmington, Delaware.

    What If the Winner Dies. Genesis, 2000

KEAREY, CHARLES. 1916-1988.
KEATS, GWENDOLINE. Correct to: KEATS, BERTHA GWENDOLINE. 1865-1910. Born in Bideford, Devonshire, England.

KECKHUT, (GASTON) JOHN. ca.1920-    . Born in New Jersey; apparently living in Los Angeles; a chess expert.
KEECH, GERTRUDE C(LARA). 1896-1972. Born Gertrude Clara Catchpole in Lewisham, England; married Hector MacDonald Keech in 1926; died in Torbay, Devonshire.

KEECH, (JOHN) SCOTT. 1936-1998.

KEEGAN, MEL. Pseudonym, and one of the names of a (former?) professional internet fiction writer now (beginning in 1971) living in Australia.

KEELER, HARRY STEPHEN. Pseudonym (according to one 1932 notice): Maurice C. Johnson, q.v.
    Sing Sing Nights. Correct screenwriter of first 1935 film from Marion North to Marion Orth.

KEIR, J. RADFORD. Pseudonym of Julie Harris, 1957-    , q.v.

KELDER, ROBERT. Pseudonym of Roger Ratcliffe, 1942-    . Award-winning investigative journalist, member of the London Times Insight team, worked for BBC Television’s “Panorama.”

KELLER, ROBERT G. 1941-    . Graduate of Princeton and Columbia Law School; journalist, then lawyer in New Jersey.

KELLER, ROLAND (H.). 1950-    . (Correcting birth date.) SC: Easy Taylor, in “Pardee Holler” and subsequent novel(s).

KELLERMAN, DAN. Dan Schmidt, ca.1959-    .

KELLIHER, DAN T. W(illiam) G(arrett) Secrist, 1894-1945.

KELLY, GEORGE. Former special investigator for Customs and Excise.

KELLY, (GEORGE) MAURICE. 1929-    . Born in New Zealand.

KELSEY, FRANKLYN. 1891-1958. Add: died in Cardiff, Wales.
    Lazaro. Film: MGM, 1986, as Where the River Runs Black (scw: Neal Jimenez, Peter Silverman; dir: Christopher Cain)

KENDALL, KATHRYA. Pseudonym of Mathilda “Tillie” Kendall, 1891-1993. Born Mathilda Hansen in Chicago, lived in Washington state from 1920s, and died in Seattle (though the Oregon death index says Multnomah, Oregon).
KENDALL, MATHILDA “TILLIE”. 1891-1993. Pseudonym: Kathrya Kendall, q.v.


KENNEDY, WILLIAM ANTONY. 1877-    . Born in Kentucky; apparently Dr. William A. Kennedy who lived in Lima, Peru; death not traced.

KENNY, ALICE A(NNIE).  (Adding middle name.)

KENNY, ROBERT (JOHN). 1952-    . (Correcting birth date.)

KENT, EDWARD (BULWER LYTTON?). 1867(?)-    . Death not traced.

KENT, LISA [LISA LAUGHLIN KENT]. 1937-    . (Correction.)

KENT, MARIANNE. 1856-1942. Born in Kensington, London, England; died in Chichester, Sussex.

KEON, GRACE. Grace Wallace Doonan, 1873-193?.

KERSCHNER, NOLAN K(ELLERMAN). 1924-2013. Born in Columbus, Ohio; home builder and founder of Kerschner Construction; died in Norwalk, Connecticut.


KEYES, MICHAEL. Joint pseudonym of Howard Van Lieu Bloomfield, 1900-1998, and Duncan Norton-Taylor, 1904-1982.

KEZER, GLENN. 1923-1987. (Deleting question marks.) Born and died in Okfuskee, Oklahoma; was an actor working in New York.

KICKS, OTTO. Pseudonym of Wilbur Braun, 1894-1964, q.v. Other pseudonyms: Ned Albert, Walter Blake, Bruce Brandon, Stephen Bristol, Fred Caldwell, Millard Cosby, Raymond Dumkey, Nan Fleming, Anthony Forsythe, Marsha Grable, Edwin F. Hornung, Jed Parish, Basil Ring, Orville Snapp, Mortimer Sprague, Bert Stoner, Dunstan Weed, qq.v.

KIDDY, MAURICE G(EORGE). 1894-1963. In 1931 he changed his name legally to Maurice George Lloyd; his death was registered as Richard Maurice George Lloyd; born in Edmonton, England; died in London.

KILCOMMONS, (JOHN) DENIS. Journalist for more than 50 years: reporter, feature writer, and columnist; short story writer and novelist. Pseudonym: Peter Lacey, q.v.

KILDEA, VERNON. Pseudonym of Vernon Harold Baker.

KIM, JACK. 1970-    .
    -The Wild Olive. Harper, 1910; Methuen, 1910 [New York]

KING, R(ODERICK NOEL) RALEIGH. 1893-1967. Born in St. George Hanover Square, England; died in Dieppe, France.
KING, SARA (GRACE). 1972-    . (Deleting reference to Sara Olmsted.)

KINGZETT, BRIAN. Pseudonym of Brian Kingzett Taylor, 1924-    .

KINKAID, DEIRDRE LINDSAY BARBER. Actress and playwright.


KLEIN, KATE. 1920-1999. Born Catherine T. Getgen in Pennsylvania; died in Colton, New York.
    The Seaway Tombstone. [N.Y.]

KLINE, VICTOR (ALAN). 1965-    . Add: actor, playwright and theatre director; editor of Federal Court Reports..

KLOP, (GEORGE) THOMAS. 1922-2005. Born in Michigan; died in Nag’s Head, North Carolina.

KNEALE, BRUCE. Pseudonym of Robert Victor Kneale, 1909-1995. Born in Victoria, Australia, and died in Ivanhoe, Victoria.

KNEALE, ROBERT VICTOR. 1909-1995. Pseudonym: Bruce Kneale, q.v.

KNICKERBOCKER, EVELYN. Correct to: KNICKERBOCKER, EVALYN. 1865-    . Born in New York or Georgia; death not traced.

KNIGHT, DORIS (IRENE). 1897-    . Death not traced.

KNIGHT, GEORGE (EDWARD G. C.). 1873-1949. Probable pseudonym: R. Norman Silver, q.v.
    The Circle of the Earth. [England]

KNIGHT, PHYLLIS (A.). 1948-    .
    Shattered Rhythms. Add [Maine]

    And the Deep Blue Sea. Farrar, 1944 [Fla.] (Deleting reference to Gordon Volk.)


    Steps to the Grotto. (by Charles Dodd Naylor, 1941-2005.)

    The Year of Living Dangerously. Film: MGM, 1982 (scw & dir: Peter Weir)

KOCH, ED(WARD IRVING). 1924-2013.

KOCH, VICTORIA. 1955-    . Pseudonym: Victoria Marquez, q.v.

KOCHAR, JESSE. 1942-    . Former naval officer, then columnist; living in Bangalore, India.

KOKE, JAK [JOHN A. KOKE]. (Giving name in full.)

KONING, JAN DE. Possibly the Dutch politician of this name, born in 1926, died in 1994. Pseudonym: Ernest Seymour Willards, q.v.

KOONCE, CHARLES (N.). 1899-1978. (Deleting question marks.)

KOZLOWSKI, HENRY A. Joint pseudonym with Anthony Ostoff, Jr.: J. A. Henton, q.v.

KRAMER, GREG. 1961-2013.

KRELL, EDWIN D. 1921-    . Born in Missouri; reporter for the Houston Chronicle and Globe-Democrat; author of true crime material for “Front Page Detective” and “Inside Detective.”

KRINKEL, N(ANCY) J(ANETTE MARGARET). 1923-1990. Born Nancy Janette Margaret Hine in London, married master mariner Charles William Krinkel in 1943; emigrated to New Zealand in 1946, where she died; playwright and actress.
KRUEGER, TERRY (KENNETH). 1948-    . Professor of humanities at Central Oregon Community College in Bend, Oregon; has M.F.A. from Iowa Writer’s Workshop and Ph.D. in English Literature from University of Iowa.

KUCZKIR, MARY. Roberta Cuomo Anderson [Roberta H. Thalheimer], 1942-2012.

KUEHL, WILLIAM A. 1930-1992. Educated at Northwestern University (B.S., 1951; M.A., 1955); actor and playwright; born in Iowa; died in Pima, Arizona.
KURSCHNER, MAX. 1932-1982. Pseudonym/alias: Joey (Black), q.v.

KUSSY, NATHAN. 1872-1956. Attorney in Newark, New Jersey; prominent in civic work for half a century.
    -The Abyss. Macmillan (New York), 1916 [New York City]
    Crooks. Commission on Training Camp Activities (Washington D.C.), 1918 (Play.)

KUTZ, CYNTHIA VAN HAZINGA. 1944-    . (Correcting birth date.)

LACEY, PETER. Pseudonym of (John) Denis Kilcommons, 1941-    , q.v.

LA COSTE, GUY ROBERT. Edfrid A. Bingham, 1870-1930. (Correcting first name spelling.)

LACROIX, RAMON.  Add pseudonym: Ernest L. McReay, q.v.

LACY, ED. Add pseudonym: Russell Turner, q.v.

LADLINE, ROBERT. Pseudonym of an unidentified writer who lived in Wallasey, Cheshire, England, in the 1930s.

LaFAVOR, CAROLE (S.). 1942-2011.

LAFLIN, JACK (CARLOCK). Born in Brooklyn; graduated cum laude from Princeton University; television sports editor; traveled widely.

LAIT, JACK [JACQUIN LEONARD LAIT]. 1881-1954. (Correcting birth date.) Birth name probably Jacob Lait. Born in New York City; died in Beverly Hills, California; reporter, editor and executive with Hearst newspapers for more than 50 years.

    Tears of Glass. (Note: A multimedia novel, with the text interrelated with an accompanying music cassette, with music by Paul Millns.)

LAKE, JANE. Marianne Joyce Maglich, 1943(?)-    .

LAL, BABU PICHE. Pseudonym of Charles Geoffrey Lloyd, 1884-1953. Born in Wales; died in Kenya; a “Companion of the Indian Empire”.


LAMB, MARY E(LIZABETH). 1839-1916. Born Mary Elizabeth Jordan in Crawfordsville, Indiana; married George W. Lamb; died in Crawfordsville.
    The Mystery of Walderstein. [Europe]

LAMB, MAX. Harry (Allen) Sanford, 1929-1999.

LAMBE, ZOE (VIOLET). Corrected biographical note: Born Zoe Violet Lane in Auckland, New Zealand; first husband Leo Jacobsen died in 1944; traveled to England in 1947 and married the artist Philip Agnew Lambe in 1955; died in New Zealand.

LAMDIN, MILES S. 1952-    . Born in Marylebone, London, England; auctioneer, gallery owner, art history teacher, consultant.

LAMBKIN, DAVID. Pseudonym of David Leslie Goatham, 1947-    .



LANDAUER, LYNDALL BAKER. 1926-2013. Born Lyndall Deane Baker in Oakland, California; married Donald Landauer in 1948; earned a Ph.D. in history at UCLA; professor of history at several colleges; died in Monterey, California.

LANE, GRET. Pseudonym. (Show entry thus.)
LANG, HARRY. 1896-1956. (Correcting the dates.) Born in New York; died in Los Angeles.

LANGE, OLIVER. John Warren Wadleigh, 1927-2013.

LANHAM, PETER. Cecil John Lanham Parker, 1899-1968.

LANZONI, FABIO. 1958-    . (Correcting the birth date.)

LA ROCHE, K(ATHERINE) ALISON. 1904-1979. Born and died in Florida.
LA SERRE, EDWARD. Pseudonym of Edward Fordham Spence, 1860-1932, barrister and drama critic.

LATIGAN, LIONEL (GARTH). 1938-    . Retired civil engineering technician, educated at De La Salle College, East London, South Africa; gold prospector, yacht builder and sailor; living in Cape Town, South Africa.

LATTER, SIMON. Add pseudonym: Rafe Bernard, q.v.

LAUDER, HERBERT VICTOR. See: Robert Herbert Victor Thomas Lauder, 1897-1964.


LAUDER, ROBERT HERBERT VICTOR THOMAS. 1897-1964. He had become Herbert Victor Lauder, q.v.,  by the 1911 census.

LAVERTON, MRS. H(ENRY) S(ANDERSON). 1878-1961. Born Margaret Alice Manley-Sims; married Laverton in 1899; divorced in 1913; married Francis Gordon Lowe in 1914.

LAWRENCE, MARGARET. (Lorraine) Margaret Keilstrup, 1945-2012.

LAWRENCE, ROBERT JACKSON. 1883-1965. Born in Springfield, Illinois; died in Illinois.

LAWRENCE, TERRY [MARY TERESE LAWRENCE]. 1957-    . Born in Saginaw, Michigan; graduate of Michigan State University; poet and novelist living in Florida.
LAWS, MICHAEL. New Zealand politician, broadcaster and writer/columnist.

LAYHEW, JANE.    -1995. Modified biographical sketch: born in Vancouver, Canada, before WWI; married Lew Wallace Layhew; graduated as registered nurse from Prince Rupert and District Hospital in 1935; spent 35 years at Prince George Regional Hospital, becoming head nurse and nursing supervisor; a nursing bursary was endowed at the hospital in her name.

    -Champion of the School. Aldine pb (Diamond Library), 1913
    -The Haunted School. Aldine pb (Diamond Library), 1910
    -Kettle & Co., Unlimited. Aldine pb (Diamond Library), 1910
    -Kettle & Co’s New Partner. Aldine pb (Diamond Library), 1911
    -Kettle’s Century. Aldine pb (Diamond Library), 1910

LEAVER, HAROLD R(USSELL). 1884-1949. A teacher, born in London, England; went to Canada in 1910; died in Victoria, British Columbia.

LE BRETON, JOHN. Alice May Harte Potts Ford, 1869-1931. (Correction.)

LEDWIDGE, MICHAEL S. 1970-    . (Correcting birth date.)

LEE, FLEMING. Fleming Lee Blitch, 1933-2012.

LEE, MARIE (L.). 1931-    .

LEE, MARION BEVERIDGE. ca.1844-1924. Born Marion Beveridge in Scotland; married Martin L. Lee; died in Fulton, Georgia.

LEE, NORMAN (HAROLD). Add probable pseudonym: J. Earle Dixon, q.v.

LEE, THOMAS. ca.1831-190?. Born in Somers Town, London; lived and died in Edmonton, England.

LEEDS, (JOHN) GEOFFREY. 1943-2011.

LEES, R(ALPH) H(OBLEY). 1912-2004. Born in South Africa or Rhodesia; died in Devon, England; occupation variously given as clerk, postal assistant and book-keeper; evidently also an amateur ornithologist in Rhodesia.

LEFFERS, LAURA LYNN [LAURA LYNN LEFFERS BYBEE]. 1952-    . (Correcting birth date.)

LE FREE, RICHARD. Pseudonym of Richard William Free, 1859-1938. Clergyman and missionary in London’s East End.
LEGGE, RONALD (GEORGE). 1879-1914. British army officer.
    The Hawk. [England, France]

LEGGETT, H(ARRY) W(ILLIAM). 1888-1957. Born in St. Saviour, England; died in London.

    No Clues; see Will F. Jenkins: “The Man Who Feared.”

LEIPHART, SUZANNE (C.). 1953-    . (Correcting birth date.)
LE JEMLYS. Symmes M(ajor) Jelley, 1855-1925.

LENNOX, GILBERT. 1881-1963. Born in London, England, and died in Dartford, Kent; served in Indian Army, then playwright; also worked for British Intelligence in WWII.


LEONARD, ELMORE (JOHN, JR.). 1925-2013.

LERMAN, JACQUELINE COLLINS. 1937-    . (Correcting birth date.)

LE ROS, CHRISTIAN. William J. Sorrell, ca.1829-1885(?).

LESESNE, MARY RICHARDSON. 1844-1909. Born in North Carolina; lived and died in Texas.

LESTER, E(DWARD) C(ASTELLAIN). 1906-1978. Born in Eastbourne, England; died in Manchester.   

LETHEM, ELIZABETH HARDY. 1835-1910. Born in Greenock, Renfrewshire, Scotland; died in Dundonald, Ayrshire. Pseudonym: Robert Steuart, q.v.

LEVENAX, DAVID. Pseudonym of Charles Edward Beckett, 1860-1950. Born and died in Glasgow, Scotland.

LEVIN, LEE [LEON R. LEVIN]. 1928-    .
LEVINSON, LEWIS FREIBURG. 1895-1969. Pseudonym: Charles Dexter, q.v.

LEVINSON, LEONARD (JORDAN). Add to see also list: Glen Chase.

LEWIS, BEATRICE MARY. 1863-1903(?). Death listed as Beatrice Maria Lewis, thus the question mark.

LEWIS, EMILY GWYNNE. 1843-1923. Born in Soho, London, England; died in South Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  (Correction.)

LEWIS, GITA. Probably born Gittelle Gertrude Jacobson in New York, ca.1910, and married Herbert Clyde Lewis in 1933, and identified as Gita Lewis on 1940 census; death not traced.

LEWIS, HELEN PROTHERO. 1853-1946. Add: died in Carmarthen, Wales.

LEWIS, JAMES. Veteran ex-boxer.
    The Canary That Died. [U.S.]

LEWIS, WILLIAM ALBERT. 1856-    . Born in Maryland; a journalist in 1901 census; death not traced.

LEYFORD, HENRY. Add pseudonym: Eleanore Browne, q.v.

LEYLAND, MALCOLM (REX). 1945-    .

LIBERTSON, JOSEPH. Susan L. Libertson, 1947-2002.

LIBERTSON, SUSAN L. 1947-2002.

LIDE, MARY RUTH. 1932-2013.


LILEKS, JAMES (ROBERT). 1959-    . (Correcting birth date.)

LILLIE, (GEORGE) ARTHUR. 1830-1911. Born and died in London, England; served in the Indian Army and converted to Buddhism while serving; probably best known for book on croquet rules.

LINDBLAD, JOHN. 1930-2011. Born and died in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada; served in the U.S. Navy; journalist, investigative reporter, feature writer and columnist for The Windsor Star; novelist; Travel Alberta’s director of operations in London for 9 years.

LINDLEY, ERICA. Pseudonym of Aileen Armitage Quigley Longden, 1930-    . (Correction.)


LINDSAY, M(ARJORIE). 1895-1981. Born Marjorie Peters in Coventry, England; married James McIntyre Lindsay before 1932, traveled to India several times; probably died in South Africa.  (Corrections.)

LINDSAY, PAUL (T.). 1943-2011.
LINKLATER, JOSEPH LANE. Pseudonym of Alexander William Watkins, 1892-1971. (Corrections.)

LISLE, DUNCAN. Pseudonym.

LISSENDEN, GEORGE B(ERTIE). 1879-1955. Add: died in Liverpool, England.

LITTLE, (ALFRED) CLARKE. 1865-1936. (Correction.)  A journalist.

LITTLECHILD, JOHN GEORGE. 1848-1923. Born in Royston, Hertfordshire, England; died in Derbyshire; chief superintended in 1891 census and pensioned police officer in 1911 census.

LITTLEFIELD, ANNE (C.). 1923-1982. Born in Philadelphia; died in Chatham, Massachusetts; had B.A. From Mt. Holyoke College and M.A. from University of Pennsylvania; taught English at Russell Sage College in Troy, New York.

LITWIN, BOB. Chip Silverman, pseudonym of Howard Burton Silverman, 1942-2008.


LLOYD, BERNARD (H.). 1925-    . Born and educated in Swansea, Wales; classics master at a school in Neath, Wales; later a civil servant.

LLOYD, CHARLES GEOFFREY. 1884-1953. Pseudonym: Babu Piche Lal, q.v.

LLOYD, HERBERT. Also an actor under another name.

LLOYD, JESSIE SALE. 1846-1918. Born Jessie Hopkins in Devon, England; married William Stirling in 1861/1862; married Henry Oliver Lloyd in 1870; married James Frederick Hall in 1891; married Patrick Stewart Hamilton in 1908, becoming Comtesse D’Aubigne; died in Brighton.

LLOYD, STANLEY. 1880-1954(?). Born in Liverpool, England; well known book illustrator.

LOBB, CHARLOTTE CARTER. 1935-2013. Pseudonym: Charlotte Moore, q.v.

LOCKE, D(OROTHY) M(ARY). 1896-1971. Born Dorothy Mary Crawfurth Smith in Hove, England; married a man named Locke; widowed by 1935; lived and apparently died in Felpham, Sussex.

LOCKWOOD, ETHEL (K.). 1887-1973. Died in Sarasota, Florida.

LODGE, MRS. Note: Name sometimes given as Mrs. E. Lodge.

LOFTS, NORAH (ETHEL ROBINSON). Note: Lofts was the name of her first husband; after he died and she married Robert Jorisch she continued to write as Lofts which then became a sort of pseudonym.

LOISETTE. Lois Foyt, 1932-2012.

LOMAS, JOHN (ERNEST WILLS). 1896-1962. (Correction.) Born in Kensington, London, England; died in Hove, Sussex.

LOMBARDI, CYNTHIA. Georgina Maria Richmond-Lombardi, 1864-1942.
LONG, GABRIELLE MARGARET VERE CAMPBELL. 1885-1952. (Correcting birth date.) Birth registered as Margaret Gabrielle Vere Campbell.

LONG, MANNING. Note: Her husband Peter Wentworth Williams was a noted ceramist who designed the Mystery Writers of America’s Edgar Award.

LONGDEN, AILEEN ARMITAGE QUIGLEY.  1930-    . Pseudonyms: Aileen Armitage, Ruth Fabian, Erica Lindley, qq.v.

LOONEY, PETER. Add pseudonym: Stanley Dawson, q.v.

LOPEZ, KERMIT (DEAN). 1967-    . (Correcting birth date.)

LORD, AMELIA ECKLES. 1936-    . Pseudonym: Beatrice Boswell, q.v. (Correction.)

LORD, G(EORGIANA) E(LIZABETH). 1860-1947. Born in Cheshire, England; died in Prestwich, Lancashire; prolific magazine writer.

LORENS, M. K. (Lorraine) Margaret Keilstrup, 1945-2012.

LOUIS, EDWARD. 1875-    . Born in Croydon, England; an editor; death not traced.

LOVAT, SIMON (R.). ca.1960-    . Actor and playwright, living in Brighton, England.

LOVEDAY, E(LLEN) B(EAUMONT). 1872-1951. Add: married William Alfred Robins in
1894; died in Bangor, County Down, Ireland.


LOWE, BILL [WILLIAM HENRY LOWE]. 1925-ca.1993. Died in Hong Kong, where he had lived for many years.

LOWELL, JAN K. (Adding middle initial.)

LOWELL, ROBERT M. (Adding middle initial.)

LOWENTHAL, CHARLES A. Probably a South African author; no dates found.
    Victim of Circumstance. Add [South Africa]
LUCAS, CURTIS (L.). 1914-1952. Apparently born in South Carolina; lived in Georgia and died there. (Correction: delete reference to William Francis Urell.)

LUCSON, RHODA. Correct to: Luczon, Rhoda.

LUDI, GERARD. ca.1938-   . Born in South Africa; infiltrated the South African communist party for South African security forces; a journalist.

LUEHRMANN, ADELE. Add: born in Memphis, Tennessee.
    Appointment with Desire. (by Alexander John Blair Paterson, 1902-1976, q.v.) (Correction.)
    Death by Appointment. (by Alexander John Blair Paterson, 1902-1976, q.v. (Correction.)
    Harvest for Harpies. (by Alexander John Blair Paterson, 1902-1976, q.v. (Correction.)
    The Marble Heart. (by Alexander John Blair Paterson, 1902-1976, q.v. (Correction.)

LUMLEY, DOROTHY. 1949-2013.

LUMSDEN, ALEC. (Show entry thus, with no middle name or date.)

LUND, T(RYGVE). Born in Norway; served in British Army in Boer War and then Royal Air Force; went to Canada and became member of Royal Northwest Mounted Police; at last sighting in 1935 was living in Ontario; death not traced.
LUX. Lucy Mary Jones, 1850-1923.


LYNCH, J(OHN) BERNARD. (Adding first name.) Lived in Boston.

LYNFORD, RICHARD. 1919-    . Birth registered in Birmingham, England, as Eric Waters; went to Australia in 1920; death not traced.

LYNN, DAVID. Pseudonym of David Warnock McClelland, 1907-1969. Born in Auckland, New Zealand; laborer in New Zealand and Australia; left wing political activist; settled in London about 1939 and started his own publishing company; died in London.

LYNN, ERNEST (LEE). 1896-1989. Born in Washington, D.C.; died in Ohio, where he was a comic art director for a newspaper syndicate.

LYONS, GENEVIEVE. 1930-    . Born Genevieve M. Lyons in Dublin; married Godfrey Quigley in 1954; living in London; actress turned author.

LYONS, PETER L(AURENCE). Born in Adelaide, Australia.

LYPE, E(RICA) J(ULIANNE) ANDERS. 1907-1974. Born in Germany; died in New Jersey.

McALILLY, ALICE. 1858-1950. Born Alice Irene Stewart in Greenville, Illinois; married Mark McAlilly in 1876 and Frank Chain in 1929; died in Reno County, Kansas.

McALLISTER, ANGUS. 1943-    . Born in Glasgow, Scotland; solicitor and writer.

McANALLY, G(ERTRUDE) H(ELLEN). 1879-1957. Born Gertrude Hellen Sandilands in Hampstead, England; married Henry W. W. McAnally in 1906; died in Middlesex.

MACARTHUR, ALEXANDER. Lily MacArthur Nicchia, ca.1873-    .

    No Bad Money, with Peter Watts, q.v. Corgi, 1969

MACAULAY, MILDRED. 1911-2003. (Correction.) Born in Missouri; died in Napa, California.


MACAULAY, RICHARD. Mildred Macaulay, 1911-2003. (Correction.)
MACAULAY, TONY. 1944-     . Song writer turned thriller writer.

McCALL, K. T. Muriel Gertrude Watkins, ca.1919-2001.

MacCARTHY, EMMA W. 1861-    . Born in New York, living in New Jersey in 1900; death not traced.

MACCARTHY, J(OHN) BERNARD. 1888-1979. Born and died in Crosshaven, County Cork, Ireland; playwright, poet, novelist and short story writer; postman in Crosshaven most of his life.

McCARTHY, JANE (E.). Ruth McCarthy Sears, 1904-1995.

McCAUSLAND, W(ILLIAM) H(ENRY). ca.1846-1921. Born in Ireland; lieutenant colonel in the Indian Army.


McCLELLAND, PAULINE. Pseudonym: Paula Marshall, q.v.

McCLINTOCK, GRAY. 1868-1945. Born in Canada; graduate of University of Toronto in dentistry; missionary among the Indians in the north woods; died in Florida.

McCONAUGHY, J(OHN) W(ILLIAM). 1884-1933. Born in Illinois.

McCOY, ESTHER [ESTHER McCOY TOBEY]. 1904-1989. Ref: CA. Joint pseudonym with Allan Stinchcomb Read, 1898-1985: Allan McRoyd, q.v.

McDERMOTT, P. L. Pseudonym; or possibly Peter Lawrence McDermott, ca.1849-1922, born in Ireland, died in London, England.

MacDONALD, CHARLES B(ANKS?), JR. 1922(?)-1990(?).  Son of a Metropolitan Officer in Washington D.C.; attended St. James Catholic School in Mt. Rainier, Maryland, and Industrial Training Institute of Chicago; veteran of U.S. Navy; lived in Chicago.

MacDONALD, COLIN D. Corrected biographical note: A retired farmer in New Zealand.

McDONALD, HENRY HARBORD. 1864-1899. Pseudonym/professional name: Henry Hoyte, q.v.

MacDONALD, ROBERT M(ACLACHLAN). (Correcting the middle name.) 1874-1942. Born and died in Scotland, but lived in Australia for some time.

MacDONALD, SARA (JANE). ca.1946-    . Living in Cornwall.

MacDONALD, (ALLAN) WILLIAM COLT. (Correcting first name spelling.)

McDONELL, GORDON. 1905-1995. (Deleting question mark.) Add: screenwriter.

McDONELL, MARGARET [MARGARET GORDON GEDDES TUCKER LESLIE AUDEN McDONELL]. 1899-1976. Born Margaret Gordon Geddes in Poona, India; much married, eventually (in 1934) to Gordon McDonell, 1905-1995, q.v.; died in Woodland’s Hills, California.    
McDUFF, E(ILEEN) M(AY). 1909-    . Born Eileen May Donnelly in Victoria, Australia; married Ronald William McDuff in 1940; death not traced.

MacFADYEN, DUGALD. 1867-1967. Add: died in Hitchin, Hertfordshire, England.


McGILL, CLEM. Pseudonym. (Correction.)

McGILLIVRAY, (DR.) JAMES. 1879-1968. Born in Minnedosa, Manitoba; died in Winnipeg; graduate in medicine from the University of Manitoba in 1905; ophthalmologist, then eye, ear, nose and throat specialist; retired in 1955.

McGINITY, JAMES PATRICK. 1901-1977. Born in Lancashire, England; died in Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland.

McGORM, FRANCIS [FRANK] STANTON. ca.1929-    . Pseudonym: Peter Campion, q.v.

McGRATH, FERGAL. 1895-1988. Add: a clergyman.

McGRATH, TOM [THOMAS J. McGRATH]. 1892-1965. Retired Chicago police lieutenant; author and scriptwriter for the radio show “Gangbusters.”

McGREGOR, H. R. Writing name of Helen McGregor, ca.1963-    . Former actress, born in Uganda and educated in Zambia; living in Oxford, England.

McGREGOR, HELEN. ca.1963-    . Writing name: H. R. McGregor, q.v.

McHUGH, LINDA [LINDA McHUGH FOX]. 1956-    . Living in Indiana.


McKAY, MALCOLM (G.). 1947-    . Born in Epping, London, England; novelist; writer and director for television; playwright.

McKEAG, ERNEST L(IONEL). Add pseudonym: Ernest L. McReay, q.v.

McKEE-WRIGHT, APRIL [APRIL MAEVE MCKEE-WRIGHT HERSEY]. 1924-   . (Not a pseudonym.) Born April Maeve McKee Wright; married John Henry Hersey in 1951 as McKee-Wright.                                       

MCKELLAR, CAMPBELL D. 1859-1925. (Correcting last name spelling and adding death date.)

McKENNA, (EDGAR) ALFRED. 1901-1987. Born Edgar Alfred Gershon Bright in Perth, Australia, but the father left the family by early 1910s and he adopted the last name of his mother’s second husband, Philip McKenna, whom she married in 1925.

MacKENZIE, (DAISY) JEANNE. Norman Ian MacKenzie, 1921-2013.

MACKENZIE, JOAN (NOBLE). 1905-1991. Add: died in Edinburgh, Scotland.

MacKENZIE, NORMAN IAN. 1921-2013.

MACKENZIE-LAMB, ERIC. Born in England, the son of scientist Dr. Ivan Mackenzie Lamb; living in the West Indies.

McKINNEY, MICHAEL [MIKE]. 1947-    . SC: McDonald Clay, in listed title and subsequent novel(s).

McLAUGHLIN, ROBERT J. University teacher, then civil engineer and inventor; dates not traced.

MacLAURIN, H. G. Presumably Henry Gregory MacLaurin, 1875-1967, though birth registered as McLaurin.


MacLEOD, ADAM GORDON. 1883-1945. Born in Inverness, Scotland; died in Dorchester, Dorset, England.

McMANUS, CHRIS(TOPHER). 1928-1975. Born and died in Glasgow, Scotland.
    The Hades Belle. [ship, Mediterranean]

MacMUNN, (LT. GEN.) GEORGE (FLETCHER). Updated biographical sketch: Born in Chelsea, London, England; educated at Kensington and the Royal Military Academy; served in the Royal Artillery in India and Burma; also served in South Africa and Mesopotamia; was Quartermaster-General in India in the 1920s; died as Warden of Sackville College.

MacNAMARA, BRINSLEY. Pseudonym of John Joseph Weldon, 1890-1963, sometimes known as A. E. Weldon. (Correction.)

McNAUGHT, THOMAS P(ROVAN). 1825-1891. (Show last name thus.) Born in Glasgow, died in Bute, Scotland; served in detective office of City of Glasgow Police.

MacNAUGHTAN, RICHARD. Pseudonym of William Richard Blackman Young, 1894-1971. (Correction.)

MacNAUGHTON, DON(ALD E.). Born in Victoria, British Columbia; came to England in 1960; joined the Parachute Regiment, staying until 1982; living in Aldershot, Hampshire.

MacNAUGHTON, DUNCAN. 1892-1973. Pseudonym: Duncan Dale, q.v.

McNEIL, KIN [WILLIAM McKINLEY McNEIL]. 1916-1977. Add: born in Wilkes County, North Carolina; died in Bethel, North Carolina.
McNEILL, GEORGE A. 1934-    .

McNEISH, (SIR) JAMES (HENRY PETER). (Giving name in full.)  Knighted in 2010.

MacNICHOL, KENNETH HARTLEY. 1887-1956. Add: died in Santa Cruz, California.

MACONACHIE, WILLIAM. Delete possible death date.
McREAY, ERNEST L.  Pseudonym of Ernest L(ionel) McKeag, 1896-1976, q.v. Other pseudonyms: Tony Barton, Mark Grimshaw, Ramon Lacroix, Roland Vane, qq.v.

MacROSS, ROSS. Add Tom (Barnard) Taggart pseudonym: Bill Johnson, q.v.

McROYD, ALLAN. Joint pseudonym of Esther McCoy, 1904-1989, and Allan Stinchcomb Read, 1898-1985.

    Mare’s Nest. Correct publisher/date to: W. H. Smith, ca.1950

MacTYRE, PAUL. Robert James Adam, 1924-1999. (Correcting the real name.)

MACK, HARLEY. Probably pseudonym of Joan Cecilia Pawlikewich, 1943-    . Living in Winnipeg, Canada.

MACK, THOMAS (DANIEL). 1891-    . Born in Rochester, New York; author and salesman; death not traced.

MADREYHIJO, L. Pseudonym.
    A Phonographic Mystery. [Scotland]


MAGNUS, GEORGE G. 1859(?)-1941(?).  (Deleting middle name.)  Managing director of the Cambridge Literary Agency of London, and author of “How to Write Saleable Fiction.”

    Funeral for a Commissar. [England]


MAGUIRE, WALTER HAYNES. 1876(?)-1910(?). If these are the correct dates, he was born in Philadelphia and died in Chicago.

MAHER, FRANK J(AMES). Denis J(ohn) Cleary, 1927-1998.

MAILLU, DAVID G. 1939-    .
    The Equitorial Assignment. Macmillan pb (Africa), 1982 [Africa] (Intended for younger readers.)

    -The Crimson Beetle. Aldine pb (Diamond Library), 1908
    -The Spider’s Web. Aldine pb (Diamond Library), 1908

MAJOR, JOHN DAGNEY. 1875-1937. Born in Lancashire, England; died in Sussex.

    Too Young to Die. (Intended for younger readers.)   

MAKEE, WALTER. Walter Haynes Maquire, 1876(?)-1910(?).

MALCOLM, JEAN (EILEEN). 1920-    . Add: lived in Frankfort after WWII, where she worked in the office of the Chief Historian of the American Army headquarters.

MALLESON, HERBERT H(ARRY). 1864-1921. (Deleting question mark.)

MALLEY, LOUIS. 1918-1962. Born in Detroit, Michigan; died in Miami, Florida; lived in New York City and then Florida, where he was murdered.

MALLINSON, PERCY RUSSELL. 1891-    . Born Percy Wilfred Mallinson in London, but name changed by 1922; apparently later lived in Ireland; death not traced. Pseudonyms: Michael Burke, Sinclair Russell, qq.v. Prolific writer, probably also under other names.

MALLORY, KATE. Joint pseudonym of Catherine M. T. Hutter, 1907-1997, and her son Donald  Steven Hutter, 1932-1990.
    Sarton Kell. [New York]

MALLOW, MARSH. Apparently the pseudonym of A. M. Smith.

MALO, ANTHONY. 1937-2005. Served a long prison term, was a film extra, worked as secretary for Olympia Press; wrote extremely violent sex novels; died in the Isle of Wight.
    -Ladykiller. (Adding the dash.)

MANDEL, LEON. Phillip Finch, 1948-2012.

MANDELKAU, JAMIE, 1948-    . Born in Canada, lived in England for some years; later back in Toronto; given first name possibly James.

MANFRED, ERNEST. Lived in Patna, India; no dates found.
    The Wight That Wailed and other tales. [India]

MANFREDI, LOUIS A. 1898-1971. Native of Philadelphia; an architect.
MANLY, ANGIE STEWART [ANGELINE STEWART MANLY]. 1829-1913. Born and died in Ohio; temperance crusader in Akron.

MANNING, LADY CAROLINE. 1951-    . Born Catherine Marjorie Parkinson in Northamptonshire, England.

MANNING, JAMES C(LARENCE). 1929-2006. (Deleting question marks.) Born in Brooklyn; served in the Marine Corps; joined New York City Police in 1955 and had a 27 year career; died in Seneca, South Carolina.

MANSFIELD, (RICHARD PLOWMAN) ERNEST. ca.1865-1924. Born in London, England; lived also in New Zealand, Canada and Australia; died in Essex, England.

MANSIRE, JACQUELINE. 1916-    . Pseudonym: Doris Faber, q.v.

MAPOTHER, MARY J(OSEPHINE). 1837-1933. Lived and died in Kilteevan, County Roscommon, Ireland.

MARCH, LINDSAY. Pseudonym of Susan (Elizabeth Sturt) Howatch, 1940-    , q.v.


MARCUS, CARL (EDWARD). 1921-1998. Born in Cody, Wyoming; served in army military intelligence in WWII; private investigator; died in Hemet, California.

MARE, LEON. Born in South Africa; retired dentist.
    Dying Is Not So Easy. Also published as: Poacher. Smashwords, 2012
    Poacher; see Dying Is Not So Easy

MARGAN, FRANK [FRANCIS JOHN MARGAN]. 1931-    . Born in Sydney, Australia; journalist in Australia and England; newspaper editor, columnist; writer on wine and raiser of grapes.

MARI, ISA. Daughter of Italian actor Febo Mari, stage name of John Leopoldo Alfredo Rodriguez, 1881-1939; actress, script supervisor and assistant director on various films.

MARINO, JAMES. 1941-    .

MARKALL, WILL(IAM). 1901(?)-1984(?). (Changing possible dates.) If these dates are correct for the author, he was born in Yorkshire, England and died in Sheffield.

MARKOWITZ, ARTHUR. 1910-1997(?). South African journalist; probably the person of this name who died in Johannesburg in 1997.

    -Kettle’s Rifle Club. Aldine pb (Diamond Library), 1912
    The Mad Marriage. Currawong pb, ca.1942

MARQUEZ, VICTORIA. Pseudnym of Victoria Koch, 1955-   . Born in Philadelphia of Columbian and Italian parentage; multi-linguistic and widely traveled.

MARSDEN, JOHN PENNINGTON. ca.1845-    . Apparently born in the U.S.; death not traced.

MARSH, PETER. Pseudonym of a writer described as “one of Hollywood’s best known slick and pulp contributors.” (Delete reference to Firmin Pierre Marchand.)   

MARSHALL, PAULA. Pseudonym of Pauline McClelland, born in Leicester, England, and grew up in Nottingham; a librarian, writer and lecturer on local history; obtained a B.A. in history in the Open University; after retirement took up painting and wrote her first book.
MARTIN, A(RCHIBALD) E(DWARD). Born in Adelaide, Australia; traveled widely and toured Europe, working on fairgrounds; bought and showed documentary films; ran a travel agency.

MARTIN, REV. CHARLES.    -1919. Pseudonym: Jonathan Hawke, q.v.

MARTIN, MRS. HERBERT [MARY EMMA BRETON MARTIN]. 1845-1931. (Adding death date.)

MARTIN, JESSICA. Pseudonym of Joan P. Mitchell, 1933-    .

MARTIN, REGINALD ALEC. Add pseudonym: Rafe Bernard, q.v.

MARTYN, FREDERIC. Spent 5 years (1889-1894) in the French Foreign Legion; did 18 months at hard labor in an English prison for embezzlement; no birth/death dates found.


MASTORAKIS, NICO. Barnaby Conrad, 1922-2013.

MATHESON, HUGH. Lewis Hugh Mackay (correction).


MATHEWS, FRANCES (HOWARD SHORTT). 1875-1943. Born Frances Howard Shortt in Kings, Ireland; married Edward Mathews in Cork in 1920; died in Dublin.

MATHEWS, GODFREY W(ILLIAM). 1878-1950. Add: died in Birkenhead, Cheshire, England.   
MATHEWSON, JEAN (CHISHOLM). 1909-2001. Born in Lanark, Scotland; married Anthony Marshall in 1966; died in East Lothian, Scotland
    The Cistern and the Fountain. Collins, 1951; Scribner, 1951

MATTHEWS, ADELAIDE and MARTHA (NORWOOD BURGESS) STANLEY, 1867-1958. (Correcting the co-author’s name and dates.)

MATTHEWS, HARRY. Correct to: MATHEWS, HARRY. 1930-    .

MAUDE, F(REDERICK) W(ILLIAM). 1857-1923. Born in Kent, England; died in Middlesex.

MAXON, P(ERCY) B(URDEN), 1887-1941. Born in New Brunswick, Canada; died in Detroit; a reporter.
MAXWELL, JENNY. 1945-    . Earlier byline: Jenny Savage, q.v.

MAXWELL, JOHN. Add pseudonym: Andrea Hart, q.v.

MAYHEW, (HENRY) VIC(TOR). (Giving full name.)

MAYNARD, LAWRANCE M(ARION). 1899-1982. Born in Kansas City, Missouri [correction]; died in Hawaii.
    The Black Hand. Aldine pb (Diamond Library #70.), n.d.

MAYO, VIVIAN. Pseudonym of Charles George, 1893-1960, q.v. Other pseudonyms: Richard Abbott, Leland Price, Henry Rowland, Dorothy Sterling, qq.v.


MEADOWS, CATHERINE. 1892-1963. Born Catherine Elsie Turner in Worcester, England; married Llewelllyn Thomas Parry-Jones in 1920 and George D. Meadows in 1932 [corrections] and came to the U.S. and came to the U.S. (Weston, Connecticut) that year, and died in Norwalk, Connecticut.

MEANS, MARY D. (Deleting possible dates.) Theodore Saunders (deleting possible dates.).

    A Frame for Murder. Also published as: The Strawstack Murder Case. Coachwhip pb, 2013.  Setting correction: [Kansas]

MEENA, GLADSTONE. Both titles intended for younger readers.
MELSOM, CICELY LOUISE EVANS PEERS. 1914-2002. Pseudonym and birth name: Cicely Louise Evans, q.v.

MELVILLE, JENNIE. Gwendoline (Williams) Butler, 1922-2013.

MERIWETHER, ELIZABETH EDMONDS (AVERY). 1824-1917. Born in Bolivar, Tennessee; died in St. Louis.
    -The Master of Red Leaf. Hale (New York), 1880; Tinsley (London), 1879 [South]

MERRELL, BARBARA. Harry Scott Gibbons, 1927-    . See also: (Harry) Scott Gibbons and (Harry) Scott Gibbons.

MERRICK, (WILLIAM) GORDON.  (Adding first name.)


METCALF, SUSAN. Elizabeth Cecil Bartley, 1911-    .

METCALFE, FELICIA (LEIGH). (Mary) Louise (Metcalfe) Isom, 1879-1970.

METCALFE, T(HOMAS) WASHINGTON. 1884-1963. Born Birdie Thomas Metcalfe in Lambeth, London, England; died in Milford-on-Sea; evidently Washington was an adopted name; prolific author in the 1930s.


MEYER, KARL (H.). Pseudonym: Kamelle Hess, q.v.

MICHAELS, BARBARA. Barbara Louise Gross Mertz, 1927-2013.

MICHAELS, FERN. Joint pseudonym of Roberta Cuomo Anderson [Roberta H. Thalheimer]. 1942-2012) and Mary Kuczkir until 1989, thereafter solely by Kuczkir.

MICHELSEN, JAKOB BOTHE. 1964-2013. Pseudonym: Jakob Arjouni, q.v.

MICKEL, JOSEPH. ca.1926-    . (Correction.)

MIDDLETON, TED. Pseudonym of Theodore Roosevelt Ogden, 1919-2008. Born in Middleton, Massachusetts; graduated in literature from Middlebury College; naval aviator during WWII and Korean War; died in York Harbor, Maine.

MIDGLEY, STEPHANIE MAY. 1920-1978. Pseudonym: K. M. Stevens, q.v.
    Death Round the Bend.  (True crime account–novelized?)

MILLER, ALAN (LAWRENCE). 1888-1965. A dentist in Birkenhead, England.

MILLER, (AN)DREW (GALBRAITH). ca.1880-1936. Retired banker and journalist who died in London, England.
MILLER, ESTHER. 1845-1921. Born in Lambeth, London, England; died in Streatham, Surrey.

MILLER, T(HOMAS) MASKEW. 1863-1926. Born in Cape Town, South Africa.

    -Jones, Parlour Border. Aldine pb (Diamond Library), 1908

MILLS, HARRY. George W. Goode, 1860-    .

MILLS, HUGH (MORTIMER TRAVERS). 1906-1971.  (Correction.)



MITCHELL, AGNES C.  Delete possible death date.
    -A Bond of Blood. Leng, 1920
MITCHELL, JOAN P. 1933-    . Pseudonym: Jessica Martin, q.v.

MITCHELL, THOMAS G(EORGE). 1901-    . Born Thomas George Mihopoulos in Greece; name changed by court order; death not traced.

MITGANG, HERBERT. 1920-2013.

MIZZEN, MATT. H(enry) L(lewellyn) Williams, 1842-ca.1909.

MOLONY, TREVOR (CHARLES WHELER). 1868-1947.  Born in Marylebone, London, England; died in Surrey.

MOMJIAN, SERGE. 1946-    . Born in Beirut, Lebanon; came to London, England, as a young man; studied journalism and fiction writing; worked as a feature writer and book reviewer.

MONTAGU, H(ENRY) IRVING. 1842-1901. War artist and correspondent, born in London, England, died in Brighton.

MONTAGUE, CHARLES HOWARD. 1858-1889. Born in Brighton, Boston, Massachusetts; one time city editor of the Boston Globe. C(harles) W(arren) Dyar, 1853-1904.

MONTAGUE, JOSEPH. Pseudonym of J(oseph) Allan (Elphinstone) Dunn, 1872-1941, q.v.
MONTESOLE, MAX (EDWARD RICHARD MOUSA). 1859-1918. Born in Turkey; died in Middlesex, England; author and journalist.

MONTGOMERY, IONE [IONE C. MONTGOMERY LONERGAN]. 1883-1972. Born in Missouri; married Philip J. Lonergan; died in Seattle.

MOODEY, MARTHA LIVINGSTON. ca.1830-    . Born Martha Livingston Howland in Maryland; married Dr. John W. Moody (sometimes given as Moodey); lived in Indiana; death not traced.
MOODY, REV. DR. ANDREW FREDERICK. 1877-1961. Pseudonym: G. Lea Curry, q.v.

MOORE, CHARLOTTE. Pseudonym of Charlotte Carter Lobb, 1935-2013. (Correction.)

MOORE, CLAYTON. (George?) Arthur Moore, 1914-2005.

MOORE, H. F. S. 1892-1959. She was born Harry Frances Schlesinger in Atlanta, married and divorced Buhl Moore; died in Fulton, Georgia.

MOORE, NORMAN. Edward Frank Beltram, 1945-    . (Correcting birth date.)

MORDAUNT, MYLES F. 1905-1960. Pseudonym: Francis Plunkett, q.v.

MORGAN, D(ELORIS) Miller. 1929-2007. Born Deloris Fay Miller in Okemah, Oklahoma; married Jack Allen Morgan; died in Plano, Texas. (Correcting the dates.)
MORGAN, ELAINE. 1920-2013. Welsh television writer, playwright, feminist, lecturer, columnist.

MORGAN, JOHNNY [IEUAN GLANFIL MORGAN]. 1929-1984. Professional boxer and wrestler turned journalist.

MORGAN, WESLEY. Pseudonym of Gail Morgan Hickman, 1952-    .  Producer and writer of film and television.
MOROSO, JOHN. Add: graduate of South Carolina Military Academy; author, criminologist, newspaperman and playwright; assistant city editor of the New York American; reporter for William Randolph Hearst and for the New York Times; died in upstate New York.

MORRIS, BESSIE C. ca.1848-    .

MORRIS, ROBERT McQUARRY. 1933-2003. Born in Hockley, Texas; died in Los Angeles.

MORRIS, RODERICK CONWAY. Born in London; graduate of Cambridge University; writer on the arts for newspapers and magazines.

MORRIS, SOPHIA LOUISA CRESWICKE JONES. 1853-1931. Pseudonym: Louis Creswicke, q.v.

MORRISON, H(ENRIETTA) S(NOWDEN). 1882-1952. Born Henrietta (or Henriette) Snowden (or Snowdon) Aarons in Grafton, New South Wales, Australia; married Robert Leslie Morrison; died in Sydney.

MORRISON, R(IDDELL) P(RESTON). 1883-1962. Born and died in London, England.

MORSE, ELIZABETH. 1884-1970. Born Elizabeth McCall in Rochester, New York; married Gordon R. Morse while living in Shanghai; died in Ohio.

MORSE, F(LORENCE) V(ORPE). 1887-1962. Born and died in Ohio. (Corrections.)

MORSE, OLIVE S(YBELA EVITT). 1886-1983. Born in Hertfordshire, England; married a Morse in 1911, then a Muir in 1925; died in Wickham Market, Suffolk.

MORTENSEN, NIELS. Barnaby Conrad, 1922-2013.

MORTOLA, JEAN. Cyril Bruyn Andrews, 1885-1948. (Deleting question mark.)

MORTON, ALEXANDER. 1849-1929. Born and died Glasgow, Scotland; functioned as a sort of private detective.

MORTON, VICTORIA. ca.1870-    . Born in New York; sister of Michael Morton, 1864-1931, q.v.; death not traced.

MOTTA, LUIGI. Italian journalist, playwright, and author of over 100 novels.

MOULE, MARGARET (ALICE). 1861-1939. Born in Dorchester, England; died in Hitchin, Hertfordshire. Author also of many short stories in the 1890s.

MOWBRAY, JULIA. Prolific author of fiction; probably a pseudonym.

    Danger Express. (Intended for younger readers.)

    Zero Hour. (Intended for younger readers.)

MULGAN, JOHN (ALAN EDWARD). Journalist, poet, novelist, editor, and soldier; born in Christchurch, New Zealand; educated in New Zealand and Merton College, Oxford, England; worked for the Clarendon Press in Oxford; fought with Greek partisans in World War II; died in Cairo from an overdose of morphia.
    -Man Alone.  (Note: Most copies destroyed in the London blitz; often reprinted in New Zealand.)


MURDOCH, GRAHAM W(ITHERINGTON). ca.1842-1911. Born and died in Ayrshire, Scotland; author and journalist who lived also in England. (Corrected biographical sketch.)

MURPHY, IDA MARY. 1893-1972. Born Ida Mary Haddock in Lancashire, England; married John Murphy; went to Australia, and lived in Western Australia until she died.
MURPHY, W(ILLIAM) LEO. 1899-1966. Better known as Father Leo Murphy, a Roman Catholic priest of St. Stephens, Nova Scotia, Canada.
MURRAY, AUDREY ALISON (TURNER). Probably born and died in South Africa; death date not traced.

MURRAY, C(HARLES) GEOFFREY. 1880-1962. A journalist.

MURRAY, STEPHEN. Stephen Murray Hayes, 1954-    .

MURRAY, STEWART. Pseudonym of Richard Pollett Thorne, 1929-1983. Born and died in Kent, England, though was a rubber planter in Malaya and an overseer in West Indies; son of E(rnest) P(ollett) Thorne, 1896-1988, q.v.


MUZZEY, VIRGINIA REYNOLDS. 1901-1982. (Correction.) Born in New York; died in Charleston, South Carolina; artist and teacher of painting and sculpture. (Delete the reference to Houston, Texas.)

MYKEL, A. W. Michael William Andaloro, 1946-    .

MYNDERSE, BART. Pseudonym.
    Four Years Nine. Stokes, 1900 [prison]

MYNTTI, RITA J. Born Rita Jean Beron in Minnesota.

MYRTLE, WILLIAM. 1855-1931. Born in Scotland; died in Knaresborough, Yorkshire, England.

NADEL, BARBARA. Possibly born Barbara W. Piotrowska in London, England, in 1950 and married David Nadel in 1977.

NAPIER, LADY. 1847-1930. Born Eva Maria Louisa MacDonald on Skye in 1847; married Henry Algernon Langham in 1873, then Robert William Napier in 1885; died in Inverness, Scotland; titled The Rt. Hon. The Baroness Napier of Magdala.
NATESAN, T. L. 1895-    . (Correcting the birth date; died after 1966.)

NAYLOR, CHARLES DODD. 1941-2005. See: Cassandra Knye.

NELSON, MARK. Ronald MacKie Johnston, 1926-2009.

NELSON, MILDRED. 1915-2003. Born Mildred Pearson in Washington County, Arkansas; married Arthur L. Nelson in 1935; died in San Diego.

    The Butler in Bohemia, with (Arthur) Oswald Barron, 1868-1939.

NEUMAN, B(ERMAN) PAUL. 1853-1942. Born in London, England; died in Middlesex.
NEWELL, AUDREY. 1899-1983. (Deleting question marks)  Born in New York; died in Palm Beach, Florida.

NEWHALL, BRUCE B. 1925-2012.

NEWHALL, LAURA EUGENIA TERRY. 1861-1901. Died in Los Angeles.

NEWHALL, MURIEL IVES OBRIG BARROW. 1897-1984. Pseudonym: Mona Farnsworth, q.v. (Correction.)   

NEWSOME, GEORGE. Probable pseudonym: George Stanley, q.v.

NEWTON, ELIZABETH PALMER. 1841-1921. Pseudonym: Gillan Vase, q.v.

NEWTON, MONTAGUE NOEL. 1872-1943. Involved in a 1920 Paris scandal and changed his name legally in 1925 to Montague Norman Norreys, under which name his death was registered.

    Deadly News. (Intended for younger readers.)

NG’WENO, HILARY (BONIFACE). 1938-   . Born in Nairobi, Kenya; graduate of Harvard; nuclear scientist and retired journalist, with a long series of newspaper and magazine credits in Kenya.

NICCHIA, LILY MacARTHUR. ca.1873-    .

NICOLSON, J(OHN) U(RBAN). 1885-1944. Add: died in Mason, New Hampshire.

NIMEROVSKY, JUDITH. 1904-    . Possibly used the pseudonym June Boland, q.v.

NING, XU. Former teacher at Iron and Steel University in Wuhan, China.
    Murder at the City Wall. Reid Books (Wyong, New South Wales, Australia), 1998

NISOT, (MAVIS) ELIZABETH (HOCKING). 1893-1973. Born in Croydon, England; died in Geneva, Switzerland.

NOAH, ROBERT (MORTIMER). (Adding middle name.)

NORDSTROM, FRANCES. Add: divorced Pinkham and married David Hartford; death not traced.

NORRIS, BOB. 1955-    . Born in Germany; a naval aviator for 19 years; paralyzed by a rare congenital brain condition and turned to writing novels.

NORTON-TAYLOR, DUNCAN. 1904-1982. Born in New Jersey; died in Maryland; newspaper reporter, then writer with Time magazine, then editor and then managing editor of Fortune magazine. Joint pseudonym with Howard Van Lieu Bloomfield, 1900-1998: Michael Keyes, q.v.

NUNN, FRANK (WILLIAM). 1911-1988. Native of Perth, Western Australia.
NUWER, HANK. Tiny Boyles (William Dean Boyles), 1941-1984.

NWOKOLO. CHUMA. All titles intended for younger readers.


O’BRIEN, PATRICIA (A.). 1936-    . Veteran journalist living in Washington D.C.

O’BRIEN, RICHARD. 1934-2012.

O’BRYAN, SOFI. 1918-    .

O’CALLAGHAN, SEAN. 1918-2000. Born in Killavullen, County Cork, Ireland; served in the army in Ireland; a journalist in Fleet Street and a roving correspondent in Nairobi; became full time writer in 1956, penning 14 books; lived for over 35 years in Malta, where he died.

O’CONNOR, T(HOMAS) P(OWER). 1848-1929. Born in Athlone, County Westmeath, Ireland; journalist, politician, historian and writer; died in London, England.

ODDIE, E. M. Elinor Mary O’Donoghue, 1898-1965.

O’DONOGHUE, ELINOR MARY. 1898-1961. Died in Horsham, Sussex, England.

O’DONOGHUE, MAUREEN. Born in Ireland; journalist turned hotel operator in Valencia, Spain.


OGDEN, THEODORE ROOSEVELT. 1919-2008. Pseudonym: Ted Middleton, q.v.


OGUNFODUNRIN, OPEKUNLE. 1970-    . Born in Nigeria; in 2013 he said he wished to be known as Opekunle Iyeyemi Fodunrin.

O’HANLON, ALICE. 1840-    . Born in Chorley, Lancashire, England; death not traced.

    -Beggars Would Ride. Ward Lock, 1933 [England]

OKPI, KALU. All titles intended for younger readers.

OLBRICH, FRENY. 1930-    . Born Freni Dastoor in London; married Friedemann Obrich in 1962; living in Scotland in early 2000s.

OLDE, MARCUS. Probable pseudonym.

OLIVER, GAIL. Marian Gallagher Scott, 1891(?)-1943(?).

OLIVER, JOHN. Possibly John Hartman Oliver, 1871-1950.

    Mongolian Interlude. Correct publisher to: Stanley Paul.

OLLIE, L(ORNA) M(AY).  1946-    .  A Canadian-born Kiwi living in Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand.

OLSON, SELMA P(EARL). 1923-2003.

    I’ll Never Love Again. Hillman, 1938; Hutchinson, 1940


    -Bully Smith. Aldine pb (Diamond Library), 1908
    -The Fifth Form at St. Edgar’s. Aldine pb (Diamond Library), 1907
    -From Fag to Undergrad. Aldine pb (Diamond Library), 1908
    -The Three Disgraces. Aldine pb (Diamond Library), 1908
    -Tom Drage of St. Edgar’s. Aldine pb (Diamond Library), 1907

OSBORNE, ERNEST. 1878-1954. Miner, planter and journalist; born in Wallsend, New South Wales.

OSBOURNE, LLOYD. Possible pseudonym: William Dent Pitman, q.v.

OSTRANDER, KATE. Pseudonym of Marie M. Swartout, 1907-    . Death not traced.

OSTROFF, ANTHONY JR. Possibly Anthony J. Ostroff, 1923-1978, born in Gary, Indiana; died in Oregon. Joint pseudonym with Henry A. Kozlowski: J. A. Henton, q.v.

    -The Bully of St. John’s. Aldine pb (Diamond Library), 1908
    -The Dude of St. John’s. Aldine pb (Diamond Library), 1909
    -The Cranmere Ghost. Aldine pb (Diamond Library), 1908
    -The Mysterious Six. Aldine pb (Diamond Library), 1909
    -The Outsider. Aldine pb (Diamond Library), 1909

OWEN, HANS C(HRISTIAN). 1878-1943. Born in Messina, Italy, of American parents; died in New Haven, Connecticut.


P., J. A. (Note: Some sources give her real name as Agnes Boles, possibly the Agnes Boyd born ca.1835 in Belfast, Ireland, who married William Boles in 1892 and died in Belfast in 1917.)

PADDEN, IAN (DUNBAR). 1944-    . (Correction.)
PAGE, AMY. 1859-1916. Pseudonym: Amyot Sagon, q.v.

PAISLEY, D(RUSILLA) M. 1930-2008. Born Drusilla Williams in Holywell, Wales; died in Burgess Hill, Mid-Sussex, England, at the hand of her delusional husband.

PALAMOUNTAIN, ALAN. 1903-1991. (Deleting question marks.)


PALEY, FRANK. Frank Joseph Palescandolo, 1917-2012.

PALK, ARTHUR J(OSEPH). 1899-    . Born in Wolverhampton, England; went to Australia in 1912; a publican in the 1940s and jailed for fraud in 1950; death not traced.

PALMER, ELIZABETH. 1841-1921. Delete.

PALMER, MICHAEL (STEPHEN). 1942-2013. (Correcting birth date.)

PANCOAST, HAZEL THOMAS. 1885-1958. (Correcting the dates.) Born Hazel Franklin Thomas in Newark, Ohio; married Chalmers Lowell Pancoast in 1909; died in New York.


PARISH, JED. Add pseudonym: Otto Kicks, q.v.

PARKE, F. G. Pseudonym of Rose Pelzweig [Pelswick], 1900-1981. Born as Pelzweig in Slovakia; died as Pelswick in New York; film critic for the New York Journal American.
PARKER, BRIAN (NORMAN). ca.1935-    . Born in Ceylon; educated in the U.K.; emigrated to Australia in 1973; operates a media representation company.

PARKER, CECIL JOHN LANHAM. 1899-1968. Died in Durban, South Africa.

PARKER, NORMAN. ca.1915-    . Born in Virginia; did radio work in California; last sighted in Round Rock, Texas.

    -The Whip. (Novelization of the play by Cecil Raleigh, 1856-1914, q.v., and Henry Hamilton, ca.1853-1918; silent film: Paragon, 1917; scw: Charles Whitaker; dir: Maurice Tourneur; silent film: First National, 1928; scw: Dwinelle Benthall, J. L. Campbell, Rufus McCosh, Bernard McConville; dir: Charles Brabin.)

    A Burden Too Much. Also published as Trade Secret, as by Stuart (Conrad) Parker: Collins (Australia), 1996 [London, Switzerland]

PARKIN, STUART (CONRAD). 1964-    . See: (Stuart) Conrad Parkin.

PARMER, ENRIQUE. 1835-1916. A lawyer and judge. (Correction.)

PARR, A(DOLPH) H(ENRY). 1900-1990. Born in Nebraska; died in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. (Correction.) Manufacturer, author of books for younger readers, aspiring producer of motion pictures, broadcaster and newspaperman.
PARTRIDGE, SYDNEY. Correct to: PARTRIGE, SYDNEY.  Change co-author to: RAWORTH, CECIL. (Note: The title page of “The Mystery of Wall’s Hill” gives the co-author as Cecil Haworth, but the title page gives Raworth.)

PATERSON, A(LEXANDER) J(OHN) B(LAIR).  1864-1957. (Corrected byline for author of “A Mist from Yarrow”.)

PATERSON, ALEXANDER JOHN BLAIR. 1902-1976. Pseudonym: Blair Johns. See also: Griff, Hans Lugar, Ben Sarto, Hanks Spencer.
PATERSON, FRANCES CATHARINE. 1958-    . Pseudonym: Frances Dorer, q.v.

PATERSON, NANCY DORER. 1922-2010. Pseudonym: Nancy Dorer, q.v.

PATRICK, CHANN. Pseudonym.
    The House of Retrogression.  (Note: This was a contest novel, in which the reader was invited to write an alternative final chapter, with details “to be announced on NBC radio” and General Electric Company giving away $5000 worth of prizes.)

    Silent Witness. TV movie: TNT, 2011 (scw: Thomas Michael Donnelly; dir: Peter Markle)

PAWLIKEWICH, JOAN CECILIA. 1943-    . Probable pseudonym: Harley Mack, q.v.

PAXTON, GUY. ca.1889-1953. Born in Canada of British parentage; died in Eastbourne, Sussex, England.

PAYNE, ELIZABETH STANCY. 1868-1944. Born Elizabeth Magovern in New York; died in East Orange, New Jersey; novelist and fashion writer.
    -Fathoms Deep. Penn, 1923 [ship]

PEARSON, ALEC G(EORGE). 1854-1937. An author and journalist born in Paddington, London, England; died in Southsea, Hampshire.

PEARSON, ANN (BOWLING). 1941-    .

    -The Bully of Cranthorpe. Aldine pb (Diamond Library), 1908
    -That Ass Wilkins. Aldine pb (Diamond Library), 1908

PEDRICK, GALE. Born Frank Thomas Gale Pedrick, married as Frank Gale Pedrick, changed his name legally in 1931 to Frank Gale Pedrick-Harvey, and under this name his death was registered.

PEEKE, ERASTUS CORNELIUS BENEDICT. 1864-1910. Pseudonym: Sam Scudder, q.v.

PELZWEIG [PELSWICK], ROSE. 1900-1981. Pseudonym: F. G. Parke, q.v.
    Dawnkill. (by Alan Philipson, pseudonym of Mark Mandell, 1945-    .)
    Dayhunt. (by Alan Philipson, pseudonym of Mark Mandell, 1945-    .)
    Nightfire. (by Alan Philipson, pseudonym of Mark Mandell, 1945-    .)
    Running Hot. (by Chet Cunningham, 1928-    , q.v., and Les Danforth.)
    Teheran Wipeout. (by Stephen Mertz, 1947-   , q.v.)
    Ultimate Game. (by Alan Philipson, pseudonym of Mark Mandell, 1945-    .)  

PENDOWER, THOMAS CURTIS HICKS. 1899-1976. See: T(homas) C(urtis) H(icks) Jacobs.

PENMARE, WILLIAM. (Mavis) Elizabeth (Hocking) Nisot, 1893-1973.

PENNINGTON, LOUISE [LOUISE H. PENNINGTON BENTINCK]. 1963-    . Born in Bristol, England; worked in advertising before turning to writing.

PENROSE, MRS. H. H. [MARY ELIZABETH ROSE PENROSE]. 1860-1942. Add: lived in England after 1901; died in Cornwall.

PERCYVAL, THOMAS WIGNEY. Pseudonym of Thomas Wigney Price, 1863-1943. Born in Huddersfield, England; died in Oxford.
    53 Days. (Completed by Harry Mathews, 1930-    , and Jacques Roubaud, 1932-    .)

PERKINS, KENNETH (TAYLOR). (Correcting the middle name.)  (Note: This is the way his name appears in death records, but some references give his middle name as Brett.)

PERRY, HILDA. 1913-    . Born Hilda M. Durman in Wolverhampton, England; still alive ca.2005.

PERRY, SUE [SUSAN W. PERRY?]. 1950(?)-    .

PESKETT, S(IDNEY) JOHN. 1906-1991. Add: died in Tunbridge Wells, England.
PETERS, ELIZABETH. Barbara Louise Gross Mertz, 1927-2013.


PETERSON, JACK (WILLIAM). 1942-    . Author, and real estate broker in California.

PETTIT, PHYLLIS SWAN. 1930-1997. Born Phyllis Loveall in West Plain, Missouri; married William Guy Swan in 1945, then Walter Evert Pettit in 1967; died in Van Buren, Missouri.

PEYRE, JOSEPH. Born in Aydie, France; died in Cannes; earned a Doctor of Laws degree; a journalist and prolific writer.


    Dead of Night. Macmillan pb (Africa), 1983 [Africa] (Intended for younger readers.)

PHILIP, SALLY ELIZABETH McCUIG SINCLAIR. 1923-    . Pseudonym: Sally Sinclair, q.v.

PHILLIPS, GORDON. 1890-1952.

PHILLIPS, MARY (DAISY MABEL MARTIN). 1915-2011. Pseudonym: Nandi D’Lovu, q.v.     The Day of the Dragon. Justified Press (Johannesburg), 1994 (Corrected publisher, date.)
    Wake Not the Wolf. Justified Press (Johannesburg), 1994 (Corrected publisher, date.)

PHILLIPS, PAT(RICIA SONIA). Byline also: Sonia Phillips, q.v.

PHILLIPS, (PATRICIA) SONIA. 1939-    . Byline also: Pat(ricia Sonia) Phillips, q.v.
PHIPPS, SARAH E. 1862(?)-   . Daughter of a Thomas Blake; said to be a washer-woman by day
and writer at the kitchen table by night. Birth date uncertain, and death not traced.

PHOCAS, GEORGE ALEXANDER. 1967-    . Graduate of Bowdoin College and University of Chicago Law School; corporation lawyer; has operated a publishing company and real estate development firm. Pseudonym: George Grayson, q.v.
PICCHIOTTI, NATALIE ALICE. 1908-1987. Pseudonym: Natalie Wight, q.v.

PIERCE, ETTA W. [ETTA W. PIERCE SYMONDS] ca.1844-1901. Born in Massachusetts.


PITMAN, WILLIAM DENT. Pseudonym, possibly that of Lloyd Osbourne, 1868-1947.

PITT, ROXANE. Pseudonym of Roxane Albertina Tudor, 1907-1995. Author also of memoirs published in 1957 and 1975; died in London.

PLATE, PETER. ca.1958-    .

PLAYFAIR, JOCELYN (NOEL CHRISTINE). Born Jocelyn Noel Christine Malan, and married Ian Playfair in 1930.

PLEASANTS, WILLIAM SHEPARD. 1898-1975. (Correction.) Born and died in New Orleans.

PLUM, MARY (ESTHER VAN PATTEN). 1892-1982. Born in Davenport, Iowa; married Ralph Plum in 1917; died in Washington D.C.  (Correction.)
PLUNKETT, FRANCIS. Pseudonym of Myles F. Mordaunt, 1905-1960, sometimes listed as Myles Francis Plunkett Mordaunt.

PODMORE, C(HARLES) T(HOMAS). ca.1872-1952. Died in Manchester, England.

POE, ROBERT (BRUCE). 1967-    .

POHL, FREDERIK (GEORGE, JR.). 1919-2013.

POLLAND, MADELEINE (ANGEL CAHILL). Living in Spain and still writing at age 95.

    The Cipher Five. (Deleting the dash.) [England]
    The Riddle of Loch Lemman. [Scotland]

POLLARD, HUGH BERTIE CAMPBELL. 1888-1966. Pseudonym: Oliver Bland, q.v.

POLLOCK, IDA (JULIA CROWE). 1908-2013. Born in Lewisham, South London, England; died in Cornwall.

POLLOCK, WALTER HERRIES. See also: Walter Besant, 1836-1901.


PONDER, ZITA INEZ. 1900-1936. Born Inez Marcia R. Ponder in Devon, England; married Edward R. Carter in 1934; died in London.


POPE, WILLIAM TRAVERS. 1824-1880. Pseudonym: William Travers, q.v.

PORTER, IVOR FORSYTH. 1913-2012. Pseudonym: Ivor Crane, q.v.

    -The School on the Moor. Aldine pb (Diamond Library), 1911

POWELL, FRANCES. Frances Powell Case, 1855-1936.


PRESCOTT, AUGUSTA (S.). ca.1869-    . A journalist, born in New York; death not traced.

PRESCOTT, JERRY J. [GERALD J. PRESCOTT]. 1934-    . Graduate of University of Michigan Law School; winner of Lifetime Achievement Award of the American Wholesale Marketers Association; living in Ann Arbor.

PRESTON, JAMES. Pseudonym of John Sydney Alan Unett, 1906-1994. Born in Mullinger, Ireland; died in Worcestershire, England; a chartered accountant.  (Author of “The Empty Years.”)

PRESTON, T(REVOR). See also: Trevor Preston.
PRESTON, TREVOR. See also: T(revor) Preston.

PRETYMAN, MAUREEN (KATE).       -1961. Died in Ireland; birth date not traced

PRICE, J(OHN) L(ESLIE). 1920-1999. A solicitor; born and died in Bowral, New South Wales, Australia.

PRICE, LELAND. Add pseudonym: Vivian Mayo, q.v.

PRICE, WESLEY (E.?). 1904(?)-1986(?).

PRIDHAM, SYLVIA SANDYS. 1918-2004. Died in South Carolina as Sylvia Pridham Anderson; the Sandys appears to have been added for her byline; author and dog breeder.

PRIWIN, HANS WOLFGANG.     -1978. Born in Germany; came to England and gained British citizenship; changed his name to John Peter Wynn, and died in Skibereen, Ireland.

PROCTOR, CHARLES. 1882(?)-1945(?).
PROCTOR, FRED(ERICK) J(OSEPH). 1854-1935. Born and died in Portsmouth, England.


PULLAN, RU(PERT DESMOND). 1916-1993. Note: Name given as Robert Desmond Pullen on several electoral roles. Prolific author of westerns under various bylines.


PUNNETT, MARGARET. Ivor Macaulay Punnett, 1927-2013.

    Dictator’s Way. Also published in the U.S. under the British title: Ramble House, 2013
    Music Tells All. Add U.S. edition: Ramble House, 2013
    Triple Quest. Add U.S. edition: Ramble House, 2013.

PURTELL, JOSEPH P(AUL). Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. (Adding city of birth.)

PYATT, ALAN J. 1938-    . Born in Leicester, England; variously a cinema projectionist, printer, salesman, and construction site supervisor in England and abroad; traveler, photographer and writer.
PYE, LLOYD (ANTHONY, JR.). 1946-2013.

PYKE, VINCENT. Born Vincent Pike (later changed to Pyke) in Shepton Mallet, Somersetshire, England; settled in Australia in 1851, where he entered into politics, and to Otago, New Zealand in 1862, where he became gold fields commissioner; explorer, journalist, businessman and politician; died in Lawrence, Otago; also wrote songs, a history of Otago and Otago gold mining, books on government law, and a story, “Craigielinn”, in Scottish dialect, under the pseudonym F. E. Renwick. 
    The Adventures of George Washington Pratt. Robertson (Melbourne), 1874 [New Zealand]
    The Story of Wild Will Enderby. Wheeler (New Zealand), 1873. Also published as: Wild Will Enderby. Robertson (Melbourne), 1873. And as: Wild Will Enderby: A Story of the New Zealand Gold Fields. Hutchinson (London), 1889; Caffin (New Zealand), 1889; Cole (Melbourne), 1889 [New Zealand]
    Wild Will Enderby; see The Story of Wild Will Enderby (title correction)
QUANDT, ALBERT L(OUIS). 1907-1989. Born, lived and died in New York.


QUINN, DERRY [DERMOT EDWARD QUINN]. 1918-1987. Born and died in London, England.

RAILTON, C(HARLES) W(ITHINGTON). 1856-1937. Lived in Alderley Edge, Cheshire, England, and also wrote a book about it.

RAINBOW, (LAURA) ELIZABETH. 1903-1993. Born in New York; lived in Miami; died in Butler, Pennsylvania.

RAINSFORD, FRANCES (ELEANOR). ca.1899-1942(?). (Correction.) Born Frances Eleanor Browne; married Hume Frederick Rainsford.

RALEIGH, CECIL. Add: Born Abraham Cecil Francis Fothergill Rowlands in Avergavenny, England, son of Dr. John Fothergill Rowlands, but took the stage name Raleigh; actor and prolific author of stage melodramas; drama critic; married for a time to Effie Adelaide Maria Albanesi, who wrote as Effie Adelaide Rowlands, q.v.
RAM, SHANKAR. T. L. Natesan, 1895-    . (Correcting the birth date; died after 1966.)

    The Golden Lady. Film: Target, 1979 (scw: Joshua Sinclair; dir: Jose Ramon Tarraz)

RAMSEY, ALICIA [ALICE JOANNA ROYSTON RAMSEY DE CORDOVA]. Born in Chelsea, London, England; died in Kensington, London; novelist, scenario and magazine writer; collaborator on plays with Rudolph Ferdinand de Cordova, who became her second husband.

RANDALL, WILLIAM R. ca.1876-1939. Born in Rochester, New York; died in Roselle, New Jersey; motion picture, Broadway and radio actor.

RANDALL, VICTORIA. Pseudonym: Victoria Graham, q.v.

    The Vampire Tapes. Add British edition: Futura pb, 1978

RANKEN, J(EANIE) L(OGAN). 1878-1945. Birth name: Jane Logan Ranken.

RAOUL. Pseudonym of Ralph Joseph Thompson, 1889-1974. Born in London, England; died in Southport, where he had been a French and German teacher for some years.
RAPPART, HUGO. Add joint pseudonym with Dorothy Fletcher, 1910(?)-1980(?): Diane Frazer, q.v.

RATCLIFFE, ROGER. 1942-    . Pseudonym: Robert Kelder, q.v.

RAVEL, JUDITH. Pseudonym of Clara Snydacker Steeholm, 1898-1988. Born in Chicago; married Hardy Steeholm in 1934; died in New York.
RAWLINGS, NORMA E. 1944-    . Born Norma Elizabeth Bishop in Warwickshire, England; in 1967 she married John E. Rawlings in Coventry, where she lives.

RAWLS, PHILIP. House name.
    Blind Rage. [Cincinnati]
    Switchblade. (By Joseph L. Chadwick, 1909-1987, q.v.)

RAYGOR, LARRY [LAWRENCE A. RAYGOR]. 1924-1989. Born in Iowa; died in Tucson, Arizona.

RAYMOND, BEN. Correct to: RAYMOND, BENN. Pseudonym.

RAYNOR, MOLLIE. 1903-1985(?).

READ, ALLAN STINCHCOMB. 1898-1985. Born Allyn Stinchcomb in Illlinois; married Edmund Read; died in Los Angeles. Joint pseudonym with Esther McCoy, 1904-1989: Allan McRoyd, q.v.

READ, ELIZABETH K. ca.1904-    . Born in Pennsylvania.

READ, F(RANCIS) T(HOMAS). 1844-1916. Born in Bristol, England; a teacher in Erdington, Warickshire, where he died.

READ, MARK BRANDON. 1954-2013.
    Pulp Faction: Revenge of the Rabbit Kisser and Other Jailhouse Stories. Floradale pb, 1995 ss: Goodbye Chicka Charlie \ The Hand Man \ Message in a Bottle \ The Revenge of the Rabbit Kisser \ The Shoe Shop Men
    The Singing Detective. Correct to: The Singing Defective.
READ, ROBYN [ROBYN READ HAMILTON]. ca.1943-    . Australian journalist and politician, born in St. Leonards, educated at the University of Sydney.

READY, STUART. 1899-1984. (Deleting question marks.)

REBARER, LILIAS GILBERT RIDDELL. 1886-    . Pseudonym: Gilbert Riddell, q.v.

REDD, REBECCA FERGUS(ON). 1844-1905. Died in Columbus, Georgia.

REDDOCH, JENNIFER. George A. McNeill, 1934-    .
REED, HARRY.  Pseudonym of Jennifer Reed.

REED, JENNIFER. Pseudonym: Harry Reed, q.v.

REED, MORTON (CLIFFORD). 1932-    . Retired clinical psychologist; has been CEO of a post production movie facility.

REID, GEORGINA. (Mrs.) Muriel Slater, 1924-    .

REID, MAISIE. Pseudonym: Lady Frivol, q..v

    Blind Circle, with (Marie Joseph) Albert (Francois) Jean, 1892-1975.

RENEK, MORRIS. 1925-2013.

RENN-FOORD, NEIL. 1952-2007.    

RENOIR, KATHERINE MARY DALTON. Note: Census and probate records give her name as Katharine Mary Deville Renoir/Dalton.

RESSICH, JOHN SELLAR MATHESON. Eric de Banzie, 1894-1986.

RICE, LAVERNE. ca.1891-     . Death not traced.

RICH, ARTHUR T(HOMAS). 1895-1967. Born in London, England; died in Taunton, Somerset; Congregational Minister.

RICH, MEREDITH. Claudia J. Jessup, 1943-    . (Correcting birth date.)

RICHARDS, DAVID. Richard (Leslie) Townshend Bickers, 1917-2007.

    The Fate of Lord Oldbury; or, A River-Side Mystery. Henderson, ca,1897
    -The Guilty Hand. Henderson, ca.1896
    -The Master of Old Court Place; or, Martin Barron’s Treachery. Henderson, ca.1896
    The Meshes of Fear. Correct to: The Meshes of Fate; or, The Fatal Blue Diamonds.
    -Sentenced Pronounced. Henderson, ca.1895
    The Squire’s Secret; or, The Mystery of Silverbourne Chase. Henderson pb, ca.1894
    Temptation. Gramol, 1933 [England]

RICHARDS, ROBIN. 1892-1961. Born in Somerset, England; went to New Zealand in 1927, and died there.

RICHMOND-LOMBARDI, GEORGINIA MARIA. 1864-1942. Born in New York.               
RIDDELL, GILBERT. Pseudonym of Lilias Gilbert Riddell Rebarer, 1886-    . Born in Scotland; her husband remarried and she may have as well, or died abroad; death not traced.

RIDEAL, CHARLES F(REDERIC). 1856-    . (Correcting birth date.) Born in Wrexham, Wales; founder of the Medical Defence Union of England; came to the U.S. in 1897 and got into legal difficulties here; editor of the Wall Street Daily News and The Banker and Investor Magazine; death not traced.

RIDER, ANNE. Pseudonym of Anne Driver, 1924-    .

RIDGWAY, CHARLES. ca.1844-    . A native of Manchester, England; a world traveler despite blindness; wrote books with the help of a daughter, who traveled with him; death not traced.

RIEMAN, MILDRED B. 1916-1975. Pseudonym: Terry Rieman, q.v.

RIEMAN, TERRY. Pseudonym of Mildred B. Rieman, 1916-1975. Born Mildred B. Terry in Clinton, Utah; married Robert Rieman; died in Ogden, Utah; wrote seven books, worked in radio, TV and public relations; columnist for Cosmopolitan magazine; better known as Margo Rieman.

RIGDON, CHARLES. Novelist reportedly born in California; much married; dates not traced.   
RIGSBY, WILLIAM PAUL. 1936-    . Pseudonym: Billy Arr, q.v.

RING, BASIL. Add pseudonym: Otto Kicks, q.v.


    Red O’Leary Wins Out, with Carl H. Getz, 1891-1944. (Correcting co-author’s name.)

ROBB, RALPH S. 1961-    . Pseudonym: Sylvester Young, q.v.


ROBERTS, ETHEL JOYCE [ETHEL JOYCE ROBERTS WALDRON]. 1913-1997. Born in Sydney, Australia; died in Coxsachie, New York; married Thomas Joseph Waldron in Australia in 1937. Joint pseudonym with Thomas Joseph Waldron: Robert Waldron, q.v.



ROBERTS, ZELMA [ZELMA OAKLEY MASON ROBERTS DINELEY]. 1915-1988. (Correcting birth date.) Born in Christchurch, New Zealand; married Wilfred Herbert Roberts in Christchurch in 1938; came to England in 1955; married Herbert Dineley in Scotland in 1968; died in Sydney, Australia.

ROBERTSON, (WILLIAM) KEITH. 1840-1910. A physician who was born, lived, and died in Glasgow, Scotland.

ROBINS, RAYMOND (R.). 1900-1967.

ROBINSON, BRUCE. Born in Kent, England; director, screenwriter and actor living in Herefordshire.

ROBINSON, F(REDERICK) W(ILLIAM). Born and died in Spitalfields, London, England.
    Coward Conscience. Hurst, 1879; Harper, 1879 [England]

ROBISON, GERDA. 1915-1967. Some sources give her middle initial as W, others as V; one source indicates she was born in Minnesota, another says she was born in Michigan; died in Los Angeles; apparently a screenwriter.

ROBSON, ARTHUR W(ILLIAM). 1910-2005. Born in Durham, England; died in Bentley, Western Australia.

ROCHEFORT, EDITH. Correct to: ROCHFORT, EDITH. She was possibly Edith Sarah Hamilton Rochfort-Boyd, later Chapman, 1848-1930.

ROCHFORT-BOYD, EDITH SARAH HAMILTON. 1848-1930. See: Edith Rochfort.

ROCK, GILBERT. Pseudonym of John Alexander Barr, 1855-1907.
    Colonists. Wilkie (New Zealand), 1888. Also published as: The Crime of the Golden Gully. Blackett (London), 1888; Pollard pb (U.S.), 1889 [Melbourne, Australia]
    The Crime of the Golden Gully; see Colonists

ROCKE, WILLIAM. Irish journalist turned publisher as Rocphil Publishing.

RODGER, RICHARD.    -2013. Pseudonyms: Guy Fraser, Paul Jarrett, qq.v. Also wrote westerns as Shirlaw Johnston Rodgers.

    -The Cost of Love. (Adding the dash.)

ROGERS, DAVID. 1927-2013. Born in New York City; served in the Army Signal Corps during the Korean War; actor, novelist and adapter of material for plays; died in Westport, Connecticut..

ROGERS, EBENEZER. 1836-1915. Born in Ireland and died in London, England; an Army officer.

ROLAND, ALICE KATE. 1853-1915. Born Alice Kate Cash in Kentucky [correction]; lived in Birmingham, Alabama, and died in that state.

ROLFE, EDWIN. Lester Fuller, 1908-1962. (Correcting death date.)

ROONEY, FRANK (LEO). 1913-1992. Born in Kansas City; served in the Army in World War II; writer of novels and short stories who received the Guggenheim Award; died in Sarasota, Florida where he lived for 12 years after moving from Mamaroneck, New York.

ROONEY, MICKEY. Modified biographical sketch: Movie actor and entertainer born Joseph Yule, Jr., in Brooklyn.

ROPER, STEVE. Delete the entry.

ROSCOE, JOHN. Private investigator in Kansas City, Missouri.

ROSE, CHARLES EDWIN (LATER EDWARD) JAMES. 1860-1940. Pseudonym: Charles Eddy, q.v.

    I Will Repay. [London]

ROSE, JOHN R(OBERT). 1930-    . First police chief in Turner City, Oregon, and his book is an account of his police work “written in a fictional manner.”

ROSENBERG, ELIZABETH. Born Elizabeth Ann King, ca.1925, probably in India, as her father was in the Indian police; apparently still alive.

ROSS, CHARLES E. 1907-1989. Born in Monongahela, Pennsylvania; graduate of the University of Pittsburgh; newspaperman in New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania; assistant field director of the American Red Cross; also a poet.

ROSS, H(OPE) WILLIAMSON (HICK). 1907-1952. (Correction; deleting reference to Williamson Hope.) Born and died in Berwick, Victoria, Australia.

ROSS, JEROME (D.). 1911-    . Born in New York City; graduate of Yale; reporter, freelance writer of radio programs; worked for the War Department in WWII and after; television and movie scriptwriter; still living in New York City.

ROSS, JOHN. Pseudonym of Rudolph Clifford Jones, 1912-1987. (Removing question mark.)

ROSS, REBECCA. Possible joint pseudonym with Marion Swift: Rebecca Swift, q.v.

ROST, (JACOB) LEO. 1921-1997. Grew up in the Bahamas;, graduated from Harvard; operated a restaurant, nightclub and hotel in Nassau; came to Florida to write, and died in Palm Beach.



ROWAN, BARBARA. Ida (Julia Crowe) Pollock, 1908-2013.

ROWE, JOHN G(ABRIEL). 1873-1956. (Correcting the death date.) It appears he died as John Thomas Rowe; birth name uncertain.
    -The Millionaire Schoolboy. Aldine pb (Diamond Library), 1912

ROWLAND, HENRY. Add pseudonym: Vivian Mayo, q.v.

ROWLANDS, LILIAN (ANNIE JANE). 1869-1948. See: Bowen Rowlands, Lilian (Annie Jane).

ROWLATT, RICHARD (THOMAS CLARK). ca.1809-1885. (Corrections.) Born in Kent, England; retired as a school headmaster; died in Lewisham.
ROWSELL, E(DWARD) P(ENNING). 1832-1906. Birth registered as Edmund Penning Rowsell.
    Recollections of a Relieving Officer. (Note: His brother, Francis William Rowsell, 1838-1885, “wrote” the 1885 edition.)
ROYAL, MATT(HEW J.). 1863-1900.

ROYS, WILLIS E(MILE). 1865-1939.

RUBIN, CHANA STAVSKY. 1927-   . (Correcting birth date.)

    -The Feast of Skeletons. (Show title thus.) SC: J. C. K. (“Jigger”) Masters

RUDDY, JON (TIMOTHY). 1938-1995. Born in Brantford, Ontario, Canada; died in Guadalajara, Mexico.

RUEVERT, SIGMUND. See: Whidden Graham, 1910-1977.

RURYK, JEAN. Pseudonym of Eugenie Rosalie Ruryk Shepherd, 1922-1999.

RUSO, MICHAEL. Private investigator in Kansas City, Missouri; dates not traced.

RUSSELL, SINCLAIR. Pseudonym of Percy Russell Mallinson, 1891-    . Other pseudonym: Michael Burke, q.v.

RUTLAND, LYNN. Probably a pseudonym.

RUTLEDGE, MARYCE. 1884-    . Born Marie Louise Gibson in New York; married Morgan Goetchius around 1904, then Edmond Van Saanen Algi, and then Gardner Hale in 1916 (divorced 1927); death not traced but apparently after 1960; Rutledge was her father’s middle name.

    Freak Museum. Add U.S. edition: Ramble House pb, 2012
    The Subjugated Beast. Add U.S. edition: Ramble House pb, 2013

RYVEN, GEORGE. Pseudonym.

SABIN, J(AMES) BOWER. 1867-1954. (Deleting question mark.)

SADLER, ADAM. Pseudonym of Albert Sadler, 1892-1959. Born in Aldershot, England; died in Penzance.

SADLER, ALBERT. 1892-1959. Pseudonym: Adam Sadler, q.v.

SAGON, AMYOT. Pseudonym of Amy Page, 1859-1916.

SAINT, EDDIE. (Deleting reference to Edward Carver Saint.) Pseudonym. Show all titles as published ca.1955.

ST. AUBYN, F. (Deleting possible full name and dates.) Could have been Florence St. Aubyn Brisbane, 1859-1932, who was born Florence St. Aubyn in Malta and later took her mother’s maiden name and wrote a book on London churches in 1929 as St. Aubyn Brisbane.

ST. CLAIR, EILEEN ADAMS. 1901-1985. Born Eileen Lorna Cay Adams in Wellington, New Zealand; lived in England, Cuba, and the United States; married Arthur Fair in 1923, then after divorce in 1939 married geologist David St. Clair; died in Florida.

ST. CLAIR, ROBERT (R.). 1898-1967. (Correction.) Died in Los Angeles.

SAINT MAUR, HARRY. 1851-1907.  Actor, playwright and comedian; birth name uncertain. (Correction.)

SAMPSON, EDMUND. ca.1844-1918. Born in Lincolnshire, England; died in Essex; a printer, then newspaper editor.

SAMY-BELL, MURIELLE. French, and a teacher of adults in Corsica.

SANDERS, MADELYN. (Ava) Dianne (Leslie) Day, 1938-2013.

SANDERS, RICHARD. Maybe have been born in Java in the 1920s; served in British Secret Service in Holland in WWII, and also in the RAF.

SANDFORD, LIONEL E(LI). 1903-1991. (Deleting question marks.) Born in Bristol, England; went to Canada in 1909, and later was in Montana and California; a printer by trade.

SANDSTROM, FLORA. 1904-1979. Born in Toxteth Park, Lancashire, England; married Sir Ernest C. Cohrane in 1933, then Richard B. Wainwright in 1951; died in Surrey.

SANFORD, HARRY (ALLEN). 1929-1999. Born in San Diego; died in Los Angeles.

SAPTE, WILLIAM. 1856-1930. (Corrrection.) Journalist and humorist; born William Pratt in London, became William Sapte when his mother remarried to William Sapte in 1863; died on the Isle of Wight.

    Dead Reckoning. (by Alexander John Blair Paterson, 1902-1976, q.v.) (Correction.)
    Disillusioned. (by Alexander John Blair Paterson, 1902-1976, q.v.) (Correction.)
    Dread. (by Alexander John Blair Paterson, 1902-1976, q.v.) (Correction.)
     East Side Exposure. (by Alexander John Blair Paterson, 1902-1976, q.v.) (Correction.)
     Fear. (by Alexander John Blair Paterson, 1902-1976, q.v.) (Correction.)
    House of Sin. (by Alexander John Blair Paterson, 1902-1976, q.v.) (Correction.)
    Sinister Wooing. (by Alexander John Blair Paterson, 1902-1976, q.v.) (Correction.)
    Stay Out of Menchis. (by Alexander John Blair Paterson, 1902-1976, q.v.) (Correction.)
    Vice Volcano. (by Alexander John Blair Paterson, 1902-1976, q.v.) (Correction.)
     Viper’s Brood. (by Alexander John Blair Paterson, 1902-1976, q.v.) (Correction.)

SATCHELL, WILLIAM (ARTHUR). 1861-1942. (Adding middle name and correcting birth date.) Born and educated in London; unsuccessful in writing or family business in England and went to Hoklanga, New Zealand; in financial difficulty he moved to Auckland and contributed stories and poems to local periodicals; made and lost money in mining booms; worked as an accountant; his novels sold reasonably well, and “The Greenstone Door” became a New Zealand classic. 

SAUNDERS, (JAMES) HAL(LETT). 1904-1991. Australian song writer, printmaker and radio script writer.

SAUNDERS, MONTAGU. Pseudonym of Montagu(e) Solomon, 1866-1934.  (Correction.)

SAUNDERS, THEODORE. (Deleting possible dates.)  Mary D. Means. (Deleting possible dates.)

SAVAGE, GEORGIA. 1928-    . Born Jillian Gunton in Lanceston, Tasmania; married Ron Savage in 1949.

SAVAGE, JENNY. 1945-    . Later byline: Jenny Maxwell, q.v.

SAVAGE, MARY (J.). Mary J. Savage Dresser, 1925-    . Third wife of Davis Dresser, 1904-1977, q.v.; whom he married in 1961.

SAVILE, FRANK (HOPE MacKENZIE). 1865-1950. (Correcting birth date.)

SAXBY, (C. F.) ARGYLL. ca.1870-1959. Born in the U.K., son of prolific Scottish author Jessie M. E. Saxby; lived in Canada and was a teacher in various places including Cyprus, Syria, India and Melbourne, Australia; died in Perth, Western Australia.
    The Fiery Totem. Religious Tract Society (London), 1913 (Intended for younger readers.) [Canada]

SAXON, VAN. (George?) Arthur Moore, 1914-2005.


SCHLEIFER, [MRS.] GERRY. Born in France (date not found.)

SCHMALZ, FLORA. 1851-    . (Correction.) Born in Newcastle upon Tyne, England, daughter of a German consul attache and his English wife; death not traced.

SCHMIDT, DAN. ca.1959-    . Possibly Daniel F. Schmidt, 1959-2000.

SCHOFIELD, LILY. Pseudonym of Sarah Elizabeth McMillan Schofield, 1871-1953. Born in Dublin, Ireland; married Samuel Robert Schofield in 1899; died in Cambridge, England.

SCHOFIELD, SARAH ELIZABETH McMILLAN. 1871-1953. Pseudonym: Lily Schofield, q.v.

SCHOLEY, JEAN(NIE GIBSON BAXTER). 1920-2004. Born of Scottish parents; died in Worcestershire, England.
SCHWARTZ, ELROY. 1923-2013.

SCOT, HEW. Pseudonym of John James Graham Brown, 1853-1925. A physician; born and died in Edinburgh, Scotland.
    The Way of War. Long, 1907
    A Wild Intrigue. Stanley Paul, 1910

SCOTT, BARBARA MONTAGU. Pseudonym of Ellen Alice Chesworth Durban, 1892-1979. Born in London, England; died in Brighton.

SCOTT, DENIS. Mary D. Means. (Deleting possible dates.) Theodore Saunders. (Deleting possible dates.)

SCOTT, DOUGLAS. William Scott Smith, 1926-1997. Died in Dundee, Scotland.

SCOTT, JOSEPH. Add pseudonym: Bill Johnson, q.v.

SCOTT, MARIAN GALLAGHER. 1891(?)-1943(?).

SCOTT, MARY (EDITH CLARKE). Born Mary Edith Clarke in Waimate North, New Zealand; became a teacher; married Walter Scott in 1914; wrote two early literary novels under pseudonym Marten Stuart, then started long successful career writing light-hearted stories of country life.

SCOTT, MARY SEMPLE. 1879-1968. Born in St. Louis, Missouri; died in Florida; granddaughter of Illinois senator James Semple; active in women’s suffrage movement and editor of the suffrage magazine “The Missouri Woman”.
SCOTT, WINIFRED MAY. 1883-     . (Correction.) Born in Wiltshire, England; death not traced.

SCRIVEN, PHYLLIS. 1910-1969.
    It’s a Man’s World. Quality, 1948 [England]

SCUD, GRACE. Pseudonym of an Australian author, born in 1962, and reportedly living in New York.

SCUDDER, SAM. Pseudonym of Erastus Cornelius Benedict Peeke, 1864-1910. He was a disgraced government secret service agent who was forced to resign after being charged, perhaps wrongly, with extorting money from Italian immigrants.

SEARS, RUTH McCARTHY. 1904-1995.

SEAWARD, BELINDA. Belinda J. Seward, 1962-    .

SEBASTIAN, MARGARET. Arthur M. Gladstone, 1921-2013.

SECRIST, KELLEHER. W(illiam) G(arrett) Secrist, 1894-1945.

SECRIST, W(ILLIAM) G(ARRETT). 1894-1945. Native of Kansas City, Missouri; career journalist, turned editor by 1941.

SEEGMILLER, (WILLIAM) GARTH. 1918-2009. (Corrections.)

SEFTON, EVELYN. Pseudonym of Joan Evelyn Leeson Clark, 1924-2013. Born in Liverpool, England; died in Casa Grande, Arizona; registered nurse and qualified midwife in England; served in Queen Alexandra’s Royal Army Nursing Corps in WWII; poet and novelist, who retired from Wales to Arizona in 2008.

SEIBERT, ELIZABETH G. 1897-1991. (Deleting question marks.)
    The Abrus Necklace. (Intended for younger readers.)

SELMAN, ROBERT. An actor, probably Joseph Robert Selman, 1909-1970, shown as a radio actor in the 1940 census.

SELWYN, BEATRICE. Pseudonym of Beatrice Charlotte Crafer Guarracino, 1859-1937; an actress. (Correction.)
    The Hangman’s Child. Also published as: Sergeant Verity and the Hangman’s Child. Orion, 2013
    Sergeant Verity and the Hangman’s Child; see The Hangman’s Child

SERRANO, JOE. ca.1951-    .

SERRESTER, LEONARD. 1922-1970. Serrester was an adopted name, as he was the son of Frank and Stella Czereszko, born in Detroit; graduated from the University of Michigan and from its medical school as Bernard Frank Serrester in 1945 and obtained a master’s in public health from the University in 1966; was a general medical practitioner for 20 years.

SETON, GEORGINA. Pseudonym of Kate Walker Cameron Seton, 1900-    . Born in Tenterfield, New South Wales, Australia; married Cardwyn Wyndham Seton in 1929; lived for some time in the Solomon Islands before returning to Queensland; death not traced.

SETON, KATE WALKER CAMERON. 1900-    . Pseudonym: Georgina Seton, q.v.

SEWALL, ROBERT. Add pseudonyms: Wood. C. Lamont, J. Gonzo Smith.

SEWARD, BELINDA J. 1962-    . Born Belinda J. Franke in Cornwall.

SEYMOUR, (WILLIAM) HAMILTON. ca.1840-    . A journalist whose birth date is given variously as 1840-1852, so death not reliably traced.

    The Medicine Man. Lester and Orpen, 1975 [Canada, 1966]

SHAFFER, JIM [JAMES L. SHAFFER]. 1926-    . (Correcting birth date.)

SHAMIS, DIANE and GIORA. Husband and wife Israeli journalists based in Jerusalem.

SHANNON, JIMMY. Pseudonym.


SHARP, ALAN. 1934-2013.

    -Blott on the Landscape. TV movie (mini-series): BBC, 1985 (scw: Malcolm Bradbury; dir: Roger Bamford.)

SHATTE, PHYLLIS [HAZEL PHYLLIS SHATTE WARD]. 1924-2009. Born in Stanthorpe, Queensland, Australia; began to write at an early age, and wrote for newspapers in Gympie, Queensland, including a column for children.

    Ten True Secret Service Detective Stories Founded Upon Actual Experiences in the U.S. Secret Service. (Title correction.)

SHAW, DICK. George Harry Openshaw, 1889-1983.

SHEA, JOHN D. 1848-1903. Chief of detectives in Chicago in the 1880s.

SHEKLETON, MICHAEL (HILL). 1907-2011. Lived in South Africa, Singapore and England; journalist in Singapore; later a factory manager in England.
    -Junk Royal. Stanley Paul, 1937 [Malaya]

SHELDON, RICHARD. Pseudonym of William Laurence Burn, 1904-1966. Add to sketch: born and died in County Durham, Ireland.

SHEPHERD, (ROBERT) ERIC. 1892-1955. Show entry thus.

SHEPHERD, EUGENIE ROSALIE RURYK. 1922-1999. Pseudonym: Jean Ruryk, q.v.
SHERLOCK, CHRISTOPHER (S.). 1955-   . Born in Birmingham, England; went to South Africa in 1970; survived death several times after a rock climbing accident; became creative director of a leading South African advertising agency.

SHERRING, HERBERT. 1860-1942. Born in India and married there; became head of Mayo College in India; died in Guildford, Surrey, England.

    Shadow Borders. Correct setting to: [England]

SHIELD, W(ILLIAM) P(ERCIVAL). 1834-1891. Worked in the Durham coal mines in England.

SHIFRIN, DAVID L(AWRENCE). 1942-    . Born in Pennsylvania; practicing obstetrician/gynecologist in Springfield, Massachusetts; graduate of West Virginia University School of Medicine.

SHIRE, ARDEN. Pseudonym of Joseph Warschauer, 1870-    . Born in Posen, Prussia; had degrees from Exeter College and Manchester College, Oxford, with a Ph.D. from Jena University; Unitarian then Congregational minister; death not traced (may have changed his last name).

SHIRK-JOHNSTONE, HERMONA. 1895-1977. Pseudonym: Virginia Dale, q.v.

SHORE, MAJOR JOHN. ca.1838-1916.

SHORT, MARION. ca.1871-    . Born in Illinois; death not traced.


SIERRA, PATRICIA (J.). 1944-    .

SIGIL. Pseudonym of George Jones.
    “Cracks” and Humorous Sketches. Toulmin, 1888 [England] ss (mostly stories in heavy dialect; those marked * mildly criminous): *An Adventure at Osbaldeston Hall \ Applying Coercion to an Awkward Fooak \ Boswell Turns Dentist \ Daniel O’Connell’s Tongue \ Express to Blackpool \ A Football Cup Tie Dinner \ Hunting the Man Who Wanted to Insure \ Jonnibus Shorrifus \ Joss’s Mushrooms \ *Missing Umbrellas \ My Uncle’s Dog \ My Uncle’s Trotting Mare \ Obangee \ Own Ned as a Carol Singer \ Own Ned at Billington Madhouse \ Own Physic \ A Patient Attachment \ A Poultry Spec \ A Shepsterd Pie \ Sole Agent \ *Spirit Clairvoyancy \ Victimizing a Commercial

SILLIMAN, VERA (ELAINE). 1892-1969. Born in Pulaski, Ohio; schoolteacher in Garrett, Indiana and then in Spencer, North Dakota. (Correction.)

SILMAN, ROBERT (E.). 1939-    . Born in Worthing, Sussex, England.
SILVA, DAVID B(LAIR). 1950-2013. (Correcting middle name.)

SILVERMAN, CHIP. Pseudonym of Howard Burton Silverman, 1942-2008.

SILVERMAN, HOWARD BURTON, 1942-2008. Pseudonym: Chip Silverman.

SIMONS, ROGER. Ivor Macaulay Punnett, 1927-2013.

SIMPSON, COLIN. Pseudonym of Colin Percy Frazer, 1914-1978.

SIMPSON, HAROLD. ca.1871(?)-    .
    The “Nine O’Clock Revue” Book, with Morris Harvey.  (Adding co-author.)

SIMS, DOROTHY RICE. 1889-1960. Born in New Jersey; died in Cairo, Egypt; was a world-famous bridge playing couple with second husband Hal Sims.

SIMS, MARIAN (McCAMY). 1898-1961. (Correcting birth date.) Born Marian McCamy in Dalton, Georgia; graduate of Agnes Scott College; married lawyer Frank Sims in 1927; moved to North Carolina where she lived most of her life; novelist and short story writer; died in Charlotte, North Carolina.

SINCLAIR, CLAUDE EDWARD ROBERT. 1905-    . Born in County Roscommon,  Ireland; clergyman in England until ca.1940 when he married; probably returned to Ireland and died there; death not traced.

SINCLAIR, FRANCIS. 1834-1916. Born in Stirling, Scotland; went to New Zealand with family in 1840; lived also in Hawaii; died on Jersey, Channel Islands.
SINCLAIR, SALLY. Pseudonym of Sally Elizabeth McCuig Sinclair Philip, 1923-    .
SISSON, HAL C. [WILLIAM HAROLD CHARLES SISSON]. 1921-2009. Born in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan; served in the RCAF; graduated from University of Saskatchewan Law School; practiced law in Alberta; formed the Peace Players, a theatrical group. SC: Dwart Farquhart and Phil Figgwiggin, in both titles.
    -The Big Bamboozle. Salal Press (Victoria, British Columbia), 1999

SIVANANDAN, A(MBALAVANER). Born in Sri Lanka; graduate of the University of Ceylon; teacher and banker in Ceylon; librarian in England; prolific commentator on race relations.

SIVERNS, RUTH. 1927-2012. Born Ruth Bowman in Yorkshire, England; engaged for several years to poet Philip Larkin; married John Siverns and was soon widowed; a teacher in Wolverhampton for many years; died in Romsey, Hampshire.
SKELTON, ALISON SCOTT. Joint pseudonym with Clement Lister Skelton: Abigail Clements, q.v.

    Monsieur Zenith. Correct publisher to: Sampson Low

SKILLMAN, PHIL(ANDER). 1846-1922. (Correction.) Born in New York; a lawyer in Olympia, Washington, where he died; first name given as Phil or Phillip on censuses, but family tree insists on Philander.
SKINNER, JOHN (CECIL). 1901-1968. Born in Pancras, London, England; graduated with honors in mathematics from Cambridge and earned an M.A. there as well; for a time he was senior mathematics master at Roundhay School, Leeds; author also of short stories and numerous articles; married a Scottish woman in Leeds in 1937, and died in Kirkcudbright, Scotland.

SKOTTOWE, C(OULSON) F(REDERICK) J(OSEPH). ca.1826-1902. Amended biographical sketch: Born in Ireland; a Colonel in the Indian Army; living in Hereforshire, England, in 1871, and in 1901 living on Guernsey, Channel Islands, where he died.
SLATER, H(ELEN) D(ICK). 1889-1950. Born in Edmonton, England; died in Woolwich.

SLATER, MURIEL [MRS.]. 1924-    . Possibly Evelyn Muriel Slater, 1924-1989.


SLATTERY, BILL. Pseudonym: Jesse Slattery, q.v.

SLATTERY, JESSE. Pseudonym of Bill Slattery, former reporter for the New York Post who died before 2003; Jesse was his grandfather’s first name.

    -The School of Secrets. Aldine pb (Diamond Library), 1910
    -Schoolmaster or Rogue? Aldine pb (Diamond Library), 1910


SLY, CHRISTOPHER. Pseudonym of Charles E(dward) Fritch, 1927-2012.
    7 Deadly Sinners. SC: Christopher Sly

SMALLEY, DAVE E(MERSON). 1885-1965. Born in Missouri; lived for a time in Illinois; died  in Indiana.

SMITH, A. M. Apparent pseudonym: Marsh Mallow, q.v.

SMITH, AUBREY (LEON). 1942-    .

SMITH, CAROL. Literary agent turned thriller writer.

SMITH, DAVE and GRAHAM MURDOCH. Delete entry (listed title is a comic book).

SMITH, ISABEL. 1859-1929. Born Isabel Roots in Canterbury, Kent, England; married Joseph G. Smith in 1887; died in Hertfordshire.

SMITH, J. GONZO. Pseudonym of Robert Sewall. Other pseudonym: Bruce Abbott, q.v.

SMITH, JANE RTITH HINTON GATES. 1908-1962. Pseudonym: Ruth Hinton, q.v.

SMITH, JOHN MEREDITH. 1916-2005. Born in Invercargill, New Zealand; graduated in English from Otago University; served with the 24th Field Ambulance in the Solomon Islands in WWII; spent 42 years in the teaching profession; died in New Zealand.

SMITH, (JAMES) JOHNSTON. 1874-1951. (Correction.) Born in Edinburgh, Scotland; died in Surrey, England.

SMITH, LOU(IS). 1918-2000. Died in Surrey, England.

SMITH, NOEL E. 1931-    . Born and still living in Wallasey, Cheshire, England.


SMYLES, L. E. Symmes M(ajor) Jelley, 1855-1925.

SNAITH, J(OHN) C(OLLIS). Add: died in London, England.

SNAPP, ORVILLE. Add pseudonym: Otto Kicks, q.v.

    The Finger of Destiny and other stories. Add U.S. edition: Ramble House, 2013, with added story “The Black Spider”

SNILLOC. Richard Sharman Harper-Collins, 1897-1976.

SNOWDEN, JAMES KEIGHLEY. 1860-1947. Born James Snowden and added the Keighley in memory of the town in which he grew up; writer and journalist. SC: Jack Sincler, in both titles; setting, both titles, England 1840s.
    -Jack the Outlaw. Simpkin, 1926
    -King Jack. Hodder, 1914

SNYDER, LEONARD (M.). 1912-1977. Died in Norman, Oklahoma.

SOLOMON, MONTAGU(E). 1866-1934. Pseudonym: Montagu Saunders, q.v.

SOMERS, MARK. Possibly the pseudonym of Sir John Mark Somers Hunter, 1865-1932, an educationalist in India and Burma. (Correction.)
    End of the Road. Hutchinson, 1923 [India]

SOMERSET, PETER. Pseudonym of Peter Waldo Somerset Gough-Calthorpe, Lord Calthorpe, 1927-1997.

SOMERVILLE, CHARLES (CECIL LEE D’MONTRAL). 1876-1931. Add: Born in New Orleans of Creole descent; magazine writer.

SONNY, ST. CLAIR. 1945-    .

SONODA, KENICHI. 1962-    .

SORKIN, BERNARD. 1915-    .

SORRELL, WILLIAM J. ca.1829-1885(?).

SOTABINDA, MAURICE. All titles intended for younger readers.

SOUVESTRE, PIERRE (WILHELM DANIEL). (Giving name in full.) Born in Brittany, France; a lawyer, journalist, author, and motor car enthusiast.

SPALDING, JOSEPH. Add pseudonym: Bill Johnson, q.v.

SPEECHLY, MARC GEOFFREY. 1960-    . Pseudonym: Marc Blake, q.v.

SPENCE, AINSLEY. Ida Mary Murphy, 1893-1972.

SPENCE, EDWARD FORDHAM. 1860-1932. Pseudonym: Edward La Serre. See: (Thomas) Malcolm Watson, 1853-1929.

SPENCE, WALL. Apparently born ca.1898, and therefore possibly Wilfred A. Spence, adopting his mother’s maiden name of Wall, and thus 1897-1987.

    The Flesh Game. (by Alexander John Blair Paterson, 1902-1976, q.v.) (Correction.)
    Gentleman’s Relish. (by Alexander John Blair Paterson, 1902-1976, q.v.) (Correction.)
    No Face for a Killer. (by Alexander John Blair Paterson,1902-1976, q.v.) (Correction.)
    Shroud for a Redhead. (by Alexander John Blair Paterson, 1902-1976, q.v.) (Correction.)


SPRAGUE, MORTIMER. Add pseudonym: Otto Kicks, q.v.


STAFFORD, MARJORIE [MARJORIE STAFFORD VAES]. Add: born Marjorie Housman Stafford; married Robert Newell Fitch in 1913, then Paul Vaes after 1918; death not traced.

STAHLMANN, J. I. One source identifies this as the pseudonym of John Crawford Fraser,
1875-    .

STALEY, (JOHN) EDGECUMBE. Birth name: Edgecumbe Staley; John was added by the 1911 census; probably went to Canada in 1912 and died there.
STANLEY, A(NTHONY) J(OSEPH). 1899-1958. Died in Ireland.

STANLEY, ARTHUR. 1873-1961. (Correcting birth date.)  Add: prominent in Belfast Literary Society, and its Honorary Secretary for 30 years.

STANLEY, FREDERIC ARTHUR. 1853-1919. Born in Manchester, England.

STANLEY, GEORGE. Probably the pseudonym of George Newsome. SC: Bigger (correction; not Biggers)
    Gangsters All. Correct ss title from Biggers’ Luck to: Bigger’s Luck.

STANLEY, MARTHA M. Correct to: STANLEY, MARTHA (NORWOOD BURGESS). 1867-1958. Born in Harwich, Massachusetts; died in Los Angeles.
STANLEY, OLIN. Elbert Lee Honeywell, 1929-1976.


STAPLETON, DOUGLAS. 1904-1974. Born in Virginia; died in La Habra, California; same dates and identical social security number also given for Samuel Granville Staples!.

STARKE, ROLAND (ADRIAN). 1931-2007. Born in Cape Town, South Africa; went to the U.S. after a time in England; died in Santa Monica, California.

STARR, JONATHAN. 1885-1941. Born in Terryville, Connecticut; attended Yale Law School but did not graduate; died a pauper in New York City.

STAYTON, (GEORGE) FRANK. 1874-1951. Add: died in London.

STEEHOLM, CLARA SNYDACKER. 1898-1988. Pseudonym: Judith Ravel, q.v.

STEELE, CHESTER K.  House name. Delete Edward (L.) Stratemeyer from the head note.
    The Crime at Red Tower. (by W. Bert Foster, 1869-1929, q.v., from an outline by Edward Stratemeyer.)
    The Diamond Cross Mystery. (by Howard R. Garis, 1873-1962, q.v.)
    The Golf Course Mystery. (by Howard R. Garis, 1873-1962, q.v.)
    The Great Radio Mystery. (by W. Bert Foster, 1869-1929, q.v., from an outline by Edward Stratemeyer.)
    The House of Disappearances. (by W. Bert Foster, 1869-1929, q.v., from an outline by Edward Stratemeyer.)
    The Mansion of Mystery. (by Edward Stratemeyer, 1862-1930, q.v.)

STELLIER, KILSYTH. A(rthur) Welbourne Summers, 1866-1946. (Deleting question marks.)   
STELLMACH, BARBARA. Born in Warwick, Queensland, Australia; won a scholarship to Trinity College, London, and also studied at University of Queensland; began writing drama in 1961 and wrote some 20 plays for theater, radio and television.


STEPHENS, AMY ELLEN. 1860-1936. Died in London, England.

STEPHENS, BLYTHE. Sharon (Blythe) Wagner, 1936-2013.

STEPHENS, CASEY. Sharon (Blythe) Wagner, 1936-2013.

STEPHENS, CLEO M(ARIE FISHBACK). 1911-2001. Born and died in Missouri; author, artist, vocalist, outdoorswoman and accomplished photojournalist.


STEPP, SUSAN (EUBANKS). 1951-    . Educated at Florida State University; taught in public and private school for almost 20 years; author of over 100 one-act plays; living in Florida. 

STERLING, DOROTHY. Add pseudonym: Vivian Mayo, q.v.


STERNE, DUNCAN. George Harry Openshaw, 1889-1983.

STERRY, MARY ELEANOR BELL. 1855-1919. Pseudonym: Eleanore S. Terry, q.v.

STESH, FEWI. Mrs Seth S. Wood was possibly Mary M. Parker Wood, 1848-1929.

STEUART, ROBERT. Pseudonym of Elizabeth Hardy Letham, 1835-1910.

STEVENS, K. M. Pseudonym of Stephanie May Midgley, 1920-1978. Lived in Queensland, Australia.

    The Third Time. J. R. Mott (Worthing, Sussex)   (Adding publisher location.)

STEVENSON, WILLIAM (H.). 1924-2013. (Show byline thus.)

    Spider Pete and other tales. (Title correction.)

STIMSON, H. H. Correct to; STINSON, H(ERBERT) H(UNTER). 1896-1969. Byline also: (Herbert) Hunter Stinson, q.v.

STINSON, (HERBERT) HUNTER. 1896-1969. Born in Illinois; died in Los Angeles. Byline also: H. H. Stinson, q.v.

STONE, A(LLEN E.). ca.1868-1930s. Pseudonym: Irving Craddock, q.v. Born in Kentucky; became his own publisher and literary agent; lived at Milton on the Hudson, New York.

STONE, DAVID. Pseudonym of C(arol) J. Cummings, 1952-   .
    Too Deep Then. Note: This book also published in 1987 in Johannesburg, South Africa, as by C. J. Cummings.

STONE, KATE MARGARET PARTRIDGE. (Note: Her name is also given as Kate Mountfort/Montfort Partridge Stone.)

STONE, (WINTHROP) MERRITT. 1915-1985. (Deleting question marks.) Born in Michigan and died in Los Angeles; actor, drama producer, writer and theatre owner.

STONE, WILLIAM LEETE. Add: died in Saratoga Springs, New York.

STONER, BERT. Add pseudonym: Otto Kicks, q.v.

STRANGE, J(OHN) D. 1898-1936. Died from the effects of gas in the world war trenches.

STRANGER, L(ILIAN) D(OROTHY). 1874-1959. Journalist, born Lilian Dorothy Springett in Pembroke, England; married journalist/author Shuttlesworth Poynton Stranger in 1907; died in Devon; she and her husband traveled the world together.
STRATEMEYER, EDWARD (L.). Pseudonym: Nicholas Carter, q.v. See also: Chester K. Steele. (Correction.)

STREETEN, FRANCIS (PAGET). 1903-1978. Native of Sussex, England.

STRONG, CHARLES STANLEY. Add: traveler, explorer, especially of the Arctic and Canada; died in Hempstead, New York.
    Ranger: Sea Dog of the Royal Mounted. Winston, 1948 [Canada] (Intended for younger readers.)

    Drag Me Down. Delete Horwitz edition.

STUART, RICARDO. Pseudonym of an academic teaching economics, in Asia at the time of the book.
STUTLEY, S(YDNEY) J(AMES DACRES). A(lf) E. Copp, ca.1892-    .

SUCKE, GREER WOODWARD. 1945-    . Pseudonym: Greer Woodward, q.v.

SUGAR, ANDREA CONRAD. 1933-2010. May have been the person who wrote as Andrew Sugar, q.v.

SUGAR, ANDREW.  Apparently this was his birth name, but he underwent a sex change, and may have become Andrea Conrad Sugar, 1933-2010.

SUMMERS, A(RTHUR) WELBOURNE. 1866-1946. (Deleting question marks.) Native of Nottingham, England.

SUTCLIFFE, (ROSE) CONSTANCE. 1853-1929. Born in Cheshire, England; died in Hampstead.

SUTER, W(ILLIAM) E. ca.1811-1882(?).

SUTHERLAND, ALEXANDER DOUGLAS. 1873-1961. Pseudonym: Aleck Douglas, q.v.

    The Fifty Mark. French (London), 1952 (3-act play.)
    Six More Miniatures. French (London), 1954 Playlets (criminous = *): Art for Art’s Sake \ The Clean-Up \ Father’s Economy Drive \ The Man Who Understood Women \ Scherzo in Two Flats \ *Trying to Take Things Quietly

SWAN, PHYLLIS. Phyllis Swan Pettit, 1930-1997.

SWART, DIRK E(WOUD). Born in Almelo, Netherlands; worked in marketing; traveled extensively; lived in Sweden for almost the past 30 years.

SWARTOUT, MARIE M. 1907-    . Pseudonym: Kate Ostrander, q.v.

SWEET, SHEILAH STEWART CAMPBELL. 1928-2005. Pseudonym: Tina Green, q.v.

SWIFT, REBECCA. Possible joint pseudonym of Rebecca Ross and Marion Swift, or of Rhonda Lee Bennon, 1952-    , and Andrea Gayle Hallgren, 1951-    .

SWIFT, MARION. Possible joint pseudonym with Rebecca Ross: Rebecca Swift, q.v.

SYDELL, ELEANOR. Pseudonym of William H(enry) A(lexander) Carr, 1924-2003, q.v.

TAILLET, EDMOND, 1932-2008, and RACHEL DESMOND, pseudonym of Roberta Patricia Degnore, 1946-    .
    The Real Connection. [Note: An autobiography (fictionalized?) of Taillet, an entertainer in France who was imprisoned in the 1970s for drug smuggling, and died in New York.]

TALBOT, FREDERICK. 1833-1903. Born in Leeds, England; died in Surrey.

TALBOT, L(OUISA) A(GNES). 1863-1958. Born in Kidderminster, Worcestershire, England; married Thomas Ferguson in 1909; died in Sussex.

TALLMAN, GEORGE DOUGLAS. 1848-1932. Born in New Jersey.

TALMY, SHEL(DON S.). 1937-    . (Correcting the birth date.)  Raised in Chicago and trained as a recording engineer in Los Angeles; became an independent record producer in Britain; later living in California.

TAMLYN, HARTLEY. Pseudonym, possibly that of Alfred Hutton, 1853-1913, born in Dorchester, England, and died in London.

TANNAHILL, (MARGERY) REAY. (Adding first name.) She was married 1958-1983 to Michael F. H. Edwardes, 1923-1990, q.v.

TARRANT, JOHN. Clive (Frederick William) Egleton, 1927-2006.

TARRANT, NOELINE M(ARGARET) A(NNE). 1924-2006. Born Noeline Margaret Anne Harris, probably in New Zealand; married Peter E. Tarrant in London in 1951; died in Surrey, England.
TAUBE, LESTER S(AUL). 1920-2013. Died in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

TAYLOR, BRIAN KINGZETT. 1924-    . Pseudonym: Brian Kingzett, q.v.

    The Girl Who Helped Ned Kelly. United Press (Melbourne), 1929 SC: Ned Kelly [Australia]

TAYLOR, IRIS (FRANCES MARY CRUSE). 1928-    . Born in London, England; married Robert Thomas Taylor in Manly, New South Wales, Australia in 1950.
TAYLOR, K(ATHRYN MACAULEY) DYSON. 1914-    . (Correcting birth date.) Born Kathryn Macauley Owen in Michigan; married John Dyson Taylor in London in 1937, then Frank S(eay) Greenlee in 1955; death not traced.

TAYLOR, MARY IMLAY. Add: Died in Miami.

TAYLOR-STANLEY, JULIA (ANNE). 1956-    . Songwriter, record producer and film producer.
TEBBETTS-TAYLOR, ELIZABETH. Possibility: born in Portland, Oregon, in 1917 as Elizabeth Marie Tebbetts; married Robert Marvin Taylor in 1945; died in Joshua Tree, California, in 2001 as Elizabeth M. Taylor.
    Bad Debts. TV movie: ABC (Australia), 2012, as Jack Irish: Bad Debts (scw: Andrew Knight; dir: Jeffrey Walker)
    Black Tide. TV movie: ABC (Australia), 2012, as Jack Irish: Black Tide (scw: Matt Cameron; dir: Jeffrey Walker)

TERRY, ELEANORE S. Pseudonym of Mary Eleanor Bell Sterry, 1855-1919.

    The Return of Sherlock Holmes, with (J.) Arthur Rose. Note: This play was rewritten and published under the same title by Ernest Dudley, q.v.

THALHIMER, ROBERTA H. 1942-2012. See: Roberta Cuomo Anderson.

THANE, DONALD. Pseudonym?
    -A Bishop’s Plight. Stanley Paul, 1908 [England]

THEOBALD, WILLIAM HENRY. Special agent for the U.S. Treasury Department.

THIELE, F. See: ANONYMOUS (“The Mysteries of Berlin”).

    Belladonna. Also published in England under the U.S. title: Orion, 2013

    Strip for Murder. SC: Christopher Sly

THOMAS, KENNETH (CHAMPION). 1890-1974. Born in New York; lived in New Jersey and died, there, in Monmouth.

THOMAS, PAUL. Born in Harrogate, Yorkshire, England; came to New Zealand as a child; graduate of University of Auckland; worked in journalism and public relations; contributed stories and articles to Australian and New Zealand magazines and newspapers; author of screenplays; living in Sydney, Australia.

THOMAS, RONALD WILLS. 1910-1969. (Correcting death date.)

THOMAS, W(ELBURNE) CRAIG. 1910-1959. Born in Urbana, Illinois; died in Los Angeles.

THOMPSON, LLOYD S. 1897-1980. (Correcting birth date.) Born in Montana; died in San Mateo, California.

THOMPSON, MARAVENE (KENNEDY).  Birth name: Maravene H. Kennedy. Death not traced: no sign of her after 1921, when she planned to go to South America; her husband remarried in 1926.
THOMPSON, MONROE. 1934-1997. (Deleting question marks.)

THOMPSON, MURIEL L. 1902-1989. Some uncertainties about her name: born Miranda Muriel Lilah Stuart in Rhodesia; died in Surrey as Muriel Lillian M. Thompson.
THOMPSON, RALPH JOSEPH. 1889-1974. Pseudonym: Raoul, q.v.

THORBURN, C(HARLES) H(ERBERT). 1862-1936. Born in London, England; went to the U.S. in 1892; died in Chicago.

THORBURN, GORDON. 1946-    . Born in Yorkshire, England; worked in advertising; living in Suffolk.

    Greatheart. Hurst, 1866 [England]

THORNE, RICHARD POLLETT. 1929-1983. Pseudonym: Stewart Murray, q.v.

THORNTON, ANTHONY. Pseudonym of Thornton Anthony Gow-Smith, 1931-    .

THORPE, VICTOR. Most titles intended for younger readers.

TOMLIN, JOHN. 1806-1850. Most of his life was spent in Jackson, Tennessee, where he had a store and acted as postmaster for several years; he corresponded with several contemporary writers, including Poe and Tennyson; probably died in Texas.

TOMLINSON, MARION. ca.1869-    . Born Mary Ann Lee in London; married Joseph Pugh Tomlinson in 1893; death not reliably traced.


TOPOL, EDWARD. Fridrikh Neznansky, 1932-2013.

TORBETT, D. Pseudonym of a reviewer for Publishers Weekly.

TOWERS, ERIC PRIESTLEY. 1925-2006. Pseudonym: Tony Caxton, q.v.

TOWNEND, PAUL (ALAN BRIAN). 1925-2009. Born in Warwick, England; died in Sarnen, Switzerland.

TOWSON, HAZEL (LETITIA). ca.1913-2003. (Deleting question marks.)

TOYE, NINA. 1879-    . Born Anna Huston Miller in Birmingham, Pennsylvania; married first Emilio Alberto Costantini and then Francis Toye; death untraced but likely in Italy.

    The Sensational Tragedy in the New Orleans Parish Prison. (Title correction; deleting the dash.)

TRAFTON, EDWIN H(ASKELL). 1847-1890s. Born in Maine; a journalist in New York; last sighting in a 1890 newspaper report that he had gone to New Mexico for his health; not in 1900 census so presumably died there in the 1890s.
TRAGHEIM, ALFRED ERNEST. 1892-1976. Pseudonym: George Ingram, q.v.

    -Trespass. SC: David Scott

TRAUGOT, LEANORE. Leanore Traugot Gottfried, ca.1924-    .

TRAVERS, HUGH. Hugh (Mortimer Travers) Mills, 1906-1971. (Correction.)

TRAVERS, WILLIAM. Pseudonym of William Travers Pope, 1824-1880.

TRAVIS, FALCON. 1912-2008. Born in Salford, Lancashire, England; died in Thornton, Lancashire.; prolific author for boy’s magazines and comics.

TREHERNE, (APSLEY) PHILIP. 1872-1922. (Deleting question marks.)

TRITT, JACKIE. 1941-    . Born Jacqueline Y. Clifford in Sleaford, England; married Barry H. Tritt in Southend; went to Australia where she was a teacher in Berwick, Victoria; now retired.
    -The Lawyer’s Daughter. [Venice 1600s]
     The Marked Man. Newby (London), 1871
    -The Rival Doctors. Newby (London), 1867

TRUESDELL, JUNE. (Deleting the dates.) Was married to John S. Truesdell, the son of the “Gumdrop King”, Percy S. Truesdell, so may have been born Bettina J. Johnson and married John S. Truesdell in 1932; if so she was born in Ohio in 1912, but the records are confusing and incomplete.

TUBB, MILES (RICHARD). 1962-   . Freelance photographer born in London, England, and later living in Edinburgh, Scotland.

TUCKER, BERYL [LETITIA BERYL TUCKER WINGATE]. 1881-1944. Born Latitia Beryl Tucker in Peshawar, Bengal, India; married Alfred W. S. Wingate in 1910; died in London, England; first name elsewhere always spelled Letitia.

    The Haunted Ship. (Deleting the dash.) (Intended for younger readers.)

TUNSTALL, BEATRICE. Pseudonym of Hilda Tunstall, 1889-1966. Add: Born in Warrington, Lancashire, England; died in Chester.

TUNSTALL, HILDA. 1889-1966. Pseudonym: Beatrice Tunstall, q.v.
TURK, SARAH ANN AGNES. 1859-1927. Pseudonym: Sheila Agnes Turk, q.v.

TURK, SHEILA AGNES. Pseudonym of Sarah Ann Agnes Turk, 1859-1927.

TURNBULL, G(ILBERT) MUNRO. 1890-1938. Born in Wales; died in Australia.
    -Portrait of a Savage. Currawong (Sydney), 1943 [Papua New Guinea]

TURNER, HARVEY (STEWART). 1930-    . Pseudonym: Sam Hill, q.v.    

TURNER, RUSSELL. Pseudonym of Leonard Samuel Zinberg, 1911-1968. Other pseudonyms: Steve April, Ed Lacy, qq.v.
    The Long Night. Hillman pb, 1957 [New York City]
    Sweet Revenge. (Intended for younger readers.)

    Francie Molala and the Mercedes Affair. (Intended for yournger readers.)

UNDERWOOD, TIM. 1946-    . Has been a corporate executive, an entrepreneur, an award-winning investigative journalist and a professional horse player.

UNETT, JOHN SYDNEY ALAN. 1906-1994. Pseudonym: James Preston, q.v.

UNWIN, F(REDERICK) T(HOMAS). 1915-    . (Deleting death date.)


    The Lake Frome Monster. J(ohn) L(eslie) Price, 1920-1999.

URELL, WILLIAM FRANCIS. Delete reference to Curtis Lucas.

VACHA, ROBERT (DORAB). Show SC as Colonel Robert Craig = RC.
    Moscow 1980. (Deleting the dash.)
    Requiem for a Crown. RC [Europe]                       

VALMAIN, FREDERIC. Pseudonym of Paul Frederic Baulat, 1931-2003. Born in Algiers; died in Champigny, France.

VANCE, JACK. John Holbrook Vance, 1916-2013.


VAN DEUSEN, DELIA (C.). 1892-1964. Lived in Claverack, New York; died in Connecticut.
VAN DRUTEN, RUSTY. Retired photojournalist in South Africa; former television news editor.

VANE, ROLAND. Add pseudonym: Ernest L. McReay, q.v.

VAN HAZINGA, CYNTHIA. Cynthia Van Hazinga Kutz, 1944-    . (Correcting birth date.)

VAN HEARN, J(AN). 1918-1990. There is some confusion about his first name, and whether this was his real name, but such a person did exist in the Los Angeles area, with film connections, and a 1965 screenplay was copyrighted by him; a person with this name and dates was born outside the U.S. and died in San Bernardino, California.
VAN SCHEVICHAVEN, JACOB. 1866-1935. Pseudonym: James Amster, q.v.

VASE, GILLAN. Pseudonym of Elizabeth Palmer Newton, 1841-1921. (Correction.)

VASEL, FRED J. “PETE”. 1929-2004. Pseudonym: Major J. J. Vasel, q.v.

VASEL, MAJOR J. J. Pseudonym of Fred J. “Pete” Vasel, 1929-2004. Former Chief of Police of St. Louis; died in St. Charles, Missouri.

VAUGHAN, STUART. Distinguished New York theatre director with two honorary doctorates.

VEHEYNE, CHERRY. Ethel Williamson, 1886-    .

VENABLES, BRUCE. Born in Hobart, Tasmania; served on the Tasmanian Police Force and the Royal Hong Police; moved to Sydney, Australia in 1984 and began a career writing film and television scripts.

VERKOCZY, ELIZABETH. Born in Budapest, Hungary; educated in Hungary and England; emigrated to Canada in 1966; journalist, medical researcher, writer and world traveler.

VERNON, ANNE. Pseudonym of Anne Martha Wickham, ca.1910-    . Born in Montreal; death not traced.

VERNON, GEORGE SHIRRA GIBB. 1884-1959. Born in Arbirlot, Forfarshire, Scotland; died in Edinburgh.

VERNON, KAY R. [KATHLEEN ROSA VERNON]. 1902-1994(?). Born in Middlesex, England; apparent death in Surrey registered as Kathleen Rosemary Vernon.

VICTOR, H. L. Pseudonym of doctor/writer born Robert Herbert Victor Thomas Lauder, 1897-1964, though he had become Herbert Victor Lauder by the 1911 census. (Correction.)
    Murder in Duplicate. Correct publisher to: Stanley Paul

VINING, (WESLEY) KEITH. 1905-1984. (Deleting question marks.) Boat builder, U.S. navy instructor, worker in plastics, and provider of articles, stories and photos to many magazines.

VISER, LON. Correct Rhoda Lucson to: Rhoda Luczon.
VITALI,, BUGIO (OR BRUNO) F. 1915-1998. Pseudonym: Amos Brooke, q.v.

VOLK, GORDON. Delete cross-reference to Raymond Knotts.
    And the Deep Blue Sea. Stanley Paul, 1944
VON DEGEN. Anne Crawford Von Rabe, 1846-1912.

    The Child of the Parish. Bonner (New York), 1893

VON RABE, ANNE CRAWFORD. 1846-1912.  Sister of F(rancis) Marion Crawford, 1854-1909, q.v. Lived in East Russia after her marriage, then in Rome, where she died.

VON RIMANOCZY, CHARLES ADOLF. 1906-1999. Born and married as Adolph Von Rimanoczy in England; died in South Africa as Charles Adolf Rimanoczy.

WADE, ALAN. John Holbrook Vance, 1916-2013.

WADHAM, RUTH (WYNDHAM). 1899-    . (Deleting question marks.) Changed her name legally to Ruth Wyndham Wadham Morris in 1954; death not traced.


WAGNER, ARCHIBALD C(UNNINGHAM), M.D. 1930-2013. Born in Norton, Virginia; educated at Medical College of Virginia in Richmond; founded a radiological practice based in Warrenton, Virginia; moved to Montana in 1991; died in Livingston, Montana.

WAGNER, ELAINE (MARIE). (Adding her middle name.)


WAKE, VIVIEN FISKE. Retired teacher; author of textbooks on poetry; living in Wanganui, New Zealand.

WALDREAON, MABEL KNOWLES. Born in Boston; died in Los Angeles; playwright and actress.

WALDRON, ROBERT. Joint pseudonym of Thomas Joseph Waldron, 1905-1996, born in Wicklow, Ireland and died in Woodstock, New York; and Ethel Joyce Roberts (Waldron), 1913-1997, born in Sydney, Australia; died in Coxsachie, New York.

WALDRON, THOMAS JOSEPH. 1905-1996. Born in Wicklow, Ireland, married Ethel Joyce Roberts in 1937, and died in Woodstock New York. Joint pseudonym with Ethel Joyce Roberts (Waldron), 1913-1997: Robert Waldron, q.v.

WALKER, GERTRUDE. 1902-1995. (Correction.) Born in Ohio; died in Riverside, California; studied journalism at Columbus University; published critical essays on poetry and theatrical plays; worked in Hollywood in theatrical plays; wrote for stand-up comedians in WWI; wrote scripts for films in 1940s and for TV serials; second wife of song and dance man Charles Winniger.
WALKER, WILLIAM S(YLVESTER). Born in Australia, where he worked in farming and mining; also worked in South African diamond mines, and lived 15 years in New Zealand.
WALL, MICHAEL (ALAN). Worked in advertising in various countries and in political campaigns in U.S. and New Zealand; former parliamentary chief press secretary in New Zealand; dramatist; living at Te Ore Ore, New Zealand, and breeding horses..

WALL, (ESTON) WAYNE. 1936-2003. Dr. Wall was born in Langley, South Carolina; educated at Mercer University, with advanced degrees from several institutions; pastor and chancellor of schools for the Whiteford Church and Schools; died in Lexington, South Carolina..  

WALLACE, HELEN (GRACE). 1853-1944. Born in Edinburgh, Scotland; died in Torquay, England.

WALLACE, MARY. Grace Wallace Doonan, 1873-193?.


WALLENSTEIN, MARCEL. 1893-1986. (Deleting question marks.) Add: Born Marcelle Henry Wallenstein in Atchison, Kansas; died in Paris; a journalist.

WALLIS, GEORGE CHARLES. 1871-1956. Pseudonym: Royston Heath, q.v.

WALSH, HAZEL. Born Hazel Webbly in Hawera, New Zealand; trained as a nurse in Gisborne; married Cecil Walsh in 1924; died in Putaruru on her 64th birthday.
    The Fourth Point of the Star. Add to setting: [hospital]

WALSH, ROBERT (HUGH). 1923-2006. Lived and died in Midland, Texas.

WARBURG, TESSA ELIZABETH. Born Tessa Lorant in Germany, and married Frederic Warburg in 1953; probably better known for her knitting books.

    A Double for Trouble. Regency pb, 1946

WARD, BLANCHE. Delete entry; listed title is corrected to A Double for Trouble and moved to the B(lanche) E. M. Ward entry.

WARD, DONALD. Also co-author of the books for eight musicals.

WARD, HARVEY G(RENVILLE). 1927-1995. Director-General of the Rhodesian Broadcasting Corporation; political advisor to many African leaders; involved in international intelligence; member of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Conservative Monday Club.
    Sanctions Buster. William Maclellan, 1982

WARD, T(ERENCE) JOHN. 1941-    .



    The Mystery of Hazelgrove. [Paris]

WARREN, LEWIS L(EANDER). 1879-ca.1938.

    Granite Shadows. [Scotland]

WARSCHAUER, JOSEPH. 1870-    . Pseudonym: Arden Shire, q.v.

WASSELL, ELIZABETH. 1957-    . Born in Manhattan; graduate in fiction writing from City College of New York; living in Ireland and in Nice, France.

WASSER, MARGARET (LORENE FISHER). 1914-2003. Born in Kelso, Washington; died in Ashland, Oregon; interior designer, furniture company owner and author.


WATERS, JOHN (P.). 1965-    . Registered financial planner; teaches financial classes for Denver Public Schools; columnist for D’Zine, a leisure magazine.

WATKINS, ALEXANDER WILLIAM. 1892-1971. Born in North London, England; died in Los Angeles. Pseudonym: Joseph Lane Linklater, q.v. (Corrections.)

WATKINS, IVOR. Worked in army intelligence during the Cold War before a successful career in journalism on several national newspapers including the Daily Express and London Evening News.
WATKINS, MURIEL GERTRUDE. ca.1919-2001. A lecturer; died in Sydney, Australia. (Delete reference to Gene Janes.)



WATSON, JAMES L. 1930-1996. Born in Woonsocket, South Dakota; died in Sioux Falls, South Dakota; educated at Dakota Wesleyan University; senior editor with Associated Press.
WATSON, (THOMAS) MALCOLM, 1853-1929, and EDWARD LA SERRE. La Serre was the pseudonym of Edward Fordham Spence, 1860-1932.
    Sheerluck Jones. (Note: This play was first performed in 1901.)

WATT, JOHN F. Probably John Sproul Fyfe Watt, 1891-1964, born in Barrow, Lancashire, England, of Scottish parents; served in the R.A.F. in WWII; died in Scotland.

WATT, JOHN SPROUL FYFE. 1891-1964. See: John F. Watt.

WATTS, PETER (CHRISTOPHER). See also: Alexander McArthur, 1901-1947.

WAY, DENIS M. Born in Adelaide, Australia; served in the Royal Australian Regiment in South Vietnam 1968-69; worked in and from Hong Kong for 30 years; later a full-time writer.

    Pass Along, Madam. Correct publisher to: Hodder

WEBBER, BYRON. 1838-1913. Born in Stockton, Durham, England; journalist for numerous periodicals, specializing in sports reporting; spent the last 10 years of his life on Jersey, Channel Islands, where he died.

WEED, DUNSTAN. Add pseudonym: Otto Kicks, q.v.

    -Yarborough, the Premier. Harper (London & New York), 1904 [England]

WEEKS, JACK. 1907-1971. (Deleting question marks.) Add Miami to his journalist locations.

WEINSTEIN, HOWARD. A(nn) C(arol) Crispin, 1950-2013.

WEINSTEIN, SOL. 1928-2012.

WEIR, DONALD (ROBERT.). 1909-   . Born in Argyllshire, Scotland; may have died in Australia in 1988.
    -Balkan Saga. Delete: not fiction.
WEISSL, AUGUST (JOSEF JAKOB). 1871-1922. Born in Trieste, Italy; died in Vienna, Austria.

WELCH, DENIS. Journalist, feature writer for the New Zealand Listener, poet, theatre critic and political commentator; living in Paekakariki, New Zealand; working on a biography of former New Zealand prime minister Norman Kirk.

WELDON, A. E. See: Brinsley MacNamara. (Correction.)
WELDON, JOHN JOSEPH. 1890-1963. Pseudonym: Brinsley MacNamara, q.v.

WELDON, THOMAS. Campbell Black, 1944-2013.

WELT, ELLY. Born Elinor Haykin in Omaha, Nebraska; married second husband, physician Peter J. L. Welt, in 1973; living in Seattle.

WEMPE, IRENE. 1901-2001. (Deleting question marks.) Born Irene Lillian Gross in Canada.

WENTWORTH, BERNARD. Newspaperman in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, England, in 1899; dates not traced.

WENZELL, ISABEL D’ESTE. 1904-    . Probably born Isabel Gladys B. D’Este in London in 1904; married Carl L. Wenzell; death not traced.
WERLIN, MARVIN (EFFREM). (Adding middle name.)

WEST-LARSEN, NIELS (EBBE). 1926-1975. Possibly born in Denmark; died in Los Angeles.

    Voices in the Wind. Macmillan (London), 1997 ss (criminous = *): Aunt Florrie \ The Beach \ The Bottle \ Cathedral \ Daddy-Long-Legs \ The German Ghost \ The Return \ The Shepherd’s Room \ *The Trap \ The White Cat

WESTBURY, (FRANK) ATHA. Add: a land agent, and later a journalist in Australia and New Zealand; wrote a large number of adventure stories serialized in newspapers, together with poetry and children’s stories.

WESTWOOD, A. M. 1886-1972. Born Annie Paulin, probably in Scotland; married John David Westwood in Bombay in 1909 as Annie MacDougall Paulin; died in Bucklow, Cheshire, England.
WETHEY, LEILA HOLT LOMAX. 1865-1933. Pseudonym: Lee Holt, q.v.

WEYMAN, ALF(RED) J(OHN). ca.1865-1901. Born in England; died in Glasgow, Scotland; worked as a stock exchange secretary’s clerk.

WHALEY, BARTON STEWART. 1928-2013. Died in Pacific Grove, California.

WHEELAHAN, PAUL. Born in Bombala, New South Wales, Australia; prolific writer of more than 500 novels, especially westerns, under a number of pseudonyms; also a comic book artist.

WHEELER, EDW(ARD) L(YTTON). Prolific writer of dime novels published during his lifetime by Beadle and Adams.

WHERLY, MICHAEL C(HARLES). (Correcting middle name.)

WHICKER, ALAN (DONALD). 1925-2013.

WHITBY, PAULINE. 1926-    . (Correcting birth date.) Born in Hatfield, England.

    The Wheel Spins. TV movie: BBC, 2013, as The Lady Vanishes (scw: Fiona Seres; dir: Diarmuid Lawrence)

WHITE, IRENE. 1920-    . Born in Germany and escaped to Israel; then trained as a nurse in England; married a refugee from Germany whose name was changed to White.


WHITE, TZVI. Former oceanographer who lived in Baltimore; moved to Israel in 2000; sometimes referred to as Rusty White.

WHITECHAPEL, SIMON. Probably a pseudonym; born in Madagascar; attended the University of Exeter.

WHITEHILL, (HOWARD) JOSEPH (JR.). 1927-2011. Born in Columbus, Ohio and died in Haverford, Pennsylvania; served in U.S. Navy; earned a masters degree at Johns Hopkins Unviersity, followed by doctoral program in criminal justice at Florida State University; accountant, master machinist and electronics designer; became manager of a tool corporation and of Whitehill Oil Corporation.

WHITEHOUSE, F(RANCIS) COWLEY. 1863-1946. Clergyman; died in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa.

WHITEHOUSE, WALTER G(EORGE). 1877-1944. (Deleting question marks.)

    The Princess Galva. [Europe]

WHITHAM, G(RACE) I(SABELLA). 1874-1965. (Deleting question marks.)

WHITLATCH, JOHN (E.). 1923-1972. (Deleting question marks.)



WICKHAM, ANNE MARTHA. ca.1910-    . Pseudonym: Anne Vernon, q.v.

WICKING, G(EORGE) W(ALTER). 1883-1959. Born and died in Victoria, Australia.

WIEMAN, AREND. Born in Germany and grew up under Hitler; served in the German Air Force and was imprisoned by the Russians; came to Canada after the war; retired from industrial electrical work to become a writer in 1972.

WIGHT, E(DWARD) B(ASIL). 1911-1984. A retired solicitor; died in Spain.  (Correction.)

WIGHT, NATALIE. Pseudonym of Natalie Alice Picchiotti, 1908-1987. Born and died in Illinois; teacher who worked in Chicago public schools for 45 years; pioneer in teaching English as a second language.

WILDING, JOHN. 1939-    .  Actor and writer for television; playwright; researcher on and writer about Jack the Ripper.

WILLARD, TOM [TOMMIE LEE WILLARD]. 1947-    . Highly decorated Vietnam veteran; graduate of University of North Dakota with degree in criminal justice; coordinator of the North Dakota Veterans History Project.
WILLARDS, ERNEST SEYMOUR. Pseudonym of Jan De Koning, possibly the Dutch politican of this name born in 1926 and died in 1994.

WILLIAMS, CHARLES. 1848-   . Born in Shrewsbury, Wales; birth name not clear (possibly Charles Overton); death not traced.

WILLIAMS, EDWIN ALFRED. Born in Africa, probably Kenya; may have died in South Africa, but death not traced.

WILLIAMS, H(ENRY) L(LEWELLYN). 1842-1880s. Author and dramatist born in Boston.

WILLIAMS, JOHN (STANLEY). 1925-2006. Died in Worthing, England.

WILLIAMS LAMBERT (FREDERIC). 1883-    . Born in Victoria, Australia; last living in Newlands, Cape Province, South Africa; presumably died in South Africa, but death not traced.
    -The Heart of the Furnace. Duckworth, 1938; Appleton, 1937 [Cape Town]
WILLIAMS, LAWRENCE (HARDING). Born in Enfield, Middlesex, England; living in West Sussex. SC: Detective Sergeant Jack Bull = JB.
    A Copper Snare. JB
    Images of Death. JB
    The Murder Triangle. JB

WILLIAMS, (GEORGE FRANCIS) LLOYD. 1869-1951. Journalist and author born in Surrey, England,  and died in Sussex.

WILLIAMS, NEIL WYNN. 1864-1940. Born in Hampstead, England; died in Bedfordshire.

    Fog, with Dorothy Rice Sims, 1889-1960.

WILLIAMSON, ETHEL. 1886-    . Born in Sheffield, England; probably died in London in 1975.

WILLIAMSON, MRS. F(REDERICK) H(ARCOURT) [EMMA SARA WILLIAMSON]. 1855-1933. Born Emma Sarah Jeffares in Liverpool; married Frederick Harcourt Williamson in 1879; died in Kent, England.


WILLIAMSON, LESLIE (GREGORY). A planning manager, who was born, lived and died in Nottinghamshire, England.
WILLIAMSON, TIM. Has been a publican, truck driver, and fruit picker; living near Kaikoura, New Zealand.

WILLING, JAMES, JR.  (Show name thus.) Note: This was a real person, 1838-1915, but John Thomas Douglass, 1842-1917, adopted it for plays beginning in 1878 under the obsession that his real name on standard playbills meant bad luck; and it was also used for the novelization listed here.

WILLMER, FRANK. See: W. L. Gibson-Cowan.

WILLS, RONALD. Ronald Wills Thomas, 1910-1969. (Correcting death date.)

    The One-Off Job. [England]

WILMOT, EILEEN. 1900-1958. Born Eileen Gertrude Wilmot in Nottingham, England; married Richard Graham in Jamaica in 1930; died in Dorset, England.

WILMOT, (WALTER) ROBERT PATRICK. 1904-1968. Add: died in London.

WILSON, A. G. Pseudonym of Wilson George Alfred Harrison, 1908-1964.

WILSON, ANDREW JAMES. 1948-2013. Pseudonym: Snoo Wilson, q.v.

WILSON, COLIN (HENRY). 1931-2013.

WILSON, DES. Born in Oamaru, New Zealand; left school at 15 to become a newspaper reporter; traveled to the U.K. in 1960; worked as a newspaper columnist and broadcaster, becoming involved in social and political causes, notably the homeless and freedom of information.

WILSON, E(MMA?) LEA. 1829(?)-1898(?). A person of this name and dates lived and died in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire.

WILSON, GLENIS. Born in Radcliffe on Trent, Nottinghamshire, England; novelist and short story writer.


WILSON, JOHN (E.). (Adding middle initial.) Has worked as a TV and radio reporter, as a writer for technical journals; and in marketing; living in Wales.

WILSON, KAREN ANN. 1947-    . Edited a veterinary column for the St. Petersburg Times, freelanced nature and environmental articles to various publications; and worked for twenty years in environmental management; raises orchids and is an accredited judge with the American Orchid Society.
WILSON, SNOO. Pseudonym of Andrew James Wilson, 1948-2013. (Correction.)

WILSON, T(REVOR) E(DWARD). 1928-    . (Deleting question mark.) Born in Roxburgh, Otago, New Zealand; trained as a teacher; first short story published at age 21, followed by novels for children and adults; returned to writing in 1966 after 15 years concentrating on teaching.

WINCHESTER, JACK. Add pseudonym: Andrea Hart, q.v.

WINDMILL, BRIAN. Retired Chief Superintendent, West Midlands Police; probably Brian Stanley Windmill, 1935-    .

WINDSOR, BERYL BERNADINE JEAN. 1888-1985. Born in New Zealand.

    Cocaine Fever. (Note: This was based on a screenplay by Roland S. Jefferson, 1939-    , q.v., that was never filmed.)

WINDUST, CHARLES (C.). ca.1862-1924. (Corrections.)

WINGATE, WILLIAM. Ronald Ivan Grbich, 1939-2011. SC: Yazov (also known as Crystal and Hardacre), in all titles.
    Shotgun. British title: Hardacre. Macmillan (London), 1980. Also published as: Hardacre’s Way. Pan pb, 1982

    Buried in Secret; or, The Poor Refugee. (Title correction.)

WINSLOW, DORIAN. Daoma Winston [Daoma Winston Strasburg], 1922-2013.

WINSLOW, PAULINE GLEN. Born Pauline Anne Glinnan in London; married Raymond Winslow in 1964; the Glen middle name is presumably derived from her father’s boxing name.


    -The Crime of Vivien Carr. Roxburgh, 1897
    -Morals and Mistakes; or, The Story of Basil Fielding. Correct publisher to: Simpkin, Marshall

WINTER, (BARBARA) SUSAN. 1947-2008. Born in Calvary, Georgia; died in Tallahassee, Florida; member of the Florida Tribe of Eastern Creeks; earned B.A. and M.A. at Florida State University; was a Lamaze instructor and ran a graphics and instructional design business. 

WINTERS, MIKE [MICHAEL]. 1930-2013. Born Michael Weinstein in Islington, England; a comedy act with his brother Bernie; thereafter came to the U.S. but died in Gloucestershire.

WISE, ARDATH (IRENE). (Adding middle name.)

WISH, DAVID CHARLES. 1942-    . Pseudonym/professional name: Dave Cash, q.v. Born in Bushey, Hertfordshire, England; British radio presenter (BBC Radio Kent, Radio London, BBC Radio 1 Capital Radio, etc.).

WITLEY, A. F. Sandor Forbat, 1890-1964.

WITTEN, BARBARA YAGER. 1924-1987. (Deleting question marks.)

    A Lucky Mishap. Donahue (Chicago), 1892 [West]

WOLFFE, KATHERINE. Marian Gallagher Scott, 1891(?)-1943(?).

WOLLASTON, EDWARD G. 1857-1935. Birth name: George Edward Wollaston; born and died in Australia.
    -Ulipia. Campbell (Ballarat, Australia), 1896 [Australia]   

WOOD, F(REDERICK?) G.  (Correction.)

WOOD, MRS. SETH S.  Possibly Mary M. Parker Wood, 1848-1929.

WOODHOUSE, ARTHUR. 1861-1918. (Deleting question marks.) Journalist based in Melbourne, Australia.

WOODROW, MRS. WILSON [NANCY MANN WADDLE WOODROW]. ca.1866-1935. (Corrections.)
WOODS, MRS. JAMES CHAPMAN [MARY WOODROFFE WOODS]. 1866(?)-1939(?). Born in India; lived in Wales; married James Chapman Woods in 1896.
WOODS, MRS. THEODORE [SARAH ANN CHATTERTON WOODS]. 1858-1924. Born and died in Natal, South Africa; married Theodore Woods in South Africa in 1875; first woman councillor elected in the Union of South Africa; spent her life on social and child welfare causes.

WOODWARD, GREER. Pseudonym of Greer Woodward Sucke, 1945-    .
    The Weird Mystery. (Note: This purports to have been written in prison while awaiting trial for murder; it may be a fictionalized biography actually written by its “editor”, Philip May.)

WOOTON, EDWIN (LITTLER). 1855-1933. A journalist.

WORDINGHAM, JAMES ARTHUR. 1917-1997. Pseudonym: Michael Dare, q.v

WORKMAN, GARNET L. 1920-1992. Born Garnet Lorraine Kruzan in Pleasant, Illinois; married Curtis Workman; died in Fulton, Illinois.

WORRALL, T(HOMAS) J(AMES) 1869-1922. Born in Stafforshire, England; lived for some years in Bradford, where he died; a Congregational minister.
WORSLEY-GOUGH, BARBARA [BARBARA KATHLEEN WORSLEY-GOUGH HALE]. 1902-1961. Born in Newcastle, Northumberland, England; married James Lyall Sheridan Hale in 1935; died in London.

WORTH, MARGARET. (Margaret) Helen Arvonen, 1937- (or 1940-   ), q.v.

WORTHINGTON-STUART, BRIAN. 1902-1981. (Deleting question mark.) Birth name uncertain; was known as Brian Arthur Lewis Stuart when he changed his name to Brian Worthington-Stuart, and later changed it again to Brian Martin-Stuart.

WRIGHT, EVAN. 1919-1994. Birth registered as Evan Wright, but death registered as both Evan Wright and Wilbur Wright.  (Show entry thus.)

WRIGHT, NANCY (SPENCER). 1947-    . Teacher turned realtor in California.

WRIGHT, WILBUR. See: Evan Wright, 1919-1994.


WROE, (JUDY) GEORGINA. 1966-    . Born in Norfolk, England; living in Suffolk as a journalist and broadcaster on BBC Radio Suffolk.

WYATT, FRANK. 1852-1926. Born Francis Nevill Gunning in Kent, England; also known as Frank Gunning Wyatt and Frank Wyatt Gunning, under which name he married in 1886; death registered in Streatham, Surrey, as Frank Wyatt but probate under Francis Nevill Gunning.

WYLDE, MRS. HENRY. 1837-1900. Born Jane Shuttleworth in London, England; married Henry Wylde in 1858, then Alexander Ritchie Leask in 1894; died in Middlesex.

YAMANI, MD.  (Show name thus; with MD as an abbreviation,  possibly short for Muhammad.)


YELDHAM, PETER (ALAN). (Adding middle name.)

YARROW, ARNOLD. Apparently born Arnold Stein in London; family name changed in the 1930s.

YATES, RENATE (MARIA). Add: Born Renata Maria Raubitschek; married dentist Murray Latta Thomson in London, then sailed to Australia; married Timothy Carrington Yates there by 1968.

YOLLAND, E(DITH?). 1852(?)-1933(?).  (Changing possible full name and adding dates.)

YOUNG, FRED(ERICK) GRANT. 1859-1919. Born Alfred O’Connor in Massachusetts; name changed as result of an adoption; artist, and press and advance agent; died in Philadelphia.

YOUNG, GODFREY. 1837-1915. Accountant with an insurance company.

YOUNG, IAN. Robert (E.) Silman, 1939-    .

YOUNG, JAMES A(LLAN?). 1934(?)-    . A physicist.

YOUNG, SYVESTER. Pseudonym of Ralph S. Robb, 1961-    . Born in Wolverhampton, England, of Jamaican parents; former international karate competitor and European medallist; trained as an engineer; living in Ontario, Canada.

YOUNG, WILLIAM RICHARD BLACKMAN. 1894-1971. Schoolmaster turned solicitor. Pseudonym: Richard MacNaughtan, q.v. 

YUKIC, ELEANOR CLARKE. Born in California; has B.A. and M.A. degrees from UCLA; worked as a teacher and with youth organizations for 38 years; living in Northern California.

ZACK. Pseudonym of Bertha Gwendoline Keats, 1865-1910. (Adding first name.)

    Death of a Pilgrim. Strawberry Hill pb, 2000
    The Faithful. Strawberry Hill pb, 1997 [Jerusalem]
ZALNER, JAMES. 1887-1950. Possible pseudonym: James Z. Alner, q.v.

ZELENSKY, LINA. Helen A. Cholodkow; came to the U.S. in 1949; became a naturalized citizen in 1954, living in New York; no further trace found.

ZINBERG, LEONARD SAMUEL. Add pseudonym: Russell Turner, q.v.

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